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One quick method of cracking a four digit lottery.

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Автор Legendary ( назад)
hey kid your not over the age 18 don't be messing with the lottery system.

Автор tee o ( назад)
I watched the video like 20x but I'm not understanding the method! Is it
different equations for every number or is it a system that you can explain
in layman terms...please and thank you ;)))

Автор tee o ( назад)
Tomi I knw it's been a long time since you posted the video but whatever
you did truly works...I'm n Michigan and my bday is 0128 the number that
fell b4 that was 6971 and today's number was 6435! Is there anyway you can
would be willing to sale the formula in complete detail! Can you email me

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
whole thing is octal in about 8 liters. can read it by using 16 or 160 as a
base number usually.
800 x .20=160 . all six digit lotteries.

Автор Patrick Waldeck ( назад)
Can you please redo the video and break it down step by step please because
it's very confusing the way you have it now

Автор Dylan Mckay ( назад)
Fcuking dumbass !!!

Автор RozayahS ( назад)
I don't get this what if is a number like 6424 how do we do the math? What
about the other methods? Please be more specific and do we always subtract
10 and then add 6 ? What if the sum isn't 11 and it's 28? 280? I am so
confused. :/

Автор LSG LT ( назад)
what a fag

Автор Maurence Gibson ( назад)
what? I'm confused.

Автор fany rosas ( назад)
explain more pliss!!!

The formula to 4 Digit for free. If the numbers do not connect to the hit.
you are wasting your time. All numbers connect.

Автор wotan237 ( назад)
I too am fascinated by lotto...game theory or law of large numbers states:
each game the odds are reset, ie no prior game has ANY bearing on the
outcome of the next game.....HOWEVER- patterns exist. Now- are they due
to a too small sample being analyzed, meaning that if the smple were
larger, the pattern would statistically vanish....OR is there something
else going on?

Автор Fernando Garcia ( назад)
Could you please send me the steps to make your system work in FL?

Автор siththai sayasone ( назад)
Hello, Tomi, i like this tips, i am interested of this VDO, but i got
confuse, can you explain to me please!! where 20 and 100 come from ? and
where is 8 and 10 and 200 and 6 come from? please clearly how to get these

Автор MIANY8 ( назад)
My question to "youcanwinpick3" is if you are "winning" with your system
why are you charging people to help them win too? Either your not really
winning or your a really money greedy person.

Автор Wenny Vazquez ( назад)
your ways good but mine is better ..check my video on youtube or find me on

Автор Jimmy Lugo ( назад)
hey timothy can you explain in detail how to break down the following
numbers 0709, 8572, 6070. What about in pick 3, I don't know if you have a
video for, explain how can you break 050, 875, or 910, please can you

Автор EZWins1 ( назад)
It looks good, but I have won the pick 3 and pick 4 many times using the
Double 7 systems, go here: youcanwinpick3.wix.com/ezwins

Автор shyn girl ( назад)
please email me the formula at v.gailatt.net@att.net the newest one

Автор Gerry Hoffman ( назад)
coolin 7000 why would you ever post a comment like that ? first of all this
is not something anyone gives a damn about you wanting and second what kind
of person is going to say o great sure here i am because you have put this
on here. you would b the last person on earth to get my ass hon

Автор Akhil Sankar ( назад)
please mail me the formula at jestin.bond.007@gmail.com

Автор OnlineJobs99 ( назад)
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Автор zanne malik ( назад)
Hey, could you,please email the formula
please..zanne1988@hotmail.com.thanks =}

Автор OnlineJobs99 ( назад)
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Автор pooja singh ( назад)
Dear people, lets say you can get the all the 4d winning numbers, place the
maximum bet on it, for every draw, do you think they can pay you?

Автор Tom Bender ( назад)
play with 7 digits - remove 3 digits and box /straight everything . ggood

Автор Dj Mcmillian ( назад)
to beat the system you need to beat the only thing that beats the player !.
the random behaviour ..... by having maybe 100 willing ppl to buy 100
tickets an let the machine pick the numbers your actually cracking the
system ..now both the players an systems numbers are random therefore it
just dependant on time .. beleev me it works , do some research most pl who
wo mega lotteries won without knowing

Автор giorgio armani ( назад)
your video sucks and lottery system , I have something better but you need
50 players at 80 to 500 dollars a month to play.

Автор TheMoneyTruth ( назад)
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subscribed to the website and after 15 days using the System I will able to
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Автор Eduardo Piston ( назад)
I agree with you. This video don´t make any sense. There´s no way we can
win the lottery without keeping track on the draws, playing daily and
making new games matching the best records on how late or how soon the
numbers were drawn. If you don´t make a chart and keep track on every
single drawn, and do the best statistics, forget trying to win. This
calculations don´t make sense.

Автор Maryg1650 ( назад)
hi, could like for you to email me how the formula work for please! and how
to use it step by step OK! THANKS. mg1650@hotmail.com

Автор Tim Fenn ( назад)
I realize you probably NEVER check here anymore, but in case you do. Do you
have ANY good methods for cracking the 3 digit lottery, preferably Michigan?

Автор GODgoldenchild80 ( назад)
what method did you use..explain

Автор Anibal Farah-adam ( назад)

Автор Janice LebronH ( назад)
Hi, my email is jhess62@wowway.com, can you please help me understand how
to determine the numbers to use say if the pick 4 was 6838? Thanks so much,
would like to try and use but don't quite understand.

Автор Dede Brown ( назад)
can you give me detailed info on pick 4?

Автор Goo power ( назад)
0000 -9999 thats how many combinations there are in a 4 number draw.
simple, you will win every time.

Автор Goo power ( назад)
buy 1000 tickets, thats how you crack it

Автор mike larry ( назад)
Send me the step by step kayslay12@yahoo.com

Автор coolin7000 ( назад)
I want to Fuck a Woman Up the Ass, and FUCK this system you broke

Автор Dede Brown ( назад)
Can you send me your system step by step? Thanks. di.harper@comcast.net

Автор Austin Nguyen ( назад)
can you send me your system please?

Автор withataman01 ( назад)
LOL, if u are using a calculator to crack any lottery you are not even
close. You are as close to cracking this lottery numbers as North is to
South. Very few people like us in the world know how to do that. I can
assure you that's not the way. You wouldn't be showing anybody on here. It
just make you feel good about getting some attention. I can say some MUMBO
JUMBO too an say I crack the lottery. But you are not even close.

Автор Brando Woods ( назад)
How to do other numbers besides the 100's what about if its 5694

Автор Michael Choyce ( назад)
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Hungryreps.blogspot.com fir over a year and counting. US,UK,CANADA ONLY.

Автор Maurice Boyd, ( назад)
view2night7979@gmail.com send me the steps, step by step thanks. that's my
email address up top

Автор Daros Nizam ( назад)
Boleh u ajar saya ??

Автор Maurice Boyd, ( назад)
Can you please send me your system step by step thanks.

Автор liewvalen ( назад)
I figured out how you getting the 100 but need more proved from u and i
still cant figured out how you get 200?help me please

Автор liewvalen (1527 лет назад)
I'm confused too...please here me out. If you could email and explained
more details. liewvalen@hotmail.com

Автор RobertBaker2014 ( назад)
Ok! There's enough money to go around here! Somebody email me the steps to
do this PLEASE!!! darobster1@yahoo.com

Автор Billyblonk27 ( назад)
Me2... What port said billyblonk@gmail.com... Im still using past 4digits
that came out for practice but im still only getting two numbers put the
deal right

Автор PortCity08 ( назад)
Hey could you email be the step by step for the pick 4 formula.

Автор Billyblonk27 ( назад)
if you can would you email me at nowden.darius@yahoo.com... I still got a
few more questions like about those numbers on the side. And do this method
work no matter what state you in

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
I think I was just adding back the remainder .6?

Автор Billyblonk27 ( назад)
I tried this but still off by one number.. I was confused.. When you got to
197.6... How did you pick.the number 6 to add it by. I think that's why im
off... And the number 11 on the side how did you get that and what its it

Автор waconda4 (1817 лет назад)
Hello, I just viewed this yesterday and I was wondering if you could show
me your formula for the other numbers that I couldn't see on the side and
if you could show me your pick 3 formula. my email address is
wacondamitchell@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Автор Angel Curlee (1440 лет назад)
I have read all your post and people are winning money. You have developed
a good theory, can you please help me. I want to play the pick three, I can
do the problem you are doing with no problems, but what would you do with
066. If you get a # from the day drawing is the theory for the evening
drawing there is so much that you are not saying I can't seem to figure
out. PLEASE HELP.......acurlee@yahoo.com

Автор WIKIWII APEIRON ( назад)
@dycudih yes despite what people say it is possible to beat lotto systems,
this is still a little hard to swollow, but i know for sure now the last
few weeks i put a new method to the test and won over 4500 this is by far
the best lotto system get in on before it goes private again =>

Автор Angel Curlee ( назад)
Please help me understand this. I can't see your chart very well. You seem
to have worked out a systtem. Please email me at acurlee@yahoo.com

Автор Joan Lewis ( назад)
Please email me with any info you may have.

Автор Joan Lewis ( назад)
Hey Timothy I am having a horrible time with the Texas pick 3 I'm
persistently getting 2 never all 3 numbers

Автор Carl C ( назад)
shut up and show us your boobs

Автор Jonathan Morrow ( назад)
First I wanted to say thank you for the video and the active comments. I
looked into the Tableau, tried a few diagrams in excel, that might have
made me more confused. Is there a formula for your system I might be able
to put in excel? I have been working on mega millions bast on history sum,
so my thought proses might be hindered when it comes to following your
steps. I kind of follow, but some things seem to be different from the
video versus the comment explanations. Any help would be great.

Автор cece tate ( назад)
i tried your method i was off by 1 number so i believe u on this but how do
u calculate it when its not point 2 if the numbers are 9469 or4271 and

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
This is not REALLY a random generated thing, it is supposedly random. Think
about this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RANDOM in a MACHINE generated
lottery. IT IS A MACHINE, therefore it HAS to behave within a range of a
predicted measure SOMEHOW. It DOES work but the reconfiguration language is
really difficult to read correctly. I got four out of six recently. I'll
choose to listen to me instead of detractors. It has a configuration
language at a distance from previous picks. REALLY! I SWEAR! :)

Автор scottfree6 ( назад)
yeah ok..i think there is a name for this affliction

Автор konzwambii ( назад)
It took a calculator to divide 20 by 100 to get .2???

Автор Joshua Heasman ( назад)
What on earth are you talking about? You can't just ad up the digits in a
number and then suddenly jump to something completely irrelevant to what
you just did what does 13 have to do with 70-40=30? Well done you have
proved that numbers have connections such as times tables and patterns,
these structures do not exist in randomly generate phenomenon.

Автор Joshua Heasman ( назад)
You can't crack something that is randomly generated. If I flip a coin it
is a 50/50 chance it will land on tails even if it landed on tails the
previous flip. That previous flip does NOT effect the probability of the
current flip. Same with a lottery the balls are NOT effected by previous
numbers and have no pattern, if they did someone much more clever than
yourself would have worked that out and won the lottery every week by now.

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
ha ha ha! Whoops, "It" also changes at an amount of plus or minus one. not
"I also changes at an amount of plus or minus one."

Автор Hayokee J ( назад)
Sorry I didn't know plz forgive me.........

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
yean I know I sound like a guy. :)

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
my name is not Timothy. I hate SEXISM. Did I mention that? I am female.

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
no they are at intervals of two, this interval amount can change and
reassembly can occur at another determined interval (like a larger
difference between numbers). I also changes at an amount of plus or minus

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
my guess on a lottery tonight 03 26 31 39 42 08, what it did:
31-39-40-57-58 33 I've got the 31 39 but I rewrote the number like 40 plus
remainder from 5-7=2, or 42 and the 33 "is interval @30, interval @30,"
instead of what I thought it would be which was just 03 to denote the
thirty. I HATE THAT. I'm wrong but I'm NOT wrong. I've did this 3 times
since last week. MY "42" needed to be reduced to this: change less than 8
is 7, change from 5 recorded as 5"7", next change 08, recorded as 5,"8"

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
please do not post this type of comment here. I'm not delusional. I claimed
a free ticket tonight. I usually get half the ticket (but misorder the

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
1 this amount, an amount less than 20=19, amount less than 8=7 (eight at a
decrement of one/minus one equals seven), and previous interval of 8=6. Oh
and I AM NOT A GUY and the other sexist or detracting comments below,
refrain from posting them here or leave.

Автор Moteru United ( назад)
sometimes masturbation can relieve your stress, a lot better than living in
your delusion trying to predict lottery.

Автор heikal bakar ( назад)
win lotteris-get a better camera-repost the vid!!!!

Автор konzwambii ( назад)
When I wear the wrong glasses, this video comes into perfect focus...

Автор TERRY CALEB ( назад)
Can Some Help Crack The The Txlottery Pick 3 And Pick 4

Автор Bigg Doo ( назад)
@djmezmariz . I agree ... this number system makes absolutely no sense.
It's like he's arbitrarily plucking numbers out of thin air ...

Автор Bigg Doo ( назад)
@tomitheory . Man .......... what the hell are you talking about??!!!

Автор Bigg Doo ( назад)
How in the world did you come up with 100 into 20 for the number 1028??? If
you're posting this type of stuff, you need to be detailed and actually
explain where your arbitrary numbers are coming from ...

Автор Hayokee J ( назад)
how did you get the +200 from the 11 which was the some of 1+0+2+8=11, im
trying to see how you got from 5034 to your 4365, sorry i forgot to ask
this question with my first one, keefe

Автор Hayokee J ( назад)
Hey timothy how did you get 20 in the second step in the equation? as in
"20" divided into 100 from that 1028? keefe

Автор mega east wood ( назад)
@djmezmariz yo i came up with 1976 also .... funny thing there is a way to
crack this... but im always one number off .. idk why

Автор xFriiCTioN ( назад)
how da hell did 1029 became 10020?

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@LikeTheTruck......I don't want to lose the lotteries w/giant payouts. I'm
trying to post things that help people play better on their own. *This
thing numbers and positions itself within an interval set but you have to
read the number configuration correctly. I'm afraid to post my work, I'm
afraid they'll shut down the lotteries.my guess on the michigan numbers
today: 2419 (don't waste much money on my guess, i am new to this one,I
have a bad habit of being off one or half.

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@LikeTheTruck working on an easier way this week i found an arc/curve form
that works too. I'd like to prove that this is an interval calendar also.
that would be great! to win everyday!

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@djmezmariz 7114 =13 would be use the difference of 70-40=30 that is a
number form also. *can also mean an increase/change of two tens to 74. 7114
even totals to 13 which denotes this amount "30" but uses one to write
itself. think of it like this: 13* is "this amount" means 1*, and 3* (is
3*10=30) or it reads as 13 or "this amount,30" : )

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@djmezmariz no man thats it. I crack lotteries. I have known all my life
that every teacher I ever had was wrong about the lottery not being
predictable. IT has to be predictable. It is a simple machine. geometry,
quadratic formula in algebra, trigonometry all work with the number column.
...and all of that is contained in cube...and cube HAS been mapped. Is that
the notation the lottery uses to reconfigure itself is sort of difficult to
read with absolute accuracy.

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@djmezmariz with the number forms it might be more like ALL of it in either
direction .... eventually. :)

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
I like to call the numbers written a certain way in the lottery number
forms. I've been trying to map the lottery with them and hopefully win some
money in the process. lottery number forms: numbers like this 15 31 are
read like this the amount 53. 15 16 would be 56. 03 19 would be 39. etc it
is really beautiful but mind numbing mental math! :)

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@hotdave86000 in a number like 2231, it might read like this: an amount of
20 divided by 02=10, then subtract an amount of 30, etc. the numbers are
also operators, two usually means to divide another number, etc. numbers
like this 15 31 are read like this the amount 53. 15 16 would be 56. 03 19
would be 39.

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@hotdave86000 the lottery has its own notation.the number column even
records a decimal change you can also approach it from a different interval
(other than using just intervals of two to build/navigate) with. I like to
use a variation of a math called tableau and pivot to help get the new
number with a math. Then it is read as a math problem and get order of
operations correct using powers of numbers.

Автор hotdave EightySiX ( назад)

Автор tomitheory ( назад)
@sooooooooosexyphilly On 3pick lotteries(TN lottery), 01/21/2012 "813" just
added 6 from a previous number to total to 819 after 13 picks.number series
is 328 =13 *(2-8=6), 813=12 then 01/28/2012 "819" after 13. navigation
numbers: increase two intervals of 3 or add six to 813 after 13rows. It
reconfigured today 01/31/2012 to "814". It used 01/27/2012 "865 = 19" to
reconfigure. skip 5 rows, then 19-5=14, this is just recorded as a new mark
of 8,14. (Mark as 6 above base)

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