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This seems to have disappeared but now it's back


Автор moominpic (3 месяца)
Doesn't it say something that this song is loved more than the film? maybe
Weird Al should've written the screenplay.

Автор Cooper A (4 месяца)

Автор Mark Owens (2 месяца)
Thanks for the upload. Impossible to listen to the lyrics and not laugh. 

Автор thekitagirl (3 месяца)

Автор catlamk (4 месяца)
He is really handsome is this look!

Автор Tannerb9000 (2 года)
@DarthBenadic There is nothing in this world that would make me want to
watch the Phantom Menace again

Автор Ashley Blackman (7 месяцев)
I just let my nephew listen to this for the first time...he loves
it...enough said...

Автор Katie Midkiff (2 года)
I love this song haha I sing it in the shower

Автор chivalryalive (10 месяцев)
Well, yeah it was very sad... It was a tribute to some great musicians, and
the time they lived in, seen through the tragedy of their death. The world
lost a lot of great talent when that plane fell.

Автор HellmotherEva (7 месяцев)
I can't shake this feeling that Weird Al has a new fan now...

Автор DungeonFreak (1 год)
Agreed! I don't think I could make it through the original without messing
up at least 4 or 5 times :D

Автор Jamie S (2 года)
weird al ruins songs for me. even when I hear american pie, these are the
only words I know haha

Автор Troy Howard (1 год)
I do the same thing as shikatema4 :)

Автор inrwizards (1 год)
then u should just listen to american pie

Автор yamisupersaiyan (2 года)
What Darth Maul was doing? Um carrying out Sidious plans? The whole point
was for Palaptine to become chancellor. Maul served his master faithfully
by being the threat that made everyone worry and appoint Palpatine. The end
of the movie isn't even complicated at all. Not saying Phantom Menace is
Dark Knight, but its a good flick. C3PO is worse than Jar Jar, politics
were cool, and continuity seems just

Автор hauk93 (2 года)
Hey, I want some insight about why The Phantom Menace is so hated
worldwide. Could some guy explain why its so bad? Besides The Anakin actor,
The ruined continuity, all The politics and Jar Jar Binks. Because if
that's all, I think there are much worse movies to be picking on.

Автор BrowRazer (2 года)
better than the movie :D

Автор Vincentius Hammarstedt (2 года)
Why did they get so wound up about how they locked the doors and tried
tequilas? Must have been so far back so that the 18th amendment was still
in place...

Автор xUnknownBeastx (2 года)
@Bey0ndFair no he died because the freakin writer said so

Автор Jason Thomas (1 год)
I love Weird Al.

Автор Avebury Eddie (2 года)
I love this one :)

Автор ninjaclan4ever (2 года)
who clicked on this vid cuz vevo has a ad on

Автор Smartass012 (1 год)
aditude in bad situation can work my help obi look at point of vew that
psyco killer whas difforent person one he know form child hood.some other
scene pode race is obi wan idea when he,s hering anikens story but wardo
say there damaged shipp is,nt worth both slave&the part obi next to quig
when he talk mom how ani jedie traits give the scene when quig helping ani
in pod to obi he tell ani good luck.he un confrotible with hood dangerus
the race could be he ask quig are you shore it a good idea

Автор McMoOniE (2 года)
@Harlee737 Thx for the correction... But I know for a fact that Cat Stevens
has sung it... But I'll look up Don Mclean

Автор ishner (1 год)
you talk to much

Автор Hunter Dragonforge (1 год)
Except darth wasnt toast cause he came back with cyborg legs y do sith
always survive qui gon got stabbed and died but darth maul was cut in half
and fell into a pit but survived

Автор daveinsouthflorida (1 год)
I read it on the Wiki entry for the song.

Автор DeanGl (1 год)
Agreed. Emphasis on the "spot on". It's amazing. It's basically a parody of
the song while telling the entire story of Episode I. So impressive.
Completely accurate. I remember listening this to the radio as a kid. I
loved it! Oh the memories.

Автор SuperRoGE14 (1 год)
that's great but its not about star wars

Автор RastaSaiyaman (1 год)
Which says a lot about Weird Al's skill here. I remember in the year that
this was released Madonna also released her version of "American pie" and
that got more airplay which in my opinion it didn't deserve, since it was a
rather boring rendition of the song.

Автор Skeletux (9 месяцев)
If you haven't watched Star Wars episode 1 this is a huge spoiler

Автор Reese Broten (2 года)
@awesomon American Pie

Автор Icegodthehero2008 (8 месяцев)
good times....

Автор CharlesOberonn (2 года)
This sounds like bullshit. He ovbviously watched the movie beforehand.

Автор BtotheG98 (2 года)
Wheres the video

Автор MrGabeanator (1 год)
hm how interesting

Автор 10forRP (2 года)
Little bit of trivia... Al said in an interview that he wrote this song
before The Phantom Menace came out, so he had to write the lyrics based on
rumors. He was thankful to the Star Wars fans for having factual info.

Автор MrEpicshooters1 (2 года)

Автор ComedyNStuff (1 год)

Автор ddyert (2 года)
I love this song

Автор Mendik (2 года)
@blackcatsrules999 mathmacitcal.

Автор Smartass012 (1 год)
heres some things i di,nt say on the video what if phantom menace whas
good.simply for a meter of space.when padme meets jarjar he,snt speak
engilsh but 3po translates.R2 is robot you expect a genus kids to make from
his a magination 3po came off the asembly lines.ad obi wan to meet aniken
is some i talked about but it works with ani eing a kids i look what if he
whas a lttle older 13or12.but i found the older aniken whas the less room
in the mane charecture spot light.&ani aniken positive

Автор themaestroyou (2 года)
this scks ass i like american pie

Автор William Barresi (2 года)
You never really understand a song until you hear Weird Al's version...

Автор truckman63 (2 года)

Автор shikatema4 (1 год)
Is it bad that I sing this version when the original American Pie song
comes on instead? XD

Автор weirdalrockz1111 (2 года)
how do u put the thing where it says u can buy weird als song and his name
in the description? plz help

Автор Fern412 (11 месяцев)
Radio Disney motherfuckers.

Автор hippojuice23 (8 месяцев)
..and far too long.

Автор TheEvilEskimo (2 года)
@DarthBenadic Well Kudos to the song, few things make one want to do that XP

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