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Автор Kasey Cochran (3 года)
How'd u make the ballistics gel

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 yeah your right didnt even notice thanks brother ill look
into further kinda looks like a big round?

Автор Scott Revill (3 года)
Fucken awsome

Автор caseyjoanz (4 года)
A Henry Rifle! (I watched it again). That' s believable out of a rifle, but
the .22mag is notoriously lazy! Out of a handgun, it's performance does not
exceed a .22LR! Don't waste your money on that silly Kel-Tec "Rambo gun".

Автор Tim Moore (4 года)
@asus3571 For hd if it must be a one handed gun then go with either a 9mm
or a .380 since you can only hold with one hand.

Автор Daniel Folse (4 года)
I don't really get the " Failing at life" comment or the shooting near a
house comment but I like the video and the 22 mag round. It's true that the
muzzel vel is similar to the LR round but not at distance. The mag round
will still carry leathal energy at much farther distance. I own both the FN
5/7 and the new kel tec, I like them both but for thr cost up front ant to
shoot I'll take the PMR to the range and tests I have done on them are not
much different on wet phone books anyway.

Автор dntfxr (4 года)
cool vid! I'd love to see what this bullet does at 50 and 100yds!

Автор Daniel R (3 года)
@braveheart14airsoft In case you haven't noticed, most things in life take
time and cost money, and many of those things are less fun and rewarding
than testing ammunition on ballistics gel. It took less time and money to
make the gel in the video than it would to bake a fancy cake, and was far
more rewarding in the long run. For instance, now I know that the
ammunition in the video isn't suitable for hunting small game at close
range. The bullet fragments would ruin the meat.

Автор James Michie Jr. (5 лет)
HA! thats funny the way it moves but it does no justice for showing one how
powerful like 30 grains of powder is if that in a 22 shell, goes to show
that people should be able to know ALL the saftey and common sense basics
before even touching a gun, not that im insulting the vid maker or anything
but still, they have background checks for guns for a reason these days
after seeing how much power was behind a little 22 slug, im convinced that
they did good with that inplacebutdeathtoguncontrol!

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 helpd exstremmly thanks the prob i have is because of the
the gunshot wound i suffered from the .357 mag my left arm is paralyzed
along with balance probs so recoil is an issue i was shot in the head back
in 93 but a .357 mag hollow point

Автор Joshua Dunbar (6 лет)
haha thats so cool. i wish i could shoot ballistics gel with a magnum.. (or
something bigger)

Автор koopakid89 (5 лет)
this vid is a testament that contrary to what people think a .22 is a very
deadly round especially as a sniper

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 jackpot i looked it up seems like a perfect firearm
thankyou very much price is high though

Автор duane2072 (3 года)
Unfortunately you kept shooting the gel so one cant see what the actual
wound channel would look like. But it is a lot bigger then I imagined. I
should do one with a .22 mag jhp 40 gr..

Автор mskiUSMC (4 года)
I think its ouch not owch, but pretty sweet

Автор Buddhabr0t (4 года)
"christian book distributors", lol you fail at life

Автор asus3571 (4 года)

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
not very much exsperience shooting but need to get home protection would 22
be good?

Автор DirtyFrigginHarry (3 года)
@asus3571 what about doing that thing Tom Cruise does in Valkryie?

Автор Tim Moore (4 года)
@asus3571 Then a double action revolver is what you have left, go with a
.38 special or a .357

Автор DirtyFrigginHarry (3 года)
You know if you''re going to shell out the cash for ballistic gel, It would
really benefit you to have a proper stand or box for it.

Автор Daniel R (4 года)
@BDBakaJR Well that depends. I know that clothing can alter the penetration
characteristics of bullets, so I'm not certain, but I would say that, since
it fragments at close range with polymer-tipped bullets, it would
definitely stop someone if you hit them in the leg because of the muscle
damage the fragments would do (ouch). Now, if you had no choice but to take
their life, a headshot would definitely work, but I don't know about shots
to the torso, unless they were right on target.

Автор asus3571 (4 года)
@timmyjunior1 well being my left arm is paralyzed cant shot a shotgun was
thinking about the tuarus judge itll do 410's out of a handgun any
sugesstions? thanks

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 yea .357 is unmatched i have a little personal
relationship with .357 i was shot in the head in 93 with one so even with
that beast of a gun its still very possible to walk away from a death
shotno joke either but i do agree its prob one of the best home defense
guns around outside of a shotgun thanks for the recomendation though not so
sure .357 is the one for me given the cercomstanses any other
recomendations was thinkin of the tarus judge watta u think???

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 agreed the price is way to high ill try and find a used one

Автор Tim Moore (4 года)
@asus3571 Buy a shotgun for home defense. Handguns aren't very good for
that task.

Автор Daniel R (3 года)
@asus3571 Even though the rounds that I shot fragment, I would have to say
no, unless a .22 was the only weapon you had. I'd recommend a 12-gauge
shotgun (preferably pump-action for the menacing cocking sound) loaded with
00 buck. This is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, combos for
home defense. If not that, then a .357 magnum revolver or a reliable .45
would probably be your second and third best bets. Hope that helps.

Автор duane2072 (3 года)
@metalstorm91291 Na, nothing to be embarressed about. This is how we all
learn. It was a good video. I shot alot of the Hornaday V-Max 30 gr and I
really wanted to see the first strike. But, hey, what do ya do. I just made
some gel and when I get some time im gonna go out and shoot it with the JHP
40 gr. I want to see the wound channel on that because that is one little
whicked round. We will see how it goes.

Автор armedandready72 (2 года)
What gun was used for this test?

Автор TacTard45 (3 года)
i wasnt expecting the 22 mag to do that much.

Автор Daniel R (5 лет)
It's pretty simple really. Ballistics gel is exactly like Jello, except
that it's unflavored and for every nine cups of water, you'll need one cup
of gelatin. You can find the unflavored gelatin at any grocery store right
next to the Jello. There are many sites on the web that have simple recipes
for making the gel, but be prepared to spend a few bucks, because the block
in my video cost me about $12 to make, and you will need a lot more gel
than that for anything more powerful than a 22.

Автор Bookstop1337 (3 года)
Can you make ballistics gel at home?

Автор BDBakaJR (4 года)
@metalstorm91291 yep

Автор Daniel R (3 года)
@asus3571 Get a large revolver that can use both the .38 special and the
.357 magnum. The heavier the gun, the less kick you'll feel. I also know
from experience that, though the .357 has a good bit of kick, it's not too
bad, even one handed. I would strongly recommend using the .357 over the
.38 for home defense, because, in terms of pistols, the .357 is unmatched
at stopping someone with a single shot, while I've heard of people
resisting even after being hit multiple times by .38 rounds.

Автор j greystoke (4 года)
Unless you are King Kong, that is not a cube with one foot sides.

Автор Fits1 (4 года)
All things being equal, a modern 22 mag will exit the muzzle of a 20"
barrel at approximately 2250 fps; with the fastest .22 lr kicking 1700 or
thereabouts.From a 5" pistol or revolver the 32 to 40 grain magnum pills
will average 1600 fps, with the 22lr about 1100-1150. Since kinetic energy
always favors velocity, most 22 magnums will outdo a .38 Special in that
category and while nothing to write home about isn't all that weak either.
50 yrs of shooting both tells the tale.

Автор armedandready72 (2 года)
Nice vid.

Автор Tim Moore (4 года)
@asus3571 Yeah, I'd go .38 then

Автор birch2010 (6 лет)
dude, nice. the aftermath is awesome

Автор Daniel R (3 года)
@duane2072 Thanks for the complements! You should make a video of you
shooting your gel. It would be interesting to compare the effects of a
polymer-tipped bullet to a JHP.

Автор BDBakaJR (4 года)
@metalstorm91291 thanks for the info im lookin to get a full size handgun i
daily carry a sub compact 9 but there is a newer full sized firearm that is
a 22 mag that holds 31 rounds i love the round count and from the looks of
the vids ive watched there seems to be little to no recoil thought it might
be a good choice but i wasent sure if a 22 mag would do the job if i
absolutly had to. I pray it never happens but if it does i want to know
that it will get the job done again thanks-BDB

Автор Daniel R (4 года)
@BDBakaJR Nice! Good luck with your awesome new pistol and thanks for the
Hornady info. I'll definitely give their new round a shot.

Автор Daniel R (4 года)
@BDBakaJR Wow! I'm glad I could help! I've always thought that a .22 WMR
autoloading pistol would be a cool idea, but I didn't know that one
existed. You are correct when you mentioned that it has little to no
recoil, so no worries there. You could definitely take someone out if you
had to, especially with the ability to accurately fire repeatedly. I hope
your new pistol suits you well, but I also hope that you're never in a
situation where you have to use deadly force. Good luck!

Автор bern bren (5 лет)
where did u get the jelly from ?

Автор caseyjoanz (4 года)
Sorry to disillusion, but if the barrel is less than 10-12", I don't
believe it.

Автор asus3571 (4 года)
@Fits1 looking at getting a revolver for home dense interested in 22mag i
see u have lots of exsperiense do you think this would be suffientim
looking for something im able to shot one handed and easy to handle for me
and my wife thanks

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@asus3571 yeah ha ha very true strory there 2 judges the cheaper one that
gets bad reviews has a nasty trigger pull intigraded fireing mechanism 13
pound pull i think the other is a double action its very nice but your
right on the recoil i bet its nasty .410's out of a 2/12inch barrel let
alone the .45's it can shot

Автор Daniel R (4 года)
@BDBakaJR I just did some research. Is it the Kel-Tec PMR-30 that you're
talking about?

Автор Daniel R (3 года)
@asus3571 Well, I'm glad I could help you find a good firearm and, though I
hope you never have to use it on someone, may it save your life if you do.
Good luck!

Автор asus3571 (3 года)
@DirtyFrigginHarry what did he do??

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