Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Movie Review

The (supposed) last movie in the Resident Evil movie franchise has hit theaters. Let's send it off with my review of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter"!

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Автор sanam ghani ( назад)
I felt like they didn't had story line so they were like let's put what ever nonsense to end it.

Автор Christopher Pooschke ( назад)
everyone read the book for this movie it seriously explains all your questions, i had the same questions and they are answered it explains what happens to all the old characters, and the father daughter in the second movie

Автор HeeroYuyZero13 aka_Aku ( назад)
the only good thing that came from these movies was the song Done by Marilyn Manson

Автор Nyles Pack ( назад)
I honestly have to say the final chapter is good on one condition and that is only if you take the same approach this movie does which is to forget 5 movies came before this one because the plot holes are insane. I must say I actually enjoyed this series as a guilty pleasure so im not like most people who hate these movies because I find them entertaining which is the purpose of these films. Now as far as the editing goes yeah so many jump cuts and sometimes it was hard to see things but if u truly look and keep your eyes on the screen its not as hard as lots of people make it out to be which is just based on my personal experience. In my oppinion the thing that kills this movie is the massive plot holes because they're so bad to the point where you have to question did Paul W.S. Anderson forget about the 5 movies before this one. Just to name a few:
How did the red queen go from being modeled after Angela Ashford to Alicia Marcus?
How did the creator of the T-virus go from being Dr.Ashford to Dr.Marcus? (Which is insane because the first two movies explained the story of the red queen and the virus)
How did Issacs go from just being a scientist taking orders to 50% owner?
How did wesker die from a door but survive his head being blown open in afterlife?
Worst of all Alice has been a clone this whole time. Issacs says she was placed there and the reason she didnt have memories is because she didnt exist yet the first movie shows flashbacks of her fake marriage,of her talking to Lisa about her desire to bring down umbrella. Then not only that but the reason Alice woke up with no memory is because the mansion released a gas that caused memory lost which is why Alice and Spence for most of the movie didnt know they were married.(And she was head of security for the mansion) So the twist at the end makes 0 sense because it contradicts everything that's happened before. If she was a clone why in Extinction did Issacs specifically say "without the original Alice ive been forced to make genetic clone models of her" you mean to tell me that she is the superior clone and was the only one who succsessfully bonded with the T-virus but the other clones didn't? which makes no sense because a clone would be equal to another clone because they're exact copies of each other. Even in the first 5 mins of Afterlife and Wesker wipes out the whole city and alice is in the helicopter with him Wesker even says "nice to finally meet the real you" 😫 I mean if she was just a clone and they had the antivirus why was her capture so important and why did Issacs spend the whole 3rd movie looking for a cure. The problem is the way these movies are alice is never meant to be a clone it was just sum BS Paul threw into the mix to make the movie more dramatic. Even at the end when Alice gets her memories it is an emotional scene but u can't even buy into it because of how little it make sense and it honestly makes you angry because all 6 movies are written by the same person so your left thinking how do you contradict each film so much. Especially because in interviews he claimed to have had this master twost that was going to shock everyone and answer all of our questions but i can see through the BS. Paul try to justify Alice having little to no backstory at all this whole series by acting like hes been saving the best for last and he had this intricate twist that was going to blow everyone away which really all it was just a story that made 0 sense and the story was retconned to such a degree that it affects all the other movies but he obviously didnt care. His main objective was to let everyone know who alice is even though he knows himself it made no sense but he didn't care because he knew it was going to make it's budget back. The positive from this movie is that Milla Jovovich is a beautiful woman with talent and carried this franchise to the billion dollar mark which is impressive and something that no other game-movie adaptation was able to do. Besides that it is disgusting that Paul shit on the fans by acting like the other movies didnt exist and thats coming from me (a fan) i know these movies usually never make sense and have plot holes but atleast the first 5 felt like they were atleast tied together. The 6th movie feels like it cut the thread and feels more like a reboot.

Автор Shock Foxx ( назад)
Hey jeremy when will you do sing, and XXX?

Автор Passthedutch ( назад)
I liked the first one, and I think the fourth one? (Whichever one where she landed the plane on the prison). The rest were fairly shitty.

Автор saint-turbo12 ( назад)
Apocalypse was the best one. The rest was 😫😫, reboot and bring my boii Leon on screen. The dude from the mummy would b good, just gotta get n shape..!

Автор OJA ( назад)
These films are slight guilty pleasures lol

Автор keep thinking ( назад)
and you thought arrival was amazing and the rest of the world thought it sucked ass and was slow and know half way in what the end would be

Автор keep thinking ( назад)
man you suck at reviews resident evil was great.

Автор David White ( назад)
Shit happens. DOGSHIT happens!!

Автор maganaAMW ( назад)
The worst Resident Evil movie ever. And yes Jeremy they totally messed up the T-Virus story. In "RE Apocalypse" the 2nd movie, Dr. Ashford's daughter couldn't walk. Ashford invented a cure, the T-Virus. The virus helped his daughter walk again but was dangerous for anatomically healthy humans. The director and the producer either forgot or they forgot to explain Ashford's situation in "RE Final Chapter" and why he was involved with the T-Virus to begin with, if he wasn't the creator.

Anderson has lost his touch, or he listened to the wrong people. Strangely the best RE movie in the franchise wasn't even made by him it was made by Alexander Witt who first introduced us to Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera, from Resident Evil: Nemesis game.

Автор Cisco Cabs ( назад)
red queen was the shittiest character ever in movie history

Автор Crono Sapien ( назад)
This movie's just complete shit. Instead of seeing it, you should just play the amazing Resident Evil 7. It came out in the same month, will be MUCH more worth your time, and is MUUUUUUCH less of an insult to fans.

Автор Rui Nunes ( назад)
The problem is that Resident Evil was never a good enough story to begin with.

Автор TRAY DEEE ( назад)

Автор BloodyDeadXD ( назад)
i glad is over .l.

Автор Whips n Chains ( назад)
Keep your hands still omg.

Автор chrono050 ( назад)
The first RE movie is the best imo

Автор WH250398 ( назад)
This movie is at a 49 on metacritic, and 62 on imdb... The positive reviews all feel like paid reviews

Автор Khiry Washington ( назад)
I'm in Japan and my students will not stop talking about this movie.

Автор Crystal Thin ( назад)
the movie is still awesome after all this nonsense and bullshits you spit , just shut the hell fuck up and enjoy watching it , and why don't you try to make a movie asshole , get lost , the movie is better than your ugly face

Автор The Ugly Barnacle ( назад)
Let's be real, the only way anyone can actually stomach these movies is while they're drunk and even then, that's debatable. I learned that at the last Christmas gathering I was at.

Автор Dai Mao ( назад)
Jeremy, have you been watching Pewdiepie?

Автор Xela Semaj OnitsirC ( назад)
you didn't gave review.You gave hatred

Автор Black Hills ( назад)
Mia just sucks as an actress she has never been in a good movie ever

Автор ShoNuff KMW ( назад)
I hate these movies... The first one was decent because it was her at her weakest, that made me really care for the characters... You actually pointed out before, the hero looking as they're about to lose makes you care about them... That's what the game has, it's a survival horror with regular people with skills... Like The Walking Dead, that's why I think I'm still interested, just to see how they're going to make it out of their unfortunate situations... Who's going to die, who's going to live - it's entertainment... And that's precisely what these Resident Evil movies don't have... Will she survive this herd of zombies accompanied with gigantic beasts? You bet your ass she will survive, she can wipeout herds of zombies at the blink of an eye! I don't give a fuck, because she's assured to win everything... And another thing, why the games are so great, she doesn't even fucking exist! Guaranteed, if you could stamp out hundreds of zombies with the greatest of ease, then it will get stale and boring very fast... I sincerely hope this movie bombs so badly, they never conjure this shit again... I highly recommend, go see Split, LOL

Автор karam jnah ( назад)
any one else searched action sequence in YouTube too

Автор givem thefinger ( назад)
i saw extinction. thats it.

Автор Alex Acerra ( назад)
How about REboot? as in no alice, no techno rock music, no zombie apocalypse, no overblown action, no ripping off of other (and better) movies, no made up story lines, no shafting of the most iconic characters in survival horror, no clones, and most of all no lazy pretentious directors or writers who don't understand or even appreciate the source material.

Автор HyouKnight ( назад)
Do a RE7 Biohazard review!!!!!

Автор Casey Winters ( назад)
Why does everyone compare it to the games. Did the people that made the movies say it was based off of the games? I'm confused.

Автор Phillip Coakley ( назад)
In order I liked RE6, RE4, RE5, RE2, RE1, RE3,

Автор Батдорж Баярсайхан ( назад)

Автор Tom Big ( назад)
100%! Shaky camera and a trillion cuts per second. Couldnt see anything. I have the feeling because the last Movie was basically completely shot in slow motion they try to make up for that big time. But there is nothing wrong with SlowMo in a 3D Movie.

Автор Unfounded Opinion ( назад)
I have this weird love/hate thing with the movies. Afterlife was definitely the most entertaining of the bunch because WESKER! After that though... Jesus they got boring, and I'm sad that this one is no different

Автор LuckeeManiac ( назад)
This movie was awesome! If you want slow/soap opera/cheap screen changes then watch Walking Dead lol. And then analyze the crap out of it with Talking Dead.

Автор daud abidi ( назад)
wait for @Resident Evil: Vendetta.....

Автор cestherrun ( назад)
RE movies are my guilty pleasure movies. The first one was fun. After that, they just got worse. Just, cheap SciFi, CG crap. Still like them. For whatever reason. Heh! Movies based on video games are almost always awful. Actually, I think these RE films were based on the books more so. And of course, most of the games are fantastic. You should do a review on RE7! DO IT!!! Please?

Автор Jason A Martin ( назад)
I counted 80 cut in less in 2 minutes

Автор Pat Ewing ( назад)
Favorite was probably the second one. Just because I'm a huge RE3 fan.

Автор Iwillone ( назад)
Them camera cuts were jarring to me who isn't easily jarred (0 0)

Автор TheOne 21199 ( назад)
I cannot believe how there are people that actually like this movie. The only possible redeeming quality would be the action sequences, but even those suck!!!!

Автор Matthieu Lacourse ( назад)
Just saw it. Is it great ? Fuck no. Is it entertaining? Yeah. I'm not going to think three years from now "hey I haven't watched RE : The Final Chapter in a while, let me put this on". Its an ok movie but to be fair, I think it was better than Afterlife and Retribution imo.

Автор Pasic TP ( назад)
January movies strike again.

Автор Wedge Antilles ( назад)
The second is the best game related resident evil movie, it related to both resident evil: nemesis and resident evil: code Veronica X, even scenes and costumes in the movie are straight from the two games

Автор Monstar 4419 ( назад)
great review

Автор viatoretvenus ( назад)
There are more than 60 jump-cuts in this video.

Автор Kaldurion C Pinnecoose FROM THE MIND ( назад)
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter felt like a Saw movie during the second half.

Автор Skankhunt42 ( назад)
This was awful

Автор Alain Brice ( назад)
agreed the one before that was wayyyyyyy bether then last chapter.

Автор Harajuku3000 ( назад)
You remember right.

Автор Milla K ( назад)
This movie has more plot holes than Troll 2.

Автор sunsignhealer ( назад)
I still like the first two, anything after that does not exist in my head cannon.

Автор White Noise ( назад)
The editing for RE was ridiculous ...
There were cuts every 3 seconds throughout the movie. Even during the non-action scenes... It was nauseating ..

Автор Steven Rojas ( назад)
FINALLY omg this shitty franchise except for 1&2 is finally over, the reboot will be called BIOHAZARD I read abt it

Автор lavadrake ( назад)
1st time watcher. Are you the ask a ninja guy ? And your hands are very mobile. And spot on review of this poopfest

Автор John Wick ( назад)
Mila looks really really hot in this one.

Автор doppelganger ( назад)
i dont understand why rating on imdb is 6.7 ? it's a crap and doesn't deserve even 4.0

Автор HydraRazer ( назад)
duude if there was ever a movie i hate for this dogshit jump cut & shaky cam stuff It would be this one. trying to follow this movie's fight scenes and monster battles were actually hurting my eyes. like no joke

the very first beast that she fights I can''t tell what the fuck is going on, and when some dude got killed after they tried to escape the cerberus I was confused as fuck. then when the black dude died outta nowhere the bioweapon beast thing she fought ........ dude how do you film shit like that? i couldn't tell what the fuck it was doing!!

Автор JasonXavier89 ( назад)
Same shit I h are in the last rant video. If you couldn't obviously see who was killed by the fan blades you were not paying attention at all. It was made very clear who it was, I'll give you a hint the girl who was holding on to Alice's hand and then slipped and then they caught the backpack straps and then looked st her grip on the backpack and went flying slow motion through the air is the one who got chopped up by the fan blades. Food for thought, if your going to make review videos to t might help just a little bit if you actually I don't know paid attention to the movie or whatever your reviewing because your the second person to review this movie that I've watched on YouTube and neither one knew who the person was who got killed and that's really just pathetic from a professional stand point because everyone in the theater with me clearly understood who it was that died by the fan and I doubt that everyone of them go home and make review videos. Just saying pay more attention to movies your reviewing or just don't review them please and thank you.

Автор Jack Fire ( назад)
Best Resident evil b/c its over? That's mean but funny.

Автор Lucid Dreamer ( назад)
Dude... you move your hands like a crack addict 😂😂

Автор Hayden Mitchell ( назад)
Fuckin oath

Автор Collin93387 ( назад)
they need to just make movies based on the games. get some decent actors, start off with re1, then a mix of re2 and re3, then re0, etc.

Автор Locked Jaw ( назад)
According to the game it never begun, since when was Leon or Jill a lead character.

Автор TImothy Martin ( назад)
This movie sucked it made me want to seizer and puke

Автор Journey Boy ( назад)
I pause my ad-block for this channel.

Автор zaydossful ( назад)
Jeremy seems drunk... understandable

Автор Carl Underwood ( назад)
Only resident evil that I think was any good was the 1st all the rest have progressively worse

Автор Goji Boy ( назад)
How the fuck is this is an Awesometacular????

Автор Doggo Lover64 ( назад)
Well sucks for me because I am a diehard Monster Hunter fan and the guy who fu*cked up the these Resident evil movies is going to make a Monster Hunter Movie

Автор Super Wonder ( назад)
if you put one more spanish ad on your video your gonna be getting a fist 2 the face

Автор prem nath ( назад)
your damn rite bro almost sleeping for an hour at the movie

Автор Tomasz Wasilewski ( назад)
your reviews are shit... they aren't reviews you just constantly shit on every movie one after another leave it to actual people to decide instead of putting people off good titles just because your aren't satisfied most movies you shit on get 8.0 or 7.0 Imbd so leave it to professionals if anything

Автор Jker Jrome ( назад)
This movie was SO predictable. I mean all the secondary characters were pure shit, anyone (not even Claire) had even an arc.

Автор Burnin Leo 64 ( назад)
Way too hypercritical it was the best movie i've seen in the theatre for a while

Автор 1701spaceman ( назад)
I saw the first RE movie and enjoyed it. That's all I have to say...

Автор 160sharp ( назад)
George A Romero should of directed as originally planned, don't know what capcom was thinking at that time

Автор CodeDarkBlue ( назад)
I fuckin love you Jeremy.

Автор MessengerOfHell ( назад)
This series, and Warcraft Movie, are the reasons why I keep saying that games should be games and NOT turned into movies. Because some random guy that thinks himself a director wants to get some attention or murder a story in front of millions of people and get away with it.

Автор Dominik Batt ( назад)
Jon Schnepp knows the movies.

Автор DAFLU DICKENS ( назад)
I agree it was a lot of cut scenes, witch made it difficult to see what was really going on....

Автор Frank ( назад)
before the movie started,Milla jovovich walked in and greeted everyone,other then that it was pretty boring,too much talking,was kinda like they copy pasted the script from previous movies with some minor changes,id give it just meh 😶

Автор Marcel Daniel ( назад)
jumping on the hate train I remember only one time where you didn't know who dies

Автор rushabh joshi ( назад)
can anyone tell me why Alice and Isaac was fighting? both wanted a same thing that destroy the t virus, right?

Автор vlenhoff ( назад)
I don't bother with this franchise anymore. Thanks for the review, your patience is appreciated Jeremy.

Автор VH3 Hazy ( назад)
The ending wasn't even the actual ending. There's probably going to be more movies but at this point we just need a reboot.

Автор Dustman ( назад)
I hope Paul W.S Anderson never makes a Call of duty movie

Автор Angelo DC ( назад)
Thank you for saving me 2 hours of my life that I can never get back.

it..was just..so..bad.

Автор chickenflinger5002 ( назад)
the movie was trazh

Автор Miguel Marques ( назад)
A stunt lost her arm for this movie, and another guy died.

Автор Alexander Rost ( назад)
only saw the first one that was enough for me

Автор Crook Kid Coathanger ( назад)
the fast and furious series should end tbh

Автор francescogeo ( назад)
I using my jump cuts, so fucking what:))) BINGO:)

Автор MrSpockFA ( назад)
1,000 dislikes already? People actually support a trashy movie??

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