How to access recovery mode on a psp with custom firmware

This is basically a video which tells you how to access your recovery mode on your psp running custom firmware ... hold R and power up your psp. Loads of people asked this problem on my site , so this is help for newbies - others dont get annoyed

For cool psp downloads go to http://igizmore.uni.cc

To install the latest custom firmware (3.40 OE-A) go to http://igizmore.blogspot.com/2007/06/340-oe-custom-firmware-installation.html

The site alos includes cool psp downloads and tutorials like Devhook , PSP universal remote , Notepad for psp , where to download PSP games ISO / CSO , How to downgrade your psp , PSP wallpapers and other cool stuff

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Автор Justin Mah ( назад)
Urm what if my psp is using Prome-2 which resets back to official firmware
whenever i remove the battery?

Автор Giovanni Izzi ( назад)
i have a problem!!!! I wanted to use the plugins cwcheat but I don't
succeed in accessing the recovery...my psp is 2004 model and i have CF gen
c fulll and prometeus-2...please help me

Автор AQWDrake05 ( назад)
I've enter recovery mode once, but now I can't... I dont know why

Автор Steven Ortiz ( назад)
it works thsnks !!!!!!!

Автор hackingno ( назад)
can i use the recobery mode without custom frimware?

Автор rasosteva Srb ( назад)
i haw psp 2001 slim....cfw 5.03 gen-c and i cant open recovery mode......

Автор thegreay116 ( назад)
my psp when i put usb inside and the folder cannot be open

Автор jacob houle ( назад)
what the heck is recovery mode? :/

Автор makabenta ( назад)
i have a psp and its version is 5.03gen-c ... im sure i have costum
firmware running... but why cant i go to recovery mode?

Автор Josh Urie ( назад)
i cant'! im such a fucking imbecile!!! i cant do it ¬¬!!!'

Автор bozuki97 ( назад)
i not have pandora battery and magic memory stick :D

Автор samgee500 ( назад)
Someone should make a homebrew application for the psp which allows you to
copy, cut, and/ or paste files to and from the memory stick to any of the
flashes (including flash0) from the psp so you could have the 176 xmb waves
saved on your memory stick, and then copy the one you want to the flash0
and overwrite the current one all from the convenience of your psp on the

Автор zoominguy ( назад)
@SiRpAnTsPoIsOn654 the songs name is wipe out idiot just click on itunes on
the top and look for the grey hilighted one

Автор Geechee Slim ( назад)
Doesn't work for Phat 1000 series I guess

Автор Yusuf Akals ( назад)
what do i do once im in the recovery menu coz my psp shutdown nd only the
recovery menu opens

Автор Sergeimdx ( назад)
Great music!

Автор killerosama100 ( назад)
wip out

Автор Vali Alex ( назад)
i cant:( at a old system i doo that but now i cant:( 6 .20 please a tut how
to uninstal!!!

Автор bosybosyboy ( назад)
hi i have a problem with my PSP I download 5.50 cfw on my psp then i
installed it and after all it told me reboot(X) shutdown (O) i pressed
reboot then the screen got black and when i open the psp the screen still
black Please can you help me

Автор AikoMyBaby ( назад)
THANKSS!!! +111111

Автор Clariz Castro ( назад)
mine is gen d3 does it work ????????????

Автор szkieletorowa ( назад)
Thanks :)

Автор DJstearl ( назад)
i have v. 5.51 it dosent work need help

Автор Jaimi Dinzey ( назад)
do u need to have CFW to go into recovery?

Автор Himanshu Patel ( назад)
mine is psp2000 slim custom firmware 5.03 m33-6 its damn not working plz

Автор Lindquist16 ( назад)
Giv mig danmark tilbage - Natascha

Автор lj0915pangilinan ( назад)
why its not working in my psp

Автор Caesar Czarson ( назад)
I press it and it normal started -,-

Автор donkadillo ( назад)

Автор BennyboyFUCK8 (1561 год назад)
I'm A N00b. I Only Held R Not Hold R And Hold Power Button >:(

Автор Karl Trey ( назад)
hey man what if my r button is broke any ideas where to go to recovery mode

Автор mackieboimakoy ( назад)
still aint work,why is that so??does it really need to have a pandora
battery for you to be able to access recovery mode??...ive got a cfw 5.03
m33-6..help thanks ^^

Автор 8Gboy8 ( назад)
mine dose not work nothing work for my psp omg im gowing blistic

Автор Danny Concepcion ( назад)
i cant

Автор David O ( назад)
if you have a pandora battery does it work

Автор lolomo42 ( назад)
Cool!!! thnx man

Автор mickey56265626 ( назад)
help .i can't go to recovery mode

Автор SonySasuke ( назад)
I Have 5.00 M33-6 And Can't Go To Recovery Menu. Even By Doing This.

Автор vldas ( назад)
what is the song??????????

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
Guys the answers to all your questions are on my site . So google
"igizmore" and visit the first site for all the information you need. Cheers

Автор antontheburnout ( назад)

Автор jered013 ( назад)

Автор Imran Billy ( назад)
I have a psp phat and it doesnt work...why

Автор mykey12 ( назад)

Автор hottiebabemandudes ( назад)
damn i cant egt it >.>

Автор siibeii siian ( назад)
i cant seems to reboot.

Автор JHA STAXXZ ( назад)
helpp my screen is black and no red letters are popin up

Автор Joshua Graham ( назад)

Автор jake moe ( назад)
man u suck

Автор GGerre ( назад)
so much naps in here ^^

Автор kazdr125 ( назад)
i'm having a hard time doing this. someone pls. help

Автор MartinHaldorsen ( назад)
i can't do it with firmware 5.02 :( slim & lite

Автор BlaCkJack36O ( назад)
do you need a memory stick?

Автор afg4life21 ( назад)
all you need is custom firmware

Автор OverL00k ( назад)
im trying to put costom firmwre on mine but i a;ready put the good one on
so my date corupted

Автор Francisco Marquez ( назад)
hey does the psp needs to be hacked to work like that or does it need
something else plz write back

Автор Andrew Matthews ( назад)
my PSP 3000 isn't doing that for some reason

Автор samthepspuser ( назад)
do you have a custom firmware ? oder an original firmware ?

Автор samthepspuser ( назад)
yes this is on the newer firmwares :)

Автор Mr Mistro ( назад)
help when i do that nothing happens just go to normal screen

Автор mur669 ( назад)
thnx but no thnx.oooo.jkjkjk

Автор pankaj kumar ( назад)
Thank you so much..

Автор pankaj kumar ( назад)
Thank you so much...it helped me so much... cheers

Автор EazeDaPharaoh ( назад)
dat means it worked and your psp is hacked

Автор EazeDaPharaoh ( назад)
cuz u don't have cfw artard. custom firmware only. dat meanshacked psps

Автор ubertuber747 ( назад)
thank you!

Автор spy2695 ( назад)
it doesn't work i have 5.02 m33 and PSP-3000

Автор DaemonRen ( назад)
Mine can't do this... does it matter where the psp ahs come from?

Автор PunchedInTheFaceAZ ( назад)
doesnt work

Автор Chessmanexe ( назад)
*HUG thanks so much man, i unbricked my psp :D YAY

Автор loccx ( назад)
it's right

Автор Benjamin Mosgaard ( назад)
Thank you so much=)

Автор siege86 ( назад)

Автор paulotototo ( назад)
i cant do it...is it becuase i have slim?

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
believe me loads of them don't

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
see my site google "igizmore"

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
ya u can

Автор harrytbx ( назад)
can u do this in psp slim

Автор harrytbx ( назад)
can u do it in psp slim

Автор yomer65 ( назад)
what costim firm ware anyways?

Автор jerisnoob ( назад)
so it only works on CUSTOM FIRMWARE? no original firmware?

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
i guess u didn't make the magic memory stick properly

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
its the old original fat psp

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
guys this works only on fat psp's running custom firmware , if you need any
help email me see my site google "igizmore" and visit the first site for
more details ... For slim owners use pandora ...

Автор TexHillP40 ( назад)
it didnt work... i dont know if i have custom firmware but i cant get into
recovery mode

Автор psphacker45 ( назад)
i subscribed u thnx i got 3.71m33

Автор floorfila8 ( назад)
can i ask you one question: is that a psp slim and light or the old one?

Автор tmacfeva ( назад)
u da man!!!!

Автор benyboy008 ( назад)
wow dude thanks alot im doing custom firmware right now on your site lol

Автор y2jss ( назад)
thnax man

Автор razor1000000000000 ( назад)
to have cfw i just have to put the pandora battry in the psp with 1gb
memory stick and when the first time i put it does it self install but to
install i need to hold r when i swicth the power button to on

Автор MadnZz ( назад)
....still dunno whats custom firmware blabla...but i used to love that
melody when i was a child :))

Автор feof06 ( назад)
thx =]=]=]

Автор Sakerrst ( назад)
goin to ur site now man, ur the best

Автор Sam Edmonds ( назад)
you're the man...

Автор BlaGGah ( назад)
Went on your site and the recover pack isn't active.. Can you update it

Автор asiol ( назад)
my recovery mode is red and black what is your firmware mine is 3.71m33-3

Автор Chespato1 ( назад)
Thks a lot ^^ :D!

Автор IGIZM0RE ( назад)
downgrade it and update to custom firmware , see my site for more info .
just google igizmore and go to the first site

Автор akatsukitan1 ( назад)
wtf it didn't do anything to my psp when i did it went the same thing us
usual plz help

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