How to get the ANDROMADA in GTA San Andreas (PC ONLY)

In my OTHER video I only showed you how to get the AT-400 PLANE in this one I will show how to Get the ANDROMADA. (FOR PC ONLY!!!!!) Not a mod.


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Автор Quicksilver1234100 (8 месяцев)
Wow, he names famous people and videos in the tags so when you look them up
this video will show up. Ass

Автор Hamster LUX (4 месяца)
Man this work i love you you the best !!!!!

Автор XxJUGGERNAUTxX (3 года)
The non-mod Andromada is in the mission Stowaway. If you wanted to keep the

Автор kivu paterson (1 год)
go to redifine controls look at in vechicle look at special up and special
up. one is for opening the cargo door nd the other is for closing.

Автор Cody Smith (1 год)
whats up with the song it sucks

Автор tap4942 (2 года)
nice song

Автор luis moctezuma (2 года)
too much

Автор Cytosine (5 лет)
No im afraid your just stupid because you can see clearly that i have
McAfee anti-virus at 4:22 dumbass. And even if i made it, if it was a virus
McAfee would not let me run it.

Автор Nicolay Bellovic (4 года)
it was agent bim trojan

Автор randomman971 (2 года)
theres no car spawner or vehicle .txt file....quick question is this kid a
retarded downer thumbs up for yes

Автор FunnahGal (2 года)
Is the andromada bigger than the AT-400?

Автор Kind Racer (1 год)
HEY I HEARD DAT SONG IN GTA 4, hmm... i think beat 102.7

Автор Uros Blazic (2 года)
i got car spawner dude why you need this

Автор clockwithephones1 (2 года)
what you mean about control +a

Автор Dinara Kurmanova (3 года)
get rid of the annotion

Автор Top BigRoom And EH Drops (3 года)
@jonesalk every cheap ass anti virus program will see trainer.exe as a
virus as it mods ingame smartass

Автор mtim96 (4 года)
fail song........

Автор Jinjajamie (3 года)
song name please

Автор MsTenament (3 года)
you are a matherfucker bicth guy

Автор Joey Garcia (2 года)

Автор zafran30800 (3 года)
if u don't want us to watch this vid, why don't u delete this?

Автор Oskari Saarikangas (1 год)
i already have a car spawner....but my gamedisck breaked today:'( Rip my
gta sa

Автор 123hotsam123 (3 года)
:/ need winzip ad no i will not do that bu the stuff all the ppl said

Автор 1234zizawordpress (4 года)
download virus!

Автор ronakrrpn (2 года)
that works

Автор Daniel Davarifard (1 год)
Theres no mod you say in desc, LIER, mod means downloading extra contents
for gta sa dummy, you downloaded spawner -.-, cant downloa mods, hot cofee,
cant downgrade, missing gta_sa.exe file but i can stiill play, i downloaded
the ta sa exe filwe from the internet but it needed MORE missing files to
make it run (i need the gtasa exe to run/open to set it up with the gta sa
file) downgraders need gta exe file i dont have so cant downgrade my 2.0
don to 1.01 or 1.0

Автор DanFury57 (4 года)
@mtim96 no way, no sex for ben is a great song!

Автор MasterClaudeSpeed (1 год)
oh ok, thx

Автор BBoy Green (3 года)
how do u move a planes rudder?

Автор driftaholic369 (4 года)
@Jallahammas no but just go to google and type in gta sa downgrade patch

Автор morgan tuckwell (2 года)
mate when i open the car spawner on gta sa it just crashes!!!

Автор John McLaughlin, StockCoach (3 года)
Great video - subscribe and friend for power packed videos...

Автор MasterClaudeSpeed (1 год)
how about the cargo interior? is that invisible and can't used or like on
the mission "STOWAWAY"??

Автор Michał M (3 года)
taka nuta ze az sie zygac chce

Автор Rafael Valencia (1 год)
on your video, can you put cars inside of andromeda???

Автор Viktor Bennetsen (2 года)
.. Not a mod.. Right!

Автор The1AndOnlyMike (1 год)
How many engines a plane model has makes no difference. The variables of
the plane is what makes its speed. You could have the fastest plane in the
world and it'd only be a bathtub, while you could have a ZILLION engines
and be no faster than a tractor.

Автор tapial234 (2 года)

Автор Daniel Davarifard (1 год)
ive just watched this,, ill give it a try on the crazy trainer

Автор Regarded (1 год)
Shit man you type in its not a mod. You just got another dislike.

Автор teK9 (2 года)
Or you can download a vehicle spawner

Автор profgamer1 (2 года)
@fatalkill504 i need help i see many videos of sa mp of someone driving
andromada and there are people in the garage of the plane how they get
inside it if it is a mod the player will be banned i always try to get
inside that garage in the andromada but i cant the bikes are not driving
inside the plane

Автор ascbay (3 года)
ha so you cant get the Andromeda like you can get the AT 400 in normal
gameplay, you have to download that Trainer .....MOD...... Mod...
MoD....modddddddddddd moddddddddddd....::::::MOD!!!!::::: whatever, that's
all i need to know. This sucks. The Trainer is a MOD dont care what anyone
says, because it is still modifying the game, so its a MOD. Oh and Trojan
is a VIRUS, so dont download this crappy Trainer ###### MOD ###### not
everyone has McAfee anti-virus, so get lost. ..............PATHETIC.

Автор BMXPRO46 (2 года)
what is the name of the song

Автор TheLahirens (2 года)
fuck you, thanks northon for saving my PC for your litle trojan!

Автор james227uk (4 года)
Yeah brilliant idea. You can sit in the plane but not drive it dumbass

Автор Warhawksxaid (4 года)
woah u r a "motherfucking" idiot dont shout "virus" at evry single download
u see i have it and there r no probs

Автор norwegiangangsta (4 года)
@jonesalk Of course it doent show as Virus at him. He Can ignore it, so no
warnings anymore when he use it. Dont use it ;) trust me

Автор 09shadowjet (2 года)
what is the song ?

Автор MegaPerry999 (2 года)
description spam decription spam xd lol

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