GTA SA Tricking MOD !

link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9i4b6a9j98nnisb

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Длительность: 2:10
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Автор ابوالفضل باقری ( назад)

Автор GTA:SA Modları & SA:MP ( назад)
Jonny Sins (CJ) xD

Автор Mob Shigeo ( назад)
please what is the name of the second games

Автор samba central ( назад)
compatible with samp

Автор Mohd Zul Hariz Hariz ( назад)


1 - backflip
2 - frontflip
3 - sideflip
4 - gainer
5 - folha
6 - cork
7 - webster
8 - fulltwist
9 - round off flashkick
0 - backhandspring
t - backhandspring + backflip
y - palmflip
u - wallflip
i - cork + folha
o - popup layout
p - jump and dive ;)
g - frontflip + aerial + fulltwist
h - handstand
j - backhandspring + backhandspring + backhandspring + fulltwist + backflip + fulltwist + fulltwist + backflip
k - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backhandspring + flashkick
l - backhandspring + backhandspring + layout + backflip + backflip + backflip
b - wall sideflip
n - wall frontflip
m - backspring
, - aerial

and also:

-new falling animation
-one hand vault

Автор Manolis Christianakis ( назад)
can you tell me exept of the mod the first anims what the hell was? is that a program and if it is can you tell me how i can download it?

Автор sean gocong ( назад)
hey man wats the controls...... plss. man 

Автор Yıldırım Akgül ( назад)
how using mods please help :S

Автор Wojtek Wojtek ( назад)

Автор Nasir Khan ( назад)
ur awesome

Автор ya green boi ( назад)
sooo.. i use number and keyboard word to do it??

Автор ansal subedi ( назад)
whats the link

Автор kabbo kaci ( назад)
les tOUCHE svp METER les svp

Автор Rich kids ( назад)
can you teach me how to install that ? pls pls pls pls pls

Автор joecesar renomeron ( назад)
Does this include wallrun?

Автор alexmania1998 ( назад)
You didn't make the mod, did you? ;)

Автор Leonard Siekiera ( назад)

Автор Mateus morais ( назад)
tem que ser racista pra deichar o cj branco

Автор Lucky Tyler ( назад)
Some of the tricks look messy

Автор DaNieL Malka ( назад)
cost money hel!!

Автор bboyBrukS ( назад)
are you a bboy???

Автор TheGamingMastah ( назад)
combine this mod with parkour mod it will be nice ... :)

Автор Smoking Krills ( назад)
Hey bro!! Do you know if this is synched in SA-MP?

Автор Pelle Steine ( назад)
Tnx for the mo bro! but can you put instructions for the different tricks?

Автор KobaldLP ( назад)

Автор sirpoonscheeze1000 ( назад)
tricking is a completely separate form of movement from this. look up its called tricking. its a documentary on the tricking community.

Автор sirpoonscheeze1000 ( назад)
None of this was tricking

Автор Andone Emilian ( назад)
works on Samp ?

Автор Craxy Virux ( назад)
is it possible to convert it to combat mode instead of gymnastic?

Автор Ousvec ( назад)
HI TaMan! Can I somehow change the control buttons of that moves?

Автор Craxy Virux ( назад)
bro can you edit this great mod of you to make cj of gta sa perform his default fighting form after every stunts he do in this video? thank you..

Автор Demomation ( назад)
it looks more like gymnastic but still awesome mod!

Автор bruno juan Molina ( назад)
si sabes español como se hace el truco

Автор Leaf BufaTV ( назад)
fix the link dude

Автор yvng wavey ( назад)

Автор John Reymart Galvez ( назад)
i wish that i can do that in real life

Автор Todd Vretno ( назад)
Yo The link Doesn't Work!! :(

Автор Steven (1990 лет назад)
white CJ? o.o

Автор Milos Vuckovic ( назад)
0:15 how to

Автор A platypus ( назад)
Hey A Have a Link :D D: Is in Spanish

Автор TheAverageBen ( назад)
i need new link

Автор TaMan666 ( назад)
yes, you can :)

Автор Jordy Loor ( назад)
pta madre me enpeño en descargarlo y nada

Автор chad barrow ( назад)
@xXBC350Xx if this is parkour you been doing or watch thing the wrong thing for awhile lol

Автор NixoDju ( назад)
what pres for tricking mod

Автор madboy357 ( назад)
Can i ask u question, im not a pro in GTA SA, so i wanted to ask u how did u move the camera like this????

Автор Proud Lee ( назад)
hey dude, can you plz make a video tutorial on how to do a mod like this (parkour mod)
or only say me the name of the pregramme you have used?

Автор Damian Espindola (798 лет назад)
necesito el link de megapuload

Автор xXBC350Xx (1362 года назад)
lol its called parkour

Автор TaMan666 ( назад)
dude, you have the title of this song in comments below (5 times)

Автор bardokrock (480 лет назад)
not speak English very well but as the song is called?

Автор TaMan666 ( назад)
of course you can do that

Автор TaMan666 ( назад)
where do you want to post it?

Автор Matheus Alves ( назад)
earned 11SKIRMISH you helped me a lot:)

Автор Matheus Alves ( назад)
As you record video without the gta map shows the left corner, and also how you managed without records show the business exchange weapons? earned

Автор Deiiby Gomez ( назад)
Ya me lo Descargue , perfecto !! Si no fuera que en samp afecta un poquino Estaria mejor !!

Автор いとー ( назад)
oh・・it,s nice and cool

Автор Marble Soda ( назад)
@wwefan2261 you just need to hold buttons a little

Автор Mihai ( назад)
you can play multyplayer with this mod?

Автор Jennis Zephyrine ( назад)
Cj looks lighter O_o

Автор Christine xtine ( назад)
CJ kinda looks GAY with his BACK..

Автор Christine xtine ( назад)
@Yniguez7 Just leave it behind..

Автор Christine xtine ( назад)
@BtleekB what a ENGLISH!! :D

Автор LiO2992 ( назад)
1:17 look @ his back

Автор John Paul Ong ( назад)
it is cool until his back is liked punched with shit

Автор ALI MUNTHER ( назад)
is not all files where the txd FILE?

Автор alan yniguez ( назад)
This os kinda racist... Why change his skin color? Its CJ! his black!

Автор Felipex Barbosa ( назад)
como vcs faz isso vei me ensina aee mano flw

Автор Alex Ryan ( назад)
why is cj white??

Автор Filip Ivín ( назад)
it is working :D :D

Автор Natsu ( назад)
can u help me?
it doesnt let me dowload the mod :(

Автор TheChelsea628 ( назад)
i tell ya'll, that's Sin Cara

Автор TheChelsea628 ( назад)
cj is sooo sexy

Автор DChew202 ( назад)
song please

Автор gal b.s ( назад)
יפה תביא ת׳מוד

Автор louis michielsen ( назад)
bruce lee hahahahha

Автор Yooki97 ( назад)
Im not downloading because you're racist

Автор jan14200 ( назад)
Wow almost like damien Walters.....

Автор Godsux07 ( назад)
Can someone please tell me how to install this mod O.O .
I don't even know where to begin

Автор Rodrigo Lopes ( назад)
pessoal assistam os meus videos pf soh tenhu 3 videos^^

Автор Gusavo 0 ( назад)
what you used to record your gta? help me please answer

Автор jakie kung ( назад)
@wwefan2261 did u replace the ped.ifp in the anims from the downloaded file???

Автор Some1elsE ( назад)
for what Cleo

Автор Bukra Sert ( назад)
is that brucie kibbutz ??? ;) hehe

Автор KingIce ( назад)
check out my feeruning :) /watch?v=ktoH-Gn2LKg&feature=relmfu

Автор Alixon Ricaurte ( назад)

Автор Jay Tomar ( назад)
thank u very much
i just want this type of mod

Автор Bruninhuu - Henriquee ( назад)
?ñ entedin ?

Автор wwefan2261 ( назад)
Hi I have your tricking mod and I installed it but it doesn't work,I pressed every single button that is set up as tricks control button but nothing.The only thing that works is roll when landing and jumping over fences....PLZ HELP ME CUZ I LOVE PARKOUR AND TRICKING MODS SO PLZ TELL ME HOW TO SOLVE MY PROBLEM IF U KNOW!!!!

Автор Kamil ( назад)
кульная песня как называеться ???

Автор levosz123 ( назад)
go to my chanel there is the link for mod

Автор Ace ( назад)
I just kant get it to work, and i dont know why. plz help me

Автор georgechimp ( назад)

Автор w5R ( назад)
nice man

Автор Yannick B. ( назад)
song name?:-)

Автор FRAT60 ( назад)
the only weird thing about this mod is you cant flip from buildings or something..):

Автор Anaconda01991372 ( назад)
CJ? looks more like a "CR" to me!! Cyril Raffaelli

Автор Soctimistic ( назад)
@Anaconda01991372 oh,, thanks..

Автор Anaconda01991372 ( назад)
@dandykazama18 Bboys War by Dj Pablo ;)

Автор Anaconda01991372 ( назад)
Song Name plzzzzz

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