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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 7:31
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Автор Giuseppina Squadrito (2 месяца)
Hot sexy heels gorgeous anklet and toenails beautiful pedi. 

Автор Giuseppina Squadrito (2 месяца)
Hot sexy heels gorgeous anklet and toenails beautiful pedi. 

Автор John Footman (3 месяца)
love your feet

Автор rodneyl smith (7 месяцев)
I love too bite

Автор Zack Nafein (1 год)

Автор Richard Smith (2 года)
ain't no dude u idiot just a older chick late 40's early 50's decent feet
apart from that callous lol

Автор lorenzo fanti (1 год)

Автор jameslvsjo (2 года)
Nice, but please - cut those toe nails!!

Автор nardosands3333 (1 год)
pretty long toenails i love them ,use more bright color polish because long
toenails are the sexiest part on a woman"s body , the first thing people
look at are your toes then your face

Автор Boon Tee (2 года)
Might be

Автор mustan93G (2 года)
so sexy god dam

Автор Richard Blaine (1 год)
I mostly love the heel and arch but I would love to suck her toes!!!!!!

Автор frank scivier (1 год)
Those feet in those shoes are incredibly sexy!. I love her red-painted long
toenails, the tan & just everything about them. I would just love to go
down on my knees to worship them for an hour or two & masturbate over

Автор roban0098 (3 года)
mature, long toenailed, bunionned, corn marked, sensual and slutty,next
door type, happily exhibitionist..what else can a connoisseur ask for..?
exquisite, 5 stars Thanx for posting.

Автор ECC80skc (3 года)

Автор ILuvWomensToenails (1 год)
Ma'am don't pay no mind to that ignoramus. He's an idiot, and your feet
look mighty fine to me,

Автор seeme07 (3 года)
I would love to go up between those toes with my tongue

Автор HansLDDP (3 года)
Why can't we see you walking in the streets for real? You would be a
head-turner! I love the tanned feet with the perfectly red-polished nails.

Автор Turbo Interceptor (3 года)
@astroboirap you re so right, ugly feet fui

Автор HansLDDP (3 года)
Why can't we see you walking in the streets for real? You would be a
head-turner! I love the tanned feet with the perfectly red-polished nails.
The anklette even arouses me!

Автор seeme07 (3 года)
OMG I would love to suck and lick her between her gorgeous toes

Автор longtoenailrulez (4 года)
wow ,i love :ppp

Автор loris bianchi (1 год)
cum for your feet

Автор miguel lopez gonzalez (3 года)
que sexisss y que preciosos lo que daria por sentir el olor y el calor de
tus pies cielo en mi cara mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love feet

Автор kyneton Monte (3 года)
great, great.

Автор bharathwin1985 (3 года)
so hot....ttttttttt

Автор Dániel Tóth (1 год)
veri nice!!!

Автор dinomission1 (2 года)
Bitch I might me!

Автор bschreffler (3 года)
Nice planters wart on the side

Автор leighn Coy (1 год)
We adores this clip. We just started our channel showing Shannas sexy feet.
All are welcomed to join.

Автор chris cutter (3 года)
how old is she? love feet !! any more videos of her feet and soles ?

Автор TheFloorer (2 года)
Фу,а можно более ухоженные ноги подбирать!

Автор paratian keshen (3 года)
vomit its a man feet

Автор john gallant (1 год)

Автор blondieee (2 года)
I did one.

Автор klgdsyd (1 год)

Автор BIGMANYY (3 года)

Автор Prostyles25 (11 месяцев)
I'd suck the polish off those pretty toes

Автор seeme07 (3 года)
I would love her toes stuffed into my mouth

Автор astroboirap (4 года)
@midgenobby tell they guy in drag whose in this video to go and get a

Автор astroboirap (4 года)
u need to exfoliate your feet :s

Автор Mike a (3 года)
love her pretty toes.

Автор Robert Riederer (1 год)

Автор Lizbet Jcelyn (2 года)

Автор Zachary Taylor (2 года)
I am soo in love with this woman and her sexy feet.

Автор DevinDCEG (3 года)
Yikes! Those feet scream "70-year-old Las Vegas crack whore". Painful to

Автор midgenobby (3 года)
3338MAN...Very interesting..thanks

Автор Wwerner25 (3 года)
@astroboirap You are right!!

Автор Johnny Boone (1 год)
I love the length of your toenails! Some women cut them too short. That is
the perfect shade of red, also. I love a mature woman who knows how to take
care of her feet.

Автор please mehl (3 года)
do you want me to exfoliate yout feet with my teeth ? you don't need it my
mistrres but would be a pleasure to do it for you

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