Redwolf Labs: Vulcan M134 Minigun VS Watermelon - RedWolf Airsoft - RWTV

A fully operational replica of the M134 minigun VS a G&P gas blowback rifle destroying a watermelon.


CAW Echo-1 Minigun


G&P WOC M4A1 GBB with Steel Barrel

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Длительность: 3:59
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Автор Axeman760™ ( назад)
The ultimate watermelon slaying machine

Автор SeanMcg House . ( назад)
people in Africa could've ate that gun..

Автор Mr.Scorpion Vlogs ( назад)
*turns corner* oh god watermelon. getthe deathmachine

Автор Kitten Of The Future ( назад)
That poor... poor... Watermelon.... :(

Автор edo mamahit ( назад)
scary gun for water melon.......

Автор rizka arifiandi ( назад)

Автор Tommy Peli ( назад)
Wait, you can't use that minigun on a person legally, can you...

Автор Canal do Noob ( назад)

Автор Prestonpdawg (1746 лет назад)
Not as cool as a real gun shooting watermelons

Автор Cillian Conlon ( назад)

wait dis iz 2015 lel

Автор Metal Raivozo ( назад)

Автор Некит Пасенко ( назад)

Автор Luiz Felipe (203 года назад)
imagina numa perna

Автор Luiz Felipe (220 лет назад)
se e loko maluco

Автор nissafors ( назад)

Автор Jacob DURJAN ( назад)

Автор WHATSaDavid ( назад)
Oh my god its digital rev tv!

Автор Jacknet Gaming ( назад)
Where did you get the mini gun

Автор Emanuel “boomznoodle” Dostal ( назад)
Is this the guy from digital rev

Автор Gatlin Robbins ( назад)
It costs four hundred thousand dollars to fire this gun, for twelve

Автор Krypt0nit3 ( назад)

Автор Airsoft Addictive ( назад)
I'm just getting into airsoft and I love your videos but please do a bob
chow special edition gold review and were I can buy 1

Автор Thomas Artmann ( назад)
Wahts the name of the music

Автор The Caiman Stidham ( назад)
When they shot the watermelon with a vulcan it looked hollow... *punches
watermelon, breaks fist* SHIT

Автор Mexican Hamster ( назад)
I wish I had one then I can say "puttis dispenser here "-heavy weapons

Автор jessi schaaf (329 лет назад)

Автор Yuh Th ( назад)

Автор Civil Blues ( назад)
Now this is actually something that can kill someone...

Автор The Interesting Nobody ( назад)
A black boy in Africa could have eaten that watermelon...oh wait, that's

Автор Влад Кот ( назад)

Автор Drummer_13 ( назад)
Verry good video

Автор Havoc ( назад)
can someone please name the song that starts at 2:15, i cannot for the life
of me figure out what it is

Автор Freddy Vyverberg ( назад)
R.I.P watermelon

Автор Sevan Coil ( назад)
Where do I buy 1

Автор Romeo Rodriguez ( назад)
It would be cool if it can fire steel shot bbs.

Автор Simon Denischuck ( назад)
Whats the name of the orchestra song

Автор Raymond Doetjes (554 года назад)
Is that the Guy from DigitalRev? I never thought het be an Airsoft fanatic.

Автор TheGhostGhillie ( назад)
wait.... he works for DigitalRev TV now making videos of cameras and
stuff.... hmm thats funny <.<

Автор Concealed Cobra Airsoft ( назад)

Автор Brandon Soltero ( назад)
I'm so glad these were band from Airsoft competitions 

Автор Vorzi ( назад)
i wish i had one of these when i fought the Balrog........

Автор Tzeff NL ( назад)
1:19 one-bad-ass scientist! XD

Автор Unplugged ( назад)
Death note Music :D

Автор Young Gun 14 ( назад)
Please subscribe to my channel, I love your videos and I need to get my new
channel off the ground, keep making awesome videos!! Please reply!!!!

Автор Simon Denischuck ( назад)
Whats the name of the song

Автор Monsibd The Adventurer (1147 лет назад)
TF2 ?

Автор Hornets Airsoft (Ammo Mule) ( назад)
XD can you say fruit salad? LOL

Автор Keith Stewart Jr ( назад)
Now I want that minigun

Автор XxNinjaGodxX ( назад)
Jerry purpdrank why didn't you save the poor watermelons 

Автор ramases1 ( назад)
I take it you don't t fire these at other airsofters within certain

Автор ACR Bravo ( назад)
Give that watermelon to a begger or who lives in desert 

Автор Anonymous USER: (171177) ( назад)
now i want watermelons and could you test it on a thin wooden wall

Автор Netsav Hacl ( назад)
Ебаные америкосы уже и арбузы портят

Автор Quentins Wafflez ( назад)
Instant melon salad 

Автор Chris Evans ( назад)
How powerful is this thing?! On their website it says its only 400 fps, but
I'm having a (understandably) hard time believing that!

Автор Go Geo ( назад)
Well Give the GBB 6000 rounds then compare it

Автор KittyCat9183 ( назад)
You guys do know that the watermelon has the same density as the human head

Автор Kirill ( назад)
Fucking slow motion 

Автор oier san roman ( назад)

Автор Eric Veldhuizen ( назад)
I like it, like it A LOT :-)

it wouldf bin even more awesome if you guys would have used balistic gel
torso :-p

Or the would it kill a zombi head :-D

Автор Merlin Dinter ( назад)

Автор Alex Pettersson ( назад)
Imagine the real miniguns power

Автор Nikolai7Grizz ( назад)
That thing can kill you O_O

Автор shahabz Tariq ( назад)
Holy crap that watermelon was recked 

Автор Worst Scenarios ( назад)
woah holy shit 2009 that was ages ago

Автор Leukemia Whisperer ( назад)
Many black people cried in the making of this video

Автор Sean Gaffney ( назад)
There's only 1 type of these on sale at evike all the others are
discontinued. The 1 that still sells is out as of 12-14-14

Автор Andre ( назад)
you need a calculator to divide 100/2? omg

Автор Rohithgames Rohithcard ( назад)
It's the presenter from digitalrevtv

Автор Blue Cheetos ( назад)
No not the watermelon

Автор pelaaja66 gaming (Ana) ( назад)
And i shoot rotten apples in my backyard with my bb pistol. My life sucks 

Автор Valdemar Butor ( назад)
okay my watermelon armor sucks and was a bad idea.

Автор Buk Lau ( назад)
"in the name of science" does that mean we can test those on obama?

Автор jay jackson ( назад)
Digital rev tv now brings you freakin miniguns...

Автор Ariel Castillo ( назад)

Автор Eggy Dunn ( назад)

Автор IMYUGO ( назад)
Of all the spots on the melon you had to bite the part were the bbs were 

Автор jack thomas ( назад)
dat maths tho

Автор Lazar Arsovic ( назад)
Goddamn,the presenter sound the same as Kai from Digital Rev,i thought it
was him :D

Автор YOLO I LIKE TRAINS 〉_〈 ( назад)
Never mess with scienctest :3

Автор The Soul of Silver ( назад)
Watermelowns have the same density as the human head do they not? ... I'm

Автор daniel johnson ( назад)
how much is the Vulcan minigun ?please right back thanks bye 

Автор Walker Doman ( назад)
Definition of fear...

Автор James Rock ( назад)
I bought four of them, mounted them to my helicopter, and then regretfully
woke up.

Автор FiresprayXL ( назад)
Or just one 1 12 gauge buckshot...

Автор FiresprayXL ( назад)
Or just one 1 12 gauge buckshot...

Автор Matthew Braghieri ( назад)
Makes you wonder if there's a ammo backpack that links up to the receiver
of the gun, if so I'd that and the mini gun

Автор PrekiFromPoland ( назад)
Holy sh*t it's Ol' Painless! :D

Автор Brad Kelly ( назад)
They made pussy out of watermellon

Автор Ares Pinpin ( назад)
wait that host is from digitalrev kai wong... o.O xD loool

Автор katyperryfan0003 ( назад)
I can feel the watermelon's pain..

Автор Niviruz ( назад)

Автор Mr. Dizzle ( назад)


Автор Ricardo Madrid Bayona ( назад)
Te gusta a si q aprobechalo chinito q gracias a perdonas como tu ya no ay
platico y el petroleo sale para nada

Автор Ricardo Madrid Bayona ( назад)
Te gusta el plástico e chito

Автор Danielsan Pesongco ( назад)
use the strafer shoots between 75- 175 bb's per second.

Автор shane rieken (shaneOrules) ( назад)
who needs accuracy?

Автор Anonymous Anonymous ( назад)
Some people say that melons are like the human head hard outside but
squishy inside so um anyone asking no don't e ven ask to go to ANY airsoft

Автор Jordan Barrett ( назад)
Or a knife?

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