Fargo as a Holiday Comedy - Trailer Mix

What if this 1996 Academy award-winning dark comedic film was just another holiday movie? We'd still watch it! Happy Holidays!

Edited by Bobby Burns
Narration by Andy Gellar
Executive Producer: Dustin McLean

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Автор Mister Sleepy ( назад)
eat pancakes and fuck bitches

Автор widM ( назад)
"You're a fucking liar" in a holiday movie?

Автор Eva A ( назад)
It's good to see some exposure of my home town of Fargo, MN

Автор Natalie ( назад)
PLEASE do an updated video of your favorite (not necessarily THE BEST) movies!

Автор steamfans ( назад)
what a cute looking movie...what's this red stuff all over the snow, eh?

Автор Connor Hough ( назад)
This was great!

Автор baesex ( назад)
recut a comedy as a comedy

Автор Djarra ( назад)
If the Coen's made it today it would be a comedy and have George Clooney as Jerry.

Автор Bissrok ( назад)
I think you're trying too hard. You guys should ease back on the trailer mixes, and maybe wait until you have one really good idea, with clips to match it just right.

Автор Fubar Snafu ( назад)
The Cohen brothers have an odd sense of humor, but Fargo actually IS a comedy-drama. There are way more hilarious moments in this movie than most actual comedies.

Автор Gary Miller ( назад)
This movie was funny to me anyway lol. "Hello wade it's Jean" oh it's terrible! Wade it's Jean! 😂

Автор Niles Kelce ( назад)
mmm no such thing as Fargo Minnesota... Fargo is in ND.

Автор Johnny Favorite ( назад)
Anybody who knows and loves Fargo also knows why this doesn't work. Fargo is a ✌🏼Dramedy✌🏼. Nearly Every scene is packed with Humor in regards to both the protagonist and the crooks' apparent incompetence among other things. You can't shift from a Dramedy to Holiday Comedy and create more comedy. IMO

Автор Online Originals ( назад)
Although this trailer is pretty accurate to the movie haha

Автор pdquick1 ( назад)
The "I'm guessing that's him in the chipper" scene really should have made it into that trailer.

Автор Michael Hutchison ( назад)
So, it shows Minneapolis, says she lives in Fargo (she lives in Brainerd), and says Fargo is in Minnesota (It's in North Dakota!). How wrong can you be in 4 seconds of narration?

Автор Cheryl Taylor ( назад)
Fargo is in North Dakota, not Minnesota...although Fargo the movie takes place in Minnesota...confusing for sure then.

Автор silvio bentivoglio ( назад)
LOL !!!! man I/m in tears ...hats off to the u cina fiX :)

Автор Nick Ko ( назад)
Didn't work this time

Автор Erik Rasmussen ( назад)
but I thought marge is from brainerd

Автор Bryan Irvine ( назад)
If you take requests can you do Nightmare Before Christmas recut as a Kubrick film?

Автор cavv0667 ( назад)
Why are you trolling us CineFix... that's not your style... or least it's not been in evidence as your style... You know Fargo is a comedy and that Fargo is in North Dakota on the border with Minnesota... I don't know how to trust you anymore... this hurts and right here during Christmas... Aw Maaaaan... You Suck!

Автор Leo Marcel van Leeuwen ( назад)
Great movie **********

Автор Andrew T ( назад)
Not their best work, but it made me smile.

Автор Daniel Whipple ( назад)
lol, does anything for his wife

Автор Maisie Price ( назад)
Tide automatic undermine flat fundamental neighbor

Автор edvaira6891 ( назад)
She lives in Brainerd, Minnesota...Fargo is in North Dakota and almost none of the movie takes place there

Автор GJ Nelson ( назад)
Not good.

Автор Connor Barr ( назад)
Marge is from Brainerd!

Автор William Rainey ( назад)
It's Fargo North Dakota not Fargo MN

Автор Coundessa Scarlotti ( назад)
Gee, everyone in this movie just looks so...Chipper. *rimshot*

Автор Davis Levi ( назад)
I live in Fargo too... jeez

Автор Ramsey Brown ( назад)
Taxi driver as a quirky indie romance. Please!

Автор Pastafari ( назад)
Man, this movie was a masterpiece

Автор matt lerch ( назад)
do the notebook as a horror story

Автор Lonnie and Tasha McFarland ( назад)
Fargo is not in Minnesota.

Автор hdfgh gdghj ( назад)
Fargo is in North Dakota.. I know because I LIVE HERE. And that shot was from the twin cities, again, NOT Fargo. OOFDA.

Автор Robyn Boynton Muth ( назад)
Please please please make Clueless as a thriller!

Автор Helgali ( назад)
A little over 3k people to 2 million? Congrats.

Автор Deadunicorn Cam ( назад)
aw jeez this is sure good hon!

Автор Albert Giesbrecht ( назад)
I'm crying right now, I want to be in bed next to Margie!

Автор Sam Wolf ( назад)
Frank Gallagher lol

Автор L.D. Johnson ( назад)
I thought Fargo _was_ a holiday comedy, punctuated with disturbing ultra violence for contrast? Isn't that the point, to showcase how fucked up and absurdly stupid small town America can be?

Автор Brenda Singer ( назад)
I haven't seen it, looks good.

Автор Asher Den Ki ( назад)
"you're a bald faced liar" scene gets me every time

Автор oifocker ( назад)
Oh this is so well done, lol. If you disliked this video... go fuck yourself. AND A HAPPY NEW YEEEAR!

Автор Hans Wurst ( назад)
That wasnt a mashup. Thats exactly the movie ^^

Автор Nicholas Denhalter ( назад)
Isn't Fargo in North Dakota

Автор TheOddWorldOfJonas ( назад)
One of my favorite films in one of my favorite video formats of one of my favorite YouTube channels! :)

Автор Mozarz ( назад)
How you didnt use Buescemi laugh from the arriving at cabin scene.

Автор Max Payne ( назад)
wait... that wasn't comedy?

Автор Joe Stacks ( назад)
but the best Christmas movie is DIE HARD!!!

Автор GargoyleGuy ( назад)
These are always such genius.

Автор Johny40Se7en ( назад)
Haha not bad =P

Автор ClassicDoc ( назад)
You should have left in the woodchipper...

Автор I'm here to scoop I'm not here to talk ( назад)
Thats amazing LOL

Автор stuntmanbob90 ( назад)
0:25 a town with skyscrapers is a small town in the us?

Автор hootypatootie ( назад)
I thought Fargo was already a comedy

Автор Waterboy Vlog ( назад)
Fargo, Minnesota eh? Got that one wrong don't cha know?

Автор Thats Nodildo ( назад)
so Frank skipped out of paying bills again i see

Автор Racist Bassist ( назад)
ooooo yeah?

Автор confucius12012 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure they did the Fargo, MN thing on purpose, so calm the fuck down people. The people at Cinefix don't seem like a bunch of slapdicks that would fuck up something like that unless it was done on purpose.

Автор TheGooseinator ( назад)
Honestly, this is kind of what I thought Fargo actually was XD

Автор 123haninhk ( назад)
well, it is a noir with dark comedy film anyway. love this 😆

Автор Harry Bond ( назад)
Fargo is in North Dakota

Автор Lümmelhose ( назад)
Fargo is a Holiday Comedy to me already ^-^

Автор Erik Weiss ( назад)
"You're a.......fooking liar!"

Автор Nick Burns ( назад)
Missed opportunity, should've shown the, "you're such a special lady" scene

Автор Man Beadle ( назад)
I think you missed a 'stocking filler' joke somewhere, what with the besocked leg being forced into the wood chipper 'n all.

Автор accountnumber90 ( назад)
Fargo is in North Dakota! Unsubscribed!

Автор Julius Caesar ( назад)
she doesn't live in Fargo, also Fargo isn't in Minnesota

Автор bob smith ( назад)
yer darn tootin'

Автор Always Learnin' ( назад)
Those people have such cute accents it threw me off when anything violent happened. Showing it as a comedy actually fits.

Автор 田畑はさやなら ( назад)
Do Fargo as a homespun murder story

Автор Is That That? ( назад)
Yeah no Marge doesn't live in Fargo! Fargo is only in the movie for one scene and it's the first scene!

Автор Aaron Butts ( назад)
"Fargo minnesota"

Автор Bilo Price ( назад)
How stupid

Автор IKMNification ( назад)
Garfield as a Coen Brother's movie
for Bill Murray

Автор Sofia Capello ( назад)
no...she lives in Bernered MN. Fargo isn't even in Minnesota!!!

Автор ONCEfineapplinus ( назад)
North Dakota doesn't have anything special and now it even lost Fargo to Minnesota.

Автор Tonitia Carr ( назад)
NORTH DAKOTA NORTH DAKOTA NORTH DAKOTA. Seriously. Why even bother if you can't even get the state correct? You guys are usually so on point with these.

Автор 4es6os ( назад)
i mean, that's exactly what it is, one of the greatest comedies ever

Автор Tom Hillmeyer, III ( назад)

Автор Ana Monteiro ( назад)
Fargo versão Sessão da Tarde

Автор joylesstiger ( назад)
The exposition was a little heavy handed, but well done!

Автор RedsKinDK23 ( назад)
these are amazing

Автор pukirocks ( назад)
i LOLd

Автор ogenmatic ( назад)
Good video but don't you even know what state Fargo is in?!?

Автор bluebrannan ( назад)
You still shoulda ended it with the dude in the wood chipper.

Автор Storm trooper ( назад)
King Kong (Peter Jackson version) beauty and the beast style

Автор Reza Arifandie ( назад)
oh yah?

Автор DAMIEN TYLAK ( назад)
nice video

Автор NikeProductions2008 ( назад)
Fargo, Minnesota???

Автор Maarten ( назад)
It kinda sorta already is a holiday comedy in my book.

Автор Danyel Perão ( назад)
but Fargo is already a comedy... sort of

Автор Jonathan Golden ( назад)
Fargo, Minnesota eh?

Автор Madsf Jaada ( назад)

Автор Killed it mate ( назад)
Could I please get s shoutout

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