8V53T Detroit Diesel military engine, N80 injectors

A rare 8V53T, (factory turbo), Detroit making some noise.
I was standing about 20' from it holding the camera, and wishing I had two more arms so I could stick my fingers in my ears, painfully loud...

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Автор berhorst59 ( назад)
In the late 80s-early 90s, there was an organization called GATR (Great
American Truck Racing). They raced single axle versions of American class 8
tractors on NASCAR tracks. They used Detroit (GMC) diesel engines
exclusively; at least the successful competitive teams. The reason for this
was greater potential for horsepower and RPMs than other makes, with a
lower cost. Engines ran in excess of 3000 rpms for hours during the races
and stayed together. So, when money was the reward, Detroits were used.
Kinda makes you go "hmmm".

Автор Dynamo Joe ( назад)
after all these years of watching detroit diesel 2 stroke engines, this is
video is still in my top 5. (and I still watch this one for about 5~6 years

Kindest thanks for this video, such great entertainment.

One day I will find and score one of these rare 8v53 engines for a little
1966 medium GMC truck project im working on.
...and im going to score an 8v149 that i want to stuff in a 66 Pete narrow
nose conventional too.

oh you wait man..you wait, its getting closer every year.

Автор Trent Nelson ( назад)
throw it on to a load cell make around 200 hp but about 1000ft-lb.

Автор russian06374 ( назад)
What are the dimensions of that engine would it fit in the same space of a
caterpillar 3208

Автор Armando Vittorangeli ( назад)
It's used in the LVTP7 (USMC amphibious vehicle), is 2 stroke diesel and
developed 400 hp@2800 RPM. It was replaced at the end of the 70' for a
Cummins 4 stroke, 400 hp@2800 RPM. It was a good engine, but his
maintenance was hard, specially when you had to calibrate the governor. The
turbo benefits the 853 due to it have more air in order to keep the
cylinder head colder and to do a beter cleaning of the gases after
de combustion cycle.

Автор acoow ( назад)
Is that an exhaust driven turbo charger at the top? Will a 53 series
benefit from that?

Автор Peachezz131 ( назад)
That is soooooo AWESOME!

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
No, it is not my engine either

Автор fordf350able ( назад)
Is this for sale?

Автор Scott Peabody ( назад)
Hey grigg how much diesel and hour does a motor like this use?

Автор Johnny ( назад)
i wanna strap that thing to my snowblower..

Автор mrspoon233 ( назад)
@jaggass plus the 53 series are aluminum blocks, not cast iron.

Автор snoman003 ( назад)
@DeserTBoB93535 we had 6v53`s that usually ran N50s and ran N65s in them
forever. Nice boost for a small motor with a bit more smoke. (BTW if you
where`nt careful perhaps a piston LOL)

Автор Brock Dumesnil ( назад)
3 people's engines ain't as badass as this

Автор 00junkyarddawg00 ( назад)
@bigchevy80 sounds like someone else needs to do some research... in 1965
the name was changed to Detroit Diesel Engine division. In 1970, GM merged
that Division with the Allison division, which produced gas turbines and
transmissions. This became known as The Detroit Diesel Allison Division. It
wasn't until 1988, when Penske Truck Lines bought a controlling share of
the division, that it became known as Detroit Diesel. So if you are gonna
nitpick, you should do some research yourself.

Автор JGMagoo ( назад)
@jaggass The 8V-53 is a much cheaper-built engine than the 8V-71 and it is
also quite a bit lighter weiht and dimensionally smaller. 8V-53=424 cu. in
and about 260 Hp.. 8V-71=568 cu. in. and about 318HP There is also an 8V-92
which is basically a bored-out 8V-71 so the weight and size would be very
close. 8V-92(T)=736 cu. in. usually about 430HP. Economy (and longevity)
would depend on what you were using it for. Overkill can sometimes produce
good overall economy.

Автор Frank Donovan ( назад)
@Xx69roadrunnerxX Mainly because diesel is slower to burn than petrol.

Автор michael jagger ( назад)
as in miles per gallon.

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Economical in what? As far as replacement parts the 71 is lots more common
than an 8V53. Although the 8V53 shares a lot of common parts with the other
53 series engines it also has a whole bunch of special only 8V parts, which
will be difficult to find if you need anything.

Автор michael jagger ( назад)
What would be more econmical an 8V71 or and 8V53. I understand that the
8V53 is roughly about a 6.9L

Автор chevroletTD ( назад)
ok thanks what is this going in and how much power did the turbos add and
where did you get them

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
First off, this is not my engine. I understand it is/was military surplus.
No, the 8V53T does not have glow plugs. What you're thinking of are the
newest military 6V53T's that do have glow plugs

Автор chevroletTD ( назад)
did you get this engine from a private owner or some sort of gov
liquidation site ive found plenty of marine style 8v53's but i want a
military version and is it true the military versions have glow plugs not
either start thanks in advanced

Автор K. Kele ( назад)
@o56kid...It was General Motors Diesel Engine division until the name was
changed to Detroit Diesel. Don't know what year DDC was sold, but it went
to Penske Corporation before they sold it to Daimler AG who now own and
operate the engine manufacturer to this very day.

Автор o56kid ( назад)
Put THAT in a dodge truck!!

Автор 390cruiser69 ( назад)
He's right it is.

Автор madtownmadman ( назад)
Painfully loud...Fuck yeah! Doesn't it just feel so good?! Not to mention
sound good. I've never been one to plug my ears to suppress the sound and
power of a screamin engine, reguardless of the make. Its amazing I still
have hearing, and quite good, I might add.

Автор o56kid ( назад)
Detroit isn t GM . . .

Автор Pistol Pete ( назад)
between18.51 to 22.1

Автор 390cruiser69 ( назад)
Yea, all Detroits have blowers on them. They won't even run without a
supercharger.They still consider it naturally aspirated unless it has a
turbo(s). Gotta love a Detroit

Автор yesiamanalien ( назад)
Lovely engine :D

Автор desmodronic916 ( назад)
Whats the compression ratio on these two stroke diesels?

Автор 024reredrum ( назад)
Where did you read that? I'd love to see some more info on these old motors
if you know any good forums or anything like that.

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Just guessing, but at Oshkosh you probably have 8V92T engines for military

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Best I can tell.

Автор kblackav8or ( назад)
Does that include all the military ones?

Автор kblackav8or ( назад)
When not installed directly in GM vehicles they were referred to as
Detroit's for a time before ultimately changing the name but you could find
them with GM Diesel or Detroit on the valve covers in the same era for a
number of years.

Автор 318jimmy ( назад)
I have never seen an 8v53 in any kind of automotive application,but almost
every Hatteras 41 foot sportfish they ever built had 8v53naturals. In fact,
in the parking lot of the marina where i'm at, there are two laying on the

Автор Julien Bouchard ( назад)
Detroit is a Gm motor noobs is a Two SSsssTRooke Motor haha too nice sound

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
They only made about 7,000 of the 8V53 engines, and very of few of those
had a turbocharger from the factory.

Автор H8_RICE ( назад)
why are these things so rare? I'd love something like this to play with and
fire up to piss the neighbours off on a sunday morning. Listen to the damn

Автор TestECull ( назад)
GM owned Detroit when Detroit designed and built that engine. As GM owned
Detroit at the time, that makes this engine a GM design.

Автор bigchevy80 ( назад)
Wrong again, princess. General motors FORMED the company known as GM diesel
in 1938. In 1965 the name was changed to Detroit Diesel. in 2000 they were
bought out by Daimler/Chrysler. GM DID make that engine, because GM was the
parent company of Detroit, just like they are the parent company of
Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, Cadillac etc. The ID tags of Detroit engines
have a big GM logo right on them. Like I said before, do your research
before spouting off about shit you know nothing about.

Автор eric1978 ( назад)
Sounds like Bigchitbox80 needs to eat a dick like his sister does. He said
they used to be owned buy GM, GM didnt make that engine Detroit made it.
Now GM may at some point and time owned Detroit diesel but Detroit diesel
was a company before that and there no longer owned buy GM so like I said
GM didnt make that engine so STFU.

Автор bigchevy80 ( назад)
Sounds like Eric1978 needs to do a little research before he shoots his
mouth off...

Автор Bkrites ( назад)
Detroit diesel used to be Owned by GM. the @ stroke diesels are General
Motors Diesel

Автор eric1978 (569 лет назад)
Its a detroit diesel not made by GM.

Автор Bkrites ( назад)
that camara dosnt do it justice. let that GM Power sing.

Автор kotka200 ( назад)
nice sound

Автор 6V92TA ( назад)
i honestly never knew they made an 8V53TA. Sounds interesting too.

Автор pulppeeler ( назад)
very true! we did a 3-53 for our skidder and i followed the book setting
the rack. we talked to lots of ppl and they all told us te be ready for a
wild fire up. so happens when it fired it just took off wild, but we got it
shut down before anything came apart, just blew the gasket on the oil
cooler but that was due to a block maching defect. i looked the book over
again and on the next page of the gov setup, it mentioned the part about
backing out the gov screw...hehe opps

Автор mageac ( назад)
im not sure about the 892, but most detroits are relatively simple, most
peoples issues are with setting the fuel rack, which is best to be
thoroughly researched, or hire someone to do it.

Автор dieselscience ( назад)
Is that the two stroker out of an M-113?

Автор partgypsy ( назад)
I have two 8v53's in my boat. The engines sort of growl.

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Pick up a newer manual for your engine and read it a few times. Then find a
friendly Detroit shop and or mechanic to answer your questions and explain
the confusing parts. The manuals are really good.

Автор takenoprisoners82 ( назад)
i have an 892 natural. i had to rebuid it a few years ago, it was
expensive, $18k. im pretty mechanicaly enclined, so i was wondering where
do i start on learning to rebuild one, in cas i have to again, hopefully
not for a long time. is there a book i can read or video? i do have hands
on experience with it because im a fisherman, and have t maintain it
myself. thanks.

Автор deiseldummy ( назад)
most modern deisels are only running 15 to 1800...and those
detriots....only run about 2000 in practice. They sound like 4000 because
they are cracking every stroke insted of every other stroke.

Автор deiseldummy ( назад)
What was this engines application...hets...henmmits...arty peices...m109
ect.......what?...its only a 53 inch per cyl engine?

Автор Yon Cheramie (1700 лет назад)
the excessive smoke is due to the large n 80 injectors

Автор briank06261973 ( назад)
Man, that sumbitch smokes alot doesn't it?

Автор massahole178 ( назад)
the cranck is so massave it will blow apart of over reved the internal
parts weigh tooo much to rev high

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
2800 for a vehicle 2500 for industrial, usually continuous

Автор Stefan Cassadee ( назад)
It's because of the way diesels are designed (they burn fuel by
compression-ignition). High RPMs would likely cause too violent of an
explosion and wouldn't be controlled. (Same reason you have intercoolers on
turbocharged gasoline engines - to control explosion rate). I know How
Stuff Works has a good explanation on it, and this is how I understand it.

Автор G Man ( назад)
Ow, so the bigger the engine the less rpms do to the mass. Are Diesel
engines blocks built any different than gasoline engine blocks to hand the

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Mostly to do with larger and heavier parts swinging around in there.
Pistons and rods and such have to be stronger/heavier to withstand the
pressures generated during combustion, starting off with a compression
ratio from about 17:1 to 21:1 Small diesels can and do turn fast, because
the parts are smaller/lighter.

Автор G Man ( назад)
Why are Diesel engines governed to such low rpms? Is it so they always make
max torque or am i way off?

Автор Grigg3 (1509 лет назад)
2,800 rpm max governed by the factory. Some folks run them faster, I would

Автор 66Beanshit ( назад)
My God, that sum-bitch sounds just like a warmed-up Chrysler 440 big-block!
What's max (governed) rpm on those? I've heard some say 2800, others have
said 3200-3600 (that last would be very cool, to say the least!)...

Автор Joe Hupp ( назад)
Just you fellas wait til I get my "baby"! I'm getting a 4-71NA industrial
fan-to-flywheel with (not too sure of the injectors) either N60 or N65
injectors off a mate in Albury!

Автор AmericanThunder ( назад)
Damn, those Detroits sound awesome

Автор Collin Blackburn ( назад)
DUDE! it sounds like a chevy with no exhaust! i love it!

Sounds like a nascar, But its a diesel engine.

Автор stefanozf83 ( назад)
fantastic sound..... USA engines are "Super"

Автор Boeing227 ( назад)
I mean 2 stroke BTW!

Автор Boeing227 ( назад)
It sounds EXACTLY like a Monster Truck or Dragster engine! I LOVE IT!!!!
Detroit Diesel makes the best diesel engines ever I wish they still made
them but the stupid EPA environment bull**** is stopping it!

Автор Austin Grall ( назад)
it probally sounds even better by it because camera cna be quieter i like
that sound of the old detroit's

Автор TestECull ( назад)
:D I want to put this bad boy in my truck...damn it sounds sweet.

Автор coolbluelights ( назад)
2 stroke? sounds like it, it's a monster!

Автор kimchiman1000 ( назад)
Loud & sweet!

Автор Joe Hupp ( назад)
They are EXTREMELY rare unlike the 8V71 and 8V92's - the 71 and 92 Series
are easier to come by though!

Автор lilbrudder32 ( назад)
He says "It has N80 injectors in it, so it starts HARD."

Автор allenjanoch ( назад)
what is he saiding at the start of the video

Автор rednek234 ( назад)
I'd like to put one of those in my silverado! though my girlfriend would
kill me!

Автор trkr27 ( назад)
Love those green tag 80's I put them in a 8V71T worked great. I also put
9200's (92/100 injectors)in a 6V92 and that ran very well!. But the first
piston up would fire on both engine's,mabe that 8V53 is tired. who knows.

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
No, not exactly, but the 4-53 does share many parts with the 8V53,
including cylinder head, pistons, and lots of other small stuff. Each
engine also has a bunch of parts that are specific to it only.

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
No flywheel, just a flex plate with a ring gear. Flywheel or torque
converter will slow it down some...

Автор Alex Tilghman ( назад)
talk about throttle response. and for a diesel? daaaaaamn. very nice

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
Of course it's two cycle!

Автор Cem Sezer ( назад)
nice Engine, sounds cool and wild. is it 2 stroke??

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
It's not my engine, but I trust the owner (runs a well known Detroit Diesel
repair shop) when he says it is the big injectors essentially flooding it
on start up. I have a 4-53T with the low compression pistons and 5A65, (or
are they 5A60?), either way, it will start before you can let off of the
switch. So, it's not the lower compression making it hard to start, it is
the injectors.

Автор Brian Naswall ( назад)
N80 dont make it hard. Its the lower comprssion turbo pistions. My high
preformance 353 will move my PU fast. A 853 would be a dragster. cool motor
to put in a PU truck

Автор gajda1984 ( назад)
wow that's a rare find! first time i've heard a 53 series with 8 cylinders

Автор amtrak101 ( назад)
I know that. It's just that the 53 cubic inch Detroit engines sound like
they rev very high

Автор greeniron32 ( назад)
Where did you get this engine? Did they make very many?. Any idea if there
are still some running? That's awsome sounding!

Автор Grigg3 ( назад)
They are governed at 2800 max from the factory, that's not high for the
engine size/ bore & stroke. This engine is very responsive because it has
almost no flywheel on it, just a ring gear/flex plate, the torque converter
it should have would be the rest of the flywheel.

Автор amtrak101 ( назад)
Why is it that the 53 cubic inch Detroit diesels rev so high?

Автор CHRISEVENS ( назад)
Wow! that is loud! I have heard of them, but this is 1st one running!!
Please take it out side and put the exhaust on & do another video. Long
live the 2 strokers.

Автор lordtaw ( назад)
Back in the day I heard that some truckers got them installed in their
rigs. They liked the fact that it was a small and light weight engine with
plenty of juice. I am guessing that that engine can out put 340-350 HP and
810 ft/lbs.

Автор B422TMack ( назад)
thats a rare treat a sweet sounding 8V53 Detroit anit many 8V53's running &
that good of shape .. my hats off to job well done of keeping a piece of
history alive

Автор Turbosuperiority ( назад)
Thats amazing! Didn't know there even was an 8v53.. Very nice

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