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***1 Peter 3:3-4***

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Hello! Welcome to my channel!! I'm Kelsey Simone, I am a 17 yr old East coast girl in my last year of high school and I love sharing my interests on YouTube. I love fashion, beauty, photography, and giving advice. My style is a good mix between grungy and chic. If you've enjoyed watching my videos, please make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up with me!

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Автор Julia Hindle ( назад)
I love your eyeshadow here

Автор Akiuka Chan ( назад)
turns on a ring light in the middle of a forest hike.

Автор Hanna Selimovic ( назад)
After watching half way I instantly subscribe ❤️

Автор Mojito Monologues ( назад)
So pretty!!!!

Автор Avy Benson ( назад)
She looks like natural Kylie without freckles and makeup

Автор Wobblie T ( назад)
but she is so pretty and cute i really love her

Автор Young Qing (Yung Qing the 1st) ( назад)
The ending with Justin lol

Автор Andrea Levy ( назад)
this generation is so narcissistic :/

Автор Wobblie T ( назад)
How the heck , she is so perfect i love her

Автор Hanoy B. ( назад)
How to look good in every picture:
have a nice face

Автор Cornelia Sundberg ( назад)
step one: be good looking

Автор A$una25 ( назад)
You look like kylie Jenner

Автор L ea ( назад)
I think she's Lily-Rose Depp and Kylie Jenner's child

Автор Ana Escobar ( назад)
this video is literally so fucking dumb lol

Автор Sikimaw 99 ( назад)
you look like Kendall Jenner!

Автор krizzel Tulagan ( назад)
Loving your videos 😍😍😍😘

Автор Brittney ( назад)
*Personality of Kendall Jenner, looks of Kylie Jenner, features of Lindsey

Автор Carla Reid ( назад)
She looks like Kylie Jenner

Автор peaceandlove010 ( назад)
Is this how 00s actually spend their time? So vain

Автор Valerie Balog ( назад)
Anybody else notice that she looks exactly like Doce Cameron except that
she has black not blonde hair like Dove

Автор Micaela Scanlon ( назад)
me watching this video: "Yaaasss work it girl"

Автор Aubin Harrison ( назад)
what app did you say you were using to get inspiration?

Автор Pearl Tete ( назад)
you look like Kylie but Kendall mostly 😍

Автор Edweena Jolie ( назад)
you look like kylie jenner a little

Автор alyssa redmond ( назад)
Omg I love ur voice

Автор Kate W. ( назад)
I've been trying to find a white bedding everywhere and I can't seem to
find one😩 where did you get yours??

Автор NATALIA7SOFIA ( назад)
that last blooper haha 😂😂I love that you're also a belieber!

Автор zswagger109a ( назад)
did she get her lips done y is everyone tryna be black

Автор Rosie Breen ( назад)
I have a giveaway over on my channel! Check it out guys!

Автор Lana.bby - ( назад)
ANOTHER TIP: if you don't have a ring light use natural lighting take pics
in front of the window!

Автор Jula ( назад)
how tall are u? Love uuu <333

Автор Wintermiracle 02 ( назад)
You are look like the actor chloe grace moretz 😂😍

Автор mausiii1999 ( назад)
Beautiful! 💕

Автор Leah Autumn (Leelee) ( назад)

Автор ItsGiulianaRose ( назад)
Omg where can I get a necklace w my name on it like she has on? I rlly want
one but idk where to get them!!

Автор Christina Hernandez ( назад)
and lmaoooo the end I can't even😂

Автор Christina Hernandez ( назад)
what self tanner did you use?

Автор Hanife Gökce ( назад)
idk why I cry after I see pretty people

Автор Anaïs Phommaxay ( назад)
You look like Kylie omg

Автор Toby Royson ( назад)
videos like this sure help the vanity epidemic.

Автор Samir a ( назад)
how old are you

Автор Joceline Velasquez ( назад)
you have such a pretty room

Автор Naturally Mystique ( назад)
You're poses are flawless.❤️💜

Автор Trex Hunter ( назад)
She reminds me of Kylie Jenner

Автор Kendall Bosket ( назад)
She literally is a mix of Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski

Автор Adalynluvsu 123 ( назад)
How old are u?

Автор Odris Lara ( назад)
This is the first time i see one of our videos and i thought that you were
Kylie Jeeners Little sister.

Автор Che'la Dee ( назад)
thank you sm

Автор Katera Paradiso ( назад)
love how you hyped yourself up during the whole video 😂😍yess work it girl

Автор Kookie9197 ( назад)
what happens if u just wanna take a decent selfie without looking like a

Автор Sophie L ( назад)
where did you get your vanity mirror from? x

Автор Miranda Jáuregui ( назад)
"I know you dont like cameras" TRUE AF JAJAJA

Автор Różowy Jednorożec ( назад)
which have iphone?

Автор luciana gomez ( назад)
i really love this video

Автор summer pizza ( назад)
That didn't help:/ but I'm still gonna like the video because i love you

Автор Gosslin Mckenna ( назад)
your legs tho wthhhh <3

Автор Mayrani Rueda ( назад)

Автор Mayrani Rueda ( назад)
Do a makeup tutorial

Автор Serra ( назад)

Автор Bonli Intharasa ( назад)
Do someone know what filter she uses for her instagram feed?😍🙏🏼

Автор Evanessa OwO ( назад)
Next step: how to pick the good selfie

Автор Simone Plomp ( назад)
YOU ARE SO PRETTY 😍 Hey name twin💋

Автор Charlotte Ross ( назад)
have you ever been told you look like amanda seyfried? <3

Автор Modeling ( назад)
Хорошее видео )

Автор India Rose Mcdowell-male ( назад)
hey i just wanted to say i love your channel, i know you prob get this a
lot, but your really inspiring to me and i only started to watch you
yesterday. i am so happy i found your channel because science i watched it
, i have redone my room gone on a massive shopping tour for clothes, makeup
items and room decorations. i love your style because its kinda like mine ,
cause i like wearing over sized shirts and jumpers and shorts and lots of
jewelry(in kinda the bracket and choker kinda way not the all princessy
kinda way) and i have deleted most of my insta feed cause like it was messy
and now it looks neat and has a white kinda theme. i also cleared out my
closet of thin gs i don't need or wear because truth be told i don,t wear
it and you always wear cute outfits like in every video and prob other days
as well, which i wanna do but i don't because when i am not leaving the
house i just pick up some singlet or jumper that i don,t even like but id
like two years ago or got as a gift. your probably not gonna read this or
this means nothing much too you , but i just wanted to say your goals
(don't usually use words like goals and slay but theres no other words to
describe you)and btw could you do a tour of your room and closet would be
really cool.

Автор 5A Duncan ( назад)
Omg u look like Kendall Jenner at the start!

Автор Selma Wolffall ( назад)
I lowkey don't want more people to subscribe to her so then I have a less
chance of meeting her

Автор Laurenn Am ( назад)
how tall is she ??

Автор Maggie Morales ( назад)
her voice literally sounds like Hannah Montana whattttttt

Автор Maria Gonzales ( назад)
you look like miranda kerr

Автор Abigail Woods ( назад)
She is so sweet I love herrrr

Автор Laina Del Rey ( назад)
wth is this 😂

Автор Rahisa Irwin ( назад)
i loooove you Kelsey, you're so funny 😂💜

Автор Mejra Krsic ( назад)
Oh my God,you are so beautiful

Автор Petra Varnica ( назад)
how to look good in every picture:
step 1: be attractive
that's it

Автор The Street Chics ( назад)
I always look awful compared to my friends while posing, the only thing
that works for me is for my friends to take spontaneous photos of me ! x

Автор Jolce Pieyna ( назад)
i love ur mom

Автор Tiahna Jayde ( назад)
you are my spirit animal girllllllll xx totes subbing

Автор Lili Hernandez ( назад)
ur my inspiration💜

Автор Ashley Anne ( назад)

Автор Peach ( назад)
actually this was very positive

Автор mary serrano ( назад)
Where did you get your makeup vanity from?

Автор Reem A' ( назад)
You and your mom seem to have the best relationship, so cute
Like you look all fierce and shit but when you mom's around you're kinda
goofy and stuff it's adorable

Автор mrnemo1306 ( назад)
you look like kendall

Автор lx i ( назад)

Автор Lunatic_Night ( назад)
First tip to look good in every picture? Be pretty lol

Автор NORA GURUNG ( назад)
where did you get your necklace?? honestly too cute.

Автор Kayla Mary ( назад)
Kelsey girrrrl can you please please please do a video on room decor ideas
for aesthetic I need help girl and yours is slaying😩❤️

Автор Darkest Moon ( назад)
omg can you do a video on this makeup look

Автор Lou Styles ( назад)
when you take a pic of me i look like a potato...i don't look sassy, cute
or sth i just look like a POTATO!!

Автор Dalila Smajilhodzic ( назад)
You're so pretty and that's why it's easy for u to be this confident. I
really wish I was like u

Автор marilu aliendres ( назад)

Автор SeemsLikeLeslie ( назад)
honestly, I really would like to go do photoshoots and stuff, but I feel
like my friends would judge the hell out of me :(

Автор Hae su yeo ( назад)
Hey, loved the video! you look so good! whats the gold choker you are
wearing in this video?

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