Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - Movie Review

The (supposed) last movie in the Resident Evil movie franchise has hit theaters. Let's send it off with my review of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter"!

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Автор mquiroz90 ( назад)
in my point of view none of the movies compared to the game games is better than live action

Автор Mr K k k ( назад)

Автор agentofxehanort ( назад)
Anderson better leave Monster Hunter alone.

Автор whatwhat98 ( назад)
Blizzard really needs to take a close look at the flying zombie things.
I didnt know Mutalisks were a part of the Resident evil universe

Автор The Movie Crook ( назад)
This movie made over 300 million worldwide... Wtf???

Автор Jack Rose Presents Modern Classics Entertainment ( назад)
I' played the Resident Evil games once when I was younger so I'm more a fan of *Resident Evil* movies 1-4. I''ve only seen the last 10 minutes of *Retribution*, and have no plans on ever seeing *The Final Chapter* . My Favorite *Resident Evil* movie is *Resident Evil: Apocalypse*

Автор Dylan Gale ( назад)
You are trippin', that movie was so badass awesome....

Автор richard torrez ( назад)
Also fuck Paul w.s. Anderson for fucking up the final movie

Автор richard torrez ( назад)
I actually enjoyed the resident evil movies but the final chapter was hot garbage since they underused chris and all the other original characters but all they really used was Claire and they literally muddied the series story and just made bullshit plot holes and cut out so much info and lied to me thinking all the original characters would be fighting together but no they fucked up everything and wasted money to see it

Автор Sebastian Cintron ( назад)
I cant believe it.

I thought humanity was better than this. Yet here are a bunch of morons defending this trash heap of a film.

Oh God have mercy on us,

and have Paul WS Anderson just stop making movies in general.

Автор LinkIsn'tPink ( назад)
Don't be sad it existed, be glad it's over.

Автор Allos Anthrwpos ( назад)
loved the dog chase scene and the huge metal fan scene. other than that i was dissappointed. shaky cam, shitty plot and no big monster fight at the end.

Автор Gerard Cainen ( назад)
Please let this be the last one please, I rolled my eyes every RE trailer cause these RE are like Trump for president, makes no sense how do you take an amazing source material and just fuck that up... Granted Trumps just a moron and American knew better... But still voted him???, what???? Please let this be the end of these movies so someone can reboot it and really give us a damn RE movie... Please

Автор Aaron Ventura ( назад)
0:19 that is a terrible poster.

Автор Manila Kingpin ( назад)
now I see.... you are a bitch reviewer.......how you decieve so many....fuck...

Автор Salem Abualrous ( назад)
You are right Jeremy they just shit on the previous lore and

Автор Fallen Smallen ( назад)
This movie was utter shit, I expected them too start from the Whitehouse and see the zombies overrun the humans but again this piece of shit movie didn't add a crazy ass scene. Had so many bullshit moments like the truck blowing up with a claymore she would of been torn into pieces and the action was just plain recycled action scenes from the previous resident evil movies the Lazers, shotgun, and the clonnes. Thank god I didn't pay for this dumb ass movie 😂 Re-kill is a lower budget movie and it's better then this movie

Автор Bryan Bolden ( назад)
i dont want it based on the games make it something amazingly dark but still light

Автор Bryan Bolden ( назад)
this dude is stupid and to obnoxious anyway the movie was okay i watched all 6 of them at least 20 times so i am a little qualified to form an opinion the story was alright but i really wanted to see the actual battle where retribution left off not after all the action was over i wanted to see an epic battle with all the helicopters tanks and etc against the mass amounts of zombies, flying monsters, the original monster from the hive and ,bioweapons, and one thing that made me so angry is that she didnt have her powers since extinction was made, i wanted to see some telekenisis,super human strength among other things her appeal was based on the fact that she had all of those powers the franchise kind of let the fans down since the ending of extinction, that may have caused alot of people to lose interest. but i have to give them thumbs up it the final chapter was suspenseful interesting story, and surprisingly suttle i would buy it just to have as part of the collection and but in the future produce it in between the lines of resident evil extinction, afterlife, and add some automated sentry guns, and drones, and it should be better environments like more sunny above earth, more intelligent zombies,kind of like alien,i would like to see a more architectural design bring some life to it without taking away from the overall tone hell go to space with ior mars a colony like setting with a nicely designed facility and utilize the about 100 miles of space atleast

Автор Ali Abbas ( назад)
Alice must have a tasty twat

Автор Ali Abbas ( назад)
my penis is so huge i can penatrate people across the street

Автор TieFighter33 ( назад)
my buddy literally got sick watching this movie and had to walk out. the movie was ugly butt.

Автор demonblade001 ( назад)
The final insult. And they fucked up thier own timeline.

Автор KondorDCS ( назад)
The "Wesker, you are fired" scene couldn't save the movie, but at least it made me laugh so hard, I actually forgive the almost 110 minutes of my life I had blown on this film.

Автор Old School Gamers ( назад)
I like the resident evil movie for what they are. yes, most of them are bad. resident evil extinction is my favorite and apocalypse as so bad.

Автор the Hellhound ( назад)
isn't wesker a higher ranking official aof the umbrella corp? back in re3 dr. isaac had to fake the authorization for his project right? so fucking confusing

Автор the Hellhound ( назад)
i liked the first 3.. but then.. it just kinda lost.. fuck you paul anderson

Автор Alvaro Lopez ( назад)
Agree with you men, a none-sense movie, that it seems the guy who wrote it, he didn´t see the other 5 movies

Автор anthony cheesman ( назад)
u actually didnt hate this movie it's the best one of the series i mean that's not saying much lol

Автор Subsaibot2526 ( назад)
I heard in 2020 they're coming out with the final final final chapter.

Автор Hot Gardens ( назад)
I can name tim Burton and Steven Spielberg films with big fck ups in nothing like the fck ups on ere trying to tell people what to watch shut the fck up control pricks

Автор Hot Gardens ( назад)
if you like it gd for you if you don't don't tell people what to like i bet most of the cunts trying to tell you what to like beet there birds or wife's coz that what control freaks do its a film not life look in the mirror

Автор rdk89 ( назад)
This movie was horrible and editing was even more horrible. I don't know why but I hoped there would be at least one sex scene...........and there is none!

Автор Canddyman gaming ( назад)
can you talk about the actors performance s

Автор WHIT ( назад)
29:09 minutes into the film...


Автор man gamer ( назад)
I don't hate you Jeremy but I am so glad that this movie made 312 mil cz it was fuckin awesome

Автор Chris Hewitt ( назад)
This honestly was the worst RE of the bunch. Like, the only way the directors could have effed it up any further was to bring back 4 green screen Executioners....

Seriously, people got excited for this movie and the characters, directors and story took the lazy route (Bringing back an already dead villain 2 times in the same movie!, the hive for the 4th+ time, Zombie Dogs, the Horde, Wesker going out like a punk, forgettable characters and last but not least having incomplete plot holes like a cliffhanger for an ending...).

The stories of the games are obviously different than the movies but honestly I don't think many fans of the games would appreciate seeing Chris, Leon, Barry, Jill, and various unmentioned characters going out like punks in an Alice/Claire-Powered Apocalypse. I get the movie is about girl power, but even games Protagonists/Antagonists lived for 20+ YEARS and are currently still alive amidst the threat of bio-terrorism AND some have had children! PLUS, none of the protagonists really relied on a single individual in order to make it out alive. They grew balls and learned the best way to stay alive was to aim for the head...or in some cases the glowing parts...

Автор Trevor Reeves ( назад)
Worst part was the way Wesker dies. A door... a fuckin door...

Автор Linalool E31 Studio ( назад)
who thinks they should reboot it with "RE7" atmosphere and vibe? That would sold on me.

Автор Giovanni Foulmouth ( назад)
Favorite: Extinction and Afterlife
Least favorite: Retribution and this one.

Автор James Orford ( назад)
The Resident Evil films are literally the most nonsensical, infuriating cinema turd shows ever made. Everything is so wrong its unreal. Shame on you W.S Anderson and your dickhead wife. Fortunately, it is finally over.

Автор Wildsmack ( назад)
I don't give a shit about what the critics have to say about this film! I liked the series for guilty pleasure entertainments and some of them were good action films too. wish this isn't the last one! Alice is a strong character! love Mila Jovovich.

Автор Costandin Claudia ( назад)
firts three movie i liked the most

Автор Costandin Claudia ( назад)
i had fun watching it 💜

Автор Pipe Retrogamer ( назад)
I'm glad I saw this on cuevana. Otherwise I'd be so fuckin mad.

Автор Nic Nolan ( назад)
man he uses a lot of hand gestures

Автор benjamin jillali ( назад)
What is wrong with you're hands.

Автор Alex Kulik ( назад)
Poor stunt women who lost her arm for this bad movie

Автор Jason Neil ( назад)
I love ❤️ all of these movies

Автор Frishsticks ( назад)
I'm a big resident evil fan. But this movie? I literally can't find a single good thing to say about it. I can't defend this one. It was complete and utter garbage. Like someone ate the last 2 movies shit it out, then proceeded to eat that shit, then puked it out and poof! This movie was the result.

Автор TheDirrtyMike ( назад)
One of the Worst movies ever!!

Автор Avalon D ( назад)
This sad garbage of a film costed 40mill.... flopped in america at 25 mill but made over 280 overseas to total over 300 mill making it a hit.....

Автор Bane Knightfall ( назад)
To quote Phelous: ''These damn movies punish you for remembering anything that happened in them.''

Автор Matt Jones ( назад)
Made it to 00:32 before your over use of hand talking made me want to step on a fucking kitten.

Автор Conversation Club ( назад)
Almost have a fucking epileptic attack watching that crap lol.

Автор George Whyte ( назад)
why the fuck has know one mentioned the one thing that really pissed me off about these movies i mean really made me angry the fact the undermine any character that comes from the games i mean characters we love and have played and we know can lead and kick ass and know are amazing that become pusses and idiots that mindlessly follow alice like" ok were do i go and like what do i shoot " examples include jill, chris , clare, barry, leon and my god even ada who in my experice dosent listen to no one even the people she works for

Автор TJBond ( назад)
this movie was a steamy pile

Автор Baxter Stockman ( назад)
after 2 minutes of watching movie i was like WTF??? They changed story

Автор BestScene ( назад)
He was probably drunk while watching the movie/doing the review. This movie is between buy it on blue ray and no alcohol required.

Автор Political Agenda ( назад)
It was OK.

Автор Lol Lol ( назад)
that wasn't even enough anti virus to spread the world,it will eventually dilute.

Автор Jeffry Tito Saenz ( назад)
I honestly think they tried with the second film in the series.....now, let's just get a reboot faithful to the game franchise! I'd love to see the Spencer Mansion redone and/or how Rebecca and Billy meet!

Автор Adam Peterson ( назад)
Daaaang, no prep for this movie review?  I think he needs to take a vacation, cause he's lost his sense to the movie experience.

Автор Damion Mascoe ( назад)
Worst movie 2017, So Awful

Автор Dan l ( назад)

Автор Jessica White ( назад)
1:33 to clear it up: i have only watched the movies, and I am as confused as you about the Red Queen

Автор Panda Xkills ( назад)
The jump cuts in all action scenes gave me a headache.

Автор mykeon ( назад)
This movie was just pure rip off. I mean this does finalize anything, btw WTF happened to Chris, Leon, and Jill my favorite RE game characters!? So disappointed with this movie. They said final chapter and yet they again introduced new premise, like someone graciously upload an umbrella board meeting to Red Queen. Then RQ goes conscience F@!K and turn against the umbrella. Also, Wesker, that RE Game top villain who's sh!t @ss kicker, it purely a puuuu -- seee in this movie. Not worth the time.

Автор adam uriel ( назад)
I really love mills jovovich I think she is super sexy and very attractive women and I love her in every resident evil movies and I like the games too and I think Alice is so sexy in this movie and she kick ass too

Автор The Dude25 ( назад)
I've never liked Resident Evil movies.

Автор blue boy ( назад)
It wouldnt be a RE film if it didnt start off with Alice waking up. The most bullshit part of it though is that she wakes up after that Washington DC war. If you saw the last movie then you know they were at the white house surrounded by thousands and thousands of zombies, monsters and all that other bullshit. You would think they would include an epic fucking zombie killing war in the conclusion of the series, especially after setting it up in the last movie. But nope, lets show her waking up from it after its over. Plus lets also forget about the only characters the fans actually somewhat cared about from the games. Wtf happened to Leon, Ada, and Jill?! I had very low expectations from this movie, and this movie ends up being worse than i thought. Glad its over.

Автор Snaglebagel ( назад)
That giant fucking door to the hive was open for absolutely no reason, if they closed the door before alice got there, the movie would have ended and i would have been much happier for it.

Автор Fernando Jahja Hou ( назад)
Hillarious review 😂

Автор Vanessa Wong ( назад)
Am I the only one that still really liked even with the plot holes???

Автор maz ditzo ( назад)
poor milla j, she filled most of her productive time with bad movies aka re franchise lel

Автор VivaVideo User ( назад)
according to WWG, this film is the most successful in the series internationally but the least successful in north america alone.

Автор TheNerdGod 86 ( назад)
I've been saying this shit since the third film all of the Resident Alice movies is pure horse shit that the stupid fucking NON-Resident Evil (Game) fans eat up! A reboot is indeed wanted by the REAL fans and needed! they also should make a origin film based on the discovery of the Stairway of the Sun flower and the creation of Umbrella!

Now on a a good note the only GOOD Resident Evil film coming out this year is Resident Evil: Vendetta and the best thing about that is no Paul WS Anderson and !NO FUCKING ALICE!

Автор jalvarez1982 ( назад)
I've never wanted to see any of the RE movies. I grew up loving the games , and I had no interest in watching the movies butcher them. So its great news that this will be the last one they make. Let's hope the reboot Biohazard movie is good and true to the original games.

Автор Sovereign ( назад)
i lost my shit at shit happens infact dog shit.

Автор ks 20 ( назад)
go fuck yourself this movie is awesome
we don't care about you
you asshole

Автор Fapatron Fapone ( назад)
44 mins, and i walked out

Автор Andrew Jordan ( назад)
worst movie ever dude....

Автор Casper L. ( назад)
Hah! We have the same shirt. Yeah, that's all I wanted to comment; going back to just enjoying watching your reviews lmao.

Автор Majid Khan ( назад)
You ccccan't find this mooooviee with beeeetteeeer quality thaaan here => https://twitter.com/6bab242ee515c0b7b/status/822757871309889536

Автор Fus RoDah ( назад)
LMAO I am actually laughing cause I was not the only one that suffered thru this big pile of sht

Автор lovedeagles 123 ( назад)
I cringe watched that movie

Автор Dubura Kiba ( назад)
in the first 5 min u they just messed up when they retcond the hell out of it

Автор blah979 ( назад)
I saw this and couldn't see a fucking thing when the action started. Completely shit action scenes.

Автор Louis Victor ( назад)
Did you intentionally pronounce "the last third" to sound like "the last turd"? Cause that would be entirely accurate.

Автор chargr383 ( назад)
What this wasn't the sequel to 28 weeks later?!!!!

Автор Rich Holder ( назад)
Besides the t-virus origin story, the two points the especially irked me, was the claim that the anti T virus would kill Alice and anyone infected with the T virus. We had seen in the previous movies, people get bit and then receive the anti virus and live. Wesker even took Alice's powers using it and later gave them back. I also disliked all the monsters had to be complicated, winged things with surprises built in....which was usually some alien extra mouth like extension. The first two were fun because I felt they were visually interesting.

Автор TheEvilgirl94 ( назад)
If they reboot the movies, I'd like to see them not only do the games but the books that have a story between the first 4 games/books.

Автор Chris Sztof ( назад)
Resident Evil...

The Final Chapter...

Part One...

Of Book One...

Volume One.

I feel like every single one of these movies was supposed to be "the final chapter," but they just kept winging them because they were making too much money (kinda like the games at this point actually).

Автор Dante ( назад)
1st and 2nd RE movie was the best, so was the Underworld 1&2, rest are dogshit

Автор I_Spectator_I ( назад)
The RE was OK... but GOD DAYUM! The characters from previous RE were missing. So many questions, where are they? What happened to them? Did they all just suddenly die from unknown reason? Jill, Chris etc.. That's not just about the characters... Let's talk about Alice, I haven't seen her using her powers in any scenes... She got them back the previous movie but it was kind of disappointing she didn't use them, expect the combat all I saw. :P There was also some scenes that were so confusing. I'd rate RE: The Final Chapter 6/10

Автор M Q ( назад)
I liked the movie you don't 白痴

Автор Nicholas Raffelt ( назад)
I just saw 15 minutes of this film.. Had to turn it off, this is the worst movie i have ever seen in My life.

Автор braza117 ( назад)
The movie universe lore Is inconsistent as fuck

Автор Yugi Dragon ( назад)
I watched your review and I was also expecting to come in watching a bad movie considering the other bad movies/sequels for this franchise. But let me tell you this, I actually liked this movie... Trying to be spoiler free, the movie had a lot of tie ins with the first movie and had an emotional character drama with plot/twists. It was good.

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