New singers and hmong Artists collaboration DEDICATED this song "MUS ZOO VAJ HMOOB" to GENERAL VANG PAO, Please subscribe this and share to all the hmong people no matter where you are. Thank you all for the support of General Vang Pao. We will always remember your sacrifice for Hmong people. Mus zoo koj mog peb txiv vaj hmoob.

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Длительность: 10:8
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Автор seevyees thoj ( назад)
vim peb tsuas yug los ua ib zaug hmoob xwb 

Автор hmoob31 ( назад)
Good song, I love it so much. Rov los ua peb vaj hmoob ib zaug ntxiv os.

Автор MrNytekrawler ( назад)
Fres Thao still a beast! Haters gunna hate! 

Автор Shanley Yang ( назад)
lol until the raping. not to make fun of you but its rapping.

Автор Ntxawg Vang ( назад)
42 dislike... are u fcking white wash... bitch!!!! go to hell... we dont
want u to be hmong anyway!!! 

Автор Xian Bèifēng chù ( назад)
dont hate, u cant even do like them

Автор d kash ( назад)
i wanna eat their girl mouths!! haha

Автор Tou Lee ( назад)

Автор shue xiong ( назад)
It would have been better if the rap was in Hmong.

Автор Hmoob Yaj ( назад)
Wow Amanda Vang, she's getting better at singing

Автор hmoob VAM KHOM ( назад)
Good song, I like it very much

Автор Saint Xinsis ( назад)
41 people ain't Hmoob!

Автор Tshuaj Vang ( назад)
wtf meka rap lol ua cas tsis yog hmoob rap ne lol

Автор hmoob VAM KHOM ( назад)
I'm proud to what GVP has done for all of us. You are among the best of
the good leader of the world.

Автор hmoobs1 ( назад)
Ir was a beautiful song tributed to a great leader until some punk had to
ruin this beautiful song by throwing his bling bling 59 cents wanto to be
in. Smh. Why the rapping? Your head must be between your legs when you
produced this nice piece of work!

Автор T'RUK LOVEMUKMUK ( назад)
love it

Автор steve thao ( назад)
who is this band

Автор steve thao ( назад)
who is this band

Автор Finn The Human ( назад)
GVP can eat a dick

Автор Stephanie Yang ( назад)
This song makes me cry until the rapping part

Автор Mai Yang ( назад)
It was all good. until the raping O.o

Автор forevame69 ( назад)
i like dis song

Автор mcy916 ( назад)
your hmong are missing some letters or u either put in the wrong letters

Автор KPOPISTHEBEST ( назад)
Who's Sing this song Do You Know ?

Автор KPOPISTHEBEST ( назад)
Who's Sing the FIRST song ?

Автор KPOPISTHEBEST ( назад)
Who's Sing The First Song ??

Автор Tibbers Hollywood ( назад)
R I P General V.P see u at the other side.

Автор snow Vang ( назад)
really? did they?

Автор Hareta Moua ( назад)
who was the rapper on 7:48?? xD He's Beast!!!

Автор Sasta Sasi ( назад)
เป็นอะไรที่ อธิบายไม่ได้เลย --------ซาบซึ้งมากเป็นภาพที่ประทับใจ
และเป็นบทเพลงที่ไพเราะมากกกก เท่าที่ฟังมาเลย
------ภูมิใจที่ได้เกิดมาเป็นม้ง มากกกกกก----------- เป็นเพลงที่
เพราะจริงๆๆๆ สวยงามมากกกกกกกก-นักร้องทั้งหลายยยยย
สุดยอดมากก............ฟังเมื่อไหร่ น้ำตาก็ยังไหลออกมา-----

Автор MissAngeyVang ( назад)
Great collaboration you guys... just watching your whole video made me have
tears. Awesome job.. keep up the good work.

Автор mai Thao ( назад)
wow nice song i love it n they alll have nice vioce hahahaha

Автор mai Thao ( назад)
ohhh nice song i love it

Автор mai Thao ( назад)
ohhh nice song i love it

Автор YourUserNameSucksx10 ( назад)
GENERAL VANG PAO was poisoned by the c.i.a. He was murder to stop going to
war with the communist party. Which the Paris treaty states that America
may not return to that part of asia in order to keep peace in that region.

Автор d kash ( назад)
i like the girl singin

Автор Yee Moua ( назад)
I remember crying when they played this song at the MN-Hmong New Year in

Автор BestAsianGamefowl ( назад)
Wish him and his family well. He lead his beloved people to a land where
his children may have opportunities. Let's make him proud by becoming a all
that we can be. I'm so proud of our people's success and I only hope that
we can grow from his passing. Thank you for all you have done, Father GVP.
Thank you for the time and dedication for writing and singing this song...
He is well deserving of the love and support.

Автор BestAsianGamefowl ( назад)
Wish him and his family well. He lead his beloved people to a land where
his children may have opportunities. Let's make him proud by becoming a all
that we can be. I'm so proud of our people's success and I only hope that
we can grow from his passing. Thank you for all you have done, Father GVP.

Автор AiZeN ( назад)
this song is so sad and i love this song soooooo much

Автор Thai Yang ( назад)
txhua yam zoo tag lawm tiam sis tshuav ib qho tsis tau zoo txaus yog nej
tsis hnav khaub ncaws hmong xwb too bad so sad guys.

Автор Lee Saykerlor ( назад)
koj tuag zoo lawm nawb xav txog taum ub koj tua cov txiv neej ua nrog koj
ua tab ham es luag poj niam me nyuam mo es luag thov los tsev xwb koj tsi
kam es cia li tua kiag laws xwb kav tsij mus es tsev 6 laws

Автор bittermelonleaf ( назад)
This is one of those few songs that aren't copied. It sounds great.

Автор Chia Vang ( назад)
We miss you, GVP. I love this song so meaningful to me. Keep up the great
work brothers and sister.Thanks for sharing.

Автор bee xiong ( назад)
Fres Thao

Автор der yang ( назад)
i miss GVP 2 :'(

Автор der yang ( назад)
i miss him so much :'(

Автор Charles Vang ( назад)
who is the rapper?

Автор hmoob Swoouup ( назад)
Hi Kao!!:D

Автор Mai ka Vang ( назад)
this song makes me wanna cry already just watching the begining.

Автор Tou Lee Yang ( назад)
LOVED THIS!!! awsome work! Really Touching.

Автор annolov3r ( назад)
shame that u just realize who our leader is...sad...really sad...till the
day he die and u recognize how is our leader...

Автор herbie451 ( назад)
Beautiful song and great collaboration!

Автор Temujin vang ( назад)
Feel sorry for all you ungrateful idiots ..don't remember who brought your
sorryazz here ..every ethnic group has a leader..yours must be the
communist .. R.I.P GVP you will be miss

Автор Nacy Vang ( назад)
i was there. oh god.

Автор Chia Vang ( назад)
I show this to my mom and she was cry. We will always remember you. You
will always be in our heart FOREVER VAJ HMOOB

Автор malee yang ( назад)
Brina Vang <3

Автор fairytail526 ( назад)
29 people are a mut

Автор jt moua ( назад)
May this culture survive.

Автор nyob qhov no ( назад)
gvp did a great job for us hmong (isreal) brought us out of laos (egypt)
remember not to forget who the true saviour is.

Автор Zchen Thao ( назад)
The guys, did everything else, the girls were vocalist only... now thinka
bout it...

Автор Zchen Thao ( назад)
Was assigned the rapping part... THAT PART... is soo off the melody. and i
cant feel it, but ima have to improvise... lol

Автор Shimmer Vang ( назад)
to pple that dislike and talk shitz, you can't even do anything to show
respect like these singers. You wouldn't be here without our G.V.P.This
song is not to be judge by you idiot. It was to show how much we cared and
treasured our Hmong Leader. R.I.P our VAJ HMOOB.

Автор Pao Khang ( назад)
can i get an instrumental of this song to sing at a fundraiser event plz.
send to paowee1985@gmail.com. i love this song

Автор steve thao ( назад)
this song is saddest for all HMONG IN THE WORLD

Автор Gaomee Lee ( назад)

Автор gproducshizz hmong ( назад)
no offense, but i gave it a try...and this was a boring song. melody, not
catchy, not interesting.

Автор Vajhmoob ( назад)
Wow! It 's amazing song . GVP was really proud to be Hmong . I love you all

Автор jcx321 ( назад)
Didnt like the rap and the ending girl part. Her voice is good but too many
uh uh uh at the end of each verse. Otherwise, great representing!

Автор fly651 ( назад)
Good song. Nice Video. Keep up the good work. Hmong pride baby!!!

Автор jcx321 ( назад)
Powerful message!

Автор xiongstahbabe ( назад)
too much auto

Автор Brian heyoson ( назад)
i think the girls did a better job then the guys...the girls sound it
better ..

Автор hmoob31 ( назад)
Thanks a lot to our lovely singers. Not only general vang pao, you will be
graved in our mind and our heart for ever and ever.

Автор teng lee ( назад)
love it... the last guy rap and the last girl are good... oh yeassss!!

Автор Teng Vang ( назад)
Wow! The Solo On The Electric Guitar Lived it Up :) Good Job Guys.

Автор Lillian Vang ( назад)
so sad....love the song:)

Автор pie00infinite ( назад)
This does nothing for me. I think it's lame and useless. Still stuck in the
west, I can't wait til I'm out of this country and safe. from Va P.V. aka
Va Hmong. It's all about magick, power, and money....(will) Come find me
trees... I need help at the moment...

Автор neegmuajnqis ( назад)
Zaj nkauj nov tu siab heev li mloog ua rau kua muag poob tsis tu li:[[ Thov
qhuas cov hu zaj nkauj no.

Автор Hmong Vue ( назад)
the english rap killed it at the end. why would you rap in english when
your singing in hmong?

Автор kchmoobhawj ( назад)
i dont care about what people say. General Vang Pao will always be in my
heart, he is a good leader and a good vaaj hmoob. without him hmong people
will only be with greed and hatre. but to all the hmong people and board
leader ,even if the General had pasted we should not let his success go
down the drain.

Автор Angle lor ( назад)

Автор fairytail526 (1557 лет назад)
wow these ladys have such a strong voice :)

Автор LALA JOHNSON ( назад)
27 people arent Hmong

Автор samuel her ( назад)
i love this song and also destiny is in it!!!!!!

Автор Sunshyne Moua ( назад)
it is so good!!!!!

Автор bobby20able ( назад)
vaj pov tsuas coj hmoob los xau li no lawm xwb nws tau ta sim neej lawm,
yav tom ntej no mus yuav yog cov uas kawm txawj kawm ntse xwb thiaj li yuav
los coj tau hmoob. thaum vaj pov hluas nws tau mus kawm kev txawj ntse los
ntawm fabkis thiab meskas vim li ntawd nws thiaj li tau los coj hmoob.

Автор masube81 ( назад)
26 people here are the real Hmong traitors.

Автор LiquidMotionPicture ( назад)
^ Million dollar answer right here.

Автор tyangproductions ( назад)
Those 26 who dislikes this is a shame of us hmong people ! Go to hell you
people ! This songs mean a lot ! So just dont dislike it ! Or hell you guys
are some retarded people ! -TRUEisDOPE <3

Автор Ocbonee ( назад)
J4 without you again this year... we miss you ..

Автор mhxxMusic ( назад)
Her name is Brina Vang :)

Автор Kaozong Vang ( назад)
damn... i hella miss GVP... well i love the songs

Автор farmerboitsab ( назад)
WOW loving the girl voice that start at 8:20 who ever she is, she's
beautiful with and incredible sweet voice hahaha!!!

Автор Fue Chee ( назад)
I don't think religion is going to be next. With the elders growing old,
many of the younger generations don't have the necessary interest (the
right amount at least) to carry on shamanism. About or close to half of the
Hmong population in the U.S have already converted in a short amount of
only 35 years. That's already giving us a good statistic of what's going to
happen in another 35 years from today.

Автор Tounhia Vang ( назад)
i respect GVP for what he done in his life, his struggle to bring the
amount of hmong with him and the amount he have to leave behind. now he
gone, those who are left behind, dont really need to find a new leader. i
love being hmong, i have my pride just as much as many other hmong who is
living in the united state. It dont matter if you're Shamen or Christian,
your blood is still Hmong from your mom and dad to your grandpa and grandma.

Автор mouahlubkojtshaj ( назад)
You're just another Hmong traitor who made a big mistake to come here to
the US. YOu should've just stay back with your communist family in Laos.
You're just jealous because everyone honor him. You're just jealous because
GEN. VANG IS A HMONG HERO. Your'e nothing but a BIG TIME TRAITOR who has
done nothing for the HMONG PEOPLE. Why don't just go back to Laos and join
them eating podek (POM LEM). I hope someday ur podek friends hang u like an
animal and die like an animal. GO FAWK URSELF!

Автор TheLoSWing ( назад)
Or else Nagee Yang.

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