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Автор Gerald Ian (12 дней)
After watching this,I realized that I should stop to masturbate,because
masturbation is like killing the smaller versions of us.So starting today,I
will not masturbate anymore.

Автор aneba k. (9 месяцев)
love this picture

Автор _Vanic _ (1 год)
Really, sperm the movie WOW WHAT A DUMB MOVIE ESPECIALLY "Sperm the Movie"
thats just really dumb

Автор COREkilz (5 лет)
YES YES YEEEEEEESS!!!! thank you :)

Автор Luca94 (2 года)
Its funny how there just chilling in my balls right now wanting to get out,
little do they know that if they do get out their population will decrease
and end up getting flushed down the toilet. Poor little me's....

Автор jurdraw (1 год)
one year later.

Автор rtgefgefefef (2 года)
omg i have babies!!!

Автор Ellis Lydon (4 года)
just to think, that could be the next president...

Автор Alex Dm9 (5 лет)
Slowly motile sperm is motile.

Автор KokopelliTech (5 лет)
Hi, Your choice seems like a very responsible thing to do. I applaud your
proactive behavior. I think many people objected because they thought you
were saying all men should get sterilized. That seemed a bit over the top.
Thanks for the info.

Автор KokopelliTech (5 лет)
Karen, I have heard of women conceiving when their partner's sperm count
was this low. Motility will be important. Some andrologists have techniques
to improve conception by semen washing techniques. You still have hope. Let
us know how it goes.

Автор SuperTroubling (2 года)
um this scares me D:

Автор TheJonny6464 (4 года)
Two of them form a smiley face... Lol just sayin'

Автор HTFCbarmyarmyHTFC (5 лет)
i won the race

Автор TrevorGobely69 (5 лет)
hey look its me!

Автор agus sudiastara (2 года)
but how we count them ?

Автор MyLitteDeathWish (5 лет)
;[ They scare me

Автор kingstomman (5 лет)
no you need a life just because you dont want children doesnt mean everyone
shouldnt metallicaalldway is right you should just go die

Автор looneyirish (4 года)
@jmaxim2001 your a fooking dope

Автор sohok8 (5 лет)
omg i dont really wanna masturbate after this

Автор Kari Hurlockor (5 лет)
I have wonderful news! We got the full report in today. The motility is
normal and so is the morphology! His count is low, but he has an appt with
a urologist in Dec. His primary dr said that LSP is an easy thing to
remedy! :)

Автор CRaptor (2 года)
you have a second life here...

Автор kingstomman (5 лет)
SO FUCKIGN WHAT?! like thta he could make a baby and like that he is
helping the world to keep the human spieces alive if you dont want to take

Автор COREkilz (5 лет)
girl no sex?

Автор kingstomman (5 лет)
what does mild mentally retardness have to do with hating sperm? what are
you doing is a bad thing now this may be sound stupid but there will be
some stupid guy who will get sterelised because of you and like that your
killing unborn babies

Автор KokopelliTech (5 лет)
If what you see looks like the video you are seeing live sperm.

Автор pkedjustin (5 лет)
thansk guys for answering my question

Автор skull retared (4 года)

Автор pkedjustin (5 лет)
guys i need help and i am worried... i am 13 and i know puberty has set in
because hair is growing on top of my penis but the problem is when i
masturbate my sperm is clear. also i don't even know it it is sperm i am
just guessing because it feels different (more stickier and slipperier)
than water (i masturbate in bathtub after shower) and it looks clear... i
heard normal sperm is white and i don't know plz help me i am worried that
its not semen and that in sterile!!!! ii need anyone to pm me

Автор kingstomman (5 лет)
sorry but that will never happen no one is stupid enough to get sterlised
except you no one is stupid enough to say lets end the human spieces except
you so that will never happen

Автор teknul89 (4 года)
I only see Sperm not a Human Face :(

Автор TheDrummerboy1999 (4 года)
It's weird knowing that's moving inside me RIGHT now

Автор seafisherman80 (3 года)
nice bouch of lads!!

Автор allenmanunited (3 года)
We all started like that ...and ended up looking up this vid on YouTube lol
...funny how life works

Автор Chiny81 (5 лет)
why your hopeless please kill youself as soon as possible..thanks

Автор robloxkhoa (2 года)
aw sick

Автор james ong (1 год)

Автор Ronn Jackson (2 года)
ppl swallow it bcuzz sperm contains alot of fiber, protein n minerals and
it strengthens your blood flow, heart, and Lungs However if your partner
has a disease such as HIV it can get transmitted so make sure you have a
sex test 1st other than that it is completely SAFE to swallow. sperm is
made 95% of water

Автор RP Films (5 лет)
You were a child before :P Depends on how you treat them.

Автор SunriseHealthFoods (2 года)
uhhh, no.

Автор aShoe0o (5 лет)
1.You have no logic. 2.You have no idea what you're talking about. 3.You
don't make any sense. 4.You cuss, therefore, you are immature. 5.You think
just cause you're mentally retarded, you will never father your own child.

Автор PennBratz (3 года)
I'm never having sex. Especially if the guy has a parasite!

Автор Jabneel Olivares (2 года)
So I can jerk off and all that would be there?

Автор KokopelliTech (5 лет)
I find the discussion interesting. But, please refrain from profanity and
please treat one another with respect. Karen, Care to share? Some would be
interested in your options and you might get some insights from others here.

Автор loverboy23ish (5 лет)
depends on what you mean by wet. like wet dream. were you cum in your
sleep. or pee wet.

Автор jellyfish1995 (5 лет)

Автор Tre Bond (2 года)
are the slow moving ones the retarded 1s ?

Автор KokopelliTech (5 лет)
Karen, I am so sorry to hear of your news. I know what a roller coaster
trying to conceive can be. Unfortunately, all I can offer are my sympathies
and best wishes.

Автор jane of many trades (3 года)
odd question. How long can sperm live outside the body. Like they do in
sperm banks. Is there some kind of special formula needed or do they die
once they hit air?

Автор MrToAsT14 (5 лет)
no...no i dont, about 90% of the ppl usually dont want to get sterilised,
all though the fast breeding of humanity is causing starvation, we cant do
anything baout it, maybe nuke half the population lol jk i SAID jk...

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