Fergie - Life Goes On

Fergie "Life Goes On" available now. New album coming 2017.
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Music video by Fergie performing Life Goes On. (C) 2016 will.i.am Music Group / Interscope Records


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Длительность: 3:59
Комментарии: 5868

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Автор Karyssa Franzoni ( назад)
I always see EOS lip balm in her newest videos😂

Автор kitecat ( назад)
Did I watch I commercial or a music video? This is basically a video just
for product placement. I love Fergie's music and videos otherwise so this
was a bit of a disappointment.

Автор Vtr Gca ( назад)
I heard this song on the radio, I was shocked, this was the first GOOD song
in a while! 😀

Автор Aashvi Pachnanda ( назад)
y the fuck will u add musically in it 😂

Автор Kristy Rays ( назад)
40 is the new 29

Автор Kristy Rays ( назад)
awful songs

Автор Francesca Buttigieg ( назад)

Автор Nusaybah Shaikh ( назад)
3:19 It Is *Baby Ariel*!!!!

Автор crazykega ( назад)
who's here because of BabyAriel😂

Автор oranoot chuamuangpan ( назад)
love it !!!

Автор Ornela Sulo ( назад)
Love it 👌

Автор chelle belle (Lee Min Rin) ( назад)
baddie <3 <3

Автор Filipi Bolchevi ( назад)

Автор William Peterson ( назад)
Normally don't care for fergie or the black eyed peas, but 10/10 work here

Автор josie ablett ( назад)
baby ariel how did u get to go on her video

Автор Samirah Obaudo ( назад)

Автор Zukulento07 ( назад)
I liked the song but that partwith baby ariel dissaponted me.

Автор LeahPlaysRoblox RoseMartinslolhaha1 ( назад)
Omg I seen that baby Ariel posted that on musically

Автор Mario Junior ( назад)
1.27 the shoes is a great idea

Автор Alvaro Meléndez ( назад)
solo me imagino un día relax, la playa y mucha felicidad con esta canción

Автор aeroaa2 ( назад)
the beat that is heard throughout the song, I have heard it in another song
but I just cant figure out which one, can someone help ?

Автор Rubén Rex ( назад)
Me gusta esta canción😍👌

Автор raju kumar ( назад)
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please don't copy "™" in url thanks

Автор Eula Paula ( назад)
vida que segue <\3

Автор JaccoH ( назад)
a I who hears la croissant instead of life goes on?

Автор Jessica Federman ( назад)
essa música é muito top ❤❤😎 Fergie linda como sempre 👏👏

Автор DriftundergroundBR ( назад)
Great times in the era of monkey business

Автор Manel manou ( назад)
still hot & natural <3 fergalicious

Автор trevor2001 ( назад)

Автор 林秀美 ( назад)
Mmm, da-da-da-da-da-da-da

Every day when I wake up
Tryna read my fortune on the bottom of my coffee cup
But it seems like I never finish
It's always half full (or is it half empty?)
Maybe it's my own superstition or a kind of self protection
If it all looks bad, why would I wanna look ahead?
Oh, oh, oh, still sittin' here
Just watching the sun go down, (down), down, (down), down

Life goes on with or without you
It's up to you what you're gonna do
You could go or you could stay
Who cares anyway?
Life goes on with or without you
Damn it baby, what you're gonna do?
You could go or you could stay
But who cares anyway?
(Haha yeah, who really cares?)

Every conversation gets me high on motivation
Gets me craving of your own familiar situation (yeah)
Reach the unreachable, achieve the unbelievable
In the midst of all the madness (remember life's beautiful)
Still I'm feeling restless, thinking I should rest less
Work more, play hard, ready for the encore
Is this the kinda life I really wanna live for? (two times)
In my heart I know, less is more (more)
More (more), more, more, more

Life goes on with or without you
It's up to you what you're gonna do
You could go or you could stay
Who cares anyway?
Life goes on with or without you
Damn it baby, what you're gonna do?
You could go or you could stay
But who cares anyway?

It's time to take this out of my hands
Is it all gonna be worth it in the end?
'Cause it's safe here in my comfort zone
Never stray too far from home (yeah, yeah, yeah)
But then again this way I'll never know, never know
Maybe I should go...

Go crazy, go insane, go for everything
Get the money, dollar bills in your wallet, say ka-ching
Sign the dealy, make a mili, sound famili?
The urgency is sounding the drilly for the ma-milli
And then they really talk in Braille, actin' chilly
They got me feelin' like an achilles, silly, silly, I mean, really?
Really, really? Really really though?
Really, really, really though?
Feel the vibration of the higher ground
Love always leads to the highest sound
Many conversations, people makin' speculations
As to my procrastination due to my revelations
And then they get fugazi
You call yourself a rider
You need to speed your loyalty up like Bugatti
Baby don't underestimate my underdog mentality
We 'bout to race ahead, ambition on Ferrari

Life goes on with or without you
It's up to you what you're gonna do
You could go or you could stay
Who cares anyway?
Life goes on with or without you
Damn it baby, what you're gonna do?
You could go or you could stay
But who cares anyway?
Who cares anyway?

You could go or you could stay
Mmm, mmm
You could go, you could stay

Автор Ayman Mouhcine ( назад)
Taylor Swift after 15 years

Автор Lisa Moreno ( назад)
this song is my favorite

Автор Lisa Moreno ( назад)
life goes on so how cares anyways

Автор Antonio de luera loera ( назад)

Автор YoungN8vz Entertainment ( назад)
check us out on Facebook


Автор rajesh yadav ( назад)
are bhi koi wazi nihal ki bitiya se shadi karlo ktwe ko koi mil nahi raha

Автор Baby Bossxo ( назад)
is the old lady baddie ?

Автор Desiree Longoria ( назад)
awsome song to listen to

Автор Pero Jakic ( назад)
sexy fergie

Автор cogitoergosun sm ( назад)
Work more play hard 😁😁
(raise you loyal like buggati)

Автор josie ablett ( назад)
baby ariel was on it

Автор Katie Marte Blogs ( назад)
omg baby's ariel

Автор mishal tareq arani al sabah ( назад)
I love her all songs fergie the legendary

Автор Carmen Cruz ( назад)

Автор Danny Dzz ( назад)
no se porque pero esta canción me pone buenas 👌👌👄👄

Автор Sasha Maxine ( назад)
Finally a song that's not completely made up about love!

Автор ohlson Landon ( назад)
that grandma should probably leave the 80's i her closet

Автор Joël-Marcel Mboma ( назад)
love this song

Автор kapu czinko ( назад)
who came just for fergie? 🙋

Автор Kimberlee Headley ( назад)
My Bby Ariel 😘😘😘

Автор walid salmi ( назад)
I love you fergie 😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Quintus Diad ( назад)
Reload and Fire..you make it Fergie....famos

Автор Kim Blanchette ( назад)
baby arielllllll

Автор Lexie Neevel ( назад)
when is Fergie's album officially coming out? i'm hearing the end the
January. I'm so excited

Автор Gabi Brandão ( назад)

Автор Chris Sheeley ( назад)
Im a simple man. I see Fergie in a bikini and i click

Автор Steven Meow ( назад)

Автор MoonNightBeautyFashionBea Nat ( назад)
baby Ariel is in here omg !!!!!!

Автор Vandal Kartel ( назад)
bad track

Автор mr mody ( назад)
fergie is so beautiful

Автор Aerin_Is_Here ( назад)
That's a really good message

Автор tahsin siddique ( назад)

Автор Deven Thomas ( назад)

Автор Faith Thomas ( назад)
Ariel Martin/Baby Ariel!!!! is in it

Автор Joelmir Benites ( назад)
So perfect the video ❤️

Автор The Ocean ( назад)
who cares anyway life goes on with or without you, so true xP

Автор Raven Abadeer ( назад)
Apparently Txunamy is in there somewhere but idk where...

Автор Chris Chen ( назад)
Reminds me of Los Santos from GTA 5... love it by the way

Автор Bob Idk ( назад)
Hmmm sounds kinda like pink?

Автор Sara Bazzi ( назад)
does somebody know the name of the old lady in the video?! hers pics are
all over the social mediaa

Автор Marc T ( назад)
1:17 is that Madison Beer?

Автор Monnet Awa ZOH ( назад)
i love this song 😍😍😍

Автор Nayeli Lopez ( назад)

Автор Esnath Chereni ( назад)
look at 3:21

Автор Zehava-Shira Michaeli ( назад)
who's the kid?

Автор Andrew Music ( назад)

Автор Cristian Furtado ( назад)
Amo muitoo

Автор abener emanuel ( назад)
this song made me remember the older Fergie, of BYP time

Автор zhubox03 ( назад)
I love Fergie as a female rapper but i also really like her ballad/country
songs , this song kinda give me the "big girls don't cry" vibe

Автор Me Ga Entertainment ( назад)
Her and Busta Rhymes and Eminem should make a video were they rap real fast
and have in their video famous people

Автор HEY I AM EDWIN ( назад)
That is one badass grandma 👵

Автор Hanaa Mahmoud ( назад)
Great song!!

Автор Gazellaaa ( назад)
good lipstick advertisement

Автор Matti Pro ( назад)
I love❤️YOU fergie 😻

Автор Seun Adewoye ( назад)
My song of the year so far.. It was the stage performance i came across

Автор Isobel Fitzgerald ( назад)
Do you feel this "Big girls don't cry" vibe ?
Love it

Автор AL VA ( назад)
*love* this song

Автор BattleTheForSun ( назад)
good good good

Автор brokelifeph ( назад)
love Fergie but too many product placements

Автор 周安 ( назад)

Автор B. E. ( назад)
Finally found a great song to enjoy the next summer 💛

Автор Bruhits Kenley ( назад)
baby ariel looks great in this!💙

Автор Cata Nache (Margon) ( назад)
i love the car more than the song. And M I L F $ is much better than this

Автор Ellie Smith ( назад)
Tbh i like this ;3

Автор Sunethra K ( назад)
Nice song, but if we have money life can move on so hustle people!

Автор jawdey kim ( назад)
I Love this song🎶👍🏾😍 when you coming to Sweden?

Автор Lulu Jackson ( назад)
add this to ma favs

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