Human sperm under a microscope

Sperm under a microscope at 400 power. Shows human sperm motility and morphology. You can clearly see the difference between immotile, non-progressive, slowly motile, and rapidly motile sperm. You can also see examples of morphology issues.
This video was taken with a standard bright field microscope with an integral digital camera.

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Автор Chain Stopper14 (1876 лет назад)
After watching this,I realized that I should stop to masturbate,because
masturbation is like killing the smaller versions of us.So starting today,I
will not masturbate anymore.

Автор aneba k. (146 лет назад)
love this picture

Автор _Vanic _ ( назад)
Really, sperm the movie WOW WHAT A DUMB MOVIE ESPECIALLY "Sperm the Movie"
thats just really dumb

Автор Jenny M ( назад)
I did this with my husband's sperm with my microscope when we were newly
married. There were so many many you could not even count them. And those
suckers could swim. It is amazing that I don't have 30 children.

Автор jurdraw ( назад)
its rush hour.

Автор jurdraw ( назад)
one year later.

Автор james ong ( назад)

Автор CRaptor ( назад)
you have a second life here...

Автор Archie Bunker ( назад)
Dude! You've got an extremely low sperm count! Lose the tighty-whiteys!

Автор ashley lim ( назад)
@cameliamagherescu i think you are curious about boys sperm

Автор Wolf O'Scumbag ( назад)
Do you even lift,phaggots!?But dad,we're only sperm cells!

Автор Luca94 ( назад)
Its funny how there just chilling in my balls right now wanting to get out,
little do they know that if they do get out their population will decrease
and end up getting flushed down the toilet. Poor little me's....

Автор agus sudiastara ( назад)
but how we count them ?

Автор SunriseHealthFoods ( назад)
uhhh, no.

Автор Flemlen Huzer ( назад)
Looks like shit

Автор SunriseHealthFoods ( назад)

Автор SunriseHealthFoods ( назад)
do, but im damn well gonna try and get one.

Автор Tariq Hassan ( назад)
A lot of dead ones there

Автор Jabneel Olivares ( назад)
So I can jerk off and all that would be there?

Автор Ronn Jackson (Lil Amaru) ( назад)
ppl swallow it bcuzz sperm contains alot of fiber, protein n minerals and
it strengthens your blood flow, heart, and Lungs However if your partner
has a disease such as HIV it can get transmitted so make sure you have a
sex test 1st other than that it is completely SAFE to swallow. sperm is
made 95% of water

Автор Monlith ( назад)
Either you havent seen sperm or your just joking.

Автор Monlith ( назад)
Well if those are tadpoles then i bet the source was a frog.

Автор bowlcrazy99 ( назад)
finally someone who has the same idea as me!!! i always love watching these
sort of videos because it just amazes me

Автор Dylan D Fleck ( назад)
Wow! It is truly amazing seeing how us as humans started from something so
small and eventually developed a brain and eyes and everything else in just
9 months of being pregnant. Truly amazing. I have always been an atheist
but after seeing how life begins I have been starting to think that maybe
there is a god (sorry don't mean to bring religion into this). It is just
amazing seeing how we come into this world and how the human brain works
and the emotions we have. I cant even comprehend it. 

Автор rtgefgefefef ( назад)
omg i have babies!!!

Автор josh rowe ( назад)
Damn so every time I bust a nut I kill like 150 babies?

Автор Tre Bond ( назад)
are the slow moving ones the retarded 1s ? 

Автор antolino ballejos ( назад)
Dude I have that inside of me

Автор PennBratz ( назад)
I'm never having sex. Especially if the guy has a parasite!

Автор seafisherman80 ( назад)
nice bouch of lads!!

Автор oAlviin ( назад)
I'm the one in the right corner

Автор Roger Clemens ( назад)
Actually for anyone wondering, your body would spit the seeds out in the

Автор Mototuative ( назад)

Автор chanel #2 ( назад)
They remind me so much of some tadploes i found in a mini waterfall once

Автор Brraaap ( назад)
You cant remeber whats its like if you WERE a sperm since your brain isnt
even developed yet

Автор mick tellerino ( назад)
@mazhiyuan1 that's actually the price a homosexual male pays! Lesbians turn
into fish!

Автор jane of many trades ( назад)
odd question. How long can sperm live outside the body. Like they do in
sperm banks. Is there some kind of special formula needed or do they die
once they hit air?

Автор David McBride ( назад)
If u don't have sex for a long time they will turn in to frogs trust me

Автор SunriseHealthFoods ( назад)
i looked at my own sperm. When i looked down at the microscope, it nearly
knocked me offf my chair... i could see millions of sperm flitting about...
looking in vain for an egg...

Автор Fallout Maniac ( назад)
is it possible for someone to remeber when that person was a sperm cell plz

Автор Aryo Purwanto ( назад)
the biologycal in germany isb that the sperm is ture about this
magnificent, so we reduce the baby like this 

Автор AliJaeJR (2024 года назад)
Wow. That's crazy to see.. people talk about how quick sperm move but
actually seeing this... it seems educational for sure.

Автор Reflexez ( назад)

Автор davidf183 ( назад)
Ad spermicide to em

Автор _greyfox() ( назад)
@kailsan At what age?

Автор zack nunya ( назад)
hey i have some of those!

Автор metalgearrexlover ( назад)
why are those things(don't know how to spell in english)cute ?

Автор jamesjad11 ( назад)
This is for Bigboy46. What is going on in your head? First you seem to have
no respect for yourself because your calling yourself " mentaly retarded."
Second, why do you wish for all males to not have sperm and not make
babies? If you get rid of sperm and babies how will we have a new
generation? Eventualy we would die altogether and that would be the end of
human race because we no longer had the ability to reproduce. Third why are
you complaing of not having a girlfriend when you dont want to

Автор dasdafoij ( назад)
@KokopelliTech LOL. "BTW, I have a PhD in science. I do not remember the
last time some one called me an idiot". Idiot.

Автор Marian Ware ( назад)
@KokopelliTech This is a great video. I almost fell out when I read the
opinion that these were tadpoles. I'm constantly amazed at how little
interest people seem to have in the functioning of their own bodies.
Amazing. Oh, if you stick around on YouTube, you'll get called an idiot a
lot. I get called names all the time; but it always seems to be by people
who've spent about 9 years less than I working on my education. Funny how I
ended up not knowing anything... just like you. Welcome. 

Автор TheDrummerboy1999 ( назад)
It's weird knowing that's moving inside me RIGHT now

Автор MIKEANTHONY321 ( назад)

Автор h3aveNsHaZe ( назад)
@KokopelliTech My sir! You have lovely sperm cells, gratz!

Автор joe bama ( назад)
@Lydonboyy well...not now

Автор Ellis Lydon ( назад)
just to think, that could be the next president...

Автор TheJonny6464 ( назад)
Two of them form a smiley face... Lol just sayin'

Автор Gamebito ( назад)
Looks like one of those movies they show you in High school... lol

Автор Jeffrey Maxim ( назад)
@KokopelliTech those are tadpoles, idiot. learn some science.

Автор teknul89 ( назад)
I only see Sperm not a Human Face :(

Автор teknul89 ( назад)
@8stewiegriffin is not fake thats how Sperm is

Автор TrevorGobely69 ( назад)
hey look its me!

Автор 857frank ( назад)
@TheBigboy46 Much safer when you're severely retarded like me, my sperm
tries to boil the egg for three minutes thus destroying it.

Автор jogguy13 ( назад)
Aren't they Tryin to look for the egg??

Автор pkedjustin ( назад)
thansk guys for answering my question

Автор adam apolinar ( назад)
@pkedkustin it's clear because u r young when u r older u will produce
white sperm don't worry bro I'm 15 I'm chainging to

Автор LamboK28992 ( назад)
@pkedjustin It will become white as you become older...because you are very
young you are not producing much sperm and the fluid is just semen without
much sperm in it. It will get white as you get older, don't worry about it,
you are completely normal.

Автор pkedjustin ( назад)
guys i need help and i am worried... i am 13 and i know puberty has set in
because hair is growing on top of my penis but the problem is when i
masturbate my sperm is clear. also i don't even know it it is sperm i am
just guessing because it feels different (more stickier and slipperier)
than water (i masturbate in bathtub after shower) and it looks clear... i
heard normal sperm is white and i don't know plz help me i am worried that
its not semen and that in sterile!!!! ii need anyone to pm me

Автор Flamemouse ( назад)
so cute they are all swimming :)

Автор martinh88 ( назад)
what are they doing?

Автор Qcumber ( назад)
It's a classic.

Автор Princze ( назад)
We were things like that! Wee =)

Автор Jalen Burroughs ( назад)

Автор kailsan ( назад)
in your country you can get sterilised at that age :O ???

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
I have wonderful news! We got the full report in today. The motility is
normal and so is the morphology! His count is low, but he has an appt with
a urologist in Dec. His primary dr said that LSP is an easy thing to
remedy! :)

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
Thank you for thie info! :)

Автор COREkilz ( назад)
YES YES YEEEEEEESS!!!! thank you :)

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
Thats what we did. He produced the sample at home, but he still felt like
he HAD, to and took away the fun, LOL. Can you look with a regular
microscope at home? Thats awesome. I nver thought of that. Is there a way
to do it at home and check the count?

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
Thank you so much! Do you know if it is possible for , ahem, a small sample
to affect results?. I am trying to think of a discreet way to put this. He
was pressured and did not even come CLOSE to the same amount he
would...ummmmm, give during normal relations. It is usually a large amount
and for the test, it was only a couple drops. Could tat affect it? Thanks!

Автор Alex Dm9 ( назад)
Slowly motile sperm is motile.

Автор COREkilz ( назад)
can i so get children?!?!

Автор COREkilz ( назад)
YES it mean 400x but you can see them at 80x 100x ;)

Автор Vedeno95 ( назад)
400 power, does that mean 400x ?? PLEASE ANSWER!

Автор COREkilz ( назад)
girl no sex?

Автор snower5554 ( назад)
who's is it?

Автор COREkilz ( назад)
i have tested my sperm and this time i used a microscope... i see fishes
swimming just like in the video.. is that alive semen?

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
Ok, here's the scoop so far. We are awaiting the full report. The initail
count for him is low, being under only 1 million per ml, which is bad. But,
we are waiting to hear the morphology report. the liquification was normal
for him. I really think there may be a possibility that the test may be
off. He was a little "pressured" to do it, and the results werent, well,
lets just say, there wasnt much to work with, LOL. So, we are waiting for
the full report. I will keep you posted! :)

Автор MrToAsT14 ( назад)
no...no i dont, about 90% of the ppl usually dont want to get sterilised,
all though the fast breeding of humanity is causing starvation, we cant do
anything baout it, maybe nuke half the population lol jk i SAID jk...

Автор MrToAsT14 ( назад)
if i want to then i dunno 2...but we want to when we want to

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
i knew this would happen i mean dont you find it weired all these comments
in your inbox? xD

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
Thank you for your kind words. We have wanted a child for so long. We had
just dreamed of Christmases with children opening presents, and Halloweens
where we can carve pumpkins with them. There may be a tiny glimmer of hope
for us, we have to discuss with our doctor our options.

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
no you need a life just because you dont want children doesnt mean everyone
shouldnt metallicaalldway is right you should just go die

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
I didnt even read what you wrote about it, it has already been removed. But
if it makes you any happier, we found out today that we will never be able
to have children of our own. We have tried for years, but the results today
were heartbreaking. But, bigbat boy, what exactly are you trying to prove?
So you were sterilized, do you want a scooby snack or something? It is no
big deal to me. As a matter of fact, I think it was terrific that you were.
IYou are too childish to procreate.

Автор Kari Hurlockor ( назад)
This is really interesting. My husband and I are trying to conceive, and we
are awaiting the sperm analysis results. I am HOPING we have some "good
swimmers" like some of these! :)

Автор TheIslandBorn ( назад)
Alright I understand.

Автор TheIslandBorn ( назад)
You were a child before :P Depends on how you treat them.

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
give me one good reson why the human spieces should end why? if it werent
for us humans oyu wouldnt be here on youtube so dont be a dumbass

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
SO FUCKIGN WHAT?! like thta he could make a baby and like that he is
helping the world to keep the human spieces alive if you dont want to take

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
hate to break it down for ya buddy but sperm does exist deal with it

Автор MrToAsT14 ( назад)
r u a girl bg bat boy? cause u r a sexist!

Автор kingstomman ( назад)
wtf do you mean they have no right for making babies now your suddenly
their master or something everyone has the right to have babies so they
could keep the human speices alive give me 1 good reson why ppl should even
be having baibies dont give me the bullshit like spemr is a dengerous
material sperm aint a dangerous material it cant kill you

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