The Secret Genius Accelerator

THE GENIUS ACCELERATOR is THE Surest and Easiest Way to Awaken the Primordial Genius that Slumbers within. The Technology of NeuroPhonics™ actually causes Brain Cells to Grow More Neural Connections!

These New Neural nets then make Learning Effortless and more Fun, Concentration Easy, Reading Faster, Memory more Powerful, Your Mind more Absorbent, Studying Easy and Natural, Your Senses more Keen and Mental Notes more Associated.

With this Potent CD, BOTH Adults and Children will Develop Genius Power whilst the Learning becomes more Fun, Effortless, Easy and Natural. Your Recall will astound you and your friends alike. You will remain Calm and Poised as you become more Insightful, Confident and Intuitive. Parents who listen to this CD with their children will Gain Immeasurably from the shared experience.

Don't get left behind. Show everyone What you are really capable of Achieving. You were Born a Genius. Now it is time to finally Awaken!

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Автор Edward Green ( назад)

Автор Edward Green ( назад)
this is fantastic thank you!

Автор Connie T ( назад)
thank you so much. .for I need to use headphones? ?😆

Автор Viking12 ( назад)

Автор Mark Vann ( назад)
Tena Men, you are a genius! That is a great ad. If I ever lose control of
the magic fire hose, I will keep you in mind. (But I doubt that will ever

Автор Hrvoje Renner ( назад)
pjesma Večer

Автор Paradigm Breaker ( назад)
made me shaky how weird but cool

Автор angel jesslyn ( назад)
Thank you for a good music.Now,i feel better

Автор Michele Buring ( назад)
Great. But I was already a genius. Once. But then I got on antidepressants.
Stupid stupid me. And now it is killing me trying to get off. Whats the
point of genius when your anxiety and depression was made so much worse by
Effexor and now you can not yet get off the horrible evil stuff. I just
need a genius youtube that stops me needing to take the shit and stops the
horror symptoms after getting off. Now THAT would make me very very happy !
! ! !

Автор Toran Dulaney ( назад)
Omg my brain power level is over 9000!

Автор Kirk Barkley ( назад)
Bobby: better sometimes to be wisely brain-washed than brain-dead

Автор deliusism1 ( назад)
"The primordial genius"....yeah, if that isn't an oxymoronic idea, I don't
know what is. Next....

Автор Gappy Duffus ( назад)
i em now in havad! Top merican colage! thank u guru u work so gd! NOw am
GENISU so cool yes like stevan hawkeng who is also a genius n arabik

Автор Salim Uzzaman ( назад)
hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about mind power videos try
Tarbetti Subliminal Secrets Tutor (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive
heard some incredible things about it and my friend got excellent results
with it.

Автор spooky shark ( назад)
I listen to alot of motivational speakers and I also need to use this to be
successful in life. 

Автор horacio.a. hasan ( назад)
Doc.Gill you have a GreaT Work !!! Great for You !!! Blessings !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор asdas fasgasg ( назад)
But so has it subliminal messages? Why arent' there writen in the
descpription? I'm not english and i need them... pleasee :(

Автор Marvin Flugelmeister ( назад)
It workes. I have lisaning for over fife monthes now. Be for I was a bad
spellar and now I am a good spellar. Thank you jenius acceleratore. 

Автор Ray Bobby ( назад)
someone is talking in the back ground. YOUR BEING BRAINWASHED

Автор Lucianna Di Angello ( назад)
˘Hehehe, good old Pachelbel, Canon in D Major....now I see why am I such
geniusssss... When I was a little girl, every afternoon in my dreaming-time
on the radio played some emission with good classical muse. And, it is
known in science that it allows certain cognitive functions to engage and
improve, with or without subliminal messages....
If you wish a longer version, search - ONE HOUR of Canon by Pachelbel for
Baby - Bedtime music - Lullaby(LONG VERSION!) ..Or, maybe better, Canone di
Pachelbel - 528 Hz (frequenza benefica - riproduzione DNA) - HD

.LUVyaa, Luss (geniuss) :-)))

Автор King Nolad ( назад)
dose anybodys wrist feel weird after watching

Автор lty2k84 ( назад)

Автор Loyalsurly ( назад)
Do we have to read what the screen says ? or can we download these videos
as an mp3 and just play them automatically on my ipod ?

Автор Marvin Flugelmeister ( назад)
Ima gona gif dis a tri and cee if it wurx like it sez it dose. Watt half I
got to loose!!!!!

Автор Ron Torgersen ( назад)
I googled Dr. Mel Gill and the Accelerator CD is $79. I thought $48 was a
lot now $31 more. I will need to ATTRACT the dojo to be able to buy this.

Автор awesomedude17181 ( назад)
The video opens up your super subconcious mind by the song, and the voices
guide the super subconcious mind,

Автор awesomedude17181 ( назад)

Автор Peter Kimble ( назад)

Автор Anish Mantri ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Powell ( назад)
So great, wow

Автор Ron Torgersen ( назад)
I tried to look this up and it said 'this site is under construction'.

Автор Ron Torgersen ( назад)
This is my new favorite I will listen to am/pm each day with great
anticipation for the mental stretch that is going to bear fruit in the
days, weeks and months ahead. I had a car wreck in ' 83 and a bad
concussion and my brain feels like teflon sometimes like nothing sticks. I
am one Happy Camper to discover this video and many like it. Good luck to

Автор Cornelia Omir ( назад)
WOOOOOW that was scary.. what are they saying!?

Автор save .handry ( назад)
where it can buy ?

Автор Daymjo ( назад)
I've been coming back to this 'secret genius accelerator' for almost 2
years now, and EVERY TIME I type it in google I always type 'secret brain
accelerator'... ironic isn't it? :)))

Автор blazinpyromaniac ( назад)
Wow, did not hear the voices until I put stereo headphones on. Amazing!

Автор FishingtonBurpPuzzle ( назад)
This music is perhaps the most overplayed music in history. The recording
also seems to have deteriorated and Philip Glass's music might have been a
better choice since it employs Fibonacci's scale which is a cosmic element.

Автор Omar Merhabi ( назад)
what do i do just listen to it

Автор Omar Merhabi ( назад)
so what doni

Автор HipHopcheerleader ( назад)
Johann Pachelbel - Canon In D Major

Автор HipHopcheerleader ( назад)
THIS MUSIC OMG...so beautiful. So beautiful.

Автор SKCcrew7 ( назад)
an example of the love tone 528hz , amazing

Автор Rubedo ( назад)
who cares as long the music is good.

Автор SuperToFue ( назад)
Could you please provide a transcript of the "subliminal" dialog track? Its
bad enough having the need to actively monitor advertisement memes that I
would rather know what's entering my mind so I might enjoy your video
without resistance..

Автор sammmahhh ( назад)
I've been using this tool for a few years now. From what I can tell there
is a definite improvement in cognitive processing if I listen a few times a
week. This includes overall as well as word comprehension, memory recall
and focus. It's amazing how busy the subconscious mind obviously is! Thanks
for making this available!-Sammy

Автор Jeremy Thomas ( назад)
What is more beautiful than the pure soul of originality? This song is a
distinct manifestation of elegance. I know not why the most delightful
aspects of existence are consistently neglected by the majority. Perhaps,
genius can only be appreciated genuinely, by genius's close cousin. 

Автор Y.R.I. ( назад)
can anyone describe me whats this video and how to implement this message??

Автор iworkforme ( назад)
What can you expect from someone named "christian". Anything that is not in
that dirty old book of theirs is the devils work.

Автор george orange ( назад)
I see many people that dont know who wrote this piece , johann Pachelbel -
Canon In D Major, is what this is, this particular version is from the
academy of st martin-in-the-fields/ sir neville marriner, excluding the
subliminal background stuff of course 

Автор zarowaj ( назад)
That is the first piece of classical music I have ever liked and repeatedly
listened to,maybe I"ll find a taste for it.

Автор DDaddySnyder ( назад)
Love this music what is it? I mean like, what artist ect. and is this a
music with photos? is it a lecture what is this?

Автор Guru Prasad ( назад)
wowwww million likes...............

Автор Darren Neal ( назад)
Does anyone know what he's saying during the music?

Автор faiboss1 ( назад)
it works amazingly. I just spent 6 hours studying non-stop. would recommend
for people who take quantitative classess such as math, stat and
accounting. great stuff.

Автор boss2650 ( назад)
ignorant fool. 

Автор thelostmachine713 ( назад)
To my future self: remember I was not on acid when I heard these whispers
forced upon my curious most innocent brow..

Автор Eliseo Codinera ( назад)
I'm not sure ... but I do feel some changes in my memory...

Автор Corey N. Bush ( назад)
In fact, you're incorrect. Classical Music combined with Subliminal
Messaging is infinitely powerful. I strongly advise you do your research,
especially before commenting and such a foolish comment at that. 

Автор Corey N. Bush ( назад)
You are not supposed too, they are talking directly to your subconscious
mind. Sit back, listen and relax. Regularly breathe. Soon you shall
improve, soon you shall improve. 

Автор Corey N. Bush ( назад)
Classical Music: Classical music allows certain cognitive functions to
engage and improve, however only having a temporary effect. Classical music
should often be listened to. This also allows the brain to relax, which
allows the body to as well. Subliminal Messages: Subliminal messages are
affirmations spoken in a hypnotic direct way to the subconscious mind. In
whispers exactly, so our conscious barriers cannot detect and destroy them.
Together? A Master piece.

Автор Valerie Finley ( назад)
Honestly you allowed the negativity by recognizing it and reading his
comments as well. Positive people do not allow negativity in their lives.

Автор Cool Zee ( назад)
just listen to Canon I recommend the New Age version :D

Автор Dora Caicedo ( назад)
it's excellent! Dr. 

Автор ohm9917 ( назад)
Nice Hmmmm..!! :|]

Автор TheBadAssKiller ( назад)
Yah... apparently, this moron THINKS it has a clue, when in fact, it has
nothing but flapping lips -which transfers through ITS fingertips! Now,
what I had stated in my original post, applies to this moron, as well!

Автор TheIntelligentView ( назад)
Ok TROLL... take a freaking HIKE!!

Автор JESSE IVES ( назад)
This is a beautiful work of art, even in the event that the technology is
flawed, our lives have been enriched just from listening to a masterpiece.
A true pleasure to experience audibly :)

Автор JESSE IVES ( назад)
I would not attack anyone for so valid a comment. Intelligence does not in
itself constitute having common sense. :) Honesty is a virtue, however most
will not appreciate your honesty and will undoubtedly respond with their
own form of ignorance

Автор TheBadAssKiller ( назад)
Is this doctor so sure that everyone born into this world is a genius??
Because I sure have witnessed a LOT of morons today more so than ever in my
50-some years of being here!! Now watch... I will be attacked by those kind
as it takes only those kind to respond to this statement!

Автор JM Madriaga (494 года назад)
wala akung bul2x eh 

Автор jay mccrory ( назад)
who is this piece of music from, sublime.

Автор seriousgreen_ (555 лет назад)
Sounds like Canon Rock

Автор jing jabines ( назад)
do you think you can do different musical instruments to work in harmony as
this? for us ordinary listener this a great great work of master in music:)
love it

Автор jing jabines ( назад)
Very nice and sweet music- this a work of a GENIUS

Автор Gthealpha1 ( назад)
not my choice of song but if it really contributes to me becoming a Genius,
why not listen to it for 5:23 a day

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
fuck those people!! who doesn't appreciate classical music... 

Автор whotube ( назад)
Ntime you choose to insult the public make sure im not amougst their number

Автор chinho899 ( назад)
Thanks for this great sharing with pure heart. This is great for those who
knows how to appreciate and see its worth. 

Автор cayenne13 ( назад)
my favorite classical music ! :-)

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
fuck u asshole!!!! U FUCKING ,MORON!!!

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
yes your right.. and that was proven by doctors,, to those who dont believe
search guys!! even einstein listen to classical music,, 

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
fuck u bitch! pendejo! asshole!! 

Автор Optimistic30021 (768 лет назад)

Автор Rafael Morales ( назад)
People who dislike this is their judgement but there is no reason for
someone to write negative comments that could honestly hurt others.If you
dont like just leave and listen to something different . You dont have to
ruin it for others who do.

Автор The Cheesy MC (TJjokerR) ( назад)
57 people were correct about choosing the "Dislike" button. And 672 died
because of stupidness 

Автор narxy gee ( назад)
Okay.....I am sorry weirdo

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
i know bitch!

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
fuck u 

Автор Sir Isaac Newton ( назад)
I am doing Calculus 3 under vectors and 3d coordinates combined with polar
equations to this piece. I don't feel any smarter, but I do feel more calm
about it. All the equations look like a form of art understood by few.
Music is relatively a mathematical product. Ancient Greece and the Delphic
hymns, earliest discovered pieces in the western hemisphere. Mese, Hypates,
and Diapsons; of Greek numerical and musical notation... Math goes well
with this piece.

Автор narxy gee ( назад)
The composer is Pachelbel and the composition is called, "Pachelbel's

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
fuck u shut up!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
i'm not familliar with any musician but im start getting to like them 

Автор pj sarmiento ( назад)
it's amazing music i don't know if its effective?? for me. 

Автор Spyderpwn ( назад)
Interesting music choice, isn't that Pachelbel Cannon?

Автор Porsenator ( назад)
Its beautiful music... And if you really believe in these messages, they
will help (: Which Composer is it? it sounds much alike Corelli? is it him?

Автор Martha Otuda ( назад)
The music got crazy loud for no reason lmao

Автор ikemebong ( назад)
Is the volume increasing... or is it only me?

Автор 1pete51 ( назад)
It's called the mozart effect. The voices don't do shit

Автор memBrain ( назад)
The talking behind the music is how this works. The real question isn't
"What's with" but rather "What ARE" the words behind the music. You should
be hearing a separate channel of words spoken per ear. As our minds pick
everything up that we hear, even if we don't consciously recognize it, it
is important to know to what we are subjecting ourselves. I, for one,
intend to analyze the audio before willingly subjecting myself to it.

Автор ayoub rekima ( назад)
i'm looking for "the soul-mate accelerator" ..and i was wondering if u cn
help me.. 

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