New singers and hmong Artists collaboration DEDICATED this song "MUS ZOO VAJ HMOOB" to GENERAL VANG PAO, Please subscribe this and share to all the hmong people no matter where you are. Thank you all for the support of General Vang Pao. We will always remember your sacrifice for Hmong people. Mus zoo koj mog peb txiv vaj hmoob.

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Автор Mai Yang (11 месяцев)
It was all good. until the raping O.o

Автор tyangproductions (1 год)
Those 26 who dislikes this is a shame of us hmong people ! Go to hell you
people ! This songs mean a lot ! So just dont dislike it ! Or hell you guys
are some retarded people ! -TRUEisDOPE <3

Автор lo12311 (1 год)
It is only a conflict if one thinks highly of themselves instead of
accepting that many religion is a way of life not a way to destroy each
other. We are not animals so why judge each other for what they believe in.
I believe the old way but I do not judge those who believes in another
because you believe in what helps you and your family. We have to stand
united to better our people and future.

Автор lillie67 (2 года)

Автор hmongpride916 (2 года)
Love the Song....but the guy shoulda rapped in hmong....he sorta killed it

Автор kchmoobhawj (1 год)
i dont care about what people say. General Vang Pao will always be in my
heart, he is a good leader and a good vaaj hmoob. without him hmong people
will only be with greed and hatre. but to all the hmong people and board
leader ,even if the General had pasted we should not let his success go
down the drain.

Автор Angle lor (1 год)

Автор sunshyne moua (1 год)
it is so good!!!!!

Автор keng her (2 года)
Lus Nyiaj Lus Kub Our General Vang Pao Hav Left To Us At 4:47 thru
5:13..Mus Ua Neej...:((

Автор jt moua (1 год)
May this culture survive.

Автор vang choua yang (2 года)
10 mint song is a bit too long

Автор megayang1000 (1 год)
reall sad for me

Автор GSMILEntertainment (1 год)
I got a feeling that religious is going to be next. Shaman Vs.
Christainity. I think its going to be a major role in our community in the
US. I just want to let everyone know that we don't want to repeat what
other religious, culture and race has been through it. WE all should
reunite and overcome it! Life is precious. Help one another. Love one

Автор ObYagTxha (2 года)
did anyone notice the three "mafia"?

Автор jackson ly (2 года)

Автор Ma Yang (1 год)
and after two years ever since he was gone til now...i am still crying miss
him wish he have never left us:'(

Автор hmoogboigood (2 года)
@TheAznIvan wat your saying is actually true if we do that then other races
are going to think we are races for only doin that holiday for the hmong
peoples only..we got to let the other races in to so we can commute and
actually unite with this country better you cant just expect them to let
you do this for just the just the hmong peoples. i agree with you hahah who
ever else does thumbs up

Автор Ocbonee (1 год)
J4 without you again this year... we miss you ..

Автор skywarrior thunder (2 года)
@TheMoua07 be strong people. he is not the first or the last. we gotta keep
moving on strong.

Автор Lee Saykerlor (1 год)
koj tuag zoo lawm nawb xav txog taum ub koj tua cov txiv neej ua nrog koj
ua tab ham es luag poj niam me nyuam mo es luag thov los tsev xwb koj tsi
kam es cia li tua kiag laws xwb kav tsij mus es tsev 6 laws

Автор Temujin vang (1 год)
Feel sorry for all you ungrateful idiots ..don't remember who brought your
sorryazz here ..every ethnic group has a leader..yours must be the
communist .. R.I.P GVP you will be miss

Автор 392jkyiv (2 года)
hmong still need a lot of collaboration to fix together..not just singing a
song together..this is only the beginning..we haven't start anything yet,
at all

Автор steve thao (2 года)
if i can trade my life for his life

Автор malee yang (1 год)
Brina Vang <3

Автор Molly Her (2 года)
it was a rainy day for everyone...... but now the clouds has clear and i
hope this will only make us stronger...... much love to hmong people and
please love eachother it's what our FATHER would of want....

Автор annolov3r (1 год)
shame that u just realize who our leader is...sad...really sad...till the
day he die and u recognize how is our leader...

Автор Lillian Vang (1 год)
so sad....love the song:)

Автор hmoobs1 (9 месяцев)
Ir was a beautiful song tributed to a great leader until some punk had to
ruin this beautiful song by throwing his bling bling 59 cents wanto to be
in. Smh. Why the rapping? Your head must be between your legs when you
produced this nice piece of work!

Автор ying vang (2 года)
i love this song! it almost made me cry. however; don't take this the wrong
way, i don't mean to offend anyone at any case, the only thing i don't like
about this song is the over use of the auto tone. i am pretty sure it will
sound way better with just the singer and THEIR voices. keep up the good
work. i am proud.

Автор mouake (2 года)
@yasumpuss1ey you should be grateful that you are even here in the united
states. 1. if you were in his shoes what would you do? the war was "over"
yet Hmongs were still being slaughtered and raped. 2. he collected money
for warfare, why did you think he got arrested for when the plan went awry?
3. why wouldn't he side with the CLAN he is from and the same group that he
created for the hmong new year? there was a lawsuit in the early 90s that
the court gave the rights to the

Автор Gaomee Lee (1 год)

Автор Precious Vang (2 года)
Respect Vang Pao and RIP but the only man in my life is Christ.

Автор 66SiK (2 года)
I think alot of young people just pretend to know who GVP was by what they
heard about him. I'll be honest, my gramps used to fight along side him and
just let me say, he wasn't as "nice" as most Hmong folks make him out to
be. He even ordered Hmong people to be killed back in the days on many

Автор FiveStarAce (2 года)
Before we get to be where we want to be, there are many things on the way
that we have to face that we have never face in our life time. Money will
make us KILL one and another (BLIND OUR EYES), Religion Will make us KILL
one and another (BLIND OUR EYES) and last but not least POLITIC WILL MAKE

Автор Zchen Thao (1 год)
The guys, did everything else, the girls were vocalist only... now thinka
bout it...

Автор Tounhia Vang (1 год)
i respect GVP for what he done in his life, his struggle to bring the
amount of hmong with him and the amount he have to leave behind. now he
gone, those who are left behind, dont really need to find a new leader. i
love being hmong, i have my pride just as much as many other hmong who is
living in the united state. It dont matter if you're Shamen or Christian,
your blood is still Hmong from your mom and dad to your grandpa and grandma.

Автор soulK0LLECT0R (2 года)
who is the singer at 5:45 - 6:06

Автор Kathey thao (2 года)

Автор hmoob31 (1 год)
Thanks a lot to our lovely singers. Not only general vang pao, you will be
graved in our mind and our heart for ever and ever.

Автор neegmuajnqis (1 год)
Zaj nkauj nov tu siab heev li mloog ua rau kua muag poob tsis tu li:[[ Thov
qhuas cov hu zaj nkauj no.

Автор jenva27 (2 года)
This song is really great and it make me miss GVP

Автор steve thao (9 месяцев)
who is this band

Автор Hang Haam (2 года)
very nice song to GVP who is our great leader i bet he will wish u guy good
luck for dedicating tis song 4 him

Автор gproducshizz hmong (1 год)
no offense, but i gave it a try...and this was a boring song. melody, not
catchy, not interesting.

Автор shue xiong (7 месяцев)
It would have been better if the rap was in Hmong.

Автор steve thao (1 год)
this song is saddest for all HMONG IN THE WORLD

Автор IV23 (2 года)
I think that we shouldn't be saying that we'd trade our lives for his life,
but instead finding how we can improve our lives to carry on GVP's legacy
and promote the Hmong.

Автор Abbc Dde (2 года)
people that dislike this song about GVP is dumb

Автор Theloswing Lubsuab (2 года)
Well, there is a shorter one for DEMO, and this song here is the original.

Автор Tshuaj Vang (8 месяцев)
wtf meka rap lol ua cas tsis yog hmoob rap ne lol

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