Rusalochka, russian cartoon, english subs, pt 1

A russian 1968 cartoon, "The Little Mermaid" based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Subtitled by me in English. The ending is not the sugary-sweet Disney one, but follows the fairy tale closely.

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Автор Alicia7777777 (5 лет)
This video is awesome. Very beautiful! Many many thanks.

Автор Angelina Styles (1 год)
I love this!!!!! Btw im russian :)

Автор Jeannie Lindley (6 лет)
What did the fish mean that love did not exist?

Автор Nightshade715 (3 года)
Thank you very much for uploading this! I used to watch this when I was
little. :)

Автор Globalizator1 (5 лет)
Cartoons affect moral values in the whole society.

Автор Shiela Ong (3 года)
i don't like the animation. it scares me!

Автор Marina Grishchenko (5 лет)
If you want, I can send the mp3 of this song... but quality isn't high)

Автор littleladytomboy (2 года)
I had many cartoons of these series with greek dub and I now miss them so
much! :(

Автор faenjegerkul (2 года)
@xXRubella666Xx This is art. Its not a children-business

Автор yeliza0veta (4 года)
hi foxlady, I actually subtitled this myself, so the .srt file isn't out
there. i would send it to you but the hard drive broke on the computer i
used to do this :(

Автор torskavaig (2 года)
I absolutely love Soviet animations of fairy tales!

Автор Hreen Sahan (2 года)
@xXRubella666Xx I appreciate hand drawn animation. :P

Автор pavlovich74 (6 лет)
This is a wonderful short! The 1960's were a very important time for Soviet
animation. The change of style that animators like Khitruk and Aksenchuk
(the director of this piece) brought stimulated a move away from Disney
like productions.

Автор BeautyRushHour (5 лет)
I had been looking for this for years and the only clue I had was that I
knew it was russian animation! Youtube is the bomb :P

Автор Marina Grishchenko (5 лет)
I think the emphasis is placed on having internal different from her
sisters. You remember, perhaps, that she was always very dreamy and
thoughtful... A senior mermaids more "earthly".

Автор xXRubella666Xx (2 года)
@Avatarass Ah, I see. I suspect they had to do it that way due to a lack of

Автор Ismene Daskarolis (2 года)
ok I have to say that none of the russian cartoons that I've been looking
out for have the same music in them that I remember in the english dub,
wich is weird, annyone els agree? annyone els looking for the english
version of these masterpieces?

Автор LAURENLOVEify (5 лет)
i love the art!

Автор missjobingo (4 года)
I made my own .srt file from your subtitles, so I just want to say THANK

Автор Niffiwan (4 года)
I found it... it's called PodPis.

Автор Diego Correa (3 года)
@wickedfeylady Yes! Very similar to Kay Nielsen art for the first (and
never made during Walt Disney's life) version of "The Little Mermaid" in
the 1940's...

Автор kiataseven (6 лет)
OMG!!! I never thought you'd take me seriously when I jokingly told you to
go fansub Russian cartoons. I love you so very, very much! *Gives a big
hug* You are by far the best! Thank you! And you were right about me loving
this cartoon; it simply gorgeous! It's so well done; even though it's 40
years old, you couldn't tell because it just looks artsistic!

Автор derevnya22 (4 года)
вам-то зачем теперь это заказывать?)))

Автор Diego Correa (3 года)
@wickedfeylady Sure! The 1940's Disney version for "The Little Mermaid" was
certainlly closer to the original than the 1989 version. Nothing wrong with
the 1989 version (I a huge fan fan of Disney's The Little Mermaid) but the
original tale is really sad and beautiful too...

Автор Alexandrowna Hartmann (1 год)
I love the storyline, this kind of art and i will never forget it. Its a
part of my childhood and a part of me.

Автор jonhayashi1 (3 года)
When the mermaid sings of the bravery of the prince and that he should not
be destroyed, then later at the end of the movie the song is repeated and
so suggests she, the mermaid also lives on after death and is rewarded.
Great video, thanks for uploading this!

Автор ExplodingCarebear (5 лет)
You have no idea how grateful I am to you for uploading this..

Автор Avatarass (2 года)
@xXRubella666Xx did you even read my comment? I am saying this looks like
flash and call flesh crap. This is barely hand drawn animation. Its often
just cells moving relative to each other, like in flash.

Автор david0303195 (6 лет)
i understand more this language thank you

Автор TheAnimefan431 (1 год)
omg this is the best cartoon ever

Автор LedyAmetis (2 года)
... которые он спер у Обри Бердсли? С данным мультфильмом ничего общего,
смотрите внимательней...

Автор LedyAmetis (2 года)
@PavelosF Вряд ли сильно ошибусь, если скажу, что вы единственный, кто
верит в эту чушь

Автор Louisa Jauregui (6 лет)
..the credits music i mean...

Автор CastleUnderwater (2 года)
You must upload it!

Автор Avetis Doymajyan (2 года)

Автор DharanithaR (1 год)
..check out me singing little mermaid songs in russian (disney version
though) .. in ariel's voice ^^.....

Автор missjobingo (4 года)
ugh! In need of english subtitles!!!

Автор Un coeur (5 лет)
this version has an abstract feeling about it... and the ending was :(

Автор pecahalloween (4 года)
Hey it's Toccata and Fugue in D minor!

Автор primohomme (2 года)
Thank you so much for uploading :) I was very curious about this one It's
very beautiful, and thank you for the subtitles :)

Автор subsamadhi (5 лет)
this version is far superior

Автор heartseed (6 лет)
I saw this when I was really little, it was an English-dubbed version, and
I never thought I'd ever see it again! Thanks for putting it up!

Автор pauliinaaG (5 лет)
actually this was the originall one isnt?

Автор Elizabeththegreatest (2 года)
What's with Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor?

Автор Haley Blackburn (3 года)
Did this air on American television in the late 60s or 70s?

Автор bakira0rakiba (5 лет)
The song is so beautiful and sad! I love it! Please! somebody knows the
name of this beautiful song ?

Автор DemoiselleR (4 года)
Can you tell me where to find the .srt file for this one? I've had the
original video for long, but I don't have any subtitles at all. :(

Автор jewelrockstar (2 года)
this is so sad...way better than disney version

Автор Palesa Esuk (3 года)
well my sound isn't working so i can't tell if the music is on here. but
one big question. What the hell is the song the mermaid sings and wheree
can i get it. its the most beautiful thing i;ve heard in ages? does anyoneb
know where i can get an mp3?

Автор soniarv (5 лет)
It's just the point of him

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