WW2-Diorama-part6- Making-Mud-and-Rubble

In this installment of the Make a World War 2 Diorama I show you how to add building wreckage and rubble and how to make mud and muddy areas. Lots of diorama stuff on my website. If you are interested in the Tutorial on how to make Rubble out of cork the video is here:

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Автор drummerboy6358 (387 лет назад)
To make mud I actually first painted my Plaster Paris a mud color. After
that dried I got a spray bottle 1/4 of it was glue 1/2 was water and the
other quarter was space to shake. Then I just sprayed a bunch of it all
over the painted plaster. The more the glue the thicker the mud it look the
look was not soo bad.

Автор Grant Alba ( назад)
I tried using hair gel and color kinda made it glossy but i add dirt still

Автор onur97able ( назад)
What paint you suggest for painting for sand bags i have only revell colors

Автор GM HorsePower ( назад)
I use backyard dirt, elmers glue and water to make a nice sticky mud. 

Автор fizzypine ( назад)
Jeez nice mud! 

Автор fizzypine ( назад)
I love this diorama. great job

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@TheModelFanatic yes, absolutely.

Автор Griffin Boss ( назад)
Could you use the mud to put on your model tank, so it looks muddy?

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@brickingawesome great suggestion! thanks

Автор R0BBiE-B ( назад)
great way to do mud is put your glue down and sprinkle on some coffee
powder or tea it also smells very nice

Автор MrOverlord1000 ( назад)
i sense that the anti tank canon is a german pack if im wrong please tell

Автор epicfantasy (1576 лет назад)
@101specialforce yes, definitely

Автор Jake Abejuela ( назад)
For the rubble can I use Styrofoam instead of cork?

Автор Jake Abejuela ( назад)
@iiTheEpiicGamersxx No, The tank is a Sherman the M10 looks a lot different
than the Sherman.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@h4rdkorrl4rm4 This is a great idea! Thanks. Terrific to improvise
something rather than buying it.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@chocolatebananna I have a whole bunch of tutorials on making water,
waterfalls, water effects, waves and more. either do a search of my vids or
click on my diorama playlist. Water is a lot of fun in dioramas and it can
look terrific.

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
amazon, try looking for Tamiya, that's the company that makes them. I have
links & lists on my website.

Автор James Xerri (Puyol) ( назад)
hey where do u get your figures from i cant find a deccent set

Автор jordan blakeley ( назад)
Awesome dude ur really talented

Автор T. Conde ( назад)
@tigaskonde nevermind you alreay have one sorry i didnt saw it

Автор T. Conde ( назад)
can you make a diorama about the movie 300 in the final battle? I have a
school work and i going to make that maybe you could make one too :)

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
@yodabora You are so right about this. Weathering makes a big difference.
Just wanted to finish off the series. But I really should do a vid or two
about weathering. That subject deserves special attention. Thanks :)

Автор klayer91 ( назад)
how do you detail the trench and foxholes 

Автор NewBlood0 ( назад)
this is the best tut Ive ever seen I'm a beginner i get the tamiya brand
that you have to put together is there a brand you don't have to put

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
This is such a great idea! I never thought of it. I will tinker with lights
and see how this would look as a night scene. A night scene diorama is such
a great idea. Thanks!

Автор epicfantasy ( назад)
Thanks, good comment:) I really could get more in depth but I tend to keep
it easier. This is more of an introductory overall tutorial on how to make
a World War 2 diorama. Maybe I will add weathering and scaling in the

Автор syszone ( назад)
Please do not take my comment as ignorant criticism bro, it is just advise
may be because of fast coming tutorial you might have over look the most
impotent part is the weathering on building and PAK40 and Tanks and the
scale of barb wire might be too big for 72nd scale... building red bricks
could be improved too, to make it more realistic ... other wise nice
storyline, great tutorial. i will do similar for my PAK40 72nd scale soon
... happy modeling

Автор sethja8 ( назад)

Автор seandavidr ( назад)
Is that gloss medium similar to clear caulk? It's probably the same price
so it doesn't matter. Also is it possible to use floor wax as a water

Автор Happy Gangoo ( назад)

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