Black People Can't Be Racist

Arguers: Paul Mooney, Michael Eric Dyson, Franchesca Ramsey
Argument: Because black Americans cannot enact racism via institutions, they cannot be racist as individuals.
Counter-Argument: Institutions and individuals are different contexts in which racism can be discussed; they should not be conflated.
Arguers' Faults: Neglecting context and splitting hairs.

Paul Mooney Interview: https://youtu.be/kcCaBsWUdf0
Michael Eric Dyson on Racism: https://youtu.be/bZ0QfLkjujY
Decoded Episode: https://youtu.be/8eTWZ80z9EE

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Автор Jazzy M ( назад)
Wait, so based on her logic, black people in south africa can be racist,
and white people can't, because black people hold the power in south

Автор Bleach ( назад)
The definition they use is pretty much the definition of fucking
colonialism...correct me if i'm wrong

Автор Ed Bowman ( назад)
I love how they say they don't have institutional power when Barack Obama
is president. What do they need? 48 presidents in a row? Also, if I were to
go to Kenya and start calling everyone a n***er am I a racist?

Автор Robert Lenn ( назад)
Ummm actually... gravity isn't stronger on Jupiter, but Jupiter's
gravitational force increases as a body's distance to Jupiter decreases.

Автор Angel S ( назад)
So are black people saying only white people can be racist because I'm
pretty sure black people are quick to point the finger at latinos and
Chinese and other races if anything negative is said about blacks. Latinos
lack the institutional powers just like black people do so Latinos then
cannot be racist as well. So if I pop off and call black people the N word
do I get to slip by with this silly logic that black people use to shield
themselves from guilt.

Автор F.I. LOWE-PERRY ( назад)
As a Displace African, I did not start racist policies, white trash did, I
have neve lynched a white piece os bigoted, and racist white piece of SHIT!
Maybe I should! I have never created any policies of segregation, Perhaps I
should! Just stay way from american white trash!
How can whites even think we are racist when you started this!!!! HELL no I
will not forgive the African HOLOCAUST! Those Khazars who call themselves
jews, will NOT let anybody forget the HOLOCAUST nor the Indigenous People
of these united HATES of america.

Автор rediculous people ( назад)
black people can't be racist is a crock of shit

Автор Warren Valion ( назад)
Morgan Freeman has the right idea.

Автор Acrux Kepler ( назад)
it's so funny how blacks makes excuses for their own racism, even going as
far as this ridiculous disgusting narrative

Автор Peyton H ( назад)
"Hey you fucking cracker" that wasn't racist because PRIVILEGE hahaha I
made up a definition of a word

Автор Hugo Santos ( назад)
Why in hell would racism be Prejudice + Power? Racist means belief (action
of believing in) on superiority of races. Racism is the practice that a
racist makes. Why would they put power in the middle? It's strictly based
off of superiority of a race or language, if we were to go much further.

Автор MrGamerMan2468 ( назад)
Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone
of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
(source: Google) this doesn't only apply to whites towards blacks it
applies to any race being prejudice to another race or ethnicity.

Автор Burger Bürger ( назад)
So there has never been a black person hiring another black person because
they're black?
I find that hard to believe, in fact one of the reasons Obama was liked so
much in 2008 was because he was supposed to be the first black president

Автор Steven ( назад)
Well what happened in Chicago two weeks ago just goes to show that black
people CAN be racist thanks to the Chicago Police Department.

Автор Erick Ellis ( назад)
This is exactly what racists would say

Автор Rod Pruitt ( назад)
I'm black. Been that way for 50 years, ans some of the most racist people I
know are black. However, If they don't want me to use the term racist to
describe them, I will call them racially prejudice - Until they try to
redefine that too

Автор Benny Danielz ( назад)
"98% of blacks are racist". -- Bill Cosby

Автор benjamin hildebrandt ( назад)
So by that logic, the head of the KKK isn't a racist as long as he's in
China? Yeah, that makes sense.

Автор mickey moo ( назад)
so their saying only white people can be racist

Автор mickey moo ( назад)
so their saying black people cant be racist because they have
justification. unlike white people who have no reason to be racist toward
black people

Автор Deathbringer99699 ( назад)
nigga please!!

Автор BlizzardChild 323 Gaming ( назад)
GENOCIDAL RACIST ASS ANIMALS incapable of living with other HUMAN BEINGS

Автор BlizzardChild 323 Gaming ( назад)
Well i will be DAMNED

Автор Mintie Rose Marie ( назад)
Except you're saying black people cant be racist because they need to
control the society into thinking their race is better. Tell me where does
it say that in a definition? We're talking about singular people. Yes they
can think their race is better and beat up/ treat white people unfairly.
Are you saying that is not racism? That is exactly racism and some black
people even admit they're racist and think white people are Satan.

Автор Princeton Jamison ( назад)
Just because you whites are so obsessed with race doesn't mean we are
to..Yes believe it or not us blacks don't give a crap about the color of
your skin we see everyone as equal.You guys should try it sometime 😃

Автор Tony Cooke ( назад)
please send her back to Africa.

Автор Joe ( назад)
Malcolm X 'If You Vote Democrat You Are A Traitor To Your Race'
#LeaveTheDemocratPlantation https://youtu.be/wIphJwy2jno

Автор Bob Mcgillicutty ( назад)
Teh white people dictionary, eh? I didn't know we had segregated
dictionaries. Where can I buy me one of these black people dictionaries?

Автор streglof ( назад)
racist individuals is not institutional racism but both are examples of

Автор glring hj ( назад)
With that argument a black man who lives in the USA with those
"prejudgments" isn't a racist. But if he goes to Jamaica or Congo where
blacks have the power he magically becomes a racist. When he returns to the
USA he stops being a racist. A year later he goes to Kenya and he is a
racist again.

Автор Khufu Hotep ( назад)
Who created the system of racism ? Not Aborigines (Black people).
When white people could not speak, bathe or walk and melanated people
(Aborigine / Black people) taught them, is that racism or even prejudice ?
After all that, the people you civilized (white people) rose up and lynch /
enslave you. You don't suppose be mad that I killed your family, be a good
slave and forget, right ? White people can't turn this around. Racism is
created for white superiority.

Автор Calvin McGee ( назад)
Sounds like to me it's levels to this shit

Автор Old Trad ( назад)
We have white power idiots, BLM, thug lifers, white folks who deny racism
exists, people who think Mexicans are an invading horde, and 2 parties in
politics bitching at other for decades and getting nothing done. The
country is full of hate and everyone has racial tendencies. Once again,
there are normal people who actually just get along and aren't idiots.

Автор Old Trad ( назад)
Once and for all: Racism is people judging people by their race. That's
all. Positive or negative. Every race on the earth is racist by their
upbringing, anyone (including black people). Whether they go forward with
this is case by case. There are actually normal people who get along just
fine despite this.

Автор Ted Dow ( назад)
it's the only card blacks have, they will NEVER give it up...

Автор Christa ray 29 ( назад)
The only way black people cant be racist is if their of some sub-human
race, anyone CAN be racist, it is not one specific race against another.

Автор john phelan ( назад)
Actually blacks & minorities have used institutions via programs such as
'positive discrimination' or 'affirmative action' (as it was later referred
to) in order to discriminate against whites in favour of blacks.I think
it's also important to point out that the term 'racism' is a universal term
for a pattern of behaviour while they appear to be restricting their
explanations to the USA.The Mugabe government has certainly employed
institutional racism & his government was largely composed of blacks.If a
white person uses racial slurs against a black person he/she is being
racist.If a black person uses racial slurs against a white person he/she is
also being racist.Indeed,if one looks at how institutions treat such
behaviour the white culprit is far more likely to experience negative
repercussions for doing so than is a black culprit.Ultimately when one
attempts to downplay negative behaviour by someone based on the racial
group they belong to one is giving them leave to behave negatively & the
consequences are never good.

Автор Umar Outstanding ( назад)
Why cant people just differentiate between individual racism and
institutional racism?

Both are racism. They just manifest differently. Problem Solved.

Автор Adrian Christ ( назад)
The thing I always wondered about this stupid ass definition of racism is
how it applies to people who aren't white. I mean, is it not racist for an
asian to hate black people? Can white people not be racist is countries
that are primary run by black people? If a white supremacist crosses the
border into Mexico, a country where white people aren't in power, does he
automatically stop being a

Anyway, the fact that a fringe minority of people believe this bullshit
doesn't bother me, it's just how fucking smug they are about it as if it's
a widely accepted definition outside of their overly liberal echo chambers

Автор OME10S ( назад)
Blacks are the biggest racists ever

Автор CJ Sirron ( назад)
My race makes me feel stupid

Автор Michelle Campbell ( назад)
white people invented racism. they went and colonized and stole other
people's land and they thought they could take over everything. Then when
they got there they told us that we weren't worth nothing. black people
cannot be racist because we did not create that system of Oppression.

Автор Moe's ( назад)
As a black person, thank you.

Автор Imsocool4321 ( назад)
these are the same people that claim women can't be sexist

Автор Sires Orb ( назад)
Yeah I never got the impression that Paul Mooney was saying Black people
cannot be Racist but rather that despite what he may have said during his
comedy shows, outside of work he personally never racially attacked someone
and meant it. So he feels that he himself isn't Racist. Which I agree with,
jokes are jokes.

Автор Jacques De Morton ( назад)
Now I understand why niggers can call other niggers niggers, but white
people can't. Now, you don't know if I an a nigger or not, so I may be a
white racist or a nigger. You don't know.

Автор DPowered Smith ( назад)
a lot of white people haven't done those things either so that argument is
invalid and hurts the message

Автор yews mell ( назад)
Wait, I'm white, yet I have no political, economical or governmental power.
Great!! I can't be racist! Yay

Автор Reverend Joe Bob ( назад)
this is stupid. my black wife is going to kick my ass if i keep watching

Автор Ztygs ( назад)
As a white person under 30, I have never told a black man where he can
live, I have never owned a restaurant or store that didn't serve black
peolpe and I've never seen a water fountain blacks were not allowed to use.
Does that mean that I cannot be racist or doesn't it count for me because
I'm too white?

Автор Animus 43 ( назад)
The definition of racism is discrimination, belief of superiority over, or
prejudice towards an ethnicity, as said by Counter Arguements. Racism can
be a small, like calling someone a racial slur. It can also be big, such as
putting up signs stating that a certain ethnicity cannot be in a certain
building, which is DESCRIMINATION. And isn't it funny how most people
claiming a black person cannot be racist IS one? If a black person wants to
be seen as equal to someone of another ethnicity, they will have to
acknowledge the fact that racism is universal, since they are
discriminating their own ethnicity by claiming they cannot be racist.

Автор Epic Life ( назад)
a black people could say were as white as paper or casper the ghost.

Автор Barbarossa ( назад)
The world of facts vs feelings!!!!!

Автор Ram Dino ( назад)
You can lie to others but you can't deny your self the truth. I don't tell
people they're racist, why should I give a shit?

Автор john john ( назад)
Another race propaganda video? Whatever...

Автор Chad M ( назад)
It is somewhat true that blacks can't be racists, when do you ever see a
black guy watching NASCAR.

Автор Daughter of Satan ( назад)
Black people CAN be racist.

Автор Richard Dryfist ( назад)
or educated

Автор Imperialist Patriarchy ( назад)
4 blacks were charged with a hate crime against kidnapping and torturing a
white male. These Black racists have been proven wrong.

Автор bee kurr ( назад)
Obama a black man was president. Shut your ignorant holes. It doesn't help
you and doesn't help black people. What these black people are saying is
that they WANT to be racist according to thier argument. dumb is dumb.
That's like me saying I cant be racist because I never owned a negro and Im
not a politician a part of an institution. "my race" half half. So one half
Armenian, genocided and Im sure black people dont give a fuck but its ok.
You didn't do it and I dont even know those guys so its not personal to me.
My family escaped. So should I hate all Turks? My other half is German. So
now the other half Genocided people. Should I feel bad? Am I German? Am
Armenian? Am I American? I am simply me and I am here. All I see is people
looking for reasons and excuses to hate everyone else. Mankind is becoming
divided on every level. FYI prejudice and discrimination​ are words used to
define racism. That's exactly what it is. You confuse bound slavery with

Автор GCleph Musique ( назад)
I can bring down the argument with one question:
What US gov't organization allows discrimination? Because of anti-
discrimination laws, they can't.

Автор SocialFever ( назад)
I've never told anyone where to live, I've never lynched anybody, and I
hold no legal power over anyone. So by Paul Mooney's definition, my white
ass cannot be racist either.

Автор TheFubbick ( назад)
These people are deluded as fuck. And Mooney IS a giant racist towards
white people and has been for decades.

Автор Wonju ( назад)
when did you observe gravity ?

Автор black industry ( назад)
Racism is a Race issue it doesn't need power saying black people don't have
enough power because there race makes you racist because you it proves that
you believe your race is superior saying white people have more power is
saying your superior because your white racism has no power. You just
dislike somebody because there not your minority

Автор kevin collins ( назад)
these edomities no who they are and what they did. point blank

Автор Jared Owen ( назад)
Is that a black Will Wheaton?

Автор FreakyLynx ( назад)
What their real argument relies on is "white privilege" and their own
feelings. They believe, or at least say they believe, that all the laws in
the country are flawed because deep down the game is rigged to help whites.

Instead of pointing out where in the institutions there is racism they
instead create vague but impossible to resist conspiracies working against
them. This is why there is never enough to get past race and move on. There
will be never enough affirmative action, there will be enough media bias
(such as we've seen recently with Chicago, or further back with how any
white on black crime = racist, while black on white crime is buried), and
if there ever were reparations (outside of entitlements, affirmative
action, etc) then that would still not be enough. The way things are going
even two hundred years from now slavery will be brought up as an argument.

What really defuses the stupidity of their argument? Look at blacks who
immigrate from Africa in the past decades, they represent far more success
stories than blacks who were born in the United States. They work towards
success, they don't work towards a handout. Look at other races in the
United States that have been highly successful in achieving the American
Dream. Do they have institutional power? Then why do they succeed when they
don't have that power?

What the "blacks can't be racist" represents is an excuse for failure. And
it is primarily used by Democrats to keep the black community under their
thumb for votes. Because nothing keeps you more loyal than a common enemy.
And... well, it's the same logic in how the Democrat party has rewritten
their own racist history to actually blame everyone else. Every pivotal
moment in overcoming race in this country was opposed by the Democrat party.

Read the book 1984 sometime, language is key to control. Those who control
the language are well on their way to controlling the mind.

Автор The Militant Atheist! Atheist ( назад)
I had a black guy tell me he had Cristal Meth and tried to bum money off me
Im 15 and I told him the truth sorry I don't have any money and he got up
and ranted about that's how white ppl are, after trying to sell me a 15
year old Cristal Meth and then trying to bum money off me Like WTF? Oh yeah
that's how white ppl are they tell you the truth and you say im bad for
it... It was in a bus station in Denver Colorado it was the first time I
traveled out of Washington, Any way it all started when Im just sitting
down next to my mom talking to a random white person I'm white as well BTW
and the black guy in all black walks up to me and says two words Smoke
weed? I laughed and he sat next to me right quick and said wanna smoke weed
I said no sorry I can't he called he bro and all this shit trynna butter me
up and then all of a sudden he's like and I quote (I got that Cristal) Keep
in mind were in a packed bus station in Denver and he's like well you got
three bucks bro? I'm like sorry I don't have any money and then my Mom says
he's a minor and he gets up and says is that you're dad and looks at the
random white guy I was talking to, again I told him the truth and said no
and he said blah blah blah about how he thinks in lying and that's how
white people are... Then go's to the water fountain and drinks while
mumbling about how im not even that good of a kid then says IM FROM THE
FASTEST CITY ON THE PLANET I kid you not and runs off... LOL what a dope
head ima rite? I gotta be honest that was on of the tensest moments in my

Автор Samual Horowitz ( назад)
I'm white. I don't own any schools, or corporations, or any institutions
with power that I benefit off so I guess I can't be racist. Thanks morons.

Автор stephan dijk ( назад)
racism is for example when a black person may not enter thee cinema for
in my eyes.
but not saying bad things about a race.

Автор Kurtis Coleman ( назад)
In this cunts logic black people who are in the legal justice system or any
other black person who is in position of power like a cop, judge, president
of the United fucking states cannot treat anyone off a lighter skin colour
like shit and cannot be classed as racist 

Автор Caramel-Flavoured Clotted Cream Foreskin Penis w/ Extra Cherry-Flavoured Condoms and Sprinkles ( назад)
A: "Can black people be racist?"
B: "No."
A: "What about black Trump supporters?"
B: "They're uninformed."
A: "What if one of them decided to start lynching Asians because of their
race? Does that mean they're not racist, but are uninformed?"

Автор Ryan Privee ( назад)
BLM, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, BET TV, all examples of
racism...affirmative action, preferential hiring based on race... So
according to these idiots, those 4 black teens/young adults who kidnapped
the special needs white kid are not racist?? Blacks killing white cops and
calling them pigs isn't racist? BLM attacking white and Asian business
owners and pedestrians isn't racist? Black Panthers, Rev. Wright and many
others who say whites needs to be exterminated are not racist?? What kind
of bullshit is that?!!

Автор Ryan Privee ( назад)
Look it up in the "white folks" dictionary? wtf

Автор TessellatedGuy ( назад)
Some people just alter the meaning of words to benefit themselves

Автор mr. martin ( назад)
black people are the most racist people on the earth

Автор Vulgar Dialectician ( назад)
8:20 talking past each other is the phrase you're looking for.

Автор DMX 4real ( назад)
Facts aren't racist, dumbass.

Автор TheGreenWondr ( назад)
One time this kid pushed my brother and when he asked why he pushed him he
said, "You pushed me! Your just saying that because I'm black *WHITE BOY!*"
Maybe that's not racist, but it idiotic.

Автор greed fox ( назад)
I'm tired of being told I'm wrong for being what I am. >:o

Автор don dadda harry potta ( назад)
I went to a elementary school where they had cracker day, a day where when
you saw a white kid you'd punch him or jump him. Kinda racist.

Автор Joe I us ever I have thatMoran ( назад)
ask them about their white peoples dictionary

Автор francis francisco ( назад)
Lol. Paul Mooney. The biggest racist on the planet promises that he's not a
raging racist.

Автор Michael Montellano ( назад)
That 1K dislikes is kinda worrying...

Автор White Devil ( назад)
Was this white guy being racist and did he deserve this?

Автор myfake account ( назад)
Language may be a human invention but the English language is of pale
people so your trying to justify white people bullshit

Автор myfake account ( назад)
Im not racist im prejudice but some people are just dumb like pale people
you just regurgitate the bullshit you here but find the definition and

Автор Jordan Alexander Howell ( назад)
The black people cant be racist argument would mean that if a black person
and a white person were alone on a desert island together the white person
could say that he hates black people and he wouldn't be considered racist
since he doesn't have any institutional power.

Автор Michael Blanton ( назад)
Gawd damned fucking niggers!

Автор Jam Iey ( назад)
Its one thing to say that institutional racism is the greater evil, its
another thing to say that individual racism isn't racism.

Автор frostymarvelous ( назад)
Or maybe he only saw the first definition dick head!
And you go on to say "the dictionary", but you mentioned there are multiple
definitions, so what are you talking about?

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