Reka - Sideline Girl

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Автор Andrea Smith ( назад)
I kno I'm his sideline girl n was just fine wit that but now I've fallen in
love wit him n that really make it hard for me to just stay on the sideline
shidd truth be told ........I just want him sooooo damn bad

Автор Natavia Wilder ( назад)
I love this song. it reminds me of my last relationship

Автор Jada Fortenberry ( назад)
Mii song

Автор Paradise Arrington ( назад)
when my boyfriend i feeled incomplicated

Автор Lakira Lovelady ( назад)
this my song😊😊😍

Автор Gymeny Hyde ( назад)
y'all hoes retarded, the hoe who made this song is retarded lol

Автор DeAnna Newton ( назад)

Автор Tiffany Merritt ( назад)
love this song cousin 💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞😍😍😍👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯🙌🙌🙌🙌

Автор Jimesha Williams ( назад)
I can relate this song

Автор Olivia Daniels ( назад)
This is a nice song 💯💯💯

Автор Kynedi Berrry ( назад)
I love that song

Автор Ahlam Mustafa ( назад)
I muslem

Автор Jennifer Aldamen (760 лет назад)
i love this song

Автор Jennifer Aldamen (767 лет назад)
i love this song

Автор Heather Seifers ( назад)
I can understand because I been in this situation before so no female
should ever be no guy sidechick

Автор Geena H ( назад)
A lot of times the girl didn't know she was the sideline or she wasn't
experienced enough to know the signs. By the time she finds out, she's
already fallen and it's really hard to break from. Yes, it is up to that
woman to love herself enough to walk away, but she's not necessarily a
"homewrecker". That doesn't make her a bad person or a hoe. Her and the
"main chick" have the same thing in common, a lack of self love and
respect. One is not better than the other in the long run. I consider a
homewrecker to be someone who pursue something with someone knowing they
have a relationship. Or pretending to be a friend but have a secret agenda.
If that's not the case, then most likely the man is the one wrecking the

There's a reason this is relatable to almost every girl, because it's a
part of growing up! At some point in most women's life they will either be
the side chick or be the main chick that knows her man is cheating and
still stays or goes back. It's life.

Автор sheTooDope16 ( назад)
ctfu 😁😂

Автор Love Babygirl Keyes ( назад)
this is mhii song an I've been in this situation soooooooooooooooo many
times but I'm glad tht now I'm not an I love mhii baby

Автор Love Babygirl Keyes ( назад)
this is mhii song an I've been in this situation soooooooooooooooo many
times but I'm glad tht now I'm not

Автор april sherrill ( назад)
yep it's happening now

Автор Dara Belle ( назад)
Even though i have never been in this situation, I can still appreciate
good music! She has a nice voice

Автор Neya Gordon ( назад)
my song😇😇😻

Автор Justin Ezell ( назад)
I'm JusT A Sideline Girl

Автор Candice Nyakuritsika ( назад)
love this song..

Автор Kyona Hammonds ( назад)

Автор Tiarra baybee ( назад)
Still My Song In 2016😻😘💞🔐

Автор Beverly Preston ( назад)
yeah so true

Автор 1400 block ( назад)
me and oomf song 💯😘😞

Автор nbprissyrissy ( назад)
Just leave the muthafucka alone and be single until you find your OWN man.

Автор Chelsea Hartman ( назад)
why would u wanna be a side girl anyway that shit don't fly with md

Автор Zamia Myles ( назад)
nice job

Автор Beverly Preston ( назад)
yeah I feel like I'm a sideline girl because when I would like to have him
around he is never there

Автор Raquel Zambrano ( назад)
love this song

Автор Shamya williams ( назад)
Nice job on the song

Автор Reva Cowherd ( назад)

Автор Amber Brown ( назад)
str8 jamming

Автор tabrasia gray ( назад)
😔💔my song

Автор Makayla Mccall ( назад)
makayla. i. love 6💜💜💜

Автор Shakeshia Rhine ( назад)
I like this song...... Ain't nothing wrong with wanting somebody and he
wants you back he in a fkk up situation the female not......she admits she
knew he had a ole lady..but you can't help who you want.... So it is what
it is.....I bet he ain't willing to let her go either....

Автор Ronika Charles ( назад)
I love this song alot of females can relate !!

Автор Daisha Heath (67 лет назад)

Автор Shayshay Lester ( назад)
I was waiting for someone to make song like this

Автор Kimmy Givens ( назад)
I see a lot of home wreckers on here 💯

Автор Kimmy Givens ( назад)
I see a lot of home wreckers on here 💯

Автор Crissa Lester (33 года назад)

Автор Brandy Hawkins ( назад)

Автор Danielle Pruitt ( назад)

Автор Shanniah Staggers ( назад)

Автор Zykia Merriweather ( назад)
my shit 😍😘💏

Автор Haley Smith ( назад)

Автор Sydney Peterman ( назад)

Автор LaMesha Mitchell ( назад)
my song 😞💕

Автор Sue Barnes ( назад)
My song still even in 2015

Автор Walking Fantasy ( назад)
My current situation , Love is a battle of victories and losses .

Автор Ijanaa Knight ( назад)
I aint no sideline girl. But I do love a somebody that loves another
That nigga come homes to me 😒😁
Good song though 👌✊✋

Автор Asi Mendez ( назад)
He claims he makes yuh happy 

Автор Keke Boyd (290 лет назад)

Автор Endiah Smith ( назад)
Love thisss! !! Omg fav. Song

Автор Devante Reaves ( назад)
😒😒 this shit ain't cute 

Автор CrazyBaby1095 “Nikki” ! ( назад)
why are there times in life when a song completely relates to you and you
randomly come across it. The man im "talking to" has a girlfriend. we did
NOT like eachother for a very long time and I did not persue him. out of
nowhere we caught feelings and now its a sticky situation. however I will
not pressure him to break up with her because he has to make that decision
on his own.. eventually i'll have the strength to move on or he'll make a
decision but until then,,, sideline girl.

Автор Shakira Andrews ( назад)
I love This song but yes this song say it all

Автор Isis Broadnax ( назад)
Don't ever be a sideline if he left her for u he will leave u for some
other her.....

Автор OfficialYungTruthMusic ( назад)
On repeat I feeling it

Автор Tetegotit Bhabbie ( назад)
Love it its so true

Автор Lashaunda Fears ( назад)
Still shit 💯

Автор Justice Fields ( назад)

Автор Justice Fields ( назад)
Been through some shit like this the problem was is i left then came back
he had somebody n he still wanted to be with me the only reason why i stick
with it cause he was real enough the tell me he was with somebody else that
he not with nomore now he just want me true of enough he makes me happy n i
think about him everyday ..... just don't wanna make the same mistake again

Автор Angella Gill (1000 лет назад)
I love this fuckin song bruhh I swear

Автор Phashawn Brown ( назад)
Luv this song bt im always to main girl and i get tryed of his sideline
hoes tryna fight me like wtf shouldnt of put yo self there....

Bt every sideline gurl always looking for luv n the wrong places 

Автор conica jordan ( назад)
At least she admits that she knows he choosing the other woman. Most women
try to blame and down the main chick. She is choosing to put up with the
bs. And when u make that choice you can't cry about it. I have been the
main and the side line so I feel this song on so many levels.

Автор mani blood ( назад)
Love this song wake up to it every morning like its new keep singing girl

Автор Tederian Wilson ( назад)
Ok mrs lady my women is feeling u like krazy

Автор Vick Vick ( назад)
Obviously men do leave the wife and kids for the side line chic and go on
to live a good life thats life the ones who,need to be punished dont get it
and the ones who dont need to be punished get punished. If the main chic
knows about the side chic and stays then they both are side chics and he is
no longer cheating since you know about it and stay, yall now have a one
way open relationship. But only he gets to have more relations

Автор Kennedy Carter ( назад)
Have u ever loved somebody but hes got more than one somebody😳

Автор Michelle Harris ( назад)
All to familiar 

Автор Savanna Willis ( назад)
I was just in this situation :'(

Автор Kalaysha Washington ( назад)
Love dis song

Автор lee garrett ( назад)

Автор lee garrett ( назад)
Love this song it what i am but i wasTired of it ......she helped me get
out of it

Автор Taniesha Davis ( назад)
Im in the same situation. Man i aint never felt so stupid and worthless it
dont even make since

Автор Tiffany Holston82 ( назад)
This song make me go back in to my fillings

Автор Lindsey Douglas ( назад)

Автор Dejhannique Straham ( назад)
love can be very blinding sometimes you don't always catch things first
time around it takes a second glance to know I understand her pain I've
personally been through it myself but there's so many point of views and
mishaps and misunderstandings maybe that man really loved her just didn't
know how to let go of the other woman but none the matter he shouldn't be
trying to live two lives being in love hurts especially when your trying to
find it in a bad place agreed no one is stupid or dumb they know just don't
know how to leave

Автор LATOYA CARR ( назад)

Автор aerianna wilson ( назад)
i love this song this song it gets you in your feelings to know i if he
loves you or if he don't just compare this to him and you will know what to
do its inspiration 

Автор Marlo Rogers ( назад)
This how I feel right now 😒

Автор Tana Baby ( назад)
This is a good.song 😘😘😘😍😍

Автор Tyesha Mckinney ( назад)
maaaan this shit took me back to a place buried deep in the bottom of my
heart but that shit hurts when you finally realize whats up being strong
enough to fall back 

Автор Raven Johnson ( назад)
ain't no nigga gonna leave his bitch for a bitch who knew from the jump me
had a bitch JLT


Автор Adrionna Galarza ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Ayanna Laston ( назад)
Nobody understands how a woman feel when she's in this situation.she's not
a thot she just looking for love and found it in all the wrong places

Автор Libby Hurst ( назад)
Girl dont let him hurt you

Автор ArlineDaElPacino TV ( назад)
This song is hot,I want to Colab with Reka im very interested your voice is
phenomenal, and I would really like you on some features, ArlineDaElPacino +Marcus

Автор tay wells ( назад)
Her voice and this beat 🙌👏😍

Автор Kera Williams ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Starlishia Gauldin ( назад)
I like this song and I'm not a side line chick

Автор aleyaabaee ( назад)
, fuckinn SIDE HOES Always Gah Get In the Way , 😂✋👊💯😔

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