F1 Shanghai 2008 Alonso and Kubica karting

F1 Shanghai 2008 Alonso and Kubica go karting

ATTENTION: No more comment about Hamilton and Massa please. Hamilton is champion, that's ok. But if it's not for Farrari's stupid faults, Massa has done really well enough to win the champion. This season, Farrari and Hamilton has really done enough silly things. So finally, I really don't care who of the two is champion. So please keep your own opinons to yourself and STOP saying things which have nothing to do with Alonso and Kubica.

I give some explanation of what this video is talking. (Actually I think much of it is bullsh*t so I don't translate it word by word)

The owner of this karting circuit is an engineer of Kubica when he was driving F3 in Italy and he has invited Alonso to drive karts. In the race, Alonso surpassed Kubica in the last lap and won him. But the fastest lap is still held by Kubica. But Alonso said his kart had run out of oil, so Kubica let Alonso drive his kart. After several laps, Alonso managed to set the fastest lap and you can see he was really happy! :)

Hope that helps!

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Автор Peter Warchol ( назад)
Great friends gg

Автор Fairwin Askara ( назад)
anyone know what is the spec of their gokart? chassis? engine? definitely
not rotax max, that thing is super fast

Автор Mary Romantini D'Alonso ( назад)
grandeeees!!! que cracks son lo mejor <3

Автор LordTyrannus ( назад)
I don't think Kubica will ever be the same with his injury. Downtime in F1
has almost always had a negative impact. Just look at Schumacher, and now
with Raikkonen signing with lotus we will see how well he can do after 2
years away from formula 1.

Автор reuniontapersex ( назад)
nice thx

Автор Veghelyia ( назад)
horrible language

Автор ow1ShinoXr ( назад)
sure they are good maybe even great but not the best, by far

Автор lSPlProdigy (579 лет назад)
@nixxxon18 so does paki

Автор dawopiwo ( назад)
Kubica a nie " Kubika" żółty huju!!!

Автор TLSHproductions ( назад)
I karted their last summer on my friends tony kart with a jica engine. I
also got to go on a free tour of the F1 track and the buildings around it.
The Chinese F1 and kart track are about around a 2 to 3 hour drive out of
Shanghai so its not actually in Shanghai. You can also rent jnr Yamaha and
rok both on Tony kart's for about 15 pounds for around 15 minutes. The
website: sic-kartworld

Автор Majczkss ( назад)
f1net.pl - wszystko o Formule 1! Typuj zwycięzców Grand Prix i wygrywaj

Автор enchinya ( назад)
@nixxxon18 Hey, don't be so unkind! i've heard many languages that sound
horrible and I don't say bullshit like you do~~

Автор nixxxon18 ( назад)
chinese sounds horrible

Автор Ruxun Dong ( назад)
they raced ROK but when Alonso drove again later, he drove a shifter. He
set the track record that day, If I remember correctly, it was 53s. YAMAHA
KT100 has lap time about 64s on that track

Автор StarekS ( назад)
Alonso had less fuel and is much lighter than Kubica. In karting every
pound counts, so that's why Alonso takeover Kubica on straight. But still,
Kubica have more karting titles than Alonso : )

Автор Daniel Lewis ( назад)
@EnnesX in australia, they have 3 guys that talk before after ad breaks and
the race, and they actually know nothing it is annoying to listen to them,
thankfully they cross over to british commentary during the race

Автор Celtibero ( назад)
hamilton caca

Автор wojtek12NFS ( назад)
i hate this his talking "Kubika"? This is Kubica Kubica jak nie w tym to w
przyszłem sezonie MŚ

Автор Aarte25 ( назад)
buen bideo!!!!! en mi canal tengo acrreras entereas de F1 EL QUE QUIERA QUE

Автор Scope951 ( назад)
jpm is trash

Автор enanoirlandes ( назад)
Alonso the best.

Автор MysteryDD ( назад)

Автор RajR96 * ( назад)
lol come on hami lol

Автор Makoto Iwata ( назад)
great doughnut turn alonso.

Автор gfgfgggf ( назад)
chong cho cho cho hhhhhhhhh

Автор sami16alger ( назад)
jopata cinconcikoo?????

Автор warham4567 ( назад)
Chong choo Chuu Choo chou?!!!!

Автор Darude Sandstorm ( назад)
Najlepsze z rzucaniem pachołka i krzyczeniem przez niego :D 5/5

Автор David C. Sarriá Velasco ( назад)

Автор jarkadii ( назад)
tankowanie poniżej 7 s. :)

Автор NaturalnyMistrz ( назад)
ku-bi-ha :D

Автор hibert23 ( назад)
3:28 what a fun ^^

Автор FullKERS ( назад)
GO Robert!!!

Автор enchinya ( назад)
yeah, I totally agree with you.

Автор EnnesX ( назад)
I hated the CCTV coverage when I worked in Shanghai. They have no
understanding of the sport at all and they are so liberal with their
language interpretations. Most of the time they have no idea what is going
on during the race.

Автор DjElixur ( назад)
i love easynickman

Автор easynickman ( назад)
toman libor yes is a good guy, he drives for birel...he has got talent...

Автор Don César ( назад)
I think that Toman is a big talent. He is young and he just started racing
in KF1. In my opinion he can be in F1 in the future.

Автор Don César ( назад)
If BMW-Sauber bolide is fast, why isn't Heidfeld on the top? BMW ruined
last season and a chance for 3rd place for Kubica just because they were
sure that new car will be the fastest. As we can see, it was a bullshit...

Автор avohman ( назад)
Ahaa 3.30 Hee Iss A Joker

Автор Emperor ( назад)
lol what an idiot, go buy a real life. Stop video games please lol.

Автор Darude Sandstorm ( назад)
angielscy komentatorzy tak czytają nazwisko naszego przyszłego mistrza
świata :D

Автор Fernando C.A. ( назад)
we are all sure that you are veery handsome haha seras capullo

Автор pakkinen ( назад)
really looked like to mates having a great time

Автор easynickman ( назад)
I raced both kubica alonso and button in go kart years ago...alonso was the
most gifted followed by kubica very fast and competitive, button was good
fast but not as fast as the other 2 drivers...this is mirrored in the f1
too...alonso started from nothing, he was simply super gifted, i always
admired his style and his level of concentration.

Автор cybershot1994 ( назад)
pacanie to jest kubica a nie kubika

Автор Joaquin Espinosa ( назад)
Kubika and Alonso are very nice friends.... GO ALONGO :D

Автор seniemir ( назад)
Alonso and his funny cone jokes. :P

Автор ResiduoFecal ( назад)
Amunike dimision

Автор mrgilamonyet ( назад)
hahah That was so Awsome...!!! GO Alonsooooo

Автор OmarF1 ( назад)
I agree with you Ardigo, Fore, Cesetti or Torman are better but they have
spent their lives in karts but I don't think any of them are better in F1
cars than Alonso, Hamilton, Schumacher or Kubica.

Автор Patrick24031976 (643 года назад)
That donut was cool....amazing Kar(t) control there!!! lol

Автор rubenymel (221 год назад)
mu buen videooo 5*

Автор Paratu Papoi ( назад)
KubiKa xDDD

Автор ZoSo278 ( назад)
Thanks a million!!! :D

Автор James B ( назад)
I just thought the Karting Donut is so cute

Автор Alex Jonson ( назад)
LOL alonso drive not his kart:O

Автор WKaliber1 ( назад)
Alonso + Kubica in Ferrari = Domination of F1

Автор IcedTeen ( назад)
Its cool they have such a good relationship, they'd make devasting team

Автор gpbelec ( назад)
alonso is the greatest driver ever

Автор Viktória Péntek ( назад)
They seemed to be liking the baby more than karting... :-)

Автор xXxlllManHacklllxXx ( назад)
Thank you for the explanation ;) i really like both drivers :)

Автор eragonn14 ( назад)
I'm from Poland and I'm proud :) Like every man in Poland I watch Kubica
races. But there is one problem - BMW Sauber :/

Автор enchinya ( назад)
please check the info of this video, I've made some explanation of this

Автор ZoSo278 ( назад)
Hi I don't want to trouble anyone but could someone maybe translate some of
this? Thanks! :) Kubica + Alonso = Best drivers ever.

Автор Dawid D ( назад)
look at kubica hand at 3:50 haha :P

Автор licantropojm ( назад)
Alonso nº 1 actual, sin duda.

Автор marcjusz ( назад)
kubicha hahahahaha

Автор Mariano Sevilla ( назад)
Alonso el más grande!!

Автор enchinya ( назад)
haha, how lucky that you were there, but i can't find the blonde guy in
yellow t-shirt, where were you?

Автор felleaeger ( назад)
muhahah im the blonde guy in yellow t shirt :D

Автор onfzd ( назад)
Haha, Nando's donuts at the end were funny.

Автор Mark550355 ( назад)
i don't think he will get one at ferrari because we have massa and kimi
signed up, but as you said i would love for him to be in a very competitive
team, i think if all drivers had the same car he would be winning.

Автор Patrick Alvarez ( назад)
lol yea Alonso is awesome.. i really hope he gets a race seat at Ferrari or
that his Renault is alot more competitive next season.

Автор Mark550355 ( назад)
check out alonso's spin at 3:30, that is crazy

Автор chikus65 ( назад)
"Kubicha" Rules xD

Автор CrawfordPhotography ( назад)
Anyone got the english translation for any of this?

Автор forklift77 ( назад)

Автор Wachowy ( назад)
szkoda że po chinsku

Автор ayrton90senna ( назад)
Mucho se habla de Hamilton,pero para mí los mejores pilotos de la parrilla
son estos(tal vez Vettel se sume más tarde) y encima son humildes y
deportivos. Quiero si se puede el año que viene un Mundial entre Alonso y
Kubica,como el que hubo en su día entre el asturiano y Michael!

Автор Jacob Bryan ( назад)
Suuuuper :D tylko zeby jeszcze po polsku bylo xD Alonso respect ;]

Автор jaracz0 ( назад)
Ale chlopaki dokazują!!! Fajne te gokarty jakies nizelze mocne silniczki
maja... zeby takie bakale krecic :D

Автор tirshow ( назад)
los mejores pilotos de ste deporte

Автор Hodei Alcantara ( назад)
tienes razon kubica y alonso son los mejores,aunque yo prefiero a Alonso.

Автор 641963CSM ( назад)
El video es fantastico, no recuerdo haber visto nunca algo parecido, dos
estrellas del deporte jugando como cualquier chaval. Viendo esto siento por
Hamilton mas pena que antipatia. BRAVO ALONSO, BRAVO KUBICA

Автор sciaho ( назад)
Kubica - proud of Poland

Автор bcoy1para ( назад)

Автор elzabbul ( назад)
Great video, both Kubica and Alonso are good friends. I hope that Kubica
will finish 3rd in this year. Oh, and one more thing: Ku-be-tza. That's how
you spell it.

Автор karol1221 ( назад)
"kubiCa" not "KubiKa", with "C" like City and Center

Автор marcin macin ( назад)

Автор mirowln ( назад)
hehe niezle :P

Автор wanglihang ( назад)
for sure just like Mr beckham play football in US. well are american people
play football? i mean seriously............

Автор marianna19891989 ( назад)
yeah, sure... you know what? i don't like hamilton but not becouse he's
black [for me it doesn't matter what colour of skin someone have] and
surely not becouse he's English. i don't like him and i don't want him to
win becouse he looks and behave like big asshole, like a big star and big
champion. in my opinion hamilton doesn't have any humility. kubica and
alonso are hard-working, talented like levis but they're also very just
normal, cute, friendly and funny guys. good luck k&a ;)

Автор Michał Pluciński (1624 года назад)
This is a great lesson for others!!! That movie is a proof of wonderful
relations between Kubica and Alonso. I don't remeber that any other great
F1 drivers (in my opinion both of them are very talented!) have that kind
of friendship, especially when they starts from differend teams! Good luck
in last race guys!

Автор viiRLove ( назад)
aLonnnnnnnnnnnnSoooo ,,L

Автор wanglihang ( назад)
well people always say that drivers couldn't have relationship like
brotherhood.... but what is this???????

Автор enchinya ( назад)
hamilton may be a talented driver, but he's definitely the most lucky one
with the whole mclaren behind his back ever since he's a baby. i don't
think he deserves the champ more than anyone else. he hasn't met any
difficulties and that's why he just thinks he's something. out of mclaren,
he'll be nothing

Автор sdfsdfa525252 ( назад)
..thought I understand nothing ;)

Автор sdfsdfa525252 ( назад)
Lots of luck for Kubica and Alonso! Nice vid...

Автор tribunamania ( назад)
I would like to see Lewis driving a car like a Renault or a BMW. Hamilton
will not win any race and he will do only a few podiums. He began his
career in McLaren with a super car and not as Alonso, he began in Minardi.

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