How to do the teleporting effect with Windows Movie Maker!!

This is a quick tutorial on how to do the teleportation effect with windows movie maker.


Mobilizer 2:

Thanks for watching! If you have any questions of other requests on how to videos for cheap, just let me know in the comments!

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Автор trezzah firmansyah (1538 лет назад)
yeah, i think this tutorial's very simple, and easy to use, thanks braga

Автор Gherghelas Valeeant ( назад)
this effect i do when i had 7 years this is very simple 

Автор Dynasty ( назад)

Автор Jon Mason!! ( назад)

Автор 01lapensativa ( назад)
lol Wow thank u so much for that info! quick ?? can u clone and if u can
how do u do it ?? please tell me Thanks agian! =)

Автор Samuel Yi ( назад)
nice man. but can you tell me how you get those special sound affects? thnx

Автор Coolshows101 ( назад)
Get wax 2.0 a free special effects program.

Автор Lyric zone ( назад)
This Effect Is Called "Blinking" cause ya dont have portals you just

Автор Skyver ( назад)
what if you are so independemt, no one is able to help you in the movie?

Автор Skyver ( назад)
I want to make a ssbb tutorial in real life using wmm.

Автор smil3yperson ( назад)
Umm I like it but I didn't really understood it much so could u make a
different video explaining it in a much more understood way ok thnx :) and

Автор fourtorchesstudios ( назад)
wow, thx i can make teleporting vids easy, but not the panning that helped

Автор josh davis ( назад)

Автор youtuber355 ( назад)
hey I was wondering were did you get the teleporting fx sound from so I can
make my teleporting video's more realistic

Автор lilmattyp414 ( назад)
and umm umm umm no ofence

Автор tundraman217 ( назад)
I made a video with movie maker. It's about 40 secods long, I'll put it as
a video response if you want to see it.

Автор Swimm Fann ( назад)
easy trick in the book -_________-

Автор SuperBowserZ ( назад)
what if i dont have a cam that can pause

Автор alcira42 ( назад)
The noise "pfft" :)

Автор bollynewshouse ( назад)
you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk thanks i wana make my movie but i nt know how to
do the effect

Автор supaman56bentMCDA ( назад)
lol its like the lagging on mw3

Автор TheVideoGamer104 ( назад)
YOUR AWESOME!Thanks for the help dude :D

Автор •Amenadial• ( назад)
Windows ... movie ... maker. Oh dear.

Автор TheDonovan137 ( назад)

Автор harrypotterlover7890 ( назад)
Thanks! This helped a lot!!!!!

Автор Sammy Cerron ( назад)
Thanx bro das sick

Автор wweseabury ( назад)
not an cena fan

Автор Kidsinger1000 ( назад)
MAn thats crazy

Автор Light Hazard ( назад)
awesome tutorial

Автор pilot1328 ( назад)
John cena fan

Автор silverdolphinaquos ( назад)

Автор densomlurer ( назад)
I smell a vrigin

Автор cookiekid131 ( назад)

Автор WWTDD9 (427 лет назад)
nice vid dude can't wait to try

Автор Lucas Xuan ( назад)
Good video!!!^^

Автор Taylor Clark ( назад)
@MrMitchsmovies I get sound packs fromt he program files of the pc versions
of the games

Автор Mtgames ( назад)
@explodingweaselnow where can you get call of duty sound packs?

Автор TheAdvocate619 ( назад)

Автор Anas Hallu ( назад)

Автор prozombiegamers ( назад)
@cathalc26 get sounds from sound bible type in swoosh in the sound effects

Автор kronoz099 ( назад)
im doing this since grade 6 only using video in cellphone with pause button

Автор evanmargenthaler ( назад)
sound effect?

Автор Videos ( назад)
i use after effects...lol

Автор megamags1998 ( назад)
um hi I have the newer version of windows live movie maker on windows 7 do
you how to do cloning on that?

Автор Taylor Clark ( назад)
@cathalc26 Get sound packs from videogames like Call of Duty, or Fallout.
they have incredible sounds since everything is all foley and done that way
with Video games

Автор cathalc26 ( назад)
just wondering(b4 any1 writes back saying something pointless) where can i
get good gun sounds?

Автор angel nazario ( назад)
i like that of ur work

Автор ortp100 ( назад)
how do u put the sound effects?

Автор TheSammyLV ( назад)
what do you do in post?

Автор natemaster777 ( назад)

Автор Kye Collins ( назад)
awesome thanx

Автор mikeymiguelangel ( назад)
cool im trying to make a nerf war movie and this is going to come in handy

Автор MyPivotboy ( назад)
john cena fan?

Автор Jay_Jay_Bleach ( назад)
What is the effect called?

Автор kikesfunny ( назад)
nice man..chek out my videos n get sum ideas if u want

Автор HeelysNinja ( назад)

Автор pcjordan23 ( назад)

Автор Areya Joya ( назад)
what really sells it is the sound not the effect ( but it is good do have a
good effect)

Автор EAMTerminators ( назад)
Awesome!!! check out my teleport vid

Автор M Realleams ( назад)
How do you make those punching sound effects?

Автор Whisperz G ( назад)
nice video thanks!!! john cena

Автор natmouse ( назад)
wow :)

Автор Taylor Clark ( назад)
My mouth hahaha

Автор Coopstah27 ( назад)
where did u get the sound

Автор zooropa1967 ( назад)
thats really cool

Автор Mike060504 ( назад)
nice, cool ending

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