The Saga begins Weird al yankovic

Heres one of weird al's parody songs, this time on the famous American Pie song ^^ Enjoy!


A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, Naboo was under an attack,
And I thought me and Qui-Gon Jinn could talk the Federation into maybe cutting them a little slack.
But their response, it didn't thrill us: they locked the doors and tried to kill us.
We escaped from that gas, and met Jar-Jar and Boss Nass.
We took a bongo from the scene, and we went to Theed to see the Queen.
We all wound up on Tatooine; that's where we found this boy.

My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later; now he's just a small fry.
He left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye,
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi, soon I'm gonna be a Jedi."

Did you know this junkyard slave isn't even old enough to shave?
But he can use the Force they say,
Ah, do you see him hitting on the queen though he's just nine and she's fourteen?
Yeah, he's probably gonna marry her someday.
Well, I know he built C-3PO, and I've heard how fast his pod can go.
And we were broke, it's true, so we made a wager or two.
He was a prepubescent flyin' ace, and the minute Jabba started off that race,
Well, I knew who would win first place: oh yes, it was our boy.

We started singin'
My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later; now he's just a small fry.
He left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye,
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi, soon I'm gonna be a Jedi."

Now we finally got to Coruscant; the Jedi Council we knew would want to see how good the boy could be.
So we took him there and we told the tale, how his midi chlorians were off the scale, and he might fulfill that prophecy.
Oh the Council was impressed of course: could he bring balance to the Force?
They interviewed the kid, oh but training they forbid,
Because Yoda sensed in him much fear, and Qui Gon said, "Now listen here: just stick it in your pointy ear. I still will teach this boy."

He was singin'
My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later; now he's just a small fry.
He left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye,
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi, soon I'm gonna be a Jedi."

We caught a ride back to Naboo 'cause Queen Amidala wanted to; I frankly would've liked to stay.
We all fought in that epic war, and it wasn't long at all before little hotshot flew his plane and saved the day.
And in the end some Gunguns died; some ships blew up, and some pilots fried.
A lot of folks were croakin'; the battle droids were broken.
And the Jedi I admire most met up with Darth Maul, and now he's toast.
Well I'm still here, and he's a ghost. I guess...I'll train this boy

And I was singin'
My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later; now he's just a small fry,
He left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye,
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi, soon I'm gonna be a Jedi."

We were singin'
My my this here Anakin guy
Maybe Vader someday later; now he's just a small fry,
He left his home, kissed his mommy goodbye,
Sayin' "Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi."

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Автор TheVandrell ( назад)
'A lot of folks were croakin'
The battle droids were broken'
Hot damn, that's some fine songwriting right there!

Автор Max Grena ( назад)
Awesome song!

Автор Harmony Bade ( назад)
I love it!!! Why didn't I hear this sooner!? Like, thirteen years ago!?

Автор Ranty Ryan ( назад)
"maybe vader, some day later, now he's just a small fry" love that

Автор Noah Szwagulak ( назад)

Автор Emo Kylo Ren ( назад)
i sometimes listen to this song when i go to sleep

Автор Michael ( назад)
love this

Автор Irisviel ( назад)
This was the first song I ever downloaded....

Автор Mixey Boy ( назад)
this is basically Episode 1, in the nutshell

Автор Nicolas Bour ( назад)
Another song stuck in my mind !!

Автор Ian Godin ( назад)
I was right next to you when you took that video!

Автор Nick Munday ( назад)
The greatest parody song on a Star Wars parody movie!

Автор Cutlassdf_97 ( назад)
What was the original song

Автор Fairuz Shinnizle ( назад)
To think that i thought this song was the original one ~_~

Автор Leon Lenz ( назад)
Wtf this is on One of my three bonus blurays of my Star Wars "complete saga" box

Автор Russell Olsen ( назад)
Even though he's just 9 and she's 14!

Автор Rita Villarreal ( назад)
Haha so a coworker and I were sitting down doing our paper work and for some reason he starts to sing this song. I was like "Wtf?" and he was like "Go home and listen to it." So here I am. Haha. Hilarious. I'll have to listen to this song over and over to learn it and sing it along next week with him while we do our work. Haha.

Автор Mark Owens ( назад)
Thanks for the upload.  Impossible to listen to the lyrics and not laugh. 

Автор Doge ( назад)

Автор moominpic ( назад)
Doesn't it say something that this song is loved more than the film? maybe Weird Al should've written the screenplay.

Автор Cooper A ( назад)

Автор catlamk ( назад)
He is really handsome is this look!

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)

Автор weimer420 ( назад)
ha ha

Автор Ashley Blackman ( назад)
I just let my nephew listen to this for the first time...he loves it...enough said...

Автор Will gibson ( назад)

Автор Bunnies Kitties ( назад)
This is better then the movie.

Автор HellmotherEva ( назад)
I can't shake this feeling that Weird Al has a new fan now...

Автор David Antol ( назад)
evil humm

Автор Icegod101 ( назад)
good times....

Автор hippojuice23 ( назад)
..and far too long.

Автор Wildicon19 ( назад)
Simply Brilliant Al!

Автор Tertle ( назад)
If you haven't watched Star Wars episode 1 this is a huge spoiler

Автор chivalryalive ( назад)
Well, yeah it was very sad... It was a tribute to some great musicians, and the time they lived in, seen through the tragedy of their death. The world lost a lot of great talent when that plane fell.

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)
not really

Автор Fern412 ( назад)
Radio Disney motherfuckers.

Автор hornymaneee ( назад)
The actual American pie song is very depressing

Автор RastaSaiyaman ( назад)
Which says a lot about Weird Al's skill here.

I remember in the year that this was released Madonna also released her version of "American pie" and that got more airplay which in my opinion it didn't deserve, since it was a rather boring rendition of the song.

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)
that's harsh

Автор inrwizards ( назад)
then u should just listen to american pie

Автор Laura Peterson ( назад)
i love it

Автор kooldude949 ( назад)
Cause jedi are willing to die,

Автор DeanGl ( назад)
Agreed. Emphasis on the "spot on". It's amazing. It's basically a parody of the song while telling the entire story of Episode I. So impressive. Completely accurate. I remember listening this to the radio as a kid. I loved it! Oh the memories.

Автор Bob Plumberable ( назад)
i dont know the lyricss to american pie or lola...but i know the parodies...im such a nerdy girl

Автор Nick Jeffs ( назад)
i dont even find this song funny, it's just so catchy.....

Автор DungeonFreak ( назад)
Agreed! I don't think I could make it through the original without messing up at least 4 or 5 times :D

Автор DungeonFreak ( назад)
I agree, good sir. I agree.

Автор jedr1989 ( назад)
He really should sing it properly. It's a better song, if only for sheer LOL value,

Автор Golden Boss (1986 лет назад)
Have you experienced Fat Blast Factor? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to melt fat fast.

Автор Hunter Dragonforge ( назад)
Except darth wasnt toast cause he came back with cyborg legs y do sith always survive qui gon got stabbed and died but darth maul was cut in half and fell into a pit but survived

Автор manex (104 года назад)

Автор TheNYCO89 ( назад)
This parody is absolutely brilliant. I thought "American Pie" was brilliant but to do a parody that is so (SPOT ON) with it's difficult names and places to rhyme with put it over the top. I know he does some of his own personal songs which are OK but the truth is he really does have a decent voice. I hope he does a parody useing "Somebody I used to know" by Gotye. I think he could really do something with that song.

Автор chameleonclone ( назад)
I like this song, but there are better quality versions posted by others...sorry bud

Автор Talyn Rahl ( назад)
If only Phantom Menace was as good as this song...

Автор moeman813 ( назад)
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Автор Watch-my-magic ( назад)
haha one day i heard "American Pie" and i was just singing this song and i didnt know why :)

Автор JennyKenobi09 ( назад)

Автор Ian ( назад)
The original song is American pie by don McLean.

Автор ishner ( назад)
you talk to much

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)
hm how interesting

Автор Smartass012 ( назад)
heres some things i di,nt say on the video what if phantom menace whas good.simply for a meter of space.when padme meets jarjar he,snt speak engilsh but 3po translates.R2 is robot you expect a genus kids to make from his a magination 3po came off the asembly lines.ad obi wan to meet aniken is some i talked about but it works with ani eing a kids i look what if he whas a lttle older 13or12.but i found the older aniken whas the less room in the mane charecture spot light.&ani aniken positive

Автор Smartass012 ( назад)
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Автор Smartass012 ( назад)
obi pulls out lightsaber that scare them off 1whith aniken gets out knife to stape him but gurd shot it obi say easly scared quig shows up thay proble pring more less go.later just befor talk with quigon do think he pass the consil test he,s to old.he tries teach him to move a dice with his mind blind folded.&when he gets on the star destroyer pilot teen he puts on one of the flat oblong helmats.you see in orgional trillugy&see what im talking about on video what if starwars episode1 whas good

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)
really how funny

Автор daveinsouthflorida ( назад)
I read it on the Wiki entry for the song.

Автор MrGabeanator ( назад)
how do you know that?

Автор NateM31190 ( назад)
Remember listening to this on Radio Disney back when i was like 8 lol

Автор yfz01 ( назад)
I did that for a while... I'd alternate between the two versions, lol.

Автор hifijohn (205 лет назад)
what I like about al's somgs is they sound better than the originals!!!!!

Автор Hunterpait ( назад)
This song us so catchy like the original I listened to it 30 times once

Автор MrRougeace ( назад)
Listen to a remix of American Pie
Later the day I watched episode one just cause I felt like it
Late into the night American Pie played on my radio

Автор Your Nightcore ( назад)
I do the same thing as shikatema4 :)

Автор TheBackyardbeach ( назад)
I was late to workk because i wanted to finish listening to this song

Автор shikatema4 ( назад)
Is it bad that I sing this version when the original American Pie song comes on instead? XD

Автор PastsEcho ( назад)
I remember when I was 6 or 7 I heard this song I though it was the coolest thing ever 10 years later and it's still as great as it was back then American pie is a great song but this song is easily better

Автор BBCamerican123 ( назад)
Wierd Al says the exact opposite lol

Автор God ( назад)
Thumbs up if you didn't have to search it up.

Автор Epicloltrollface ( назад)
does beiber haz a cock??? 0_0 world news @!!!

Автор Ollig999 ( назад)
I really like wierd al but honestly this song is not one to make a parody of, the original honors the great musicians that died in the plane crash, it shouldn't be made fun of.

Автор alucard736 ( назад)
35 people must love beibers cock cuz the bars about the same size lol love this song

Автор smartasscommenter ( назад)
So one day was listening to American Pie and the first thing he thought of was star wars? Cool!

Автор BrowRazer ( назад)
better than the movie :D

Автор Not A Treasure ( назад)

Автор Not A Treasure ( назад)
I love this song...=O

Автор gabe vuyst ( назад)
this song is the reason i cant sing american pie i always start singing this

Автор Watch-my-magic ( назад)
American pie was on the radio a few days ago, and then for the rest of the day this song was stuck in my head haha :)

Автор yamisupersaiyan ( назад)
What Darth Maul was doing? Um carrying out Sidious plans? The whole point was for Palaptine to become chancellor. Maul served his master faithfully by being the threat that made everyone worry and appoint Palpatine. The end of the movie isn't even complicated at all. Not saying Phantom Menace is Dark Knight, but its a good flick. C3PO is worse than Jar Jar, politics were cool, and continuity seems just

Автор themaestroyou ( назад)
this scks ass i like american pie

Автор MICAH SAUNDERS ( назад)
fyi, sry if u think i was trying to make u look bad :(

Автор MICAH SAUNDERS ( назад)
with a little too much pride, i no both

Автор Cinemaniac388 ( назад)
American Pie came on the radio just now. While it was playing I was singing this. Lol.

Автор daveinsouthflorida ( назад)
Don McLean says that when he performs "American Pie," he sometimes messes up and starts singing the words to this one!

Автор FB0102 ( назад)

Автор PETTY GOD Darkwing Cuck ( назад)
Last time I went to Pathmark, American Pie came in the speakers.

You know what i sang?


Made me happy.

Автор romantashev ( назад)
here is the original h t t p : // youtu .be/hEcjgJSqSRU (remove the space before the dot)

Автор Tanya Tylock ( назад)
Cat stevens? No def don mclean

Автор MarLu RoKri ( назад)
@Harlee737 Thx for the correction... But I know for a fact that Cat Stevens has sung it... But I'll look up Don Mclean

Автор Harlee737 ( назад)
@McMoOniE Don Mclean, not Cat Stevens created the song.

Автор MarLu RoKri ( назад)
American Pie by Cat Stevens is brilliant but I always sing this version... And to be nobody can disagree when I say this song is better than Madonna's version of the original song???

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