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Автор Abate Mersha (8 месяцев)

Автор Christina Masih (8 месяцев)
i hate it cames very late

Автор Syed Haider Ali Zaidi (10 месяцев)
sir please tell me the difference between ...why we dont use was at the
place of had ...and if we not use had and was just use ...past simple (ed)
...im so confuse ..when to use these,,,please clear these

Автор Kathalaya storyhouse (1 год)
u r
a good teacher

Автор Chanel K (1 год)
This explanation helps me. I'm going to use it when I teach people from
other countries.

Автор Lupércio Vale (1 год)

Автор sravanthi telaprolu (1 год)
I really like the way this teacher explains things

Автор www.EnglishFriendship.com (2 года)
I really like the way this teacher explains things! I'm an English teacher,
too. I'm going to have to try some of his methods with my ESL students.

Автор PLwhyduck (2 года)
Chuck Norris?

Автор JBieberFanLuv (4 года)
EH, BI, SI, DI, IH, EFF, GI, H, I, JE, KE, IL, EM, EN, OH, PI, QU, AR, ES,
TI, U, VI, DOUBLE U, EX, WHY, ZI. thats just how u pronouce them I hoped it
helped :)THATS NOT HOW you right them!

Автор AKRAM FAYYAZI (2 года)

Автор maymay4441 (6 лет)
nice ring huh....

Автор Rvpy pinn (1 год)
♥ you teacher

Автор สิริลักษณ์ อิ่มกระโทก (2 года)

Автор Abdul Razak (2 года)
good job

Автор Mamoon Khan (3 года)
iam from pakistan and i love your teaching method,,, but the problem is no
blackboard thats the big problem that can confuse some one like me iam not
good in gramer and wrie some word on up

Автор sajjad khan (2 года)
hi anyone practice of english speaking to me add me on my skype

Автор Hayder 1989 (2 года)
great way to learn a language to nice !

Автор unmannedlab (2 года)
I still don't understand what simple means in terms of time or tense. Why
is the term, simple, used? It is understandable that language would change
to indicate past, present and future but there is no guide to know what
other terms to use with the changed term.

Автор dolceverdillo (4 года)
good lesson!!!! where can I find more like that?

Автор Purushothaman P (2 года)
Superb one. thank you very much.its more helpful for me.

Автор Hilafet İstiyoruz (2 года)
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Автор suruthi rathi (2 года)
in present tense has walked.how is posible

Автор saenz3210 (4 года)
@ashleywilson62 good for you!!! where are you from?

Автор sanaullah ahmad (1 год)
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have stumbled upon quite a few amazingly affordable deluxe hotels and
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Автор robstensaga (3 года)
you're so great in any aspects in teaching english. you make it to its
simplest form.you make complicated topics simple to understand. how did you
do that. thank you so much. you just don't know how helpful your videos are
to someone like us. where in english is our second language. among all the
linguists your the man. again allow me to thank you.may god bless you more
and more............

Автор the guide on the side (3 года)
I am pleased that you like the table... My friend Steve McCrea has created
some provocative videos... and they are free.

Автор Александр Краснов (4 года)
Very interesting and useful for me =)

Автор ابو جراح (2 года)
The sound of pen makes me wanna die, anyway I like your video.

Автор JBieberFanLuv (4 года)
see isnt englishs easy and fun?

Автор sulyvideos (4 года)
Un complemento para ayudarles a hablar rapido..... vayan a w w w suly (.) us

Автор สิริลักษณ์ อิ่มกระโทก (2 года)
Excuse me I have a basic conversation in the tutorial uses hand gestures to
speak with me.

Автор Berik Rakhimzhanov (5 лет)
thanks! it`s very funny!!!!

Автор perfectly imperfect (3 года)
i'm from italy i'm coming in england for vist but i can't speak very well

Автор Saida Bektursynova (1 год)
^_^ hahah

Автор Ale Heart (4 года)
been is the past participle of the verb to be> so u will generally use it
with the verb have (present), had (past) or has ( 3rd person singular in

Автор Ohmrey De Ascis (1 год)
Good English Grammar lesson.

Автор mikksters (5 лет)
lol may i interrupt =D hahaha thanks it helps a lot ^_^

Автор Paula Carvalho (2 года)
Very very easy to understand it, great method. Keep it up. Thanks a lot.

Автор heartouchinguy (4 года)
good technique of teaching ..

Автор Enzo Zordan (1 год)
Very useful! Would be great if you do the same with conditional and modal
tenses :-)

Автор rebih moumeun (2 года)

Автор GTAIV1stFan (4 года)
That ''-ing'' you put there it's called ''Perfect Progressive'' ;).

Автор Marcelo Benitez (3 года)
I think, though the lesson is very useful, that there is too much
information for a student, even for a beginner or a starter. In my view,
grammar should be taught in context and first in oral activities.

Автор saenz3210 (4 года)
great man I like your teaching system...but I regard you need a board
man..haha...you use a lot of paper

Автор romeas100 (3 года)
I WOULD LIKE TO SEE this video from the beginning. Thanks

Автор Paad Dilam (1 год)
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