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Автор 2014andBeyonD (4 месяца)
I don't hope for them they are digging out their own tunnel and think that
this is what they are discovering. 

Автор Okechukwu A. (1 месяц)
Ahahaha! On another video a virulent racist that goes by ElusiveCube tried
to claim in his inimitable broken English that there are these grand and
exquisite pyramids in Croatia that surpass in age, scale and grandeur any
other pyramids anywhere in the world. He's been trying desperately to claim
Ancient Egypt as a white civilization and was shot down so many times that
he finally gave up and embraced naturally occurring mountain ranges as
"proof" of ancient European civilization. LMAO.

Автор Zora N (1 месяц)
Thank you Richie, for nice presentation of work you have been doing and
discovery and problems.. it seems it was not yet time ripe for this
structure to uncover.. It is still not uncovered even 4 years later.. It
became somehow ..mystery.
I got answer that it was nothing found.. that maybe it was radar mistake..
???(maybe there are other reasons.. and work is going in different
direction...towards pyramid!
I would like if you could continue working on this archaeological site
with your knowledge and skills, although I don't know you personally, I
trust my feeling...

Автор William Wiles (2 месяца)
Those amateurs are digging their grave.

Автор suso (3 месяца)
ahahahaaha is a joke>? them create tunnel....

Автор The Siyah (2 месяца)
dangerous work !!!

Автор Not Hitler (4 месяца)
Volunteers worked tirelessly? Why aren't these excavations funded by a
legit university? Guess it doesn't go with the history bible.

Автор Katy Loza (9 дней)
this video sucks

Автор Jason Davis (2 месяца)
I'm telling y'all who ever is funding that is gone be pissed when he find
out thats just a fucking mountain 

Автор bunchie1966 (3 месяца)
How do the sceptics always get their comments at the top?

Автор Itsaboutthewaterlife (3 месяца)
Pitch Black

Автор Amen Hotep (4 месяца)
:40 so what this guys the bosnian zawi hawass or what

Автор rose white (2 месяца)
that tunnel wall is just Flood sediment.

Автор snouty snouterson (1 год)
Great video! I'm fascinated by new discoveries, especially ones of this
size and significance. keep the videos coming pleases!! :)

Автор Stuart Canty (9 месяцев)
as he says it raises more questions than answers. Like what was the point
of this useless video ?

Автор k1w1shooter (4 месяца)

Автор mazinais31 (8 месяцев)
if you ever heard a bullshitter....

Автор Tom McDonough (6 месяцев)
This makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. It looks like a Jr. high film

Автор Mike Brown (7 месяцев)
Why is the ground so loose? i mean, it's like they just shoveled freshly
laid dirt lol

Автор Guitar Dude (7 месяцев)
This is the sadest and most pathetic HOAX in history.

Автор Oolong Johnson (5 месяцев)
rent some jcbs?

Автор ploperator (9 месяцев)
in thousands of years people will wonder what these tunnels were for and
the answer will be that they were dug out in the early 21st century as part
of a hoax

Автор csanchezcuba (11 месяцев)
Well, if i rememmber correctly you need boulders to pile up and make a
pyramid right? Are you ever going to show us one?

Автор Damir Nametak (6 месяцев)
Hey ass holes that is tourism place we bosnians set to make money
flow\:))))to our pockets:))))

Автор irinamicut (7 месяцев)
We have also in Romania but nobody is interested to check them out or to
see how its possible to see something like that in mountains ?

Автор princeeugen100 (8 месяцев)
I am sure there are pyramids in Bosnia,if there are no pyramids we
(Bosnians) will build new pyramids !!!

Автор leroy smith (8 месяцев)
looks like they are just randomly digging 

Автор B Gibbs (7 месяцев)
What a load of BULLSHIT, very very sad, just looking to part a fool and his
money, i know alot of people want to believe there is something more out
there, and there probably is, BUT ITS NOT BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS. Check google
earth if u need reassuring, from above it looks like all the other natural
mountains its part of, and what pyramids does anyone know that have
causeways leading to the top, he just couldn't get enough manpower to
remove this natural formation so therefore he labeled it the causeway,

Автор andy. hello. (10 месяцев)
The Bosnian Pyramid carries Pleiadian energy. The Egyptian Pyramid carries
Orion and Sirius energy. The Chinese Pyramids carry Draconian and Arcturan
energy. The Bosnian Pyramid is older than the giza pyramids. There are also
pyramids underwater in the bermuda triangle.

Автор Matthew Smith (1 год)
I know why all those tunnels were created,So they could hide all those
special rocks!

Автор martine. mjt (2 месяца)
minor openings were probably a place to leave the dead, this is probably a
cemetery. catacombs.

Автор George Kastrioti (8 месяцев)
These were build by Albanian "ILLYRIAN" Bosoni tribe which my family comes
from, they used to speak Albanian but now they are Slavicnized
ILLY -YLLI in Albanian Means STAR. all the names of the continents are also
Albanian. Africa = A'Frika "it's scary" Asia = A'zi'a "it's bad/evil"
America = A'Meri'c "it's a Gift" Antarctica = Antar'ika "to the top i went"
Europe = Eu'Rope "My Family/People" Albanians call their Family Members
Bible exposed: Adam = A'dam "it's bad/forbidden" Eve = Eva "has Gave" Hell
= Hell "Burn bodies/animals in wood with fire" Angel = Anqell "it's in the
Sky" Heavan = Heva'n "Albanian word for upper sky" Mary = Meri "blessed
gift" Jesus = Jezus "The voice, Zeus "Zeu" Christ = Kryq "chryq" meaning
Cross. Albanian is the Oldest Language in Europe. It's Ancient Greek Toske
tribe and Illyrian Gege tribe.

Автор chris barber (8 месяцев)
where is the update on this dig in the tunnel

Автор Inan Hajredini (10 месяцев)
i live in bosnia

Автор michelle Lewinsky (10 месяцев)
Is this for real? or is it just an illusion?

Автор yitzhill (1 год)
It is a burial site commonly used by the ancients. Families were buried
this way. and when the bones were dried, they were removed for burial

Автор Jesus H. Christ (6 месяцев)
hahahahaha, fucking hilarious, unsupported roofs in glacial fluvial
overburden = collapse, those 'round chambers" are glacial plunge pools,
sorting of rock size is part of esker and moraine formation, these fucking
morons need to take a first year university physical geography course.

Автор Vasile Nikk (11 месяцев)
jebem vam mater cigani

Автор chris barber (8 месяцев)
bosnian pyramid is a hill with stuff built on top

Автор Kathy Kautzman (1 год)
I have been interested in this project from the beginning. But it is now
May 2014 and nothing new. sad.

Автор Wargun9150 (5 месяцев)
did he just say that this is in visoko ??

Автор from Ontario (1 год)
wow you found a rock. boring.

Автор zyfer sadiku (11 месяцев)
what I don't get is it is clearly a burial pyramid and they need too look
for a burial chamber Ylirians are know in history when kings die to build
something massive in remembrance of the king and his rule it is much like
philipes the second burial ylirians either build massive hill or pyramid in
this case

Автор RAVIDRA PAGARE (1 год)
i dont belive it

Автор victorwasright (1 год)
so they're lying on their website about the concrete outer layer and cut
stones beneath it? please prove that.

a lot of mainstream "science" people want to pull attention from this find.
these "science" people, on closer view, reveal themselves to be paradigm
protectors, not truth seekers. they simply don't WANT the Bosnian pyramids
to be genuine.

Автор Marko Paul Kretschmer (1 год)

Автор josh beshears (1 год)

Автор Paul C Johnson (1 год)
Any one working down there is taking there life in there own hands.
Supports seem too far apart. Looks like the tunnel maker is just digging in
real loose material. Amazes me the tunneling is still in place.

Автор josh beshears (1 год)

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