How to check an outlet with a digital multimeter

In this video I demonstrate how to identify the different parts of an outlet,and also how to use a digital multimeter to check for voltage.
You can visit my website at http://www.electricalauthority.org/newsletter/ for a free ebook residential wiring. I have also created a course teaching basic residential wiring which you can access here http://www.electricalauthority.org/home40off/ I have discounted the course for all of my you tube subscribers so enjoy.

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Автор Enigma758 ( назад)
Thanks. If I want to replace the unpolarized power cord from an older
appliance with a newer grounded power cord, should I connect the ground
wire to the appliance chassis?

Автор Joseph Thielman ( назад)
Can I check 240 with digital multimeter

Автор Tom Devine ( назад)
Good job, much appreciated.

Автор brs “Brsrafal” rafal ( назад)
hey great video i want to become an electrician where is the best place to
find apprenticeship ? local union is tough to get into how do I get my foot
in the door? Central nj?

Автор stevie savaloy ( назад)
Nice 1 Tyrone...thanks for explaining in detail.i get your drift :)

Автор akorpija ( назад)
If the 'long side' is the neutral and the 'short side' is the line side,
then why put your red lead (red = live or line or positive) into the long
side, and your black lead (black = neutral) into the short side?

Автор Matt Hamilton (764 года назад)
Helpful and to-the-point, thank you for the education!

Автор Chip Hennen ( назад)
awesome video. Very educational. Tx very much for posting this. This is the
2nd of your videos I've watched.

Автор Ronnie Baga ( назад)
Thanks for this tutorial twas very informative. I have a question though.
My fridge plug broke and the ground prong broke off. Can i just buy the
same type of plug from home depot and just replace it myself. Thanks again.

Автор camostryke ( назад)
Tyrone this is the second of your videos I have seen, I really like your
emphasis on safety and excellent info, thanks

Автор ArcanePath360 ( назад)
I get voltage when I put it in the neutral side and touch the metal face
plate, but nothing when I touch back to the live. Does that mean my power
is inverted or I have a bad ground? Should I be worried? Thanks

Автор Tim-J.Swan ( назад)
Your multimeter other end shouldn't ever be 'hot' from the other side
except maybe for the amperage setting.

Автор EndOfDayz727 ( назад)
Hmmm, so it doesnt matter which prong u shove into the neutral socket first?

Автор KUSH MASTER ( назад)
3:55 no you could touch it and nothing would happen. the multimeter has a
very high internal restistance.. sorry for my bad english ^^

Автор Richard Cowtails ( назад)
the short side is hot

Автор Richard Cowtails ( назад)
Good man, that's the good man

Автор Billy Ranks ( назад)
Very nice Tyrone, I like your Multimeter lesson especially the part
explaining the various holes in the outlet itself. The safety tips were
invaluable. Thank you.

Автор Jeffrey Boot ( назад)
thanks Tyrone

Автор Trenton Joseph ( назад)
Love your video. Thank you for the upload. You are an awesome person! Look
into becoming an instructor and or a college trade teacher. Again great
upload, thank you

Автор bmwm3cs ( назад)
Could you check the amperage too? 

Автор Richard Piper ( назад)
Thanks very much. Very useful 😀

Автор giribaba ( назад)
I am getting a reading of 157mV - 220mV when I test the ground to neutral.
What does that indicate?

Автор cooldog60 ( назад)
Do you have a video on how to wire an outlet that has 3 white and 3 black
wires? I can not figure out where all those wires go.

Автор Jack Denning ( назад)
Good tips, especially probing the neutral side first!

Автор Neill Southwick ( назад)
Hi, I;m sure you reversed the test leads when did this test. The red lead
is HOT and the black one is the neutral. The RED should have gone in the
short slot and the black lead in the long one. Let me know if I'm wrong
please. Love your videos BTW. Cheers, Neill

Автор Jacob Plunkett ( назад)
Why did you have it on AC and not DC? Can it cause damage to you or the
meter if it was set on DC?

Автор DoDoBrine ( назад)
i remember trying this with my multi-meter(on a good outlet) and sparks
started flying,
do you know how i did that? I certainly don't 

Автор Steve Marsan ( назад)
Thank You very much. Excellent explanations I appreciate it!

Автор AtomicPrepper ( назад)
What would happen if you tried to test current (multimeter set to test AC
amperage) using the same method? 

Автор Angel Johnting Brown ( назад)
Very informative, thanks for sharing your knowledge! 

Автор Travis Lamming ( назад)
Thanks! Very helpful. 

Автор Rich Link ( назад)
Cool, very helpful, and important info bro. Tanks.

Автор Andre Williams ( назад)
Thanks Tyrone for this video.

Автор Joel Rooks ( назад)
You are showing red on left and black on right at about 3.24 and the
opposite at 5.01 which way is correct

Автор GreyAlienLuv ( назад)
Thanks. Your instructional video helped me to learn how to test for AC
voltage in my master bedroom outlets.

Автор Helltownboy ( назад)
I was wondering is a 123.6 normal my voltage keeps going up and down every
second to 123.8 and back down

Автор ray russo ( назад)
This helped a lot - thanks!

Автор Miracle 007 ( назад)
This video was right on time! I needed a quick refresher on how to check
to see if my water heater was getting amps and this video was perfect!!
Thank you, sir.

Автор mark Nonthaweth ( назад)
red is voltage black is ground why you put red in ground and black in hot.

Автор thesunreport ( назад)
thanks for the advice..this is a good video :)

Автор Mark Goyette (1642 года назад)
Tyrone, nice job on the video. I'm having an issue with my outlet. The
other day I heard it pop and smoke started coming out (lightning outside
but did not see/hear anything close to the house). It appears the fuse
popped in it and it is fried. I bought a new one and connection wires
appear ok. Now I put in new outlet and I have no power coming out of
outlet. Main breaker is ok as well. Not sure what to do next. Could the
ground wire be fried somewhere besides the outlet?

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
If the ground or neutral is not connected to the system ground or the
system ground is not bonded or you have a bad connection then you may have
an open ground (NOT GROUNDED) if it is not grounded it can become energized
(VERY DANGEROUS) because you have no path or a bad or limited path back to
earth. In your situation sounds like either the ground or neutral is open
or have a bad connection point and the other does not (potential difference
between the 2 conductors) in a situation like this you can read voltage
between the 2 NOT GOOD

Автор Luan Dang ( назад)
hey guy! i'm wondering
why voltage between Neutral and GND is 80 VAC when i opened GND of my

Автор Kevin S. ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Austin Kuhn ( назад)
thanks tyrone!

Автор Maximus “T” Smith ( назад)
great video. I was looking around the net trying to find how to test the
actual ground conductivity wire(bottom one) was a little worried just
shoving the multi meter in there and picking a vertical slot randomly, but
I guess it doesnt matter much, just the indication of if its wired
backwards or not, vice/versa based on your video.

thanks again 

Автор Jay Diaz (1805 лет назад)
Hey. Tyrone. I'm trying to replace my outlet. Because the old one kinda
melted. Now I tried putting new receptacle on there and it keeps blowing
fuse. Any ideas what is causing this?

Автор Tom Bic ( назад)
He provides important safety information in this video.

Автор senorgringolingo (387 лет назад)
@6:30 I just discovered my ceiling mount polarity was reversed: the white
and ground read a 0V drop, but the black and ground read 124V drop.

Автор S Sam ( назад)
Good stuff, thanks for posting

Автор Guy Herman ( назад)
Great video man! I lost power to half my house, totally confused when no
breaker was popped? I watched your video, went out bought a tester, and da
da, found the outlet that had a ground wire loose! Sweet beans man! Thanks!

Автор Abby Warcken ( назад)
Thx Tyrone 

Автор Abby Warcken ( назад)
Thx t

Автор G Schmitt ( назад)
This guy's as cool as it gets... seems so laid back. I appreciate the
tutorial... I tested all the outlets in my house and found a few that were
wired backwards; and another that was not properly grounded. (connected to
microwave... THAT's why we'd get a shock from the outside casing of the

Thanks, Tyrone!

Автор Joseph Guido ( назад)
Thanks Tyrone. Very helpful.

Автор rock and roll ( назад)
Great job, Tyrone!

Автор OV1Aviator ( назад)
Thanks for the video. You made some Great points that I didn't know. 

Автор PinkOld ( назад)
Nice explanation of checking ground and polarity, Tyrone.
It's really nice to have a video demonstration from someone who knows what
he's doing.

Автор Lord Sauceness ( назад)
Really good video and good advice. However, don't ever assume the white
wire side will be neutral! I'm trouble shooting a problem with a circuit
in my basement and while using a vacuum cleaner, all the power in the one
room went out. Long story short, I've isolated the circuit (using my
voltmeter of course) and found half the plugs & light are working, the back
half not. Problem?.... the white wire is showing 120 volts to ground and
so is the black on the bottom end of the circuit run.... the first several
plugs and one light are fine.
The white/black wire show 0- 50 volts. on those plugs If I had just tried a
lamp, or used one of those lite-up circuit testers, to test the plug, it
would have indicated no power but I'd have ended up working on hot
wires.... voltmeter is the only way to go.. ..now I just need to find out
where the circuit went bad! I'm getting there, but any tips would be mucho
appreciated. I have a rudimentary knowledge of electrical theory from an
electronics course taken years ago. ...but little experience in home

Автор Ahmed Belarouf ( назад)
Thanks mate

From a hvac apprentice

Автор OliverKoolO ( назад)
Thank Tyron you the man. This Tutorial helped me with understanding. 

Автор Brandon Yoder ( назад)
Thanks Tyrone

Автор Christian Ficara ( назад)
I looked for a video that clearly explained this to a beginner. This did
the job perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

Автор RustyRimmer ( назад)
Thanks, you just helped me fix my outlet!

Автор Skin Guru ( назад)
Tyrone, I tried to test my outlet today. I plugged in the neutral first
and then the hot side. For some strange reason, there was a spark, and I
lost all power. What happened?

Автор nigeldaddyo ( назад)
thanks for posting Tyrone. good video, got what i came for.

Автор n310ea ( назад)
When you insert the prongs into the outlet, does it matter whether the
BLACK goes into the right or RED goes into the left, or can you insert any
color in any side?

Автор daddyoftwokids ( назад)
Excellent video! I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Автор The Mayor Boxing ( назад)
Thanks Tyrone, will try this when I get home. Great tips, great
explanation, love the PJs.

Автор sal tulah ( назад)
Bro. Tyrone Robertson, thank you for the tutorial, keep up the good work,
you are providing a great service for the world, Don't STOP!

Автор nambinhvu ( назад)
I always thought AC means there is no positive/negative because the current
is alternating, so no matter which side you put it in first, it is always
live, no? Most of the two prong plugs without a ground, are the same, so
that you can plug them in either way.

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)

Автор Johnny Nawatani ( назад)
Betta call tyrone calll em

Автор felplay vina ( назад)
good video but I not agree with what you say at 3:50 voltmeter do not
support currents, thank for the vid..

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
Thanks Denny

Автор Denny Martin ( назад)
Good one Tyrone! Perfect for guys like me.

Автор Al Smith ( назад)
Have a washer machine on the fritz. Going to check the outlet first, just
to be sure the problem is not there.

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
you are welcome

Автор robviolin1 ( назад)
Very helpful, thank you.

Автор Salo Rsr ( назад)
Question..I just plugged in a new vacuum cleaner and power went off on half
of the master bedroom and the entire master bathroom. I checked the breaker
and it did not trip. I do not have a Volt meter but do have a little mini
LED 110 and 220 volt tester and the jack (where I plugged the vac) lights
up on 110. When I turn on the bathroom lights it shuts of the little LED
tester. It’s as if it doesn’t have enough amps anymore. Any Idea?

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
thanks and you are welcome

Автор Ira Coover ( назад)
thanks, needed to test the current for my dryer and had no clue how to do
it lol, good stuff man! :)

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
you are welcome

Автор Bill Clinton ( назад)
Thank you. This actually helped me.

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
Cool good luck

Автор Sara Quetone ( назад)
Very helpful..My dryer stopped working and after viewing video I am going
to have the electrical outlet checked before purchasing a new dryer.

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
it is true. If you stick one test lead in the hot side of an outlet or
anything that's energized for that matter the other lead will be energized.
And yes if go between that test lead and something grounded you will get
shocked or possibly electrocuted!

Автор Edgar R ( назад)
As far as a review yes you are good at it hanks

Автор Edgar R ( назад)
Lol that's not true where you said if you stick in a black lead in the
second is live no it's not true lol its a tester it will never shock you
even if you are founded not rue

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
You are welcome

Автор Steve Mitchell ( назад)
Terrific rundown! Thanks-will go purchase a multimeter and check to see if
outlets are grounded Much lightning here in Florida and it is an old and
possibly ungrounded house. Thanks much.

Автор King78Leon ( назад)
WOW! good tutorial. I just purchased a multi meter and learned so much just
now and the safety tips was really good too!!! lol... couldn't help but
test outlets around the house after watching you!!!

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
You are welcome

Автор Digistrom X ( назад)
That was very helpful. Thank you!

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
Is the breaker plugged in? if so it is possible the breaker is bad. BTW how
did you check the breaker? normally when a breaker trips it is a indication
that you have an issue with that circuit and it is not good to keep
resetting the breaker by doing so you may damage the breaker. When you
replace the breaker the same problem may exist. you have to find out were
the fault is on that circuit.

Автор Justin Teague ( назад)
For not being one to ever comment a youtube video I must sayAfter reading
others who commented, I as well would like to thank you for taking the time
to explain multimeter basics. It's very educating and great refresher for
myself. Thanks again.

Автор Ob1wanshinobi ( назад)
I got a breaker that kept tripping. We checked the breaker and it was OK,
didn't fix the tripping though so we left it off until we could get stuff
to fix it. Now when I flip it on it doesn't trip but there's no power. Any

Автор Tyrone Robertson ( назад)
The metal leads are designed to be stuck in the wall

Автор Quenton Smith ( назад)
How come when you put multimeter metal test leads into an outlet it doesn't
spark up like it would with a screwdriver? I'm confused and it's why I'm
worried about sticking test leads into a wall.

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