This video clip was uploaded when Youtube was young, back then Hinduism Youtube search used to Give Zakir Naik´s moronic interpretations. As a proactive step, assuming that this would provide an idea about Hinduism and Hindu Culture´s survival against all odds, it was labeled Hinduism History -3.

Kalyani and Acharya Chankya dialogue.

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This video clip was uploaded when Youtube was young, back then Hinduism Youtube search used to give Zakir Naik´s moronic interpretations. As a...
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Автор Ravi Handsome (4 месяца)
Still living in colonial era ? Aryan never invaded india .. google it and
get ready for shock 

Автор Prabhu Vs (10 месяцев)
Arya is a title not a race as described by British. And becuase of that
very reason, the Aryan invasion theory is also wrong, which was spread by
them cunningly to divide and rule. The equal meaning of that word in
Dravida(Community) is 'Ayya'. This can be easily understood by a person
with unbiased mind. The History of Bharath is well documented by our
Rishies & also forward with oral tradition. That's why inspite of 200 years
rule and their try to destroy it completely not suceeded

Автор gaurav2230 (7 лет)
pls post rest of series

Автор Jay Trivedi (7 лет)
i absolutely love the Chanakya series..well done

Автор Vikas Kumar Singh (7 месяцев)
Still living in colonial era ? Aryan never invaded india .. google it and
get ready for shock !!

Автор Digvijay Trivedi (4 года)
very intense with great message. chankya was greatest leader but we forget
his learnings and values.

Автор priyasharma90 (7 лет)
very good video

Автор thestoryteller22 (4 года)

Автор sushantupadhyay (5 лет)
You have completely missed the point.

Автор davidparinemail (6 лет)
As far as I can tell, the difference between Hinduism and Christianity /
Islam is: Christianity / Islam hold the following: 1. That members of the
group are special or chosen for something above non-members. 2. That their
way is the only right way. 3. That everyone should be like them. Hinduism
generally does not hold these ideas.

Автор Archana (7 лет)
Hinduism is India's Integral part. like what soul is to body..dont exhibit
ur ignorance by saying both are not related.

Автор Chhenu (6 лет)
Very Nice! Wonderful that they made this Chanakya serial!

Автор ramaraksha01 (1 год)
The ONLY major religion to pray to a FEMALE form of God, no other religion
does this - for the other major 3 God can only be a man. If God came before
them in the form of a woman, they would kick Her out! That's Idolatry

Автор Anurag Dave (5 лет)
In one of the comments posted earlier, it has been said that the actor is
maharasthrian. However, I think I heard or read somewhere that is from

Автор 0musing (5 лет)
I am hearing such chaste Hindi after a long time. Although the
pronunciation was a bit off, I think the actor is a maharastrian and the
lady(kalyani) was just about able to use these words. Alexander invaded
India around 326 BC and Chanakya was born around 350 BC or so...so he
should have been about 26 yrs old at that time? I liked the dialogues
though! Its a pity people do not use this kind of logic anymore..deception
and hypocrisy seems to be the order of the day..

Автор Arya Ganesh Bajpai (3 года)
Aryaon ke mahaan dharma ko samjhne ke liye indoarya777 jaise purwagrahee
evam alpasikshit nahi samajh paayein to ismein humaree kya galti hai. Inke
aropon ka koi uttar bhee nahi do to bhee chalega. Aur English history ne to
bada utpataga likh mara hai. Inke baseless arguments par bahas karna bhee
badi foolishness hogi

Автор indrajeet (7 лет)
very good diologue, all those idiots into bollywood crap should learn
something about their culture and their language.

Автор Meera Trivedi (5 лет)
Can anybody please please give me the english translation of this episode?
I am desprite to sho this to one of My Canadian friend.

Автор AAshuRaj (4 года)
You can search with word "Chanakya vol 1" on youtube . This version is in
English subtitle. you will get vol 1 to vol 8 . ( might be this episode
would be after vol 3 or 4 ) .

Автор pjaiman (5 лет)
Chanakya is one the greatest political leader in this century.. very sad
that they were born in India where recognition is to them is so poor. Had
they been born in Europe, then they would have been regarded as world's
greatest leaders.

Автор IndoAryan777 (3 года)
@mmmec7 That's arrogance. Therewere mnay such people born in other places
throughout history.

Автор Music Fan. (1 год)
nice video

Автор kaypee1985 (7 лет)
Brilliant one.. Thank you for sharing this Archana! Please upload the rest
of the series too..

Автор nicechamp (3 года)
only a terrorist can dislike this video

Автор oremava (5 лет)
you are absolutely correct archana

Автор mgoyal565 (3 года)
Sampoorna Chanakya - Niti ------------------ A unique book on Chanakya's
Niti (means-- policies of Chanakya) in HINDI. There is True Biography of
Chanakya in this book also. This book will prove very useful in your daily
life. So, please purchase this book today. But be careful with fake books
of similar names. Please purchase this original book only. You can purchase
this book ordering directly from us. Published By -- Rojgar Prakashan,
Halan Ganj, Mathura (U.P.) (INDIA) Pin-- 281001

Автор Archana (7 лет)
hindu dharma bharat ka ek avibhajit ang hai. iss liye bharat aur Hindu
dharma ko sambhandhit naa keh kar apne agnan ko prakashit naa kare

Автор mmmec7 (5 лет)
we dont need europe's permission to be great..chanakya is great politician
and that kind of politician can born in bharat (india) only...india is the
land of great ppl..chankya cant born i n any other place other than
hindustan or bharat or india

Автор babaaj (2 года)
aaj bhi apne bharat ko Chanakya jese Acharyo ko avyashakta hai.

Автор Arya Ganesh Bajpai (3 года)
We don't know what is arrogance? if we are proud of our ancestors whats
problem with others. There will be seen almost no person among all great
leaders as strong as Chanakya was. There is a great difference between
other great people born & that is Chanakya was wholly for truth and
justice. Othere's were entirely not for Truth & justice. People of world
still need to learn the story of sacrifices of Hindus & Aryans.

Автор Bryan Spencer (5 лет)
This politics was driven by the ideals and principles of Hindu philosophy.
And it is remarkable how many centuries later we face the same problems.
Proof that we Hindus have not valued our own Dharma enough.

Автор b16000 (3 года)
He was like God for me.

Автор pknainiwal (3 года)
i hate this serial as at that time i coulnt get its proper meaning due to
my short age. means sir ke upar se nikal jata tha.. but yes today i feel
its importance ..

Автор Dharma Republic (2 года)
INDIAN tribes migrated into central asia, north africa and EUROPE! the
oldest, richest, empire on earth......

Автор indiaruleswisdom (1 год)
aryan means noble person its a social term not a racial as understood by
many due to british education

Автор 786swe (2 года)
@yugopal The scarifices of the Arayns? Are you takling about the Aryans who
killed the native men and raped their women?

Автор Shailesh Rajput (4 года)
Bahut khuB

Автор Priyamjeet Mohanty (2 года)

Автор Archana (3 года)
@IndoAryan, seriously dude! this is height of narrow mindedness. I mean I
sincerely wish that may your mindsight open.

Автор gkguru (7 лет)
could you please post the video of the start and ending credits?

Автор themarwari (3 года)
Excellent performance by both actors!! Such good perspectives on society,
politics, religion with every word!! Chanakya at his best, finds a way to
penetrate into Ambhi and turn him over!!

Автор Shailesh Rajput (4 года)
Bahut khub

Автор Anurag Dave (5 лет)
You are right. This is one of the things I love about this serial. We can
hear pure hindi at its best, and it is a pity that there are very few such
instances of good hindi being used in the audio-visual media.

Автор oremava (5 лет)
you are absolutely correct archana.. let us form a group and protect our
india from these rascals

Автор sushantupadhyay (5 лет)
People might consider this to be a communal posting if the word 'Hinduism'
is used. I am sure you meant 'Sanatan Dharm'. Even though hinduism means
sanatan dharm, can you replace the word 'hinduism' with 'sanatan dharm',
for the benefit of those how miss this point? After all the purpose is to
make people understand !

Автор him monk (7 лет)
wao, this is what i call kik butt.. an exallent consultation with the Abla
Naari Kalyani. breaking the community rules may b a crime but changing
rules is how brave & daring ppl do it...

Автор IndoAryan777 (3 года)
You people who are so proud of Hinsuiam should know that what Chanankya
practised was NOT traditionl Hinduism of the time. It was Ajivikism.

Автор Thi Ind (1 месяц)
At 3m23secs, Those who are not brave enough to change their circumstances,
have to suffer their circumstances.

"Jin me sthitiauko badalneka sahas nahin hota hai,
unhe sthitiauko sahena padata hai, Kalyani."

Автор ranjit system (7 дней)
Hinduism, India under attack from the invaders and evangelists. Wake up
Hindus and re write the distorted Indian history.

Автор Devi prasad Kar (1 год)

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