Real Demonic Possession - Found Footage

Two guys decide to break in a house when no one is home. What they find is something unexpected. Watch as this burglary goes horror-ably wrong. Footage of incident was found in vacant house.

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Автор Ruth and consuelo Gómez ( назад)
ar you okay

Автор Limitless XP ( назад)
Fake as shit

Автор LABZ ALI ( назад)
Its good , not bad for two dumb thief's.

Автор moonlight Madness ( назад)
She's breathing... dead people don't breath... hahaha well no shit

Автор Texas Maverick ( назад)
Still scarier than most of the shit hollywood comes up with now days

Автор Heather Scribner ( назад)
crock of shit

Автор Bragada ( назад)

Автор Red Rover ( назад)
ha recording a break in what losers fake

Автор Cleve Stribling ( назад)
Amazing footage I'm a , so real , no one better so this isn't real I told
all the skeptics see see all lives matter lol

Автор LaChrisha Baugh ( назад)

Автор Louise Vukitsevits ( назад)
U can see it's fake why would u do so thing like this wen this shit really
does happen. U take the piss

Автор Tim molloy ( назад)
well, you tried.

Автор Jeroen Veen ( назад)

Автор Julio Ponce ( назад)

Автор Joseph Dickey ( назад)
I'm a believer and I'm saying this definitely fake

Автор Mrs Pabby ( назад)
Good acting but not truly believeable

Автор green apple naughty_green_apple ( назад)
lie how can he upload this

Автор philip welsh ( назад)
for all you fucking idiot's this is the worst fucking acting I have seen my
fucking dog could do better, fake all the way, who the fuck wears eye
shadow in the bath haha

Автор Jonathan Courtney ( назад)
loved it, freaked me out slightly but the film is great cx

Автор Chandra Rubin ( назад)
Fake but scary asf

Автор TheScorpio Vampyre ( назад)
Who the hell films a robery? These idiots deserved to die lol!

Автор Star Gazer ( назад)
what did she grab to kill him

Автор Spider-Man The Badass Avenger ( назад)
I hate to say this but uh... this is kinda sexy...

Автор Kaden Mason ( назад)
Wow is this real or fake

Автор Keywan Law ( назад)
fake ass shit ...scary ass hell doe😉😂😂😂

Автор Stanley Rufus ( назад)
awesome work on the acting good video ^_^

Автор Kareem Kurdi ( назад)
its fake how did they upload it

Автор kaitlyn lol ( назад)
this creeper me out!!!

Автор cassey Cooke ( назад)
sweet nice job

Автор Jomayry Berra ( назад)
this video scared me almost to death 😹

aun haci lo suben jajajajajaj

Автор Vampire Petshop ( назад)
C'est quoi cette merde 😂👊🏼❤️

Автор Oxlip ( назад)

Автор Aurora Castro ( назад)

Автор jimmy thehat ( назад)

Автор Tranquility ( назад)
only silly people believe this is real.

Автор RAVEN Z ( назад)

Автор IMARRRK ( назад)
cool and scarry but not real xD

Автор know thetruth ( назад)

Автор Brianna Foti ( назад)
Those two guys can't shut up for five seconds

Автор DishonoredExile ( назад)
fake as fuck

Автор Angela Bowie ( назад)
OMG, I can't get over this... Yeah, this video was no doubt fake, & NO WAY
IN HELL WAS THIS VIDEO REMOTELY SCARY!!! Anyone who did find this video
scary at all, is very much a mommy's boy pussy who mustn't ever leave the
house. Now, as for the two dumb as shit fucking cunts, "Anita Davis & Tina
Ramirez, holy shit, can pwoplw really be as dumb as you two are??? First,
Tina Ramirez, get a fucking life.. I absolutely fucking HATE fake ass "Born
again assholes who live a shitty whore life & piss on everyone & lie & use
people etc, then all of the sudden, poof, you find God & all sins are
forgotten & forgiven!!! Then, who know everything, & you actually think
that your fake ass faith in God will be enough for God to have your
back????!!! Trust me, if you ever encountered a REAL demon, you'd shit
yourself to death first!!! And as for the other mongoloid, 'Anita
"Dumbshit" Davis', Really???? Are you even gonna go there??? What you said
makes the least fucking sense above all!!! "Oh ma'Goddd, you shouldn't even
put this on here, even if it's real murder".... You MUST have 'Downs
syndrome' or some kinda sever mental retardation, because damn, you're ....
I can't even speak of how annoying & stupid you sound. Just kill yourself &
videotape it... PLEASE!!!! Thank you for your time, & have an awesome

Автор Tina Ramirez ( назад)
Trust in the lord Jesus Christ an you Shall not be touch by demons you have
the power through Jesus Christ to command them

Автор Tina Ramirez ( назад)
Trust in the lord Jesus Christ an you Shall not be touch by demons you have
the power through Jesus Christ to command them

Автор Ryan Ringsred ( назад)

Автор Mathilda Hedgehog ( назад)
What did you use for blood? The color and consistency is so much better
than that standard karo syrup stuff

Автор Molliiano ( назад)
fake but still creepy as fuck

Автор tyson golden ( назад)
It may be fake, but it scared the shit out of me! Well done, guys!

Автор Georg Haeubl ( назад)
LOOOOL! Great fun, but I would fire the director! This film is full of
fails. :-))))

Автор funeral pyor ( назад)
lol bathtub lady trying so hard not to laugh

Автор Egg Lick ( назад)
make more real plz!!!

Автор Emoji Freak ( назад)
And how the fuck is this real if u post this when ur dead

Автор Emoji Freak ( назад)
She looks like she's about to take a shit

Автор Roxana Saldia ( назад)
No es real. a mi parecer....

Автор partin1970 ( назад)

Автор XxTRoLL JEansxX ( назад)
it's the new paranormal activity!!!! jkjk

Автор olivery skidery ( назад)
yea like he would really hang out and steadily record aft5er his friends
throat got rippped out lol

Автор The Luciferians's Society ( назад)
Think you two are actors? Think again dude, you both acts shits. Wasting
time watching, don't you two feels embarrassed ?

Автор Christopher Williams ( назад)
Awesome :) great acting, that house looks scary

Автор karlee “valentinogal78” quiroz ( назад)
My father is a minister and demonologist, I can tell you this is fake.

Автор Matereti Driti ( назад)

Автор Pamela Mabazza ( назад)
Guy Margi hehehe. U know what i meet'n hehe 

Автор Moon Raven ( назад)

Автор Lukeneverlong ( назад)
...lets film it in the bathroom so mom doesn't shout that we stained her

Автор mark massie (340 лет назад)
If it was a burglary why would they have cameras they are investigating the

Автор Anita Davies ( назад)
Even this is true or false xx they really shouldn't be putting this on here
if it is murder or not xx

Автор *E* ( назад)
BahaHA I didn't want to be scared and watched it with no audio. HILARIOUS!!

Автор RsTwins100 ( назад)
I think it's fake but I still have strong beliefs that stuff like this
happens. Don't fuck with shit you can't see!

Автор Peggy Sahm ( назад)
It's not a fake at all it's real location but I don't know a location is
call me stupid any way but those 2 guys it's no robbery it seems he is that
they brought it up but it looks good to me I had a faith of god but not
evil gods I liked it so far but great May be to add like a full movie out
of it as well

Автор Jersey Devil ( назад)
NONE of you are even good actors. ANYONE who has been around the 'REAL
THING', KNOWS this is staged.......REALLY!?

Автор clairavance21 ( назад)
lol if this were real, then crime has reached a new level of stupid. But
it's obviously fake, and creepy, those contacts freak me out, and the
throat thingy, yeeeech.

Автор Fluffles Ragdoll ( назад)
I don't care whether this is fake or not, it was creepy, okay?

Автор sam singerg ( назад)

Автор not your cup of tea ( назад)
I cannot fucking stand that batshit crazy whispering, even if it is fake,
it's pretty much nightmare fuel.

Автор Osiris ( назад)
This is cool 

Автор sherry a ( назад)
Of course it's FAKE !! if it were Real nobody would Still be standing there
holding a damn camera they'd be out the door yesterday !!!!!!! This was
really stupid though !!!!!

Автор wellington rodriguez ( назад)
man you scared me...

Автор Lithus17 ( назад)
Bad acting made worse by effects..,

Автор Ceejay Mejia ( назад)
So epic, that's freaking legit!

Автор Maria Zarate ( назад)
Real or fake is still creepy af! 

Автор Jon Freeman ( назад)

Автор Paul ian atanacio ( назад)
nice try hahahaha

Автор pluraneo ( назад)
ta buenooo

Автор LeadByFaith ( назад)
Good movie, when does it come out on DVD?

Автор Susan Mateycak ( назад)
I think its fake because anyone who robs a house wouldnt put that on video

Автор Menel Skullton ( назад)
THIS IS SO COOL HOW THEY COULD PULL THIS OFF,even though this is fake this
is pretty crazy :D

staged, fake STUPID!

Автор Syiera Rose (806 лет назад)
Anyone who believes this is an idiot. 

Автор Matt Comanda ( назад)

Автор Colin Vanner ( назад)
Annoying actors,annoying title,fake as fuck!!!for all the time money and
effort u put into it I really can't see you makin money on it even with a
lying title!!flagged!!!

Автор jezebelshara86 ( назад)
I am calling fake 

Автор Kosova MDCCCXCIII FL ( назад)

Автор Adam ( назад)
This friggin awesome, who ever produced this quite talented and the actors
damn good, except the guy in the black shirt, he was all-right, but he
should consider enrolling himself or return to acting school. The girl in
the tub is spectaculous!

Автор Cheyenne Swafford ( назад)
This is so stupid why would you just walk into someone's house . must have
been your own

Автор Alison Lauren “Vivian Darkbloom” Day-DiLaurentis ( назад)
That. was. A W E S O M E!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!111!!

Автор Nien Nunb (1887 лет назад)
I have but one question. why didn't that guy, who had the camcorder just
tackled that old hag with the hammer?

Автор Michael Parleblue (1092 года назад)
Absolute fake!

Автор Kattie Eddins (1615 лет назад)
lol i bet this was super fun to make!
good job goofs! 

Автор Brittany Bullard ( назад)
May be fake..But still creepy looking!! 0___o

Автор Bear DarkDawnActual ( назад)
Waste of time.

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