Peter O'Toole on Letterman - The Late Show in London (Pt.2)

Peter O'Toole visits Dave in London. (Part 2)

Просмотров: 171881
Длительность: 4:35
Комментарии: 103

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Автор Irishfox ( назад)
I love Pot

Автор ajaybhathire ( назад)
wha t a voice.

Автор John Macdonald (150 лет назад)
+JohnCartney Thank you sir for this great post.
This link is a great companion piece to this video:

Автор Gaius “Caligula” Germanicus ( назад)
this is what happens when you chain smoke weed and drink whiskey your whole

Автор maychild1961 ( назад)
I am in stitches - what a storyteller, what an actor

Автор Magda Eiler ( назад)

Автор brian lucore ( назад)
One of the great legendary Irishmen, god rest him!

Автор mcgurkryans ( назад)

Автор miss x show ( назад)
And my acting teacher said I had a great speaking voice , comparing my
voice to Richard Burton! Nothing is as great as O'Toole's speaking voice,
and those like him. I always wanted to talk to O'Toole ): and, if I had, I
would say something very similar to 'I'm gonna pretend it was a pork chop'.

Автор boogy woogy ( назад)
what is that song at then end it rings a bell

Автор Lyn Foster ( назад)
I loved him so much, still do. So many great films, but I am forever
partial to "My Favorite Year," because it seems they had so much fun making
it. He was, of course, brilliant, and stole every scene. Rest in peace,

Автор comets00 ( назад)
god love him, we will never see his like again!!!!

Автор e ( назад)
What a man.

Автор Ryan Mohr ( назад)
What year is this?

Автор Phillip McConnochie ( назад)
wow great program , peter, van Morrison sweet! 

Автор molarmama32 ( назад)
RIP to a great man and legend.

Автор AntuRubicon ( назад)

Автор JC ( назад)
What grace and wit. His diction is so lovely. English spoken as it was
meant to be spoken

Автор Naoki Nomura ( назад)
Can't spot watching his videos....R.I.P, Mr.O'Toole.

Автор dhog41 ( назад)
Oh, I do miss you, you wild and wonderful Irish legend of a man. Rest well.

Автор Jim Regan ( назад)
Legend doesn't do him justice!

Автор paddlepop77 ( назад)
A legend!

Автор andrew trousdale ( назад)
Hollywood simply doesn't have character like this anymore, with the
exception of Jack Nicholson.

Автор Troy Sebastian ( назад)
RIP to a great legend. 

Автор Zidean007 ( назад)
He was born in Ireland

Автор Killdozer77 ( назад)

Автор Kasidy Devlin ( назад)

Автор Greg Miller ( назад)
What a treasure. Such a boyish charm, eloquent in speech, diction and
movement. With a twinkle in his eye, truly the cat that swallowed the
canary, plays life as a lark, a mystery and one hell of an actor.

Автор sclogse1 ( назад)
What a packed stage when the overhead camera is selected. Imagine being in
the audience with all those hands blocking your view.

Автор Raine Ford ( назад)
O'Toole, Morrison, and O'Connor on the same bill? wow.

Автор Markus Kooistra ( назад)
What a drunk haha

Автор A Lo (SmoothAL84) ( назад)
Imagine partying with o'toole, ollie reed, and keith moon. No, they really
dont make them like that anymore. 

Автор blackeyes1987 ( назад)
I'm Indian, I love Irish B'coz I think they are the most funny people and
he is the Litmus test for that!!!

Автор crankylifter ( назад)
This guy is 100% cool personified.

Автор Debby Byzantine ( назад)
Leeds , County Limerick.....

Автор Harold Jameson ( назад)
He might consider himself Irish, but the birth records show he was born in
Leeds in June 1932.

Автор degaulle30 ( назад)
Peter o'toole, Sinead Oconnor, Van Morrison and the chieftans. I think Dave
mixed up the country setting for this episode. 

Автор copferthat ( назад)
It was said that if Peter was any prettier they would have called the film
Lorraine of Arabia. English or Irish? He's the one to choose, not us.

Автор WickerAndroid ( назад)
Charming,entertaining but most of all a genius.

Автор justgivemethetruth ( назад)
O'Toole is O'rrible.

Автор enick737 ( назад)
Peter O' Toole born August 2nd, 1932, Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland. He
grew up in Leeds, but carried an Irish passport until he died earlier this
year. He considered himself IRISH.

Автор enick737 ( назад)
I think you'll find that O'Toole was born in Co. Galway, Ireland. Last time
I checked, that makes him IRISH!!

Автор enick737 ( назад)
Harris and O'Toole were not British, they were Irish. 

Автор enick737 ( назад)
He is an Irish actor.

Автор enick737 ( назад)
He is Irish, he travelled on an Irish passport.

Автор Charles Illich ( назад)
English. No, sorry, the correct answer is in fact Irish, better luck next
time. I'm no patriot, I speak english, I live and pay taxes in England and
follow an english football club. I am proudly anglo-irish, as is Peter O
Toole. My nationality is Irish, as is his. Let's not let this "debate"
detract from the greatness of this legend, we can all be proud of him in
equal measure.

Автор jpandyaraja ( назад)
oopppsss !!!!!!

Автор Spike Lister ( назад)
Does he say Joycian or joy-some? 

Автор timtak1 ( назад)
Peter O'Toole grew up in Leeds, which is a part of Britain.

Автор Charles Illich ( назад)
Peter O' Toole is not British. Neither is Richard Harris. Irish, Ireland is
by the way not a part of Britain.

Автор deb reid ( назад)
knees up, knickers down 

Автор mayailiana53 ( назад)
soooo very true!

Автор tabmohammed silah ( назад)
Wow, what a legend. He could read the telephone book and make it sound like

Автор BlackenedForLife (1916 лет назад)
He looks about 80 here.

Автор hanscombe72 ( назад)
"It's my manner sir"...."It seems insubordinate but it isn't really".
Lawrence of Arabia.

Автор SephSora ( назад)
Peter O'Toole - Exudes class from every pore. Why can't Britain be like
this anymore? :-(.

Автор YouzTube99 ( назад)
@OpeningSalvoe: Wanted to class up the joint a bit. ;o) Or maybe it was a
package deal?

Автор Kathy A. ( назад)
I love you Peter - always have. Noone like you ever. You know you were so
beautifully handsome and great in your iconic role as LOA. Greatest role of
your entire career - although you never disappointed after it. Heavens, you
are so great an actor. Luv ya always. 

Автор Philip Farrell ( назад)
@Eldomina22 nah, he's Irish

Автор saint bernadette ( назад)
frolick. awesome.

Автор jackiescanlon ( назад)
Peter is a fucking genius... not just saying that because I'm Irish.

Автор localcrew (1084 года назад)
@Eldomina22 He's Irish.

Автор ali abid ( назад)
a man of a real class 

Автор koko soso ( назад)
The biggest player together with Warren Beatty. 

Автор Never Mind ( назад)
Proper Irish man

Автор jackiescanlon ( назад)
What an incredible voice! (O'Toole, not Letterman.) 

Автор Matt Clark ( назад)
beer and cheese?

Автор nath909 ( назад)
proper actors, who could get up after a hangover. this is whats wrong with
England. Theres no drinkers that get up and work anymore. seriously teach
kids about these sort of people in history

Автор ArseneWenger ( назад)
Out of Oliver Reed, Richard Harris, Richard Burton, O'Toole was the mildest
hellraiser I think. But he's my favorite dude and best actor of them all.

Автор KellyGreen5555 ( назад)
Letterman and O'Toole are brilliant together!

Автор darkstar1345a ( назад)
@fishandfestival britain ? he is from ireland

Автор Mary Ellen Rossi ( назад)
I love Peter O'toole!! And vol. 1 of "Loitering with Intent" is a

Автор Cinema Inclined ( назад)
He looks so bloody rich and sophisticated with that cigarette! 

Автор Matt Clark ( назад)
To the one person who 'disliked' this... GET DRUNK!!!

Автор Philip Farrell ( назад)
Peter O'Toole, Van Morrison, Sinead O'Connor and the Chieftans. Why didn't
they just have the show in Dublin? 

Автор leone7227 ( назад)
"Oh, I'll shuffle through my memories... " Wonderful stuff. Thanks for
posting this!

Автор comets00 ( назад)
a true gentleman and a REAL legend

Автор Thomas Corbett ( назад)
@tumadoireacht @begood20000 That's the dumbest thing anyone's ever said

Автор Thomas Corbett ( назад)
@begood20000 That's the dumbest thing anyone's ever said

Автор Jennifer Tuttle ( назад)
"This is British TV, go nuts!" YES!!

Автор Tim Cornett ( назад)
O'Toole was a consumate actor and story teller

Автор tumadoireacht ( назад)
richard harris,sinead o'connor,peter o'toole,van morrison,-the most
talented english people are all irish

Автор yowza ( назад)
Men like this don't exist anymore. They were crazy but they also had a
certain class in the way they talked and moved.

Автор freedomland11 ( назад)
He's SMOKING!!! I have to call him a BADASS..

Автор john cheng ( назад)
This story has been told many times !

Автор Tonyo1221 ( назад)
He said- "Its a Joycean word really, an F and an Ollic" - as in James
Joyce, Dublin . . . just so you know . . .

Автор Tonyo1221 ( назад)
Thank you for the clarification on the chop situation. Thats the way I
understood it too.

Автор Tonyo1221 ( назад)
how do you mean the dog ate the off chop? . . .and killed it?

Автор Sloth55Chunk ( назад)
he saying the dog at the chop and died as they were about to eat it..

Автор MDS ( назад)
I've had the biggest crush on him since I can remember!

Автор rkiry ( назад)
I always took it that the dog ate the pork chop. However, your idea of the
frozen chop hitting the dog is equally plausible.

Автор Dan Vallancourt ( назад)
I love the way he says pork chop XD

Автор rkiry ( назад)
God, I love, love, love O'Toole!

Автор Ellie Green ( назад)
thanks so much for uploading this!

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