Ban Bossy

Arguer: Sheryl Sandberg
Argument: Girls are less likely to be leaders because they don't want to be called "Bossy."
Counter-Argument: Anyone who values being liked more than being powerful isn't fit to be a leader in the first place.
Arguer's Fault: Harebrained activism.

Ban Bossy PSA: youtu.be/6dynbzMlCcw

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Автор Andrés Esté ( назад)
Bruh, giving up on being a leader because someone called you bossy, is like giving up on your dreams because someone called you a try-hard. Teaching kids that words are bad, and that they hurt people, is the fucking reason kids get hurt because of words later on in life. The levels of irony make me want to kill myself.

Автор Eric ( назад)
I don't think they meant it literally, geez

Автор Michael McCorquodale ( назад)
This is absolutely perfect and logical. It makes one marvel at just how poorly thought through this campaign was.

Автор DK Youngson ( назад)
There should just be a ban on banning things.

Автор DYlan D ( назад)
Being a boss is to be in charge of a group of people. If you're bossy then you have that power but you don't respect the people you have power over.

Автор Tiwaking Tiwaking ( назад)
You cant dictate language you fucking fascists

Автор D Flatt ( назад)
I will never use the word bossy again! Tyrannical, yes .... tyrannical

Автор Thepzy_ ( назад)
Bossy is a non-gender specific word, too. :/ I've heard boys be called bossy too.

Автор Ricky duz Gamez ( назад)
Guys, when I was younger I was called..... BOSSY!!!!

Автор Crizznik ( назад)
While I agree with your conclusion (I don't think banning words helps anything), I have a problem with some of your arguments. Much in the same way as racial slurs, words like "bossy" has a lot more baggage and power than you give it credit for. When it comes to these kinds of things, you have to look at it in the proper context. In the history of female oppression, there are ideas and tactics that have been used to keep women submissive. The idea that women are bossy when trying to exercise authority, while men are just being men, is among the most effective. When used in this context, the word bossy is not being fairly implemented. When men are called bossy, your definition is correct, they are exercising blind authority with no regard to input or constructive criticism, but when women are called bossy, it's in response to any instance of trying to exercise authority, regardless of method.

Автор Kevin Octacok ( назад)
well said!

Автор huckmart 99 ( назад)
Cheryl Sandberg: "when I was a kid, I was called bossy"

and despite that, you grew up to become the ceo of one of the most succesful companies of the 21st century. way to go debunking your own argument by merely existing

Автор AegisEpoch ( назад)
a little more nuanced than this..

Автор Pieter van der Meer ( назад)
poor bossy women in the 2% wanting to be part of the 1%. let me pull out the world's smallest violin to play a sad song.

Автор Chad B ( назад)
Hi, can you please do a video on the Spicer speech? This is borderline dictatorial behaviour, and we should all be worried regardless of political affiliation.

Автор Otakyuubi ( назад)
Just don't act bossy. I had a female Class president who thought she was the boss of me and when I cussed her out, she admitted to having a fucking bossy nature to the teacher when she heard about our issue.

Автор systematic101 ( назад)
I was called bossy, and ass, a pussy, a dick, a jackass, a looser, and a ton of other names. Guess what I did. Did give a shit and did what I wanted. Now I'm employed in a tech field making 6 figures. Weird how words had no effect on where I ended up. If being called bossy stops you from becoming a boss then you never had what it takes to be a boss.

Автор Servo Dav ( назад)
im slow clapping ... so solid. not cuz i agree, but it was argued so solidly

Автор Patrick Höhe ( назад)
Am I the only one who thinks that capitalists try to manipulate the people or am I paranoid?

Автор Bel A ( назад)
And feminists wonder why they're not taken seriously

Автор William Harrison ( назад)
The implication isnt that girls are weaker then boys its that we treat them differently in subtle ways from birth which creates a ton of the deficits between men and women in our society.

Автор Noah Iwasaki ( назад)
Let's ban a word!

Автор Sable ( назад)
damn, I just want to say that I love your content, the only thing that might help is if you stop using swear words in your videos, as it makes the excellently educational content less accessible in, say, a classroom setting.

Автор Krazy Kai ( назад)
What a bossy advert.

Автор Snappy Lights ( назад)
My little brother is bossy. He has only 1 friend. At least he's nice.. and submissive.

Автор Anonymous B ( назад)
People just jump on bandwagons without even thinking. It's the norm.

Автор Dante Ratto ( назад)
So was your revisiting of this video just removing the Ana Kasparian clip?

Автор Martin Gutsch ( назад)
Well it's not really a double standard, they just chose one part of the problem to tackle first.

Автор conrad artchannel ( назад)
Feminism used to be for equal rights and opportunity to break stereotyping women who didn't want to get married and needed to support themselves only to find out hard work is well hard work. So they come up with the glass ceiling and the gender wage gap as an excuse to say why they're not being promoted or earning the same as a man which is all bullshit. Now they don't want to be called bossy or bitchy even though women in the workplace or anywhere can come off as bitchy or bossy just like men can come off as dick heads or ego driven douche bags. These bossy bitches need to grow up and stop saying they're always the victims when they're obviously not being victimized.

Автор Gijs Olff ( назад)
Good video. i do dislike the "free speech" argument though. isn't telling someone to not tell you something because it infringes on your free speech a bit of a contradiction? you're both telling each other not to say something.

Sure the free speech argument can be made when it concerns law. In this case however the add is obviously advocating cultural change: making the word bossy socially unacceptable. In this case using the free speech argument will always be a contradiction.

(Don't get me wrong, i'm not arguing for the anti-bossy campaign. I'm simply disagreeing with the free speech argument being valid)

Автор ChipArgyle ( назад)
Ban words. Because cultural Marxism is a good thing, right?
"Ban Bossy" was a twist on humanity's oldest game, the _let's see if I can control you_ game.

Women, as a protected, advantaged class, have _always_ thrived on the double-standards that empower them. And when as a kid I called a little girl "Bossy", I was merely equating her to a cow, and in no way making inferences about her potential as a leader.

Автор キャット G ( назад)
Words only matter if you give them power behind them, a confidant person sees a words as that, a word. As a woman I can say if you think being called "Bossy" is the only reason why women don't achieve anything, than why do the wimpy boys fail as well? It is because some are not prepared to be the boss in a fair manner as mentioned in the video, and not everyone, male or female, has what it takes to be the boss. If a word hurts you, you're not prepared to be a boss. Period.

Автор 44GG ( назад)
Why reupload?

Автор Russell Brown ( назад)
This was fucking brilliant!

Автор Ramus Musa ( назад)
Everyone hates their boss. That's it.

Автор apieceofstring ( назад)
Alas, I have but one upvote to give!

Автор Therp Hudley ( назад)
I mean it's a useless campaign, but they aren't petitioning for the revocation of the first amendment, it's obviously a figure of speech

Автор skies pull ( назад)
begin called bossy is only used for girls.

Автор Chad B ( назад)
Could you please link a reference to where you got the 1 million words in English thing?

Автор XxKINGatLIFExX ( назад)
I wish I could summarise my points as well as you in my University Assignments. How do you do it?

Автор Calvin Smith ( назад)
I think the phrase "toxic masculinity" is just a squasher.

Автор Elise Rambles ( назад)
I think another problem with the campaign is that it claims that being called bossy keeps girls from being successful yet it's told by a bunch of very successful women who claim they were called bossy as girls.

Автор twdziki ( назад)
WTF America??

Автор Emilie DeWinter ( назад)
I was called bossy when I was a kid. And I was a boy. So I can't help but feel their logic is flawed.

Автор MJ ( назад)
This is a perfect example of "mansplaining". Thanks.

Автор MilkCap ( назад)
Women blaming men for their own problems, nothing new.

Автор Joey Small ( назад)
Wait so you acknowledged that there was a double standard the creators were trying to address then when they addressed that double standard you claimed that they're also committing a double standard by not condemning a completely different double standard in guys? Seems a bit off. Great video outside of that.

Автор edward titus ( назад)
rather "may i"

Автор edward titus ( назад)
can I upload this video to share with my Christian friend without the last section of profanity? 4 stars fellas

Автор Baxter stein ( назад)
Though I agree with you, I think that there is a societal implication that girls are weaker than boys, and this campaign is pushing to end that. Still, banning the word bossy is ridiculous, and certainly not the way to tear down society's stereotypes

Автор go away ( назад)
I swear I've seen this before.

Автор Jacob Sullivan ( назад)
this video is win

Автор Oscaragious ( назад)
I feel "Ban Bossy" is nothing more than some feminist power play. It's something that they want to prove they can do, and that they hope would've set a precedence for all the other things they want to control and ban. "Bossy" is not a commonly used word nor is it that offensive to use.

Автор Ashtray ( назад)
this channel is a gem

Автор Holy Atheist ( назад)
Although focusing on a single word is problematic, trying to bring awareness of the cultural norms that discourage girls from taking leadership is a noble pursuit. Yes, the derogatory term wimpy used against boys is an issue, but it doesn't have the same negative and broad cultural impact on boys as words like bossy have against girls because historically women have been oppressed for centuries. When examining complex social ills like racism and sexism, it helps to include the historical context surrounding the issue, rather than use a single, current, unaffected perspective.

Автор Kobalta ( назад)
hey i really like the revised vids, but put some new ones out:P

Автор Alex Smith ( назад)
Labelling people is wrong you misogynist!

Автор BloodyButterfly ( назад)
"Women aren't interested in leadership roles because they're afraid of being called bossy"?

We don't call a woman bossy who actually IS the boss! We call self entitled women with no leadership position who like to think and act like they do bossy!

Автор Dylan Sepasyar ( назад)
That was easy.

Автор Michael Abrams ( назад)
Dude, you are genius.

Автор James Sunderland ( назад)
"Being labeled something matters". You mean like being labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.?

Автор SlyNine ( назад)
actually, if you really look at their studies. It doesn't!! even say what they claim. It actually shows boys more discouraged. they cherry picked the hell out of that study.

in fact it's boys getting negative messages and failing to launch.

Автор SlyNine ( назад)
boys are labeled as potential rapist. fuck their bossy. how about ban rapist.

Автор Achilles ( назад)
Let's ban BOSSYNESS.

Автор Tuko Pomwene ( назад)
besides Beyonce, I honestly thought that the rest of the women in this ad were suppose to be smart enough to realize the stupidity of what they're advocating

Автор oscar sanchez ( назад)
You know that phrase
"Sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me" well forget about that no one can live up to that now

Автор Goliath Online ( назад)
Is this a re-uploaded version? I remember that in the parting/ending dialogue you mention that Banning Bossy is one of the reason why people are not going to take feminism seriously because of how stupid the idea the banning of bossy is.

Автор mrvvinston ( назад)
wow that extra "y" is causing stupid people to get uppity lol

Автор Weston Parker ( назад)
"Being called 'bossy' ruined my life" - the most successful women in the world.

On a serious note, what exactly is our society's obsession with leadership? Why does EVERYONE have to aspire to be a leader? The last thing I want in life is the burden of leadership; I'm far more content just doing my own thing. If everyone was a leader, there would be no one to lead. Everyone would just argue and nothing would get done.

(My hypothesis as to why leadership is pushed so much as an ideal is because if you promote everybody to some made-up middle management position, you can pay them salary which means you can work them 80+ hours a week and not pay them overtime.)

Автор Jasper Powrie ( назад)
I think the campaign sounds more like a push for awareness about how the meanings of words do affect people and can impose lasting ideas about place in society or something. The point about censorship is a bit redundant also because realistically "Ban Bossy" is just a slogan and a positive idea rather than an actual push for a legislated ban, I would think. I guess honestly I just don't see how your counter argument adds anything positive or constructive to the issue. I understand how you can draw a double standard argument from this but I think it's just a bit petty. I mean the awareness campaign addresses issues that girls may face because they are more marginalized and I think it's a good thing to strive to empower women...because I believe in equity. I tend to subscribe more to the idea that these pushes for social awareness can and should address many DIFFERENT facets of society but we shouldn't just shoot down the ones that don't address issues that immediately affect us or we feel strongly towards. I just don't buy that people would campaigns like this if they didn't feel that it was a real issue.

Автор Akira Mishtokaru ( назад)
Grab'em by the bossy!

Автор SgtLion ( назад)
I agree with this video in many ways. But you do state "censorship is wrong" with very little basis for the statement. While I also agree censorship is wrong, I'm surprised you make the statement without a reasoned base. I also wouldn't be surprised to hear that you do support censorship in certain circumstances, 'cause I bet you do.

Автор Le pamplemousse ( назад)
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Автор C L ( назад)
I'm a feminist and although I think "ban bossy" makes a few good points, it's still unrealistic and stupid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Автор BoonceTV ( назад)
Really liking these refreshed arguments and totally support the idea, particularly for your channel. I don't remember how long the last one was but this 5 min argument flowed well and the conclusion wrapped it up nicely.

Автор Kim ( назад)
Another way of saying "lean in" is "bend over".

Автор Sebastian Lockwood ( назад)
I seriously always wonder whatever happened to the phrase "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me" when I see stuff like this. I mean honestly. It's pretty weak to get discouraged by a small word.

Автор Amit Stein ( назад)
I agree with this initiative being superficial, but can we stop calling everything made to empower women a "double standard" unless an equivalant is given for men? This is like saying that raising money for cancer research is not helping with diabetes research. Yeah, no shit. Of course this doesn't target every problem because that would be a clusterfuck of a message.
Raising girls to leadership is enough for one campaign. Just, don't try to erase a word. That's stupid. This campaign really reminds me of the quote from that south park episode where they say that PC is just a verbal form of gentrification. Changing the scenery without fixing the underlying problems.

Автор Riri Corp ( назад)
Nice video c;

Автор Trevor Nimoy ( назад)
can you approach more relevant issues? these are all great videos but you reference to arguments made like 2014 or before in most.. there is plenty of material today to be countered haha

Автор Kayle Lang ( назад)
While I did find the campaign ridiculous, I think that was one thing missed here. While it is true both men and women do face pressures against being a leader, if one side faces more pressure than another, you might see an average were one group succeeds more than another. It's less calling women thin-skinned and more women face more pressure than men when it comes to leadership. I think this is likely true. I just don't think banning the word bossy is going to help.

Автор Daniel Davis ( назад)
Do one on the argument, "Abortion is murdering babies."

Автор Martin Sandoval ( назад)
I love that all your videos end in "00". . . The content is pretty okay too.

Автор Rex Smith ( назад)
Was working in a grade 2 classroom. There was this lovely little girl, she was the queen bee of the classroom. Very popular, intelligent, smart, and very kind as well. Well, most of the time. She had a bit of a... bossy streak. I'm not talking about the fact that she was a natural born leader at 8 years old, or that she was outspoken. It was more to do with the fact that, occasionally, she would tell students what to do (in a very blunt manner) - especially if she was frustrated. She caused another student to cry one time because of it (the student was being deliberately unnatentive to be "funny" in a PE game, causing their team to lose, multiple times).

Автор Robert Heed ( назад)
I've never thought of "bossy" as a gendered word specifically for females. I've called dudes bossy before, it's more about the way you carry yourself when telling people what to do that creates the distinction between being bossy and being a leader. An obvious example would be someone who commands people to do things, rather than asking them. That would be a bossy person.

Автор Mongoose ( назад)
All the celebrities that say they were called bossy in school are extremely successful, and yet they still claim that being called bossy keeps girls from being successful. There is also the problem of a FEMALE COO is claiming this as well as the celebrities.

Автор theawecabinet ( назад)
Member the Always 'like a girl' campaign?

Cute girls standing coyly in studio with twinkle music in the background being urged by feminist director to act more macho and less .....er........like ..... a .....girl.

Автор theawecabinet ( назад)
The most common mistake when debating feminists is to assume their arguments are sincere. The Ban Bossy campaign was just the latest strategy for undermining men's self worth, and positioning women as society's victims in order to gain leverage over society/ men.

It is no surprise that these women are all driven, self serving, ambitious, hierarchy climbing bitches.

For women like this female victimhood is a means to an end, and so is making men feeling shameful, guilty for being a man and protective towards women.

These women understand that society (especially men) greatly values women's safety, wellbeing, comfort and happiness. And they are exploiting this fact by essentially taking themselves hostage (or rather taking their emotional wellbeing hostage - their feelings) ..... and then issuing their demands.

HERE ARE OUR DEMANDS: Give us more 'affirmative action' and do more walking on eggshells whenever we are in the room and then we might consider freeing the women.

These women want to have their cake and eat it. They want a return to the good old days of traditionalist gender roles, where women are treated as fragile, weak, delicate flowers (he for she) .... and they want to to be dynamic, ambitions career women in the rough and tumble world of business as well.

This mindset is so catastrophic to any business that they are making women unemployable.

These feminists are just trying to grab everyone with their pussies. And they're not even asking.

Автор Jammy Sizlo ( назад)
The title of this of this video made me think it had to do with fonts.

Автор devil1360 ( назад)
A little shorter than the original but all the main arguments remained awesome so thumbs up! :)

Автор amateur match ( назад)
if you are the strong independent woman who believes they can't go into a higher position because they were called a word, they don't deserve it

Автор Daniel C.kaikkonen ( назад)
Ban Bössy!

Автор Miriam EH ( назад)
I think that for children, being called bossy can be damaging. It's a bit of an unfair assumption to make, that a child who is afraid of being called bossy is automatically going to be a bad leader. I would argue that a good leader cares a lot about what people think of them, because otherwise they risk being oppressive and ACTUALLY bossy.

You're certainly right about the campaign though. Banning the word isn't going to fix anything, it is sexist because many boys are called pussies if they fail to take charge, and it relies on only anecdotal evidence really. I think the intention is good, and children should be educated on how their words affect their peers, but this campaign won't achieve anything at all.

I'm open to debate if you disagree :)

Автор Leggon Arm ( назад)
To err is human, so stop correcting and start projecting.

Автор PrimevalTimes ( назад)
Can you add some new counter arguments in between remaking the old ones?

Автор ραηcαкεs ( назад)
Love that ending.

Автор Andrew Lantzy ( назад)
These fine tuning episodes are great!

Автор ImATrash ForALotOfShows ( назад)
the end omg XD

Автор joaken1 ( назад)
God damn that is a good one man!

Автор Myles Darling ( назад)
Some ideas are so obviously wrong but it feels hopeless to combat them. None of those women could do their job and also be that stupid. This sort of extreme stupidity from otherwise capable people I believe arise because it invokes a deep satisfaction and makes very deep emotional feed back loop. If only we knew how to free people from becoming so emotionally dependent on an idea that they are incapable of looking at it objectively.

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