Whitney Houston, George Michael - If I Told You That

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Now tell me how you feel if I told
You that I have feelings for you
Ansd would it be so wrong to say
What's on my mind
I'm sorry I have to
We were friends but with time
What I feel inside for you has changed
But I'd give up on love, if I thought
That it was untrue for you

(If I told you that) I wanted to see you
(And if I told you that) I beg to please you
(If I told you that) I'll always keep you
What would you say (if I told you that)

I know that we were just friends
But what if I decide to bring somethings in
I hope it won't offend the trust
We have cause I don't want this to end
I you think that we'll lose what we have
Then I'd just rather stay (rather stay) the same
(I'd rather stay the same)
Cause I don't wanna choose
Between two of the most precious things to me
(tell me)

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Автор Ádám Fekete ( назад)

Автор RAKOTOZAFY Yannick ( назад)
At least, angels can enjoy some good music now. Whitney, Michael, Prince,
George ...

Автор Liza x ( назад)
80's are gone with them..

Автор nefsjud ( назад)

Автор TR Rawl ( назад)
Whitney and Michael both left too soon 😢

Автор Tarnz Rmz ( назад)
Great song! Both awesome, loved Whitney R.I.P to 2 amazing artists

Автор Jerry Tasker (J. T.) ( назад)
Now this is as great as it gets!!!

Автор musiCal624 ( назад)
I love the way George Michael dances

Автор jsp 66 ( назад)
Two absolute legends

Автор Nona Taylor ( назад)
WOW, Whitney is just stunning. George looks great too. Two beautiful
angels. R.I.P.

Автор Metalli Vegaani ( назад)
These voices! Those looks! I'm freaking out!

Автор Metalli Vegaani ( назад)
Two great artists gone too soon.

Автор Laetys Lorient ( назад)
Vous nous manquez

Автор 2008MrsKim ( назад)
This song was on Whitney's album "My Love is your Love in 1989. It sounds a
lot like that one hit by JLO, " If I gave you all my Love" that she
released in 1999....little sketchy J ? hmmm,

Автор poyraz guler ( назад)
ı love

Автор Mado Keto ( назад)

Автор Ana Matilde ( назад)
life is really to short.....😢😢😢😢

Автор Mayara Dos Santos ( назад)
Lindos lindos lindos!!! George Michael que charme! Whitney Lindíssima

Автор Joanna Cunningham ( назад)
miss these two so much x

Автор The Darci 13 ( назад)
The angels in heaven have it better than us... they have them and David
Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen and so many others.... so sad so very

Автор R Watson ( назад)
He did some great duets! Loved the ones with Patti Labelle and another one
with Mary J Blige (spelling??)and elton john too!

Автор Alfredo Mora ( назад)
you sing in the Sky now

Автор totes32 ( назад)
Both were the soundtrack of my life growing up so sad we have lost them
both in this world. RIP George & Whitney x

Автор Barbara Hill-Cisse ( назад)
they could "blow".. very nice

Автор GrammarBolshie ( назад)
R.I.P. Ďeorge Michael dhe Δrt Martyr (1963–2016)

Автор sweetangiegirl1 ( назад)
They started cutting loose at 2:45 !!!! They sound so good together. Never
heard this b4. Wow!!

Автор Sharon 1961 ( назад)
He was handsome, talented, and an amazing voice and he could dance....
whew!!! total package. gone to soon

Автор HARDEY LEONE ( назад)
it happens to people who run out of things to strive for....we need more
than dreams and money.

Автор Ahesha martin ( назад)
RIP to both

Автор Marvin Joe Navarro ( назад)
Rest In Peace you two. I am very sure you can do a Heavenly version of this
song up there with the rest of the Legends.

Автор videodude23 ( назад)
Wow! First Whitney and NOW George.....!?It really is not an end of an era!

Автор Debi Oconnor ( назад)
Both gone way to soon RIP

Автор Karen Conlan ( назад)

Автор Lady Au-tumn Ra ( назад)
Rest in the universe 💛💜💛💜

Автор Jolanta Kierblewska ( назад)

Автор Reyna Chavez ( назад)
It's surreal to see this video knowing they were Both taken from us way too
soon. Grateful for what they left behind<3 R.I.P. OUR BELOVED WHITNEY &

Автор Apple Bee ( назад)
This is why I always felt a bit funny about Elton John. He never sang with
any black artists. Didn't George also sing with Mary J. Blige.

Автор Johnathonsmum ( назад)
His heart must have been breaking, what a true professional is Elton John.
RIP Diana

Автор C James ( назад)
I think they had INCREDIBLE chemistry together, Whitney seems more
comfortable in her shoes than I EVER saw her before.

Автор mam's 91 ( назад)
Un Respect à ses 2 grand artistes qui nous ont quittés trop tôt, trop
triste la vie... RIP..

Автор Centoundici ( назад)
Penso às vezes que nasci na década errada mesmo (final de 70) pois o que
tinha de bom pra se aproveitar da música pop/rock mundial era dos anos 80 a
2000. Queria dançar como MJ no Jackson 5. Cresci desde criança ouvindo
Whitney, e acompanhei até as fases obscuras e sem sucesso. Ví o auge do
Wham!, apesar de ser ainda criança, mas gostava demais de música, e da
irreverência e descontração de George Michael. Freedom '90 já foi toque no
meu celular rsrs
Queria ter nascido 10 anos antes. Pra estar na casa dos 60 ou talvez nem
estar aqui e ver a música perder tanto em tão poucos anos como nessa
década, em especial nos últimos 3 anos. Fico deprimido vendo videoclips
assim, ainda mais por ser músico há 25 anos. A música pop mundial tem cada
vez menos ícones reais e absolutos, assim como o rock. Somos nada mesmo,
frágeis como qualquer outro ser vivo. Difícil lembrar disso o tempo todo.
RIP George & Whitney. O jeito é ainda aproveitar o que tem de bom e atual
dos poucos e poucas que ainda estão produzindo, ou mesmo pararam de
produzir algo novo mas ainda cantam em turnês maravilhosas.

Автор de1978l ( назад)
GM was a impeccable dresser!

Автор AmyMUAUK ( назад)
But this video makes me so happy.

Автор AmyMUAUK ( назад)
I've literally had a mini crush on George Michael since I was like 7 and I
was completely ruined when my mum told me he played for the same team. I
can't believe both these prodigies have gone now, so so sad :(

Автор Maria Nieves Snow ( назад)
You had the whole package god bless your beautiful soul in heaven love

Автор 50hellkat2 ( назад)
Wasn,t Freddie mercury same age as george when he passed?

Автор Lisa Alvi ( назад)
Now they both in heaven, two singing Angels

Автор Miss Pixie Magoo ( назад)
Bet these two are dancing in heaven now, rest in peace guys x

Автор Veronica Moreno ( назад)
He came to this world to make fantastic music no matter... wherever he went
... he is going to be the best!!!🙌🏻

Автор 666 999 ( назад)

Автор Steve Trosok ( назад)
I loved George Michael's music. I listened to the radio all the time. How
is it that I never heard this song before? I never even knew of the duet -
that should have been big news! And number 1 in Poland only.... WTF??

Автор Susan Williams ( назад)
George Michael can move he got it

Автор Susan Williams ( назад)
damn there both gone two greats

Автор Second Story ( назад)
I love the way they hug at the end. Their music will always live on!

Автор MsLoverPower ( назад)
Heaven must sound beautiful...

Автор voltik8 ( назад)
Fantastic. Now they sing together in heaven.

Автор Crazy People ( назад)
Lo tenía todo: Belleza, voz, un físico impresionante... Y cae en manos de
un 'psicópata' que la sumerge en el mundo de las drogas. ¿Suicido o
sobredosis? Sólo ella lo sabe.

Автор TheEeglutee ( назад)
two beautiful souls

Автор Sandorildi1 ( назад)

Автор RENU CHAHAL ( назад)
Two powerful voices, wish they had sung together more. Feel proud they were
singers of my generation.

Автор 胡敏惠 ( назад)

Автор Nancy Gee ( назад)
wow there both gone so young.

Автор John Schouwenberg ( назад)
mis je
alle twee xxx

Автор jmangh ( назад)

Автор Johnny Grande ( назад)
George definitely gets a black card

Автор Polo Femonanon ( назад)
:07 Andre 3000?

Автор Banaan Ghhaj ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Louie Watts ( назад)
What year this released, 1999? 2000?

Автор Nick Papas ( назад)
Their music and vibe will never be forgotten 🙏we will always remember them
both young and at their best

Автор Nick Papas ( назад)
Both unbelievable superstars , they had it all , great vocals style looks
and and certain aurora about them that you can't explain ,

Автор Melantha Nelson ( назад)
Michael, Whitney, Prince, now George! Damnnnn! I grew up on all of their
music! R.I.P. George Michael.

Автор chasenip2 ( назад)
Whitney REALLY let loose in this video. Like she was just up in da club
having a blast and dancing her arse off. She's never, ever let loose in a
video like that before if you think about it. They seemed to have a great
time doing the video together.

Автор chasenip2 ( назад)
OMG! When Whitney does her little dance for the camera at the beginning and
the chick walks right in front of her...LMAO! Classic Whitney! Can't
believe theyre both gone. My childhood keeps dying. Yet that slag Madonna
hangs in there. Heaven won't have her and hell isn't interested.

Автор Anime for Life 1214 ( назад)
so sad... RIP

Автор Anne Gwinner ( назад)
awesome duet ..

Автор Breda Lalor ( назад)
told you that look at that

Автор Pamela Morgan ( назад)
Both had such great talent ..Gone to soon :( RIP

Автор Berny E ( назад)
R.I.P. ❤❤❤❤😢

Автор Saundra Scott ( назад)
Gone too soon two great artist. R.I.P George and Whitney

Автор loose Burger ( назад)
Oh Man, when he wraps his arms around her at 2:28 😚 and I just love the
dance floor scene. He was so fine !
They both sang their hearts out on this🎤🎼🎵

Автор Tatiana Emery ( назад)

Автор Deborah pamplona ( назад)
amei. amei a dança, amei os dois, amei o sorriso dele, melhor clip

Автор Steven Bromley ( назад)
I remember the papers saying George never liked Whitney's voice about a
decade before this song lol! He absolutely loved her and most black Artists
especially Stevie wonder and Arethe Flanklin who he said too share a
microphone with her at 23 was the highlight of his career! RIP George!

Автор Piergiorgio Pedroni ( назад)
che destino strano ... due grandi della musica ...

Автор Rodica Georgescu ( назад)
I absolutely adore him,what a classy and gorgeous he was!

Автор Diellza Asani ( назад)
so sad that they are both gone rip WH and GM

Автор giovanna di maria ( назад)
They surely are going to sing together again! What a pity to lose such
beautiful voices!

Автор ginny mae ( назад)
amazing singers whom will always be deeply missed.

Автор Robertha Pillay ( назад)
Two Superstars together R.I.P. miss you both.

Автор chichichi ( назад)
Whitney refused to shake Sharons hand and GM was anti war, this was enough
to get them finished off by those who control the music industry, media and
the banks and who are the architects of Terror acts around the world. Have
you guessed who they are?

Автор Tracy Hansen ( назад)
two beautiful people right there!

Автор Judy Hearton ( назад)
George Micheal Handsome ASS
Dancing his ass off.
Whitney Houston n his voice oh my my

Автор Dee Dee M ( назад)
Greatness from both artist is what their gift were to us..

Автор Rivale Lara ( назад)
they sing like gods

Автор Teenasboy50 ( назад)
I'd take Fire and Desire by Rick James and Teena Marie any day over this

Автор Maurise Grant ( назад)
Yes two vocal legends gone so so sad there singing in heaven with all the
other great vocalists now

Автор stephen groce ( назад)
the flame of fame burns hot...and takes so many
stars....whitney,george,elvis, michael....and so it goes.those left behind
are the true losers.

Автор Junior Rodrigues ( назад)
maravilhosos <3

Автор 김현철 ( назад)
ㅠㅠ 휘트니
죠지 마이클 보고 싶네요~영원히 그리워 할겁니다

Автор Annette Lane ( назад)
George Michael and Whitney Houston, absolutely amazing. Two of the greatest
singers of all time...... Thank goodness for 'You Tube', may never have
seen this otherwise. Thank you...... R.I.P. Whitney Houston and George
Michael.. Both legends and both sorely missed.

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