How to check an outlet with a digital multimeter

In this video I demonstrate how to identify the different parts of an outlet,and also how to use a digital multimeter to check for voltage.
You can visit my website at http://www.electricalauthority.org/newsletter/ for a free ebook residential wiring

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Автор Jen Becht (3 месяца)
Tyrone, I tried to test my outlet today. I plugged in the neutral first
and then the hot side. For some strange reason, there was a spark, and I
lost all power. What happened?

Автор nambinhvu (5 месяцев)
I always thought AC means there is no positive/negative because the current
is alternating, so no matter which side you put it in first, it is always
live, no? Most of the two prong plugs without a ground, are the same, so
that you can plug them in either way.

Автор Lord Bassman (2 месяца)
Really good video and good advice. However, don't ever assume the white
wire side will be neutral! I'm trouble shooting a problem with a circuit
in my basement and while using a vacuum cleaner, all the power in the one
room went out. Long story short, I've isolated the circuit (using my
voltmeter of course) and found half the plugs & light are working, the back
half not. Problem?.... the white wire is showing 120 volts to ground and
so is the black on the bottom end of the circuit run.... the first several
plugs and one light are fine.
The white/black wire show 0- 50 volts. on those plugs If I had just tried a
lamp, or used one of those lite-up circuit testers, to test the plug, it
would have indicated no power but I'd have ended up working on hot
wires.... voltmeter is the only way to go.. ..now I just need to find out
where the circuit went bad! I'm getting there, but any tips would be mucho
appreciated. I have a rudimentary knowledge of electrical theory from an
electronics course taken years ago. ...but little experience in home

Автор Guy Herman (22 дня)
Great video man! I lost power to half my house, totally confused when no
breaker was popped? I watched your video, went out bought a tester, and da
da, found the outlet that had a ground wire loose! Sweet beans man! Thanks!

Автор n310ea (3 месяца)
When you insert the prongs into the outlet, does it matter whether the
BLACK goes into the right or RED goes into the left, or can you insert any
color in any side?

Автор OV1Aviator (1 месяц)
Thanks for the video. You made some Great points that I didn't know. 

Автор Christian Ficara (2 месяца)
I looked for a video that clearly explained this to a beginner. This did
the job perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

Автор daddyoftwokids (3 месяца)
Excellent video! I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Автор Abby Warcken (1 месяц)
Thx Tyrone 

Автор rock and roll (1 месяц)
Great job, Tyrone!

Автор G Schmitt (1 месяц)
This guy's as cool as it gets... seems so laid back. I appreciate the
tutorial... I tested all the outlets in my house and found a few that were
wired backwards; and another that was not properly grounded. (connected to
microwave... THAT's why we'd get a shock from the outside casing of the

Thanks, Tyrone!

Автор Joseph Guido (1 месяц)
Thanks Tyrone. Very helpful.

Автор sal tulah (4 месяца)
Bro. Tyrone Robertson, thank you for the tutorial, keep up the good work,
you are providing a great service for the world, Don't STOP!

Автор Ahmed Belarouf (2 месяца)
Thanks mate

From a hvac apprentice

Автор Bao Nguyen (4 месяца)
Thanks Tyrone:)

Автор nigeldaddyo (3 месяца)
thanks for posting Tyrone. good video, got what i came for.

Автор Abby Warcken (1 месяц)
Thx t

Автор RustyRimmer (2 месяца)
Thanks, you just helped me fix my outlet!

Автор mind biz (13 дней)
It was interesting to notice that it doesn't matter which way round you
connect the leads to the socket since you're dealing with AC voltage and
the polarity is changing all the time.

Автор The Mayor Boxing (4 месяца)
Thanks Tyrone, will try this when I get home. Great tips, great
explanation, love the PJs.

Автор PinkOld (2 месяца)
Nice explanation of checking ground and polarity, Tyrone.
It's really nice to have a video demonstration from someone who knows what
he's doing.

Автор OliverKoolO (2 месяца)
Thank Tyron you the man. This Tutorial helped me with understanding. 

Автор Brandon Yoder (2 месяца)
Thanks Tyrone

Автор Tyrone Robertson (6 месяцев)
it is true. If you stick one test lead in the hot side of an outlet or
anything that's energized for that matter the other lead will be energized.
And yes if go between that test lead and something grounded you will get
shocked or possibly electrocuted!

Автор Tyrone Robertson (1 год)
you are welcome

Автор Fraggleofroc (7 месяцев)
I got a breaker that kept tripping. We checked the breaker and it was OK,
didn't fix the tripping though so we left it off until we could get stuff
to fix it. Now when I flip it on it doesn't trip but there's no power. Any

Автор GarbageState (1 год)
i have it set to volt AC. wasn't sure if safe to test v. thanks for advice.

Автор Tyrone Robertson (8 месяцев)
You are welcome

Автор jimbohsp (11 месяцев)
sometimes for older dryer lines you might not even have a neutral if it's
220v. It's more of a recent code requirement to use 3-wire feeds for
dryers. 3-wire or 4-prong plug = black, red (two hots, 220v between two),
white (neutral), green (ground). whereas if your setup is older you'll have
a 3-prong plug (in which case the curved socket is the ground and the other
two are your hots). In the 4-prong plug your neutral prong will be L -
shaped and ground prong will be semi-circular.

Автор NDBBDB (1 год)
Hi Tyrone, great vid, cheers. I'm in England and our outlets are different
looking but your vid still helped me to understand a lot about how to use
the meter and voltage. Cheers, Dan. Subscribed

Автор Tyrone Robertson (1 год)
It is a good chance that the meter will work but you nor the meter will be

Автор MrSparrow320 (7 месяцев)
The meter acts as a load, similar to a lamp or motor, and will not arc as
it would if it were a short circuit.

Автор Tyrone Robertson (9 месяцев)
You are welcome

Автор KinGIIRomE (1 год)
Just call on Tyron

Автор Tyrone Robertson (8 месяцев)
You are welcome Derek

Автор felplay vina (5 месяцев)
good video but I not agree with what you say at 3:50 voltmeter do not
support currents, thank for the vid..

Автор KinGIIRomE (1 год)
thanks for the reply bro!

Автор mtndew66609 (11 месяцев)
Yes that makes perfect sense and by coil you transformer. But its not a
single 240V hot with a neutral on the other end and grounded at mid point.
We both agree on that. You really have to look at it on an oscilloscope to
see this. Probe a regular 120V outlet and you will see the typical sine
wave 60Hz . Then probe one leg of the transformer ground referenced n you
will see the same exact wave, do this on the opposite leg and you will see
180 degree opposite. Differentially you see 240V wave

Автор Sara Quetone (6 месяцев)
Very helpful..My dryer stopped working and after viewing video I am going
to have the electrical outlet checked before purchasing a new dryer.

Автор Salo Rsr (6 месяцев)
Question..I just plugged in a new vacuum cleaner and power went off on half
of the master bedroom and the entire master bathroom. I checked the breaker
and it did not trip. I do not have a Volt meter but do have a little mini
LED 110 and 220 volt tester and the jack (where I plugged the vac) lights
up on 110. When I turn on the bathroom lights it shuts of the little LED
tester. It’s as if it doesn’t have enough amps anymore. Any Idea?

Автор Steve Hartman (9 месяцев)
Excellent tutorial. I've had a multimeter for a couple of years but didn't
use it much because I wasn't certain I was using it correctly.

Автор Vuyo Sigonyela (1 год)
Hi Tyrone. Thank you for this educational video. Recently I noticed that
the sockets on my upstairs room stopped working. Using an electrical
tester, which has no digital screen, I tested the sockets. The only light
that comes on is the VAC (alternate current). What is the meaning of that?

Автор Tyrone Robertson (1 год)

Автор iRouRoui (1 год)
you're a disrespectful kid, what are you doing on these videos ? we don't
have pokemons on here

Автор Tyrone Robertson (1 год)
you put one prong on something grounded. if you have a neutral or ground in
the box either will work. You take the other prong and test both screws. if
the switch is in the on position you will get voltage on both screws. if
you do not then the switch is bad. ( this only work for a single pole
switch). Would you like for me to do a video on checking switches?

Автор bmore1799 (1 год)
very helpful... thanks

Автор GarbageState (1 год)
yes i know my outlets are live, currently have fuses wrapped in aluminum
foil, don't have immediate access to replacement fuses. craftsmen digital
meter uses 2 AAA batteries and 2 fuses, 0.5A 250V. just wanted to know if
the fuses are needed for anything just in case or some other tests. i'm not
a pro.

Автор jcgoobee (1 год)
Excellent educational video. Very nicely done!

Автор Tyrone Robertson (1 год)
You are welcome and thanks

Автор xognajdx (1 год)
thank you

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