Bushmaster AR-15 M4 take down

A friend was having trouble removing his Cam Pin from his Bolt Carrier Group, so I decided I'd make a video to help.

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Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
Still the best in 2017 .keep up the great work. The cam pin is probaly tapered for one direction only.

Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
Still the best in 2016 yet.........

Автор ssimon64 ( назад)
you didn't take off the extractor.

Автор quinnjim ( назад)
It would be great if you remade this in HD and included cleaning tips!

Автор David Hernandez (980 лет назад)
Thank you I really needed this

Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
The best that I have seen yet

Автор Tony Smith ( назад)
You are the only one that mentions the cam pin goes in only one way .very good job for a girl.

Автор Ryaken ( назад)
This video is awesome....I don't understand or appreciate fullly why but this girl and weapon go really well together.

Автор Tom Green ( назад)
As a relatively new owner of a M4 - I just wanted to say thank you. I was having some difficulty with the bolt carrier assembly and re-assembly until I found your video above - and it went smooth as silk. So, thank you!

Автор Chris Angelico ( назад)
Are you SURE you're not Kaywinnet Lee Frye in disguise?

Автор STONER Timmy ( назад)

Автор Marine Comm ( назад)
Your husband is a lucky man!

Автор carter battaglia ( назад)
another great video lima:) btw you kinda remind me of amy from everybody loves raymond lol

Автор Kevin Nash ( назад)

Автор CB1942EO ( назад)
so you are against the bill of rights and the constitution

Автор Vittorio Rigamonti ( назад)
Bellissimo e istruttivo video

Автор Young Honor ( назад)
I love you!!!!

Автор Viper GTS ( назад)
Yes, and the woman is very attractive, as well.

Автор parkertim803 ( назад)
An AR-15 is a civilian rifle. A M4 is military version. Great vid!!!!

Автор Todd J. ( назад)
Nothing sexier than a girl with a AR15 and can work on it. and very cute Too

Автор Bluesky10573 ( назад)
Thank you for the Video, awesome information.

Автор Carol G ( назад)
hey, my name is ceasar ,im a bodyguard........ thanks for your instructive explenation and videos...............................you really know how to use it, from colombia and new york.........

Автор joe Rosa ( назад)
show me how to take out and replace the extractor

Автор reape1987 ( назад)
Does anybody else find this sexy

Автор TheHea0194 ( назад)
Hmph.army brat

Автор janosrock ( назад)
marry me please

Автор Mark Baxter ( назад)
Thanks a lot, very helpful for a person wanting to learn the proper way to service a ar and also good for a beginner to learn the proper terminology of the rifle components. Thanks again.

Автор xK1LLAJERMx ( назад)
marry me.

Автор Matt Pierpoint ( назад)
This video was uploaded on my Birthday in 2007 and she loves guns ....I'M IN LOVE :) great video

Автор John Schmidt ( назад)
Some miltary experience? Well done

Автор speedwayaudio3 ( назад)
Your husband is a lucky man. OR he is scared shitless.

Автор dogmusher ( назад)
thumb UP !! But OBAMA signed gun bans laws .. but it is stupid to do because crime rate going up

Автор V SS (300 лет назад)

Автор Bryan Paul ( назад)
Damn, is that a wedding ring? Just my luck!!!

Автор mppal32937 ( назад)
Very well done, thank you. Great narrative and perfect pace for an instructional video. BTW, if you look carefully there is a firearm in this video ; )

Автор Lazer1312000 ( назад)
A very nice instructional video.Thanks for the demo.

Автор Jc Myers ( назад)
I fell in love @ 8:06.

Автор justmebill1 ( назад)
Great video. I just bought my Bushmaster .223, spent the whole afternoon taking it down and putting it back together as described in the manual. A couple of things to help new owners: the pins in the receiver are designed to not come all the way out, that tripped me up for a while.Also important is that the factory says to never alter the design of the firing pin retaining pin or replace it with anything less than the original.Point in a safe direction, dry fire,and do safety function check.

Автор mike smith ( назад)
I think I'm in love....

Автор HouseInVisus ( назад)

Автор Orlando1130 ( назад)
Can u sell me a cup of ur bathwater?

Автор Keith Winfree ( назад)
Great video on field stripping a M-4 AR-15. Well done. Thank you.

Автор msfgabe ( назад)
Good video, thank you

Автор Dsarryl S ( назад)
thanks alot

Автор TheBluetoob ( назад)
A lovely Lady that loves AR-15s, Will You marry Me ?

Автор Adam Keith ( назад)
THE BEST AR field strip tutorial on the Tube--bar none. Thorough, paced correctly to understand fully, and pleasant to listen to. (And watch, thanks to the narrator!)

Автор alphanum001 ( назад)
It's like ROTC all over again.

Автор Bryan Thiel ( назад)
I'm in love :)

Автор JoeAndIAmJustMe ( назад)
Good video. Useful. I just wish you had showed more detail (like zooming in) on the bolt. Very nice work. You're like a firearms scientist.

Автор Kijuana Taylor ( назад)
YOU, lovely lady, are wonderful and you are a HUGE help to idiots like ME who are "noobs" and need all the help they can get!!! I DO appreciate ya!!!!

Автор O7ROADKING ( назад)
love to see a women who knows what she is talking about when it comes to gun.nice job well done

Автор rayray40 ( назад)
Knowledgeable and Beautiful.....

Автор mropionated ( назад)
Thank you for the video!

Автор Don8456 ( назад)
This is probably the best video I've seen on how to disassemble an AR 15 bolt carrier!!!!

Автор Mr Speedingthrulife ( назад)
i already knew how to do this but shes hot so i watched it anyways =)

Автор JasonGVlogs ( назад)
Finally, a woman that speaks my language!! I subbed!!

Автор kent mcwilliams ( назад)
The perfect quote for you, " speak softly and carry a big stick" lol

Автор Raguleader ( назад)
Also this, 22LR is cheap and relatively tame (it is still potentially dangerous though, so watch where you aim). It's a great place to start from if you want to learn to shoot rifles. You can get bolt-action rifles in 22LR that are much more affordable and easy to maintain than the AR-15 until you gain some confidence and practice.

Автор Raguleader ( назад)
The bullet itself (that is, the bit the gun fires at the target) is small, but it is backed by a relatively large cartridge (the whole thing you load into the magazine, including bullet, case, propellant, and primer). The AR-15's .223 (or the similar 5.56x45mm NATO) is only really small compared to a full-sized rifle round like .30-06 or .308. The rifle is designed with an internal buffer and spring, so the kick isn't bad as long as you have the butt firmly into your shoulder and lean in a bit

Автор joshmaster618 ( назад)
Hunny, now that you cleaned my gun, go get me a beer, and then finally bounce off of it like a low rider in a Dr.Dre video!

Автор Shawn Goebel ( назад)
What is the beneift to having an AR-15? To me if ur asking this question ur should probly start with a 22lr for ur first gun, and as far as the video NEXT UP same hot girl with dyson take down!

Автор Dougie Salomone ( назад)
your husband is the luckiest man in the U.S.A.!!

Автор 124worth ( назад)
What is the benefit to having an AR15 ? The bullet seems kinda small. I was thinking about getting one.

Автор Spaz ( назад)
Beautiful girl with an AR? *drool*

Автор Righteous Anger ( назад)
Whoa I didn't know Lima was so hot... she was supposed to be my gun buddy, a little awkward now.

Shes hott

Автор Mr2ndamendmentlover ( назад)
Thank you for that detailed take down and reassembly. I've always had this preconceived notion that ar-15s had a lot of moving parts and were complicated to take down and clean but you made it look very easy. Thanks again!

Автор Tacticool Prepper ( назад)

Автор TexasRushing ( назад)
You can't beat the name brands like Remington, Winchester and such but they get expensive when your feeding them through a semi auto. Unless I'm wanting to be extremely accurate like in a match I usually just shoot Wolf or TulAmmo. They will dirty your firearm a little quicker but you should still be able to enjoy a full dy at the range, and afford it. Never ever buy any reloads from gun shows or such, never know how they were loaded and could damage your firearm.

Автор Yarbby1 ( назад)
Thanks for the info.
Through your experience, which ammo would you consider "clean"?

Автор TexasRushing ( назад)
59 dislikes? Must have been from guys who couldn't reassemble their AR. I bet your husband is a very happy man having a wife who can strip an AR and look very good while doing it. You earned a like form me.

Автор TexasRushing ( назад)
I knoticed nobody has given you an answer yet. It depends on the ammo your using. Some ammos are dirty than others. As for break in I clean mine at the end of every shooting day or if the weapon becomes dirty, AR's really don't like to get dirt and will give you problems if you let carbon build up. I've fired 500rds with no cleaning and next time had to clean it after only 200rds, depends on the ammo.

Автор chamsv ( назад)
I hate how sometimes my fireing pin just slides right out . Lol

Автор Yarbby1 ( назад)
Very informative, thank you......one question, how many rounds(break in)is standard before breaking it down and cleaning?

Автор Ryan Conner ( назад)
This is pretty much the hottest video I've ever seen!

Автор WalTxAaroN ( назад)
The second she put her grips on that Bolt Carrier Group I stopped thinking about firearms

Автор shepard1707 ( назад)
. . .

"I'll be in my Bunk."

Автор Curtis Cobb ( назад)
Ill go do your laundry and like it

Автор Rich103 ( назад)
Wow hot n knowledgeable !

Автор cameltoejoe69 ( назад)
In this chicks house, YOU would probably wear the apron and do the cooking :P

Автор billy bob ( назад)
You and FPS Russia should make a video

Автор Nicholas DeRoo ( назад)

Автор 137bandit ( назад)
Thank you. I just aquired a Black Rifle Co AR-15. I had no clue how to take it down. Your video was VERY VERY useful.

Автор hitmhard ( назад)
Why would you say something so lame to a person trying to help. Your just a typical troll! Maybe you should go crawl back into the hole you came from!!!!!

Автор cooldog60 ( назад)

Автор hitmhard ( назад)
She just showed up a crap load of guys.

Автор Danglin Dolo ( назад)
Hot, but Hickok45 is way more attractive!

Автор CoraFaye ( назад)
My kind of lady!

Автор kippleherder ( назад)
Definitely the cutest person to demonstrate an AR-15 takedown I've seen. Nice vid, thx.

Автор johnnieace45 ( назад)
Great video, now need to find one on cleaning and lubrication.

Автор St. Enaira Simpoo ( назад)
I love you!!!.......AR15

Автор Patriot Joe ( назад)
I'm trying to remove the pins on the lower but there not coming out I have a DPMS like yours but mine is a flat top and its new. Are they really hard to take apart the first time? You feel like emailing me?

Автор Patriot Joe ( назад)
I'm having my first AR built and i know nothing about them. I will be watching this video many times. Thank you for posting

Автор rtshep89898 ( назад)
that was a really good vid thanks

Автор lordcrusade ( назад)
Man pull your head out of your ass and and look at the facts

Congrats your the dumbest person i have ever seen

Автор Sylderon ( назад)
Furthermore, coyotes are generally solitary or hunt in mated pairs, sometimes siblings and mates, but have never been observed in group larger than five or six adults, and usually with cubs. Also, your previous response, mentioning the M1 Garand when I brought up the subject of bolt-action rifles, proves conclusively that you are talking directly out of your ass. Which would make sense, really, as that is the most-likely location of your head.

Автор Sylderon ( назад)
Unlike you, I have looked at the facts. Coyotes only kill pets that are left outside unsupervised (more the fault of the pet owner than anybody else). Attacks on livestock can be minimized by switching to cattle, which are too big for coyotes to hunt, or using techniques such as scent markers and guard dogs to keep them away. As for humans, there have only been two confirmed deaths caused by coyotes in all of North America: bumblebees are more deadly.

Автор lordcrusade ( назад)
No they are not and i know my gun FACTS unlike you which gets it from call of dicks

Humans are not more of a threat than coyotes look at the facts 1 Coyotes kill Farmers / Ranchers cattle and other livestock 2. They kill Family pets such as dogs, and Cats and 3. If you are alone and they are hungry enough they will kill you if they are in a pack (usually are sometimes alone)

Автор John Lopez ( назад)
So hot

Автор Richard Delacruz ( назад)
the world needs more women like u. thanks

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