73 Sun Style Tai Chi (part 1)

This is the 73 Sun Style Competition Form. I have performed this in a more relaxed and slow manner. Tai Chi should be savoured and enjoyed. Time should be ignored. This was originally on my Beginner DVD so the soundtrack is geared partially around that. This is the first part.

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Автор P LF ( назад)
Very good. I've learned the 97 or 96 in two months since I posted my
comment so now I will have a go at the 73 from your two excellent videos.
Having taught Yang style and then also studied Wu I must say that Sun is my
favourite. I like its mobility, the fact that it's uncomplicated compared
to other Tai chi styles or martial arts yet at the same time
sophisticated. I also appreciate that it has touches of Xingi which I
like, and Bagua. Very interesting. My only criticism of the 73 is the
jumping kick that not everybody, especially older people can do, though one
can easily substitute it with a normal kick. The setting of the video looks
sort of familiar. Is it London?

Автор P LF ( назад)
Beautiful and very well explained. I've studied and taught Yang style and
then studied Wu style. I try to study this form from your 2 videos. Thanks
for posting them

Автор S.P. Tetzlaff ( назад)
enjoy the pacing & flow as well as your voice, good combination of audio &
visual for me as a beginner.

Автор zenchestnuts ( назад)
Thanks you for your nice comments. This is the way to move in meditation.
Tai Chi is best for slowing down and actually connecting with the forms.

Автор SilentxWorld ( назад)
This is good. I love how you move. I'm more into the slow style of Sun more
than the little fast paced one. I like how you say time should be ignored.
Love the style my favorite.

Автор Justin Casteel ( назад)
Great Tai Chi video! I love Sun Style Tai Chi and am trying to learn all 73
forms currently. I love to watch videos from people who love Tai Chi.
Thanks for sharing.

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