Creating Templates in KODAK PREPS Software 6

This video presentation will discuss template creation in KODAK PREPS Imposition Software 6. We will go over the classic way of creating a template imposition in version 5 vs. the new way using folding patterns in version 6.

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Автор gloorbit ( назад)
I've run a few impo softwares for around 22 years. Most recently Preps
5.x.x. This is the most confusing I've ever seen. I guess it was written
for folks that have no real experience with imposition. I was a stripper
for years in sheetfed and multi-web printers so I feel that it is easier to
actually think about the layouts in a different way.

Автор Joe Ferris ( назад)
I have a job that is a 2s4p, but was supplied as 2 - 17x11 sheets, with
pages 1 and 4 pre-determined. But I want to run page 1 and 2 - 2up, and
same for 3 and 4. So the question is, if I put a 17x11 piece of art into an
8-1/2 x 11 sized template, can I shift the art left and right within that
window? It seems like Preps predetermines what will be shown in the
template window if the sizing doesn't match the art.

Автор Arthurildo Tereza ( назад)
Creating Templates in KODAK PREPS Software 6 - 28 pag.

Автор binksy69 ( назад)
Loads of easier ways to create that impo.

Автор binksy69 ( назад)
No offence dude. You're doing it wrong tho...

Автор Kaloyan Kanchev ( назад)

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