The Soldiers Promise

A video...for all of the family's....of the Military.

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Автор David L J Laycock, Sr ( назад)
As was the father before me and his father before him and the son after

Автор maria angelica reymundo velez ( назад)
a soldier promise..... sad but good!!

Автор jose jaurigue ( назад)
For my son Cpl Michael James Jaurigue USArmy 82nd Airborne Division KIA

Автор Gail Stanley ( назад)
Thanks. I'm sbaring it - so sue me.

Автор Logan Hicks ( назад)
This is very inspirational to me. Thank You.

Автор Shantel Pint ( назад)

Автор Logan Hicks ( назад)
This is a great video. Thank you for posting it, I love it.

Автор KickedDonkey ( назад)
my grate grand father was a medic, an infantryman ,an the man that received
the radio call that the bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima and my grand
father on both sides served in Vietnam and desert storm. i love them and i
know they are proud

Автор Karen O'Brien ( назад)
my great grandfather was a B-17 bomber piolet of the 390th in WW2. my
grandfather was a naval officer in the Cold War. my dad was a solder of the
National Old Guard. i am proud of them all!!!!

Автор Karen O'Brien ( назад)
i know this song its Only Time

Автор Lhcb1 ( назад)
my daugther is US Army 89D...EOD Tech....she is awesome!

Автор Anthony keeton ( назад)
does any1 know the name of that song?

Автор Gage Richardson ( назад)
Gives me the chills. I'm a Cavalry Scout in the United States Army, I'm
gonna share this video before I deploy for the first time.

Автор Robert Denny ( назад)
You don't say a thing, just hold them a little tighter at night and love
them a little more during the day. When the time comes Whisper to them that
its love that takes you away and love will bring you back.

Автор jackie leonhardt ( назад)
my brother was killed in afghanistan in january...he has 7 siblings, 5
brothers, and 2 sisters. this video is perfect!

Автор Patricia Trobough ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Matthew Ellison (1362 года назад)
Beautiful..... nothing else to be said..... apart from i hate these ninjas
with onions on here

Автор luke maskell (1893 года назад)
can any one help me i am off soon, what am i supposed to say to my
girlfriend and our 1 year old son to explain i may never come back, to
explain how my son may never know his father, like my self, like my father
and his father before him, how can i explain all that too the people who
mean the most too me?

Автор Borinquen1006 ( назад)
Deployment is a hard thing :( i understand every single one of you.

Автор Cas Casarez ( назад)
Te Amo...

Автор srbad070 ( назад)
I think this vid will help my mom, because she is sad about me in the
military and crying allday....so thx for making ;)

Автор precint26 ( назад)
i hope your brother comes home

Автор ConnorOfDestruction ( назад)
..you realize that this isnt what this song is singing or what its called,

Автор Matthew Klitz ( назад)
My brother depolyed with the 82nd airborne for support as a sapper I hope
he comes back.....I love you bro :)

Автор mickyma297 ( назад)
@USMCoohrah97 im a replican from northern ireland and fair play to you my
man always stand up for what u believe in and your family.

Автор TheDirtdealer ( назад)
Honor... Love... And Self-Sacrifice....is what they understand... G*d Bless
Them All..!

Автор Brianna Schneider ( назад)
My soon to be husband deploys next year to afghan.... i dread the day he
goes... :( I LOVE MY SOLDIER! <3

Автор irondudeify ( назад)
My cousin whent to serve when he was 17 or 18 I was just a little kid.I
remember the last day I saw him before he left I asked him not to go and he
said he had to so I let him.Every week I would ask when he was coming home
and every answer I got was not for a while.Four years later,I hear that
he's comin home and I almost lost it I was so happy.He stayed at my house
his first night home and the next day I thanked GOD that HE brought him
home safe.Thank you everyone in America's Armed Forces.

Автор movietrailerslimited ( назад)
@brianna290130 i wish you the best of luck with the rest of your life. and
im sorry for your loss

Автор killerorassasin ( назад)
i have family members that have been in every war ww1 ww2 vietnam and
modern, gotta be proud of my relatives for giving their part to this

Автор jose jaurigue ( назад)
@dark5402 my son is watching over us in heaven KIA 26may07

Автор Please Subscribe To My New Channel ^.^ ( назад)
My brothers a soldier, and I am very proud of him. He has grown so much in
a few years. And I miss him so... I love you Bryn! Please stay safe. Mac

Автор dark5402 (851 год назад)
To all of you children of a soldier home or (heaven forbid) fallen. If your
ever wonder if your soldier father or mother is proud of you all you have
to do is ask yourself if you are proud of yourself. The reason is they are
all ways with you in your heart. I was a soldier years ago before i got
married and i lost some brothers. i will always salute the flag to show the
respect for the brothers and sisters befor and after my time. My children
salute the flag out of respect, i hope you will too

Автор trevor874 (749 лет назад)
i cried to this it just so dame beautiful

Автор JAydon1274 ( назад)
i know i got a buddy waitin at the pearly gate for me we were together in
the marines im out now but i knows hes waiting for me

Автор Ryne Grant ( назад)
This is a greatest video ever

Автор Jarrett Benz ( назад)
@Arcanine661 i bet your dad is standing watch at the gate of heaven waiting
for yall hooah

Автор Justin Bosch ( назад)
@ben12342666 I agree with you, I loved the ending of this video.

Автор Justin Bosch ( назад)
This was a very nice video, the last one about friends brought tears to my

Автор Abby Ewald ( назад)
God, please send my big brother home safely. Santa, That's all I want fro
Christmas. Big Bro, ...I love you. Get home safe. <3

Автор Carol H ( назад)
Love this, thank you! We are embedding on our website for all to see.

Автор Dilan Patin ( назад)
In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Dear God, I know
it's been a while since i actually sat down and prayed to you and I'm
sorry. I only have one wish, please give the soldier who wrote this eternal
happiness. I know I don't know him but i do know that he is a hero and he
deserves it. He is a true man and a true soldier. Thank you God. In the
name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Автор Gehandicapte CrackVerslaafde ( назад)
@ArmySpecialOps but if there were no soldiers there never was a war

Автор Betsy Hodge ( назад)
Excuse me while I go weep now. I'm so glad my daddy made it out alright.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
For what you guys were killed. Repeat please! For the sake of democracy??
But in Libya it was not? Are you serious in thinking that you have more
democracy than it was in Libya? In Libya, ruled the people. And not a
"dictator Gaddafi." And you who governs? Lords? What have you got going on
recently in the streets. Who's there beating his people? Because of this
your geographical and political ignorance by your ignorance and your
government enjoys impunity gives war.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
You Libyans asked for help? Those crooks who have asked again and again to
bomb Libyan cities, this is not the Libyans. Do you think that these can
not be found in England. - "We were beaten, send air force!" Just now there
is no country that can be asked about it. And if it calms you, then it is
called by another ... .

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
What are you proud? The fact that half of the year from a safe distance
shot a defenseless country? That even you could not answer.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
Because Moammar Gadhafi renounced nuclear prpogrammy, procurement of new
weapons and modern means of defense, in favor of construction of the "Great
Man-Made River." To dream of turning the desert into a garden. And to feed
the people of Africa. And forty years ago, he handed over power from the
king to the people. And he and his associates went sovseh posts. Control
became popular committee, people's congresses and the government elected by
the people.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
Since then, Libya and its people became the most prosperous in Africa, and
compared with other countries, too. Rate it: - Universal free education.
Secondary and higher. Education by choice, in any European university at
the expense of the state.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
- Free medicine. - No rent payment. Tell me honestly - you have this? And
why not? Who does not give you these benefits? What is a dictator? They say
that you have already started to pick and available benefits. Why do you
instead of defending their rights, flying, swimming on the edge of
geography and rob you no patent rights in other nations. Now in Libya will
not. Was socialism, and capitalism will be. Thank you from the bottom of
the Libyan people!

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
For these benefits went to Libya to work people everywhere. Your policy is
welcome and Muammar took his money for different purposes. And this money
was for political stability to Libya. He wanted to unite Africa, to create
sobstennuyu currency - the gold dinar. Done to children in Africa are not
starving. To live in Libya. Assess the scale of the personality of the man.
And compare with you.

Автор Artem0618 ( назад)
Killed in 1986, his adopted daughter. And then his son with two young
children, who came to stay out of Europe. And now another son Mutassima,
who died as a hero. And now killed himself Muammar. Tell me - is the person
that had to be killed? And now hunting for Saif. And it only protects your
home! Hunt? Hunting for you! Hunt staged! Tyre! In a foreign country! Learn
themselves what is happening in the world. And do not let themselves be

Автор Toni ( назад)
i'll send this to my family and friends thank you.

Автор Nicholas Thorsen ( назад)
I'm an american soldier and I'm proud to say that all the soldiers that are
fighting out there are greatly apprieciative of all of your support and for
you haters that don't thin what we do is right can go .... and i will leave
the dots for you to choose what they mean.

Автор james cain ( назад)
The Soldiers Promise

Автор Turnerman ( назад)

Автор animelover4950 ( назад)
i love this i hope to be a soldier soon and i will let my family see this
and show them why i'm doing this to protect them and this great land and to
stand beside our troops and the promise to the friend really hits home my
best friend in the world dosent want me to go but i will say this to her
your friend is a soldier now .... and I'll die to bring you peace and i
will do that for my family and this great country hooooah future soldier

Автор Kristen Milton ( назад)
@ArmySpecialOps thank you so much for all you do... My fancee and my
brother are military... but I never really knew sacrafice until I went to
my fiancee's base and saw a Marine on crutches that had been hurt. I dont
know if he was hurt in combat or just training (its a training base) but it
broke my heart... God bless you! You're not forgotten

Автор Kristen Milton ( назад)
@Karatekicker1313 thank you for what your father does, it's beautiful and
not forgotten, you and your family is in my prayers God bless! If you need
anyone to talk to my family is in the Army and Navy :) God bless

Автор Kristen Milton ( назад)
This is a beautiful promise, it made me cry my eys out :( I love you sweet
brother and wonderful boyfriend

Автор Karatekicker1313 ( назад)
@Arcanine661 That is my greatest fear. My dad is still serving but after
9/11 there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think that today could be
the last day that I'll ever see him. Sorry for you loss, I know words can't
make it better, but know that his sacrafice is remembered.

Автор Karatekicker1313 ( назад)
Awesome video! Love it, and it hits really close to home. I have many
friends and family overseas. God bless all who are willing to die for our
freedom, thank you!

Автор Caleb Davis ( назад)
i just needed to say im a soldier currently serving my third deployment in
aghanistan and youre video touched me deeply thank u for sharing it

Автор Mason Mcveigh ( назад)
this mad me cry

Автор Mason Mcveigh ( назад)
this mad me cry USA!!!

Автор TheJesusfreak1109 ( назад)
Either get behind our troops or get in front of them.

Автор TheJesusfreak1109 ( назад)
Beautiful! So true! Thank u so much for fighting to protect our freedom ..
my freedom!! God bless u and ur families!! And everyone who doesnt have
respect for our troops, remember that u live in America and YOUR freedom is
being protected by the army! God bless! :)

Автор TheJesusfreak1109 ( назад)
@scottyyxxx1 I will pray for Him and his fellow soliders!! God bless u and
ur family! :)

Автор Travis Ellison ( назад)
Damn this made me cry, its what i want to tell my friends and family when i
leave if i ever do get deployed after bct

Автор Mickkjee070 ( назад)

Автор heybuddy1011 ( назад)
this is an amazing video and if anyone dislikes it they can back away cause
the soldiers that die for our freedom are the bravest men and women you
will ever find <3 thank you anyone thats a soldier

Автор Alexis Sisneros ( назад)
I remember when my big brother sent me this right after he got out of
basic... I wanted to cry because this was his way in telling me he joined
and is now a soldier i wanted to hurt him but it didnt matter because he is
my big brother and i love him too death... Amazing Video

Автор assirem16 ( назад)
kinda bummed no wife or gfs mentioned but good video

Автор Raymond Gottschall ( назад)
this an amazing video and as a soldier of the U.S. ARMY, 173rd Airborne
Brigade, i salute with many honors thank you for all of ur support, even
when others around are showing none. keep up all the good work. u made me
proud to be what am. congrats on an epicly motivational video. PFC Raymond
Gottschall infantry

Автор Venessa Walker ( назад)
The artist is Enya

Автор nat969 ( назад)
WOW This video made me cry along with another video i just saw called "A
Soldier's Girl" I just met my boyfriend a couple months ago and now he is
over seas fighting for our country. I am proud of him and all who fight for
our country and keep it safe. i just wanna send a big huge thank you to all
you men and women who put their life on the line to keep this Country Safe.

Автор rose62392 ( назад)
that song (even with no sound) said everything my "brothers" tried to say
but couldnt hooah

Автор rose62392 ( назад)
@crimsonalchemist12 that'll be me someday too. hooah

Автор NumPad ( назад)
I can't believe Youtube cut the sound for this video... That's just so
messed up. Bad form, Youtube. Bad form.

Автор jackle1562 ( назад)
@ArmySpecialOps i enlisted oct 22 2008 391st mp battalion

Автор Robert Jones ( назад)
One of the best darn things on Youtube! God Bless!

Автор mary solomon ( назад)

Автор emoman66666 ( назад)
thanks you so much for this yes it made me cry and i dnt really cry but my
brother is going over soon and i was looking threw videos and i saw this
one and watched it thank you so much for the video and for you service and
ill see you soon maybe cause ima be join very soon

Автор indoorin ( назад)
awesome video. Even without the sound.

Автор Mustbethewater ( назад)
Thats complete shit!

Автор corey glover ( назад)
:( it makes me cry. not because it was sad but because that'll be me one

Автор ArmySpecialOps ( назад)
I would like to tell manuel2582 that this video in all respects is to the
men and women who are fighting to keep this country safe and you free. Yes
that does include myself, I enlisted about 5 months ago.

Автор Abrams911 ( назад)
Great video, it's a shame some people don't respect their nations soldiers.
Like this promise says "your friend is a soldiernow...And i'll die to bring
you peace." God Bless all who serve their country.

Автор ben12342666 ( назад)
how does this blow? do you have ANY FUCKING RESPECT for the men and women
that fight overseas?

Автор tiffjew ( назад)
This song is awsome. My boyfriend and my big brother are overseas fighting.
They were both my protectors and I love them very much.

Автор Bran66566 ( назад)
whast the name of this song someone plztell me

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