Latest Discovery at the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids

Update on where the Ravne tunnel excavations are at since the georadar discovery in July 2011.

All credits go to: RichieRich64UK

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Автор GABRIEL Angel ( назад)

Автор GABRIEL Angel ( назад)

Автор TadeSLO ( назад)
Автор Pablo Aguila ( назад)
Look for Bosnian Pyramids-International Validation. It is a fact.

Автор Pablo Aguila ( назад)
Just few month ago a group of archeologists and scientist meet with the
discoverer of The Bosnian pyramids and finally declared it A FACT. History
is rewritten as we speak and soon several universities all over the world
will include this discovered in their curriculum.
Watch the most recent documentaries right here in youtube, or search The

Автор Levi Chavoya ( назад)
This guy does drugs and makes up stories as he digs

Автор Katy Loza ( назад)
this video sucks

Автор Zora N ( назад)
Thank you Richie, for nice presentation of work you have been doing and
discovery and problems.. it seems it was not yet time ripe for this
structure to uncover.. It is still not uncovered even 4 years later.. It
became somehow ..mystery.
I got answer that it was nothing found.. that maybe it was radar mistake..
???(maybe there are other reasons.. and work is going in different
direction...towards pyramid!
I would like if you could continue working on this archaeological site
with your knowledge and skills, although I don't know you personally, I
trust my feeling...

Автор Okechukwu A. ( назад)
Ahahaha! On another video a virulent racist that goes by ElusiveCube tried
to claim in his inimitable broken English that there are these grand and
exquisite pyramids in Croatia that surpass in age, scale and grandeur any
other pyramids anywhere in the world. He's been trying desperately to claim
Ancient Egypt as a white civilization and was shot down so many times that
he finally gave up and embraced naturally occurring mountain ranges as
"proof" of ancient European civilization. LMAO.

Автор William Wiles ( назад)
Those amateurs are digging their grave.

Автор The Siyah ( назад)
dangerous work !!!

Автор Jason Davis ( назад)
I'm telling y'all who ever is funding that is gone be pissed when he find
out thats just a fucking mountain 

Автор martine. mjt ( назад)
minor openings were probably a place to leave the dead, this is probably a
cemetery. catacombs.

Автор Itsaboutthewaterlife ( назад)
Pitch Black

Автор bunchie1966 ( назад)
How do the sceptics always get their comments at the top?

Автор suso ( назад)
ahahahaaha is a joke>? them create tunnel....

Автор 2014andBeyonD ( назад)
I don't hope for them they are digging out their own tunnel and think that
this is what they are discovering. 

Автор Not Hitler ( назад)
Volunteers worked tirelessly? Why aren't these excavations funded by a
legit university? Guess it doesn't go with the history bible.

Автор WHYYOUMAD 4 ( назад)
:40 so what this guys the bosnian zawi hawass or what

Автор k1w1shooter ( назад)

Автор Oolong Johnson ( назад)
rent some jcbs?

Автор Wargun9150 (1372 года назад)
did he just say that this is in visoko ??

Автор Damir Nametak ( назад)
Hey ass holes that is tourism place we bosnians set to make money
flow\:))))to our pockets:))))

Автор Jerry White ( назад)
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Автор Eric Jarvie ( назад)
...West Kennet Barrow in England an 400ft High 3 million tonne Earthen
mound with internal workings laughingly described as an "Burial Mound" by
yesterdays 18th century Sceince that still holds the dictat in the 21st
What you witness in Bosnia is of similiar magnitude and if the truth be
told doubters and detractors still clearly know nothing of the Science of
these things unlike Dr Osman who has all the secrets of the Stone Ages
still to reveal..Watch this space thats what i say...?

Автор joe sharman ( назад)
So thats it?

Автор Ron Brown ( назад)
This was in a sound studio or warehouse. Dug out caves don't have concrete
floors also the lose rubble is not in uniform layers. They learned that
from American TV new.

Автор Gabriel Williams ( назад)
this shit, look like a hoax, just like mesoamerican pyramids they prob
found some organic pyramid made of one solid piece of stone. piezeoelectric
technology. one of the many organs of atlantis. they jew probly tunneled to
the organic pyramid and removed it to hide the truth that all the elements
and stone are organic.

Автор ogtheincredible ( назад)
you moron! why dont you finish pulling the fuckin thing out before you make
the video!

Автор Phuck Guugle ( назад)
You are insane.

Автор Duncan Disorderly ( назад)
10,000 years from now, some dude is going to dig up their bones, proving
the legend of the foolhardy cave diggers is true.

Автор Joe X ( назад)
If I was going to excavate the passageways in a forgotten pyramid, one like
this would be really cool. It's like a choose your own direction
excavation. No stone walls to get in your way and guide your coarse. Only
gravel and dirt in any direction you choose. This guy rocks!

Автор silveryfoxau ( назад)
What are they mining for?

Автор B4BoomersBlockBoy7 ( назад)
This is a joke video. Natural dirt and gravel...Not man made anything!

Автор VaffAttack ( назад)
I live in Bosnia

Автор jckumpel ( назад)
This is kind of stupid. There is obviously nothing here. No one would build
a pyramid out of gravel. Loosely thrown about rocks have no significance at
all. They'd be lucky if they found some old miners missing sock.

Автор Alem Sahman ( назад)
Alfredo-Fizikaner :P

Автор sendi mleko ( назад)
fuck you voodoo politico you are son of beach you are insane man

Автор mikecat23 ( назад)
Did they die yet? I'm at 5:00 and expecting the whole thing to collapse

Автор stuporstar ( назад)
(2) This civilisation flourished for 600 years, embracing taxation,
agriculture, a legal system, medicine, astronomy and higher mathematics
before the Spanish arrived in the 17th Century and proceeded to destroy it.
There are millions of Mayans still alive today in the Yucatan, living in
poverty in jungle camps and third world villages. I've met them, I've
studied their history, Please do your research.

Автор zircle1 ( назад)
No,that is the latter part of there history.The peak of there civilization
went into decline for no known reason.That is the mystery that still
confounds experts today.You traveled there three times and didn't work out
that the Spanish invaded in the 16th century but the mayan culture peaked
between the 6th and 9th century??Do the math.They invaded a country that
had already fallen.

Автор stuporstar ( назад)
There's no mystery at all. They were decimated, poisoned, backstabbed and
massacred by the Spanish, who drove the surviving Mayans into the Quintana
Roo peninsula- where they struggle today in grim poverty (I've travelled
there three times).

Автор TheBushdoctor68 ( назад)
Yes, mother nature does that indeed. Not as tight as you describe them, but
then again, the hill that you're looking at isn't that tight either. The
guy promoting it wants you to think so and so that's what's being reported.
There are heaps of those hills in the surrounding area.

Автор Turbo999be ( назад)
Yes sure, mother nature do pyramidal hills with perfect square faces,
regular edges and slope and aligned to the geographic north. Obviously you
are in denial.

Автор Heather Shadrick ( назад)
I was just waiting for it to cave in the whole time.

Автор TheBushdoctor68 ( назад)
This is a huge piece of bullshit promoted by a single guy who's only goal
is to receive a lot of attention and possibly money. He's digging through
all kinds of layers ignoring the geological make-up until he reaches
something that suits his interpretation. Geologists have taken a good look
at this and concluded it's just a natural hill with natural geological
features. They were forbidden to go to the top because of the 'danger'.
When they did go there, they found proof that it's all fake.

Автор MrVlada011 ( назад)
Well, its just that you got just about everything you wrote wrong.

Автор pinz2022 ( назад)
No one's ever going to call him any less of a ruthless dictator but his
iron hand lay a good bit more lightly on the land that elsewhere in
commie-ville. Notably, he allowed foreigners free travel throughout the
country and let his citizens come and go as they wished. No collective
farms, etc. He allowed free enterprise, freedom of religion and (somewhat)
freer speech than did his neighbors.

Автор pinz2022 ( назад)
Josip Broz Tito's (former) Yugoslavia was NEVER a part of the Warsaw Pact.
Tito split with Stalin early on, survived several assassination attempts
and threats and went on to establish Yugoslav independence. He even
accepted U.S. postwar aid from the same organization that created the
Marshall Plan. For the rest of his life, he deftly played East and West
against each other and was a founding member of the "Non-Aligned" movement
in the early sixties.

Автор Amr nimo ( назад)
Bosnia was part of the former Soviet Union .. and then became part of the
Republic of Serbia and Montenegro., But after the secession of Montenegro
in 93 began attempts of Bosnian independence, but Serbs responded to
attempts genocide, ethnic Muslims and Christians in conflict with their
beliefs. Continued massacres until the early 95 with silencethe
international community. if Vsiraa and Bosnia and Herzegovina and
Montenegro were one country

Автор deaftodd . ( назад)
Do you mean fuck right?

Автор VicariousReality7 ( назад)
Dont you just love when you find something NEW that is several years old

Автор singularku ( назад)
this is built by ancient albanian

Автор barry Trussell ( назад)
Interesting.I shall contemplate.

That niche you created looks like a death trap. You should never take such
a daunting task under budgeted. And all this ground you're digging in looks
soft and crumbly. What now? Get the fudge out of there!

Автор Nordic42000 ( назад)
Who ever volunteered was called their by their ancestors. No doubt. why
else would they be so attracted by ancient life style.

Автор Christopher Villoch ( назад)
center stone was probably used for pounding grain to make bread

Автор Christopher Villoch ( назад)
small side tunnel were probably used to store grain you can see examples of
this in early civilizations kind of looks like and underground grain
storage with a few access point in the tunnel system?!... let me know what
you guys think, could that be possible has anyone found grains of some
kind, pretty hard to find grain tho with all that water in the

Автор AndyHarpist ( назад)
Looks highly dangerous and little roof support visible

Автор Terry Harris ( назад)
I'm taking your advice, i'll stick to masturbation at least its real and
fun too.And free and no STD risk. Signed A.W.Anker

Автор UbuRoy1st ( назад)
This geographic area is famous for ancient silver mining... There are no
pyramids. It's Mining and Tagebau.

Автор DjHardDriver ( назад)
bullshitt ti je mama koja je izbusena sa kurcevima

Автор DjHardDriver ( назад)
pusi kurac mamu ti nabijem

Автор LunchtimeLoonies ( назад)
Holy shit! Jet Set Willy was a Bosnian!

Автор Dave T ( назад)

Автор RandomPsychic ( назад)
Alfredo always gets the shit jobs

Автор martin jeffery ( назад)
you talk about dicks a lot don't you ,you also sound like your 3 years old

Автор martin jeffery ( назад)
why have the Egyptian scientists said that this is a pyramid ,its in there
interests not to be a pyramid,just a thought

Автор Mandrak789 ( назад)
Pyramidiots, combined with few assholes who are trying to make profit in
all this bullshit

Автор sallymaggiespotty ( назад)
To all masturbators: Don't watch this shit.

Автор sallymaggiespotty ( назад)
Attention dickheads! This is bullshit.

Автор sallymaggiespotty ( назад)
Listen up pricks! There are no more secrets.

Автор sallymaggiespotty ( назад)
What a discovery! they found that someone had left their dick on the ground
only to trip over it and smash their ass.

Автор PETE DWALL ( назад)
I think the people who take this as 100% true should research 'Delusional
Disorder' because that is what I think (and we are all entitled to an
opinion) those who are digging away suffer from. They believe in something
so badly that they will 'create' evidence. The part in this clip that
states that nobody is sure of what the position of the stones in the
'chamber' represent is an example. They simply appear to be a pile of
stones on the ground randomly positioned! Do they mean anything?

Автор spikeychops ( назад)
Not being rude to you either dude, but you should realise that not all
people speak and write in English as their first language. Since this is
about Bosnian pyramids, it's safe to assume that the native language is
Bosnian, so he or she did well with their spelling, since you knew exactly
which word was being written. People can talk on the internet in whichever
language and level of grammar they have, you ought to be grateful the OP
tried to converse in your language as a courtesy for YOU.

Автор muckychimney ( назад)
Not being too critical here dude but learn to spell properly please: Coverd
- Covered Meny - Many Pshinxe - Sphinx Trevel - Travel Wear - Were
Descovered - Discovered . and then start talking on the internet.

Автор BCT071 ( назад)
Bosnian pyramids? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Idiots.

Автор Darmesis ( назад)
You are correct in claiming there are structures that are hidden over time
by sediment, but uniformly covered in sand or having flora growing on a
man-made mound that has become dirt-covered is not the same as having a
near-mountain growing out of the side of your "pyramid." It's a complete
hoax designed for one man's ego and the tourist trade of the weak-minded.
I'll be breathlessly waiting your response after you return from Egypt and
the Americas so you can keep "talking on the internet."

Автор dalic24 ( назад)
and still no main has collapsed since 2005

Автор dalic24 ( назад)
so to you idiot what wear the pyramids in south america and centrel america
coverd in???? hmm trees and grass it is how it is.. meny things in egypt
wear coverd in sand before it got descovered the pshinxe is one of them.
and ther are more things in egypt under the sand that you don´t know
about.. dude get a job buy some tickets trevel to bosnia see it for you
self.. and then start talking on the internet.

Автор zircle1 ( назад)
The mayans are still alive idiot.The mystery is why they abandoned there
way of life and moved on to another.I can hook you up with a really good
tutor if you want.

Автор Engineer245 ( назад)
The entire mound look like ruble pushed into place during an ice age.

Автор Roeslan Biryukov ( назад)
Wait, wait, wait, wait... You're telling me that your family got a "free
education" from "Mayan temple builders"? You mean, THE mayan temple
builders, the dudes from a civilization that died 500 years ago? Right...
you know, I know a real good psychiatrist that I can hook you up with....

Автор ministerofleisure ( назад)
no, it is not. they have found nothing. every credentialed expert who has
been to this site has deemed it to be naturally occurring. the tunneling
has been deemed dangerous because the "walls" are composed of the same
material as the "filling." this is all delusional. look at areal footage:
they're not even really pyramids. and if they were, who would build them
there, and in that configuration, and on those slopes? this is laughable

Автор ministerofleisure ( назад)
everywhere they stick their shovel is a "new tunnel" that has been "filled
in." any naturally occurring rock cluster is declared to be a "human
arrangement" whose "function is unknown." thousands and thousands of meters
of tunnels and all they've found is dirt and rocks. not a *single*
artifact. not a bone, a strip of leather, a cup or bowl, a fragment of
parchment, a spent torch...nothing. nothing. to repeat: nothing. the human
mind is most powerful in its ability to delude its owner.

Автор Lamar James ( назад)
He might be following the U.S. Corps of Engineering's mantras: "Dig we
must!" and "keep busy!"

Автор SANDRA ORALIA martinez rodriguez ( назад)
LOCO, LOCO PERO NO TANTO..... los borrachos, los niños y los locos siempre
dicen la verdad

Автор Erling Andreassen ( назад)
I saw this on Nat Geo. They are completely normal hills, nothing more. But
the guy who's digging there, he is very, very far from being normal. He's
more or less insane.

Автор KunTao Lai Lai ( назад)
Supposedly, they found artifacts inside includeing ceramic blocks and
spherical stones that are large. They are being examined by several
universities and being confirmed! It would seem that certain Government
types are trying to debunk these archeologist without much success. Keep
watching as those who are debunking need to show their credentials before
WE need to listen to them. That is logical is it not?

Автор MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs) ( назад)
It's part of the history of the region & is worth investigating.

Автор leila hadzihamzic-camera ( назад)
So far it didnt kill anyone since they started digging in 2005!

Автор leila hadzihamzic-camera ( назад)
Go and see!

Автор leila hadzihamzic-camera ( назад)
There are Etruscan pyramids in Italy also,I'm not sure how many people here
know who Etruscans were?

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