Hiva Siasi Tonga

Hiva Himi 219; Church of Tonga; Chiefly Church of Tonga; Siasi Tonga Hou'eiki;

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Автор Sandra Pasa (1 год)
This church is very simular to the EFKS Samoan Church

Автор Holonga11 (3 года)
Beautiful hats for women and nice suits for men nice voice malie 'aupito.

Автор John Dale (2 года)
nice singing..also,check out some of my videos.many thanks

Автор Toko Loco (1 год)
i thaught it was 15

Автор RoyalFamDamilee (5 лет)
siasi tonga?..dey sing dis too?..kool beans i didnt kno..lol

Автор kcocker (4 года)
i love dis version as well!!!

Автор Josephine Katoanga (4 года)
thank you my grama is in therer and lipe if you see the agani please tell
me and i like your singing and did you ladys go to kalaforenea thank you
thank you come and sing here some time in alaska love kolove winstion plutu
lana fina mote

Автор Christene Kaufusi (5 месяцев)
hakoa mea oku mou lea mai ai he mea homau siasi koe himi eni eku kui siolaa
nane fau pea koe hiva ka sisu pea koe himi homau siasi toga houeiki .kapau
kuke ilo e himi pake hiva ka ikai pea tuku kataki atu koe tali kihe hiva
homou siasi kakai taemahino

Автор stupidrouge1 (2 года)
daang.half of my family is in this video! im STH in oakland.born&raised! i
know STH is by far the only church that still wears hat! bt i dnt know
about the himi 219 we sing it more differently cuhs this is the SUTT
version for it!NE-ways the video was on point!

Автор huikavapalangi (5 лет)
hi, yes it does depend on what church you go to, I believe that only the 3
Siasi Tonga Churches still wear hats, the SUTT church used to, but when the
late Queen Salote unified some STT and Wesleyan to form the SUTT, she
brought back the ta'ovala and is a reason why Tongans in other churches
still wear ta'ovala. In the Siasi Tonga, when a women chooses to carry the
cross, or become a leading memeber of the church she wears a hat, similar
to the red scraff of the SUTT. hope that helped. Ofaz.

Автор Lens Hops (3 года)
@huikavapalangi AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Angela Tapaatoutai (2 года)
wow siasi tonga sings this im uesiliana (sutt) and i sing this song in
church but dang thats a good himi though mah dad was siasi tonga thats
hekka tight

Автор Lens Hops (6 лет)
myself in it!!hahaha lotu ke lahi. GOD IS GOOD!! GOD IS LOVE!! keep it
reals tongahou. we the best!!

Автор gomatic510 (3 года)
kapau 'oku mou fie 'ilo 'a Sisu Kalaisi. Pea vave mai ke papi katoa ho'o
mou kainga kihe siasi mo'oni.

Автор Tevita Lui (11 месяцев)
Its good that Siasi Tonga Tau'ataina know thishimi pelu back then, even
around 1885 that's when the lovely Siasi Tonga Tau'ataina put up, fokotu'u,
but that's good when STT and STH doing the himi because its suitable for
our church ,keep up with that. 'Ofa atu to where I tupui S.T.T ,Love you all

Автор Pauline Potter (2 года)
I love listening to the old people singing. It helps me to remember my
roots back in Tonga. Western society is so influencial these days,
sometimes I forget who I really am. One day, Im going back to Tonga. I live
in a part of Auckland where people don't really accept Pacific Islanders.
I'll be home one day. Maybe not tomorrow, or the next day, or in a few
decades, but I'll make sure I visit before I die. I'm Tongan and that will
never change xo

Автор 11huanuni (2 года)
Remembering my great grandpa sing in church in Tonga 1967.

Автор huikavapalangi (5 лет)
lol i didnt know any other church sang this because this is our himi 219...
every Siasi Tonga Hou'eiki knows this himi probably by heart, but there are
many many different Fasi or tunes.... good to know though

Автор Tevita Lui (1 год)
We sing that for Siasi Tonga Tau'ataina where im tupui from too, for our
Himi Pelu and the tau ,Keep up with that S.T.H and S.T.T Malie ,ma'alahi

Автор scott prince (4 года)
nice song

Автор sipjip (6 лет)
Yei Yaaaa... Whoever this is you've got sum ov da syd peeps in ur flash
box.. Bt yea SIASI O TONGA 4 LIFE......

Автор Vai P (6 лет)
Malo e hiva. Nice to hear the old skoo harmony singing of Tonga. Rarely
hear it any more. Thanks to the Siasi Tongaz (Tauataina/houeiki) and of
course Uesliliana.

Автор lekea08 (4 года)
When the missionaries arrived and instructed women to wear hats, or cover
their heads. It was not a European practice but based on Paul's exhortation
to the Corinthians Any man who prays or prophesies with his head covered
dishonors his head, but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head
unveiled dishonors her head it is the same as if her head were shaven. ...
For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of
God but woman is the glory of man 1 Cor. 11:4-5, 7

Автор bucaneromax1 (3 года)
very interesting video, never heard this style before, but I like it.

Автор Koli Pilivi (1 год)
Seen most of mah fam in dis video.. Knowin dat im Uesiliana we sing dis
hymn nd i juss love our Tongan culture!!

Автор macknmango (6 лет)
219..one of my faves =] thanx for postin...umm i saw like a lot of people i
know lol... mataki, sione vaioleti, salesi [r.i.p.] and a lot more malo
feke [of course lol]

Автор katiraty (3 года)
its great to see all our love ones who have sadly past away.. as our new
generations come its always great to show them ur relatives and the church
u grew up in that way they will learn our traditions love all the photos
great job

Автор KuLaNkii (6 лет)
hey i saw mah gramps in this one..lovin it! go siasi tonga!

Автор isileli sau (1 год)
its cool that you think like that because we originate from yous and only
your faifekaus would know that yous like our fasi's and use them :) we even
have a statement in our himis saying other churches may use our hymns and
tunes if they desire :) cheers STH

Автор Low Taiese (1 год)
Love this song!but I'm siasi tonga tau"ataina and my other half is siasi
tonga Houeiki but im both.I go to siasi tonga tauataina Riverside but
reping were I'm from

Автор Sione Paletua (4 года)
very nice, and godd to see my dad the faifekau in it,

Автор fifita94 (4 года)
my church is in it! n my uncle feke

Автор davidhala (4 года)
thanx for this video..awesome..

Автор Holonga11 (3 года)
Seem s look like the American Native Indian

Автор Onetime8224 (1 год)
Which part of Auckland is that? I love your strong testimony about you as
who you really are! Pls make sure you document your visit back to your
family back in Tonga by video! It will be heart warming to see you tracing
your identity back to where you generation came from!

Автор Vinnysofy Tonga (6 месяцев)
Sawlid :) S.T.T , O.G (original)

Автор junior Boy (2 года)
kool!! Im samoan. A member of the LOku kaiki jurch. Its like this church.
Ol' Skoo religion. This is beautiful. Whos said you need instraments? Amen.

Автор Vai P (5 лет)
Just to add on to huikavapalangi's comments. In British/European culture,
wearing a hat was a formality/symbol of respect. So Queen Salote wanted to
replace this European practice with our own native sign/symbol of respect
which is donning on the ta'ovala. FAKATONGA! This is why most of the South
Pacific Churches still wear hats. Apparently in Tonga, only the Siasi Tonga
Churches still keep to this tradition. Siasi Tonga Tau'ataina, the first
Christian Church in TONGA...

Автор junior Boy (1 год)
thats my church.. lol

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