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Автор Tyrone Robertson (10 месяцев)
If the ground or neutral is not connected to the system ground or the
system ground is not bonded or you have a bad connection then you may have
an open ground (NOT GROUNDED) if it is not grounded it can become energized
(VERY DANGEROUS) because you have no path or a bad or limited path back to
earth. In your situation sounds like either the ground or neutral is open
or have a bad connection point and the other does not (potential difference
between the 2 conductors) in a situation like this you can read voltage
between the 2 NOT GOOD

Автор ArcanePath360 (1 месяц)
I get voltage when I put it in the neutral side and touch the metal face
plate, but nothing when I touch back to the live. Does that mean my power
is inverted or I have a bad ground? Should I be worried? Thanks

Автор Tim-J.Swan (1 месяц)
Your multimeter other end shouldn't ever be 'hot' from the other side
except maybe for the amperage setting.

Автор Billy Ranks (3 месяца)
Very nice Tyrone, I like your Multimeter lesson especially the part
explaining the various holes in the outlet itself. The safety tips were
invaluable. Thank you.

Автор Chip Hennen (1 месяц)
awesome video. Very educational. Tx very much for posting this. This is the
2nd of your videos I've watched.

Автор Richard Cowtails (3 месяца)
Good man, that's the good man

Автор Trenton Joseph (3 месяца)
Love your video. Thank you for the upload. You are an awesome person! Look
into becoming an instructor and or a college trade teacher. Again great
upload, thank you

Автор Jeffrey Boot (3 месяца)
thanks Tyrone

Автор stevie savaloy (11 дней)
Nice 1 Tyrone...thanks for explaining in detail.i get your drift :)

Автор Richard Piper (5 месяцев)
Thanks very much. Very useful 😀

Автор Rich Link (8 месяцев)
Cool, very helpful, and important info bro. Tanks.

Автор Neill Southwick (6 месяцев)
Hi, I;m sure you reversed the test leads when did this test. The red lead
is HOT and the black one is the neutral. The RED should have gone in the
short slot and the black lead in the long one. Let me know if I'm wrong
please. Love your videos BTW. Cheers, Neill

Автор Jacob Plunkett (6 месяцев)
Why did you have it on AC and not DC? Can it cause damage to you or the
meter if it was set on DC?

Автор KUSH MASTER (3 месяца)
3:55 no you could touch it and nothing would happen. the multimeter has a
very high internal restistance.. sorry for my bad english ^^

Автор giribaba (5 месяцев)
I am getting a reading of 157mV - 220mV when I test the ground to neutral.
What does that indicate?

Автор Jack Denning (6 месяцев)
Good tips, especially probing the neutral side first!

Автор Angel Johnting Brown (8 месяцев)
Very informative, thanks for sharing your knowledge! 

Автор bmwm3cs (4 месяца)
Could you check the amperage too? 

Автор Richard Cowtails (3 месяца)
the short side is hot

Автор cooldog60 (6 месяцев)
Do you have a video on how to wire an outlet that has 3 white and 3 black
wires? I can not figure out where all those wires go.

Автор camostryke (1 месяц)
Tyrone this is the second of your videos I have seen, I really like your
emphasis on safety and excellent info, thanks

Автор Helltownboy (9 месяцев)
I was wondering is a 123.6 normal my voltage keeps going up and down every
second to 123.8 and back down

Автор Travis Lamming (8 месяцев)
Thanks! Very helpful. 

Автор Austin Kuhn (10 месяцев)
thanks tyrone!

Автор Bob Lazare (10 месяцев)
Thanks man, this video probably actually saved someones life.

Автор GreyAlienLuv (9 месяцев)
Thanks. Your instructional video helped me to learn how to test for AC
voltage in my master bedroom outlets.

Автор Joel Rooks (8 месяцев)
You are showing red on left and black on right at about 3.24 and the
opposite at 5.01 which way is correct

Автор Steve Marsan (8 месяцев)
Thank You very much. Excellent explanations I appreciate it!

Автор EndOfDayz727 (1 месяц)
Hmmm, so it doesnt matter which prong u shove into the neutral socket first?

Автор Kevin S. (10 месяцев)
Thank you

Автор mark Nonthaweth (9 месяцев)
red is voltage black is ground why you put red in ground and black in hot.

Автор Andre Williams (8 месяцев)
Thanks Tyrone for this video.

Автор AtomicPrepper (8 месяцев)
What would happen if you tried to test current (multimeter set to test AC
amperage) using the same method? 

Автор ray russo (9 месяцев)
This helped a lot - thanks!

Автор Mark Goyette (10 месяцев)
Tyrone, nice job on the video. I'm having an issue with my outlet. The
other day I heard it pop and smoke started coming out (lightning outside
but did not see/hear anything close to the house). It appears the fuse
popped in it and it is fried. I bought a new one and connection wires
appear ok. Now I put in new outlet and I have no power coming out of
outlet. Main breaker is ok as well. Not sure what to do next. Could the
ground wire be fried somewhere besides the outlet?

Автор Luan Dang (10 месяцев)
hey guy! i'm wondering
why voltage between Neutral and GND is 80 VAC when i opened GND of my

Автор Miracle 007 (9 месяцев)
This video was right on time! I needed a quick refresher on how to check
to see if my water heater was getting amps and this video was perfect!!
Thank you, sir.

Автор Jay Diaz (10 месяцев)
Hey. Tyrone. I'm trying to replace my outlet. Because the old one kinda
melted. Now I tried putting new receptacle on there and it keeps blowing
fuse. Any ideas what is causing this?

Автор Guy Herman (1 год)
Great video man! I lost power to half my house, totally confused when no
breaker was popped? I watched your video, went out bought a tester, and da
da, found the outlet that had a ground wire loose! Sweet beans man! Thanks!

Автор senorgringolingo (11 месяцев)
@6:30 I just discovered my ceiling mount polarity was reversed: the white
and ground read a 0V drop, but the black and ground read 124V drop.

Автор Maximus Smith (10 месяцев)
great video. I was looking around the net trying to find how to test the
actual ground conductivity wire(bottom one) was a little worried just
shoving the multi meter in there and picking a vertical slot randomly, but
I guess it doesnt matter much, just the indication of if its wired
backwards or not, vice/versa based on your video.

thanks again 

Автор Tom Bic (10 месяцев)
He provides important safety information in this video.

Автор S Sam (11 месяцев)
Good stuff, thanks for posting

Автор Matt Hamilton (20 дней)
Helpful and to-the-point, thank you for the education!

Автор Abby Warcken (1 год)
Thx Tyrone 

Автор Jen Becht (1 год)
Tyrone, I tried to test my outlet today. I plugged in the neutral first
and then the hot side. For some strange reason, there was a spark, and I
lost all power. What happened?

Автор Abby Warcken (1 год)
Thx t

Автор Christian Ficara (1 год)
I looked for a video that clearly explained this to a beginner. This did
the job perfectly! Thanks for taking the time to make this.

Автор rock and roll (1 год)
Great job, Tyrone!

Автор akorpija (12 дней)
If the 'long side' is the neutral and the 'short side' is the line side,
then why put your red lead (red = live or line or positive) into the long
side, and your black lead (black = neutral) into the short side?

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