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t-shirt printing silk screen process. rotary machine v.s table setup...

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Автор reanne002 ( назад)
i do ths too. two guides the edge of the frame and on the screen

Автор impulso Lloreda ( назад)
que bien que imprime saludos desde colombia a todos los serigrafista

Автор SaucySoviet ( назад)
excellent work guys!

Автор Lucas Salatiel ( назад)
What name music? 6:02

Автор pat Alarcon ( назад)

Автор CatspitProductions ( назад)
That’s some skills. Looks like all water based inks without any dryers
there. How do you heat set the finished product? Come get some Catspit~! ☠

Автор Gahddahffi ( назад)
Registration is overrated...

Автор richard antonio ( назад)
who need Ryonet now. This is printing experienced level :)

Автор HUỲNH TẤN PHÁT ( назад)

Автор Agus Hariyanto ( назад)
apakah pakai cat transparant ya?

Автор love4lust7301 ( назад)
now thats printing haha

Автор Zynthesis ( назад)
registry must not be a concern with that guy printing via eye line up. cool

Автор Datta Vinerkar ( назад)
im a screen printers and i looking jobs if a need my call me 00971508579706
or dattavip@gmail.com

Автор pengly sok ( назад)
very interesting, I like it so much. Thank for your Ads

Автор Antonio Colina ( назад)
magkano per shirt po? ganyang klasing design

Автор GracieShawn ( назад)
doesnt look like they are looks like some event where they expect to sell a
ton of tshirts without retaining repeat customers

Автор scottiblasto ( назад)
is the flash doing the final cure on the rotary press? Using plastisol or

Автор biguceduce (441 год назад)
So what I am saying is ...Use the machine, it makes more sence, you can
also use a Line table.

Автор biguceduce (524 года назад)
yeah the guy must have a big headache after, thats just messing up his
eyes. not impressing anyone, the whole point of registering is to not
strain your eyes...the goal is to work smart not hard!

Автор Ben Williams ( назад)
how could we get a supplier like this to print t-shirts for us ? ive looked
a variety of websites but there is none we want, we need a cheap company to
do this, any ideas ?

Автор Jailson Barreto ( назад)

Автор cenizasfenix ( назад)
Eres cabrón! Azul! Registro en falso!! orale que loco! :D

Автор ssk ( назад)
Interesting video. How are you guys doing your final ink cure?

Автор MrTugista ( назад)
buti hindi nasusunog ung kahoy na pallet pag nag flash cure kau ??

Автор 1313LEONA ( назад)
good job boys.

Автор reyjez ( назад)
nagbibinta bakayo ng rotary machine?? magkano po?

Автор ATWFC ( назад)
visit ATWFC T-Shirt Printing channel in Youtube, you will love it....TQ

Автор ngongoy pagpaguitan ( назад)
sir saan,, tayo maka bili ng rotary machine locally...very interested to

Автор Dxc block ( назад)
Sir... tips manajan kong magkano price ng t-shirt pag may design... isahan
at maramihan order. Thanks & good luck....

Автор Aithanaiken Tossan ( назад)
sir nag bebenta ba kayo ng rotary machine and magkano may alam ba kayong
supplier ng machine

Автор ruxvellprints ( назад)
bakit po gumagamit parin kayo ng table setup samantalang meron naman kayong
rotary press. ano po bang advantages at disadvantages sa dalawa?

Автор Joyce Floro ( назад)
@AngIrmitanyo workhorse po yan

Автор nnerd14 ( назад)
kua..pde nyo ko turuan ng procedure sa pgprint..? tnx..

Автор Milson Marinas ( назад)
Sir wet on wet pla un sa print mo sa rotary sir.....paturo naman nung wet
on wet

Автор shida31 ( назад)
do u print the image of the computer??

Автор rannexmetal ( назад)
aquasoft white ang gamit namin sa base bro.

Автор rannexmetal ( назад)
@ROMYSPORTS all ink from tulco - aquasoft

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