Michael Jackson - Demerol (FuckingDemerol PLG Mix)

My "FuckingDemerol PLG Mix" By Pascal Legrand

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Автор LeeAnn McGowan ( назад)
the dispatcher was not unintelligible, DR Murray was?

Автор La Wanda Cooper ( назад)
yes he was a drug addict

Автор LeeAnn McGowan ( назад)
michael was already pronounced dead when they called the ambulance, murry
didn't want michael dead on his watch, something happened in his room prior
to the ambulance getting their,they found needle marks around his body from
however was in in room prior they were injecting micheal,that's why murry
didn't call 911 right away he and whoever else was in that room waited to
make sure he was dead, Michael's will stated that if he die during his
concerts and can't perform AVG cashes in 1.6billion on his insurance,see
they knew he couldn't do 50 shows, they were trying to kill him,michael was
worth more dead then alive see.

Автор Faith ( назад)
the song is called morphine, and that about 2 minute segment is in the
middle. the most indirect cry for help.

Автор Michael Jackson ( назад)

Автор Christine Colon de Leon ( назад)
I hope that Doctor Murry will never ever be able to treat another patient.
What a quack.

Автор No Way ( назад)
Out of all the professional doctors,this QUACK was chosen. Why ? He made so
many mistakes. 1.Left the patient alone to go to the toilet and phone girl
friends. 2. Kept increasing the amounts of medicines (or whatever they
were) 3.Not performing CPR properly (on a bed and not the floor) 4. Not
asking for help before it was too late. I really do hope he rots in hell
but not before going through a tortured life here on Earth.

Автор JenNjuice Amerson ( назад)
Demerol had nothing to do with his death, the sad sorry neglectful and
overdosing Dr was, for giving him propofol. But good effort in creating
such a morbid video.

Автор Stephen McNiel (1281 год назад)
it's like he knew that he was going die

Автор Yana Kim (Yana Jackson) ( назад)
I love you Michael Jackson!

Автор drgametamer ( назад)
shouldnt the title be propofol?just sayin

Автор ehill1536 ( назад)
2:18 for the song.

Автор Kateřina Zounková ( назад)
25 june 2009 is day when music die. 😰😰

Автор music Is life ( назад)
This actually made me cry!! 😭😭😭😭

Автор tapaoantonio1 ( назад)
this Video Made Me Cry again,.Miss You MikE!! there will never be AnyOne
Like Michael Jackson-The King's Legacy Lives On.. 

Автор tariq Mahmood ( назад)
Michael Jackson was great great human being. . He was the last king of pop.
No other will come after him.(sam)

Автор L B L ♫ ( назад)
like!!! amazing song!!

Автор Jake Roberts ( назад)
Download link please?

Автор janijamaika ( назад)
God, the 991 call made me cry DD: ... If they would have called earlier
maybe he could have been saved ... maybe DD: By the way ... the caller was
one of Michael's bodyguards, wasn't he?

Автор MDAVideo Producciones ( назад)
Yesterday, her daughter Paris, tried to suicide, I hope that her doctor not
prescribe something like Demerol. Is a hard life without parents.

Автор Nicole jackson ( назад)

Автор Kravee Nylah ( назад)
im tearing i love u mj (* 

Автор Daniello Rafaello ( назад)

Автор mambo rambo ( назад)
i want to shot that moron Dr myself. shame i dont live in usa .

Автор Ceci Benitez ( назад)
No le encuentro sentido a reconstruir un momento tan doloroso para los q
somos fans. Buena version de Morphine pero la compilacion no la comparto. Y
me parece q x otro lado a M.J. no le hubiera gustado que se propague el
morbo con su muerte.- Saludos.

Автор mambo rambo ( назад)
crying ..

Автор Semper Fidelis (1527 лет назад)
If you want to reply, hit me at Devilsdog513 on youtube....

Автор Semper Fidelis (1587 лет назад)
My daughter was born, just when he died on the 25th of June of the year
2009...I been studying his death...I feel like it might be up to someone to
unleash the true truth..But if I am rite with all the info that I have
uncovered from inside sources, He will be back this year.......Cant hold my
breath, but I bet he will be back..

Автор Isabella Ruacho ( назад)
:( i know made me cry too. i just broke down because June 25 2009 was the
worst day in history R.I.P the king of pop :'(

Автор TheSonnerle ( назад)
I agree with all jou come up here, there is something in the whole case a
just can't put it togethter and it anger me ,anger me and anger me, thank
jou for jour coments

Автор Alexander Dupont ( назад)
It's a pain relief drug, was first made in 1932 and is kinda the same as

Автор Matthewkapa ( назад)
God ... Bring Michael back... !!!!!!! 

Автор Mariokart360 ( назад)
Wow did you really have to put the begining in there! I didnt want to
really hear Michael dieing D': He should have just sent help and stop
sending him so many damn questions! Why didn't they tell the ambulance it
was Michael Jackson. Yeah there is something behind Michaels death but I
dont know what!

Автор Mariokart360 ( назад)
What is Demerol?

Автор December Leigh ( назад)
@Shoe3003 Michael was a very tortured soul, but he still managed to be kind
& philanthropic, helping as many people as he could in his life, and that
is the real beauty of Michael as a person.(most people who are tortured
souls are selfish at the least & sociopaths at the worst, but he managed to
keep his mind & heart open & be very giving.) He was also the greatest
entertainer of all time, his contribution to dance & music will last
forever, his talent & the way he put his heart & soul into it!

Автор December Leigh ( назад)
Just because Michael paid him doesn't mean that it's OK for him to
Malpractice....I am shocked this dr is still practicing medicine....giving
CPR on a BED! I think he knew he killed him & was in shock himself. That's
why he didn't give him prompt medical attention (waiting to call 911!!!!!!)
& maybe why he didn't try to save him. But he killed him. Who ever heard of
"putting someone under" (like for surgery) for insomnia? Just angry. 

Автор December Leigh ( назад)
cont....for surgery....this is a CNS depressant and SHOULD be administered
by a ANESTHESIOLOGIST, who is a dr who specializes in this for that very
reason. ANY CNS depressant slows down your breathing, & is extremely
dangerous if combined with ANY other CNS depressant, this is very very very
basic info, it blows my mind what this dr was doing. As for Michael's
culpability, there is none, he is not the dr, he did not take a oath, & it
isn't his job to know what drugs kill him & in what amount!

Автор December Leigh ( назад)
WHY WOULD A DOCTOR ADMINISTER CPR ON A BED? Anyone who knows the very most
BASIC things about CPR knows you CANNOT pump air into a person on a BED!
This is unbelievable to me, and makes me think the dr was NOT a doctor, or
the dr was on drugs, I cannot understand this AT ALL. He might be alive
today if he had recieved prompt medical care, if he had any opiate
(morphine, demerol, etc) in his system, THAT can be reversed. But what the
dr was administering was a drug used to put people under for

Автор Veronica Alvarez ( назад)
<3 Demerol Oh God He Taking Demerol <3 

Автор King MultiGenre ( назад)
Where can i download this?

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@Team15Jake Sorry that my work made you cry.....

Автор Samone Barmore (Sam's WanderLust) ( назад)
I am so crying right now. :_( This is making me so sad right now. 

Автор Shoe3003 ( назад)
he was a fairly tortured soul, but his impact on the world will always be

Автор SSJSonikku ( назад)
This video using a remix of the Demerol part of his song Morphine is a nice
tribute in a way. It really made me cry, as it explained what he was going
through etc. Despite some controversy for somethings, Michael Jackson is
still a great singer and was a loving father. RIP MJ, you will be missed.

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@awesome1884 : Thanxx for your comment !

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@bklynboombox : Thanxxx to you !! ;-) 

Автор bklynboombox ( назад)
Gosh,that video made me cry,you should put a disclaimer on it,the ending
had me all in tears where his daughter speaks at his funeral>I miss MJ so
much,it will take me a lifetime to get over it,if at all.Great work

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@dutchmid2 :Your welcome...;-)

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@eoddatsme Thannnnxxxxx!

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@AEGreallive Thanks to you to have taken time to look at the video! ;-) 

Автор ehill1536 ( назад)
2:18 for the song.

Автор ehill1536 ( назад)
If a crackhead dies we don't go looking for the dealer... We say "oh

Автор AEGreallive ( назад)
..been looking for lyrics for this song..more relevant today then ever
before...makes me cry...so loved, yet always looking for love in all the
wrong places...if only....he needed/wanted/deserved...someone who
understood him....why was that so hard?..yet, I understand...doing the same
myself....thank you....

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@Temjin1980 Thanx Temmy appreciate !! 

Автор Temjin1980 ( назад)
this mix is the best i find gr8t work, very gr8t greetz temmy

Автор zassstoma ( назад)
Por favor que alguien traduzca al español la conversacion telefonica.

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
@eoddatsme Thanxx !!!

Автор Chowski ( назад)
Wow this is so professional in every way...I sported it on my myspace I
hope you dont mind..the song if phenomenal, you need to get that published
no doubt.

Автор Chowski ( назад)
I love this video, everything about it..tasteful...totally awesome

Автор Pascal Legrand ( назад)
Thanx !! I appreciate... ;-)

Автор eyzonm3 ( назад)
I Favourited this fanmade remix. It is amazing!!

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