Reese Witherspoon's Mom Gives Five-Word Movie Reviews

Reese Witherspoon talks to Jimmy about her now teenage children and her mom's five-word movie reviews.

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Reese Witherspoon's Mom Gives Five-Word Movie Reviews

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Длительность: 3:33
Комментарии: 229

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Автор Kelly ( назад)
She has a 17 y/o and she looks like she's 28.. like how!? 😂

Автор Vanessa Tinajero ( назад)
Jimmy: how's the baby?
Amy Adams: she's not a baby anymore, she's 6!

Jimmy: how are the babies?Reese: they're not baby's anymore Jimmy!!!

Haha 😂 c'mon Jimmy!!!

Автор Vanessa Tinajero ( назад)
Jimmy: how's the baby?
Amy Adams: she's not a baby anymore, she's 6!

Jimmy: how are the babies?Reese: they're not baby's anymore Jimmy!!!

Haha 😂 c'mon Jimmy!!!

Автор Denise S ( назад)
i buy loud gifts for my friends kids lol

Автор HeikkiP ( назад)
Soo fine

Автор Not Telling ( назад)
I can't believe Ava is 18 this year. I'm one year older, but I just can't believe it.

Автор JohnDaWhale2 ( назад)
Plot twist: Jimmy is actually her kids' father

Автор Neeraj ( назад)
OMG She's Cute 😍
Came here after Hot Pursuit Loved the movie

Автор Rıdvan YILMAZ ( назад)
I can't believe. Is she really is a 40 years old and Is her daughter 17 years old? :) and her mom is a good fan of Jimmy Fallon. The program is great fun and this video is also very good.

Автор Christopher Franco ( назад)
She's always lovely, bright and funny.

Автор Tanya Sparrow ( назад)
i see a gif and old video on tumblr today that jimmy and reese making out when on snl LOL 😎

Автор HeikkiP ( назад)
Does not look a like mother of a 17 year old

Автор doug avila ( назад)
Traci is all grown up. She was phenomenal in Election.

Автор Cassanovaxo ( назад)
Her mom was my mom's professor when she was in college.

Автор M F ( назад)
Reese got fat!

Автор Sem ( назад)
who the fuck is this person

Автор Jaye Maelle ( назад)
Reese what is this hair...sis!

Автор teppolundgren ( назад)
Well, with the exception of Election and maybe Walk the Line, all of Reese's movies can be summed
up with the same five-word review:

Another fucking piece of shit.

Автор Bianca Clark ( назад)
Jimmy really sucks at interviewing. The guests and the games are the only things that make the show worth watching.

Автор mougabo ( назад)
years go by and this woman still fire hot

Автор La Tania-Jonelle Hall ( назад)
I hope she does the movie reviews!!! I wud so watch it!!!

Автор Erika M ( назад)
wierd dress. star trek?

Автор zeepster ( назад)
My everlasting crash Reese :)

Автор SUNDAY! ( назад)
Reese is never getting old. 😍

Автор Karen Lm ( назад)
Meet Joan Jetson

Автор Yoss Cr ( назад)
All conversations are rehearsal? come on

Автор Crystallization ( назад)
Jill Green!!!

Автор LisaEspinoza93 ( назад)
I'm down for The Betty Review! sounds hilarious!

Автор Gaby Cyx ( назад)
I can't believe that she is 40 years old....

Автор Elena Peeters ( назад)
after potential admire pleasure shortage more doubt steep.

Автор Dana McDowell ( назад)
A) CAN WE PLEASE OH PLEASE MAKE THE BETTY REVIEW A THING!?? sounds like it would be amazing!
B) how in the hell is Ava 17 already?!? I remember just post-Cruel Intentions she was born! Crazy!

Автор Sam Bando ( назад)
You can't arrest me. Don't you know who I am?

Автор BLOOD1MONEY ( назад)
17 years old?, shit!!

Автор Crafty Beer Reviews ( назад)
Resse Witherspoon = MILF

Like hardcore MILF.

Just saying.....

Автор LolloRosso ( назад)
Seeing actors' kids grow up to be teenagers makes me feel so old, and I'm not even 40 yet.

Автор Romm El ( назад)
I feel like a anaajndjaaaaaa

Автор Kristy B ( назад)
OMG I would love to see the Betty reviews!

Автор jer1230 ( назад)
hate that dress... unflattering

Автор Mr. Poopy Butthole ( назад)
What! How old is she? I'm 17 and her daughter's 17? She looks like her eldest child would be three.

Автор Tony Bologna ( назад)
Jimmy please send me All the Movie screeners and I'd be Very Happy to give you my MIAMI Mr.305 Movie Reviews!!

Автор Willow Johnson ( назад)
Oh that would be so funny.

Автор Michael Holmgaard ( назад)
Damn, age has been good to her ;)

Автор C ( назад)
Gosh she' doesn't age.

Автор Kaylee van Coevorden ( назад)
community period solid talented incredible album queen private revolution

Автор PeaceTree024 ( назад)
they should of cut to james when she said her mom loves thank you notes... he's the real star of it!!

Автор shookdr m.d. ( назад)
3 children and looking like that......................ho ho ho

Автор marvciputra ( назад)
17....? and Reese still looks like this...??? WOW... she's an ultimate mom crush :)

Автор Ivana Su ( назад)
1:22 "ohthat'ssogoodthat'sfantasticiloveit"
Every single interview, Jimmy, and it never gets any less awkward.

Автор Менк-Убуш Мухараев ( назад)
what's the song in the end of the video?
every video

Автор Ibra ( назад)
I think this is trending because no one has seen or heard from her since 9/11

Автор Bum Bum ( назад)
still hot as fuuuck

Автор Al Pacino FanForever ( назад)
Considering she had her daughter at 23 it's no wonder she looks young
She had a child at a young age after all

Автор Muhammad Shoeb Ayubi ( назад)
Oh my age...she has a 17 year old? Gudness gracious...SHE luks 17 years old...

Автор Da Koosh ( назад)
Love Reese.

Автор Helgali ( назад)
Reese, do you even age?

Автор Simranjeet Singh ( назад)
I thought it was Hannah Montana in the thumbnail.

Автор David Anthony Gutiérrez ( назад)
I can't decide if I love or hate the dress

Автор bobby aaassah ( назад)
i think he is going insane these days, my god the laugh

Автор mohammad ebrahimi ( назад)
why falon doesnt laugh?

Автор DeeJayCee ( назад)
Rachel's lil sister lol

Автор prank1383 ( назад)
lol I thought she died

Автор Henry Barnill ( назад)
One of the most egotistical actresses out there.

Автор Will R ( назад)
will you marry me?

Автор Tanya Sparrow ( назад)
you can't give a baby drum set jimmy! you'll kill the mom lol

Автор Annalise Keating ( назад)
Jimmy is so fake

Автор Jesse the Lawless ( назад)
Reese Witherspoon's looks 17... wow... she has a child is 17

Автор Acirema Reidlos ( назад)
Yes! For the Betty review!

Автор murongyunhai ( назад)
she's so fking young !!!

Автор David Lape ( назад)

Автор 123Jokkmokk123 ( назад)
MY GOD, Reese Witherspoon is 40 human years old!

Автор Bertha Lovejoy ( назад)
is he OK

Автор Angelo Figuera ( назад)
Omg, i love her.

Автор NathanVess ( назад)
The Betty review would be hilarious.

Автор Michael Fernetti ( назад)
Jeez. She has a 17 year old and a 13 year old. She looks like she's in her mid to late 20s lmao. Gotta love the ones that age well and we're just destined to be good looking no matter what lol

Автор alisa alferova ( назад)
She herself looks like seventeen!!!

Автор pretty baby ( назад)
You don't have to be "southern" to be appreciative and write thank you notes. I think everybody should do that kind gesture more often to show ones appreciation.

Автор u_think_im_smiling ( назад)
I was waiting for the movie reviews to turn into a game.

Автор Alain Bruno ( назад)
Her smile is priceless.

Автор Ruffdogg21 ( назад)
Reese Witherspoon can get still get this dick;) I wanna touch her big chin.

Автор Berta Griese ( назад)
Hottie in her own way...

Автор Cherazad Swift ( назад)
stupid people complaning how she doesnt age,like botox hello!

Автор Andrezinho ( назад)
American Psycho ❤️

Автор sofiamd1 ( назад)
why does she keep talking about her daughter during all these interviews.. nobody cares about your daughter

Автор Kitty Train3321 ( назад)
I always think of Cruel Intentions when I see her ... love that movie ❤️

Автор RandomRandomMan ( назад)
I give ten word movie reviews on my Facebook! LMAO!

Автор New Message ( назад)
Enough of this.. answer the hard hitting, IMPORTANT question we all want to know! Do you still collect Chia Pets!?!?!

Автор margomarie1 ( назад)
I like Reese. but I still can't get her drunken "AMERICAN CITIZEN" arrest out if my head.

Автор cHRIsTINE ᴋ. ( назад)
Her real name is Laura. Not Reese. Lies. Lies everywhere.

Автор phoenixhp92 ( назад)
I thought this was gonna be an interview to Reese's mom

Автор yasmine farhat ( назад)
Fuck her she got a dui

Автор Maddie Owens ( назад)
This is so awkward

Автор Elizabeth T ( назад)
why doesnt she make eye contact with jimmy lol

Автор Elizabeth T ( назад)
I knew her as a baby 😂😂😂

Автор Vinni V ( назад)
Uncle Jimmy☺

Автор Charlene .W. ( назад)
HOW DOES SHE HAVE A 17 YEAR OLD ALREADY😍😍 She doesn't age does she😱💦❣️👑💕

Автор That one Girl Yonkers ( назад)
I worked with her on a Netflix show and she was so freakn nice I swear she didn't act like a celebrity diva at all. I was really shocked actually.

Автор Jerome HEHEHAHA ( назад)
don't let media ruin his image

Автор Marcus Munitions ( назад)
This is the most staged interview on this channel.

Автор Arthur Coelho ( назад)
celebrities talking about babies yaaaay....

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