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Автор vidpic sender ( назад)
Allah pakistan ki hifazat farmay. I hate Hindus.

Автор Mohammad Anas ( назад)
ok bhej diye ga link

Автор munir kureshi ( назад)
Ameen Allahumm Ameen

Автор Aqqu Aqqu ( назад)

Автор Gullzai Khan ( назад)
Florida was named Pascua Florida by explorer Ponce de Leon on Easter in
1513. Translation: means "Flowery Easter" or "Flowering Easter" (after
Spain's "Feast of the Flowers" Easter celebration)......

Автор Sajjad Ali ( назад)
is haramzade ne dajjal ko itna taqatwar bana dia goya dunya per shaitan ki
hukamrani ho gi.
jabke ye bat roze roshan ki tarah ayan hai k dunya par allah k hujjat
hazrat mehdi A.S. ki hukamrani ho gi.triangle of bermuda allah ki aik
nishani he.mafrooze mat garhain balke haqeeqat ka ezhar karen,joke apko
pasand nahi.kiunke ye apke aqeede ko hit karta hai.

Автор leo leo ( назад)
wallah allam , lakin agr hamari zindgi mai dajjal ka fitna samny ay tu
hamain ussko pehchanny or usk khilaff jihaad krny ki toffeq dy ameen or
Allah haq py jo log hon unk sath rkhna ameen

Автор leo leo ( назад)
wallah allam , lakin agr hamari zindgi mai dajjal ka fitna samny ay tu
hamain ussko pehchanny or usk khilaff jihaad krny ki toffeq dy ameen or
Allah haq py jo log hon unk sath rkhna ameen

Автор Qadeer Anam ( назад)
Nice to have

Автор george Tom ( назад)
Paki geneious.........surely sells well with madarasa
educated.........hahha Hahhhahahha

Автор azher durrani ( назад)
but according to latest resarch there are many other triangles are present
on earth like bermuda triangle...

Автор Muhammad Rafiq ( назад)
O my God
save me from fitna dajal

Автор Khalid Zaman ( назад)
Dozen reasons why Muslims should follow
the Quran and nothing but the Quran
1- The Quran contains clear commands to all Muslims to follow the Quran
Alone, and reject all Hadith. The Arabic word Hadith is a word used to mean
all human sayings, narrations, talk, stories., etc. This command is found
in numerous verses, the following are examples:
- "These are God's revelations (Quran) that We recite to you truthfully. In
which Hadith other than God and His revelations (Quran) do they believe?"
- "Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He has revealed to
you this book fully detailed?" 6:114
- "This scripture (Quran) has been revealed to you - you shall not harbor
doubt about it in your heart - that you may warn with it, and to provide a
reminder for the believers. You shall all follow what is revealed to you
from your Lord; do not follow any idols besides Him. Rarely do you take
heed." 7:2-3 - "Among the people, there are those who uphold baseless
Hadith, and thus divert others from the path of God without knowledge, and
take it in vain. These have incurred a shameful retribution.

And when our revelations (Quran) are recited to the one of them, he turns
away in arrogance as if he never heard them, as if his ears are deaf.
Promise him a painful retribution." 31:6-7
2- The word 'Sunna' which is used in the Quran, means the way of doing
things or methodology. Millions of Muslims today have been brought up to
believe that all Muslims should follow the Quran and also the Sunna of the
prophet Muhammad.
However, the Quran confirms that the only Sunna is the Sunna of God. No
where in the Quran is there any mention of a Sunna for Muhammad!
"You will find that the Sunna of Allah is the only Sunna" (33:62
3- The Quran confirms that the only duty of Muhammad (or of any messenger)
is to deliver God's message. Messengers are not sent to advocate their own
personal teachings. They are called messengers of God because they deliver
a message from God.
"The only duty of the messenger is to deliver God's message" 5:99
The same message is found in 5:92, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54, 29:18, 42:48 and
4- God commands the believers to obey God and obey the messenger, but God
also makes sure that the obedience to the messenger is linked to obeying
the message he delivered and nothing else. Obeying the messenger does not
mean that the messenger issued additional teachings outside of the Quran.
The confirmation that the obedience of the messenger is linked to obeying
the message he delivered (the Quran) is confirmed in the following verse:
"Obey God and obey the messenger. If you shall turn away then the sole duty
of the messenger is to deliver the message (the Quran)" 64:12
Note how the obedience to the messenger and the deliverance of the Quran
are linked in the same verse. For more details on the meaning of "obey the
messenger" please go to: Obey God and obey the messenger
5- We never read any where in the Quran words like 'Obey God and obey
Muhammad' or obey Jesus, or Moses. The words always say "the messenger".
This is to emphasise that what is to be obeyed is the message of the
messenger and not his personal words.
6- The Quran also confirms that Muhammad was commanded not to teach any
other teachings, otherwise he would incur severe punishment from God:
"It (the Quran) is a revelation from the Lord of the universe. Had he
(Muhammad) uttered any other teachings, We would have grabbed him by the
right, and We would have severed his Wateen (Major artery of the heart),
none of you could have helped him." 69:43-47 7- Muhammad was made to swear
that the only revelation he received from God was the Quran. This exposes
all the allegations which claim that Muhammad received revelations from God
independent of the Quran, and which is referred to as 'Hadith Al-Qudsy'
(Sacred Hadith).
"Say (O Muhammad) what is of the greatest testimony? Say: God is the
witness between me and you, and this Quran has been inspired to me, that I
may warn you and whomever it reaches" 6:19
If the 'Hadith Al-Qudsy' was truly a revelation received by Muhammad from
God (as is falsely claimed) we would expect the Quran, being fully
detailed, to include such confirmation. Needless to say, nowhere in the
Quran is there any indication that Muhammad received anything from God
other than the Quran.
8- Prophet Muhammad himself commanded his people not to write his hadith,
this is documented in the collection of 'Muslim' and other books:
"Do not write down anything from me except the Quran. Whoever writes other
than that should delete it" (Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, Vol. 1, page 171 also Sahih
Muslim, Book 42, Number 7147)
For the first 150 years to 200 years after the death of the prophet, and in
accordance to his commands, the writing of his hadith was forbidden. The
first one to document a comprehensive collection of hadith was Al-Bukhari,
note that Al-Bukhari was born in the year 194 After Hijrah. What this means
is that the fist of what is regaded as authentic hadith (sahih) to be
compiled was written more than two whole centuries after the death of the
Even if we were to follow the hadith (something which is clearly prohibited
in the Quran), we would still be faced with the question: how accurate can
a collection of sayings documented two centuries after the death of the
prophet be?
Please see: Chinese Whispers
10- God commands the prophet in the Quran to say that he is infallible in
the revelation he delivers, but that he may commit errors in his personal
words and hadith:
"Say: If I err, I err because of my shortcomings, and if I am rightly
guided it is due to the revelation I receive from my Lord" 34:50
In spite of the above confirmation of the fallibility of the prophet,
together with six incidents in the Quran where the prophet was reprimanded
by God for errors he committed, still the ones who idolise the prophet
claim that Muhammad was infallible! The six incidents are found in 8:67-68,
9:43, 9:113-114, 33:37, 66:1 and 80:1-11. 11- The Quran confirms that for
every prophet there will be enemies of human and jinn devils who will
fabricate fancy sayings (hadith) and attribute them to the prophet to
deceive the people:
"We have permitted the enemies of every prophet, human and jinn devils, to
inspire in each other fancy sayings, in order to deceive" 6:112
God also asserts that only the disbelievers will uphold such fabrications
(see 6:113).
12- Finally, the Quran contains everything the genuine believer needs for
the following reasons:
A- The Quran is complete and does not need an annex:
"The word of your Lord is complete in truth and justice" 6:115
B- The Quran is not in need of an explanatory supplement since it is clear
and is not ambiguous:
"A.L.R. These are the signs of the clear book" 12:1
"We have made it (the Quran) easy to understand and in your own tongue
(language) may you take heed." 44:58
C- The Quran is not in need of a correction manual since it is perfect and
harbours no contradictions:
"A.L.R. This is a book whose verses have been perfected" 11:1
D- The Quran is not in need of a 'details' supplement since it is fully
"Shall I seek other than God as a source of law, when He has revealed to
you this book fully detailed?" 6:114

For all these reasons, all Muslims should follow the Quran, the whole Quran
and nothing but the Quran.
Praise God

Автор Maqbool ahmed ( назад)
turkey ko kn fatah karega Muslims ya non Muslims???

Автор Salam Hafiz ( назад)
is it true u don't believe

Автор waseem khan ( назад)
Allah hm sb ko dajal sy bachay ameen

Автор Toji George ( назад)

Автор Syed rubel ( назад)

Автор Kuram PK ( назад)
Allah SWT save us from the Fitna of Dhijaal.

Автор Ravi Benni ( назад)
Who is dajjal?
from where he came to Bermuda Triangle?

Автор Ayaz Muhammad ( назад)
sab ALLAH kay hojao , ALLAH ap ko har fitnay say bachay ga.
ALLAH ki man kar chalo ta ke asli kamiyabi hasil kar sako.
ALLAH kay liyay tumhari hifazat mushkil nahi ku k sari makhlooq usi nai
banai hai.

Автор tafazul hussain ( назад)
If this is true... Then the Malaysian airlines might have sunk here as

Автор md Shafiq ( назад)
Allah help me

Автор Shah Print ( назад)
الله ہمیں دجال کے فتنے سے بچائے آمین

Автор Malik Imran ( назад)

Автор Babar Hussain ( назад)
bahi Allah hum sub ko bus muafa kr da za hi kfei hy

Автор noyon joy ( назад)

Автор syed aziz Ahmed ( назад)
dajjal zaroor ayega lekin allah se bara koi nhi

Автор Aban Khan ( назад)
I love islam

Автор Aban Khan ( назад)
I love islam

Автор shafa fathima ( назад)

Автор Muhammad Ali Lashari ( назад)
حدیث پاک میں آتا ہے کہ دجال کا مشرق کی جانب سے ظہور ہوگا اور برمودا مغرب
میں واقع ہے۔
Devil's Ocean شیطانی سمندر جاپان میں ہے اور دجال وہاں سے ہی آئے گا اور
جاپانی ٹرائی اینگل میں ہے
جاپان کے تکون میں برموا سے زیادہ حادثے ہوئے۔

Автор salman virk virk ( назад)
allah hum ko dajal sy bchay Aamin

Автор how to Make ( назад)
bhi koi quran k sath prove kerna ye b to ho sekta k ye aflaton k 7 hamskel
jo us ny beny the onoh ne ye bermuda teri angel beni ho thek ha

Автор Mohammed Abrar ( назад)
mere musalman bhyo dajal to miis or sam k bic me se iyga ya baat hadis se
sabit hai

Автор Mohd Mohsin ( назад)

Автор somon somon somon somon ( назад)

Автор Mohammad Anas ( назад)
hamari la ilmi ki wajha se is bande ki baat per yakeen kar rahe hain ho
aesa lagta hai america ka agent hai jo barmooda nami jazire ko chupana
chahta ha america apne experiment kar rahi hai atom bome wagera k ye aesa
shaks hai jis ne quran ki kuch major point parh kar hame suna raha hai
halake is jahil shaks ko ye nahi maloom k quran shareef me bhi saaf saaf
likha hai k ham insan hi ek ashraful makhukat hain hamare siwa koi nahi to
ye jahil shaks kese bol raha hai k alian ki ship bhi nazar ayee alian bhi
dikhe ye behka rahe hain hame america or apna experiment kar rahe hain
barmooda tringle per kara dajal k naam se

Автор Pixel Panda ( назад)
Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai. Kya yeh TV pe record kiya hai?

Автор Mohsin Khan ( назад)

Автор takar jut ( назад)
allaha hem bchaye

Автор umair jamshed ( назад)
Oo bhai florida meaning is flowers of eastern

Автор Ahmad Ali ( назад)
Allah pak hmra iman apni hifz o iman me rkhe

Автор Zayad Khan ( назад)

Автор amir aslam ( назад)

Автор razz que ( назад)
Hindu sab jajjal hai

Автор Sandro ( назад)
Nonsense, music is too high so i can't listen the sentences.

Автор Hazrat Hussain ( назад)
ye kisi ko pata nahi ki dajjal kaha hain
allah ne Quran main bayan nahi keya hain ki dajjal kaha hain tum kom hoti
ho kehti ho ke dajjal yaha hain

Автор Hasee Naveed ( назад)
this is not real in is dummy they

Автор Gull Imran ( назад)
behind mouzik no need

Автор Evident Truth ( назад)
Quran hay Djjal key kitaab.

Автор Evident Truth ( назад)
Ek Shaytaan thaa.. oss kaa naam tha Muhammad (sullalay walahay he wasalam)
Muhammad key jub mote hoee to oos kaa lund khara thaa. check your hadith.
mashallah... 18 ghantay marnay kay baad oss key body garmee may sartee
rahee. woo kyoon? woo ees leyay kay, sahabee laraee kar rahay thay kay
kone, muhammad key jagha khaleefaa banay gaa... khair phir muhammad key
lund kharee hoee body koo dufnaa diyaa... Mashallah... Chodo mohammad kaa
khatmaa hoaa... laykin muhammad chootiyay kay marnay kay baad, Musalmanoo
nay thabhaee macha dee.jaghaa jaghaa aurtayn chodeen, logoon koo
maraa....shaytanoon kaa tola....etnay harami hay muhammad kay chahanay
walay mader chode, kay jub koee islam chortaa hay to osay mar daytay
hayn... gandooo kay bachay...aaow loroon mujhay marooo.

Автор Ferrari Mon ( назад)
ALLAH pak hum sbko Dajjal K fasad O fitne sy mahfoz Rakhy

Автор Ferrari Mon ( назад)
ALLAH pak hum sbko Dajjal K fasad O fitne sy mahfoz Rakhy

Автор Ghanwa Naqshband ( назад)

Автор Ghanwa Naqshband ( назад)
I m totally scared

Автор Travis-2313 ( назад)
No English version?

Автор Zeshan Malik ( назад)
Dajjal k qtl k baad fori yajooj majooj ka nuzool hoga

Автор Zeshan Malik ( назад)
Dajjal dunya ka sb se bara fitna hai

Автор Zeshan Malik ( назад)
Dajjal muslmano ki azmaish k liye aiga

Автор Zeshan Malik ( назад)
Dajjal qymt ki bhari nishani hai

Автор Evident Truth ( назад)
Florida kaa matlab galat bataa raha hay chootiya...Florida kaa maatlab ,
'easter kaa phool.

Автор Evident Truth ( назад)
Islam aslee fitnaa hay, or muhammad or musalmaan saray dajaal...Mashalla
subhanallah Alhamdullillah

Автор crazy boy ( назад)
Allahu Akbar Aye Allah hamein Apni Panah ma Rakh Ameen

Автор Samim Akram ( назад)
اللہ تعالی ھمیں دجال کی فتنہ وفسادسےمحفوظ رکھے آمین

Автор Samim Akram ( назад)
اللہ تعالی ھمیں دجال کی فتنہ وفسادسےمحفوظ رکھے آمین

Автор M Kaleem Aish ( назад)
Allaha betchay

Автор M Kaleem Aish ( назад)
Allaha betchay

Автор TAUSHED PASHA N S ( назад)
dajjal story is good

Автор Shafiya Zareen ( назад)

Автор Abdul Moiz ( назад)

Автор afzaal ahmed ( назад)
allah dajjal kay fitnat say bchay

Автор Rahul Soni ( назад)
તુમ જીતના ડરો ગે ઉતના જ્યાદા ડરાઆગે કોઈ કામ વામ ક રો યે લોગ તો નેવરે હે

Автор ‫اليأس اليأس‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Ali Shah ( назад)
Sound is annoying

Автор princess rikza rikza ( назад)
ye jis ne dajjalukbar kha hai us par lanat

Автор Malik Abbas ( назад)
no body know where he is nd no body will find him an till the time comes

Автор Zareen Akrm ( назад)
allh hMy dajAl say bachY aamin

Автор Rizwan Dawar ( назад)
Music why ?

Автор Just Live ( назад)
ALLAH pak hmny apny iman main qaim rkhy ameen

Автор Haider MR X Hashmi ( назад)
Yah video dakho aur sun karo
Main toh bhot dar Gaya hoon
Aallha mat kara

Автор zohra el Azhary ( назад)
ربي ارحم عبادك

Автор Hazrat Ali ( назад)

Автор Adil Nasir ( назад)

Автор Datta Village ( назад)
Nice video allah aapko apnay mqsad me kamyab kray

Автор General Panda ( назад)
Dajjal hu Akbar

Автор Kiran Zahra ( назад)
Allah maf kre

Автор Tahir Rock ( назад)
Allah pak tmam ko hdayat dy or hmy hr trha k fitny s bchaye

Автор Samir Hassan ( назад)
According to a Hadith of Bukhari n Muslim...Dajjal will rise from East of
Madina...N Florida is in the west...Enough Said...

Автор Y͛a͛s͛i͛r͛ K͛a͛m͛r͛a͛n͛ P͛e͛e͛r͛Z͛a͛d͛a͛ ( назад)
الله ہمیں دجال کے فتنے سے بچائے آمین

Автор Tiger K ( назад)
ye ek jahil paki hay Jo bakwaaas karta hay

Автор Tiger K ( назад)
Pakistan dajjal ka favourite mulk hay.
Pakistan SE Islam ki tabahi start hota hay

Автор Tahir Qureshi ( назад)
اللّه ہم سب کو دجال سے بچاۓ

Автор Mehro Moon ( назад)
Allah maaf krai

Автор Shani Malik ( назад)
koi bata skta ha ya awaz kis ki ha

Автор Hassan Bhutta ( назад)

Автор atif rana ( назад)

Автор Manpreet Singh ( назад)
ki sab sch a

Автор Qaisar Hassan ( назад)
ادھر اُدھر سے غیر مصدقپ معلومات اکھٹی کر کے مارکیٹ میں چھوڑی گئی ہیں۔دیکھنے
والوں کی تعداد بڑھانے کا بہت ہی گھٹیا طریقہ ہے۔ واہ رے نیم حکیم واہ۔ پتہ
نہیں کون سی دنیا میں رہتے ہو تم لوگ؟

Автор Muhammed Sajjad ( назад)
allha hoakbar

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