Travel Manila, Philippines

Quick view of Manila, video courtesy of Travel Bug

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Автор Steve R ( назад)
I grew up in Quezon City and have always wanted to spend the last years of
my life in the Philippines, but that will never happen now. Under Duterte
there is no longer rule of law. His open season on drug users/dealers has
of course become simply an excuse for people who have given up on being
human to murder their enemies without consequence. The Philippines has
become a hell on earth, a waking nightmare like some horror movie come to
life. People traveling there now are risking their lives. Think twice.

Автор The State of Central Business District 123 ( назад)
i honestly Manila is totally the most risks city ITW and the largest slums
ITW now manila is became an anus on earth. ANAK PUTANG INA MO BOBO SA

Автор tora bora ( назад)
apo dikecekannyo indak tantu diwakko

Автор Binkey Morales ( назад)
I'm a Filipino and I can assure you that Manila is a shit place to visit,
not just shit but dangerous. Spend your money to some other places. There
are few parts which are safe and clean but mostly, you get high chances of
being a victim. Aside from dangerous, it is dirty, smelly and just plain
hell. Go to provinces, like Baguio, Ilocos, Cebu or Davao. At least you're
getting your money's worth. Visit Philippines if you are into nature and
food. But if you are onto rich culture, infrastructures and nightlife, this
is not for you.

Автор GoGreenGo ( назад)
I understand why westerners think Manila is filthy and nasty. I am from the
Philippines, and live down south in Mindanao, and I honestly think life is
better down here. Filipinos, although known to be one of the most
industrious workforces in the world, can be the laziest ones too. It
explains why Manila (as an example) is so dirty and that the crime rates
are sky high. The poorest people resort to easy money through snatching,
pick-pocketing and drug trade. That's why it's not generally safe for
foreigners to be roaming the streets of Manila alone, especially early in
the morning and late at night. They're especially easy targets. On the
higher scale, politicians are corrupt and greedy. The rich get richer and
the poor get poorer. But nonetheless, Manila has one of the richest
histories. It's a beautiful city despite all its down sides. I'd still
recommend tourists to come, just choose the right places, and the right
company and you'll be just fine. Enjoy!

Автор Paul Pogba ( назад)
oh very dirty and poor

Автор 3DO! ( назад)
A shit hole of a city in a shitty country...many people are nice and sweet,
but living there??noo....I have a few friends there, they all complain and
try to survive the best way they can.

Also, parents breed like crasy to have 2-3 kids sometimes 4 even if they
can barely afford to raise one but well....breadwinner for them when they
are 18!

Автор Nova Garcellano ( назад)
hello , this is novagarcellanogmailcom was there before move here in CA .

Автор Capt Eric “WeBeYachting” Bergeron ( назад)
Enjoyed this video and the editing is awesome.

Автор Jimmy G ( назад)
though manila is filthy, for me manila is still the best city to visit in
metro manila.

Автор GETTING CLOSE TO | travel blog ( назад)
Manila is a very interesting place. I want to visit soon :)

Автор Louis Becke ( назад)
This guy is an idiot and doesn't have any idea what he is doing. You can
tell right off he is wearing his back pack on his back wide open to pick
pockets. Many of those 'smiling" people are hungry and many see him as a
target. Ive been living here for 11 years and been around for 30. I don't
know anyone in their right mind that likes going to Manila.

Автор Coloxus Gaming ( назад)
ima a pinoy and i miss all the foods there! im currently living in japan
and after all i realize that Sushi, Sashimis and all of these japanese
stuff isn't that delicious compare to lechon bagnet, kare kare, pinakbet,
adobo and many moore!!

Автор JP Vlogs ( назад)
Im sure PHILIPPINES is the best... Although philippines has a lot of bad
sides but before you judge the philippines make sure that you already
visited it...

Автор tooma najm ( назад)
the shittiest country in Asia

Автор tooma najm ( назад)
the shittiest country in Asia

Автор Ilyaas Waranle ( назад)
I would like to come manila in Philippines after 6 months i can't wait to
travel it

Автор pablo lozada jr ( назад)
Manila is worlds worst city in terms of traffic violent crime pollution and
philippines is the most corrupt country in all of Asia! And filipino
political leaders are the absolute kings and queens of extreme corruption!
It's no surprise that most tourists stay away! And most filipinos opt to
leave! Wise choice coz other asian countries offer a much safer and more
exciting option! Philippines is satan the Devils stronghold!!

Автор Shamas A ( назад)
how much cost the round trip ticket and how much u need for one month

Автор Rhea Villanueva ( назад)
Manila is just a part of philippines where dirty and nasty people commonly
Try to go to PROVINCES not in MANILA because the people there are not
well-disciplined , full of garbages and shits, Go to provinces, and way to

Автор blackyak 87 ( назад)
i love manila beautiful city in so many ways

Автор hot makers ( назад)
watch my channel

Автор Kevin McAllister ( назад)
Most christian nation in asia, most homeless place on earth?

Автор princesscandy1998 ( назад)
I'm sorry for everyone who had a bad time in Manila. :( It's hard here,
even for us locals. If you want to experience the Philippines, Manila is
not the ideal place to be. You should visit the provinces and the islands.
That's our country's pride.

Автор bluegreen988 ( назад)
ugly shit hole place..

Автор panth preet ( назад)

Автор Tracing The Paradise ( назад)
heh Manila from the bus, that was the most terrible city i ever been ....

Автор Aaron Hakim ( назад)
It's more 'GAY' in the Philippines. Hehehehehe :)

Автор Jose Sanchez ( назад)
España les dejo su historia ,la religión ,y se vendieron a los estados
unidos ..perdieron el idioma y su identidad que pena saludos 

Автор Sydney Town ( назад)
very diverse country, hope to make it there one day

Автор mohamed j ( назад)
which month is best 2visit?

Автор Philippines Travel Experts ( назад)
Manila is not the easiest place to spend days sightseeing as many of key
attractions are spread across a city slow to navigate nor easy to explore
on foot.

Автор Dramus II ( назад)

Автор Carlos Nação Nesta ( назад)


Автор zander francisco ( назад)
The Beautiful Manila :) i wanna go back home .. :( i am missing manila bay
.. The skyscrapers that makes me amazed everyday :( the friendly smiling
people everywhere ,:(

Автор leon patrick ( назад)
every country has bad sides. I heard good things about it and im sure its
clean than thailand full of dirty whores aids

Автор Kim Yonchol ( назад)
I love philippines...

Автор DailyOptions org ( назад)
I love Manila its a Nation of the sweetest nicest people ever! 🍗

Автор Randy Aglahan ( назад)
I hope to go to Manila someday,most on my FB page from there.

Автор pajasa62 ( назад)
I was really disappointed in my week in Manila. Street kids, low-level con
men, armed guards outside of even at Starbucks entrances and poverty (I
won't mention the cute hookers that were everywhere), I know I was not
EVERY PLACE in the city, but what I saw was a little disappointing. The
old-timers I spoke to clearly made it seem that things were better when
Ferdinand Marcos was around...I am sure many will disagree, but that was
what they said.

Автор thiyagarajan gangadaran ( назад)

Автор Charles Nicco Tabadero ( назад)
I'm from Philippines not manila tanay :) 

Автор Sandra Negrete ( назад)
So whats your point showing this video? You think you will be popular? You

Автор Social Sketch ( назад)
Yo people in Manila, a lot of you messaged me saying you wanted to make
prank videos with me, I'll be in Manila tomorrow so send me a message on
here if you want to make some vids!

Автор Agus Supriyanto ( назад)
Im from indonesia. Philippines is our brotherhood. Indonesian love phi

Автор Agus Supriyanto ( назад)
I'm from

Автор Jeanette Frost ( назад)
i miss back home so bad......

Автор moonrunrs ( назад)
You know this guy banged all the prostitutes when he was over there.
That's the only reason anyone goes to the PI. All these TV shows go over
there because the crews want to have sex with little kids. It started in
the 1970s when they filmed Apocalypse Now

Автор Ino Komodo ( назад)
Gates of hell

Автор Jack Mcdig ( назад)
So beautiful I think I saw a awesome nun ;))

Автор Matthew Mondero ( назад)
I really really love this country! <3 its more fun in the
philippines...manila only is the worst for us but 9 out of 10 of its
province is beautiful and many places to go! And have fun!

Автор Matthew Mondero ( назад)
I really really love this country! <3 its more fun in the
philippines...manila only is the worst for us but 9 out of 10 of its
province is beautiful and many places to go! And have fun!

Автор Praetorian GuardBC ( назад)
This place reminds me of Cuba, I've grown up in rich & poor neighborhoods.
At the same time it all about how you carry yourself in the neighborhood.
Old American saying " Don't start no shit & there won't be any " respect
other people's country & their way of life. Filipino people are like family
to me & I do respect them a lot good or bad. 

Автор Thom Harrison ( назад)
Manila makes Bangkok feel like Vienna

Автор The Wayward Wanderer ( назад)
Manila looks like Bangkok. Hope it doesn't smell as bad.

Автор Roots Lifted ( назад)
I'm from east london and live in Se Asia, i have traveled all over the
world and i can say with out dought that Manilla is one of the shittiest
most dangerous citys i have been to and wont be going back to!

Автор mingteedee ( назад)
This is old Manila, it started to be the first developed city in all of
Southeast Asia... unfortunately, it has now fallen behind its neighboring
cities all over Metro Manila.

Автор stephen jones ( назад)
why does this guy have a tour guide? he knows more than the guide and
likes to hear himself talk.

Автор Tomasito Shina ( назад)
I ve been working in philippines over 5years by now. i will tell u who is
planning to come here that " Nothing impossibe in philippines, but also
possible....". Be patient here.... haha

Автор mckill2007 ( назад)
the best places in the philippines is far away from manila

Автор jethro fanoga ( назад)
If you have only been to Manila then you have not yet really experience the

Автор Cody Jerome ( назад)
How insightful and inspiring. :o)

Автор Krittiyaphon Incheelong ( назад)


Автор Krittiyaphon Incheelong ( назад)


Автор gobshiteMGC1 ( назад)
'Get dirty and have a taste of life like the average Philippino' hahaha,
what a condescending twat!

Автор Glenn Maxwell ( назад)
love philippines..

Автор Bernadette Ortega ( назад)
Filipinos gave birth like rat thats the reason why lots of filipinos still
live in poverties. I didn't bother to have my own kid so that NSO very
happy for me. 

Автор Long-Stayer's Club in Asia ( назад)
マニラ観光。Sight seeing in Manila. 

Автор hannah montana ( назад)
Apparently the sky is orange in Manila. 

Автор K Matt ( назад)
lol people dissabled reply!!!! Guess they like to talk crap but not take
it smh

Автор K Matt ( назад)
I hate when there are people come into these great YouTube videos and start
being all hater and racist towards these great people. Half of you have
never been there to experience this fabulous country or its culture!! But
yet you come in here and talk your arrogant crap and racist comments.
I'm going to be there for my fourth time with my Filipina Fiancee in
which I feel honored to say I have me a fabulous girl from the Philippines.
In fact I conceder the Philippines my second home. Thants how great this
country is The people there have really caught my heart 

Автор Asiatic Naga (13love) ( назад)
80% of roman catholic...ROMANS...you fuck are still under their rule you
bunch go along to get along fuck.

Автор Gao Li ( назад)
Maraming bagay nagbago sa Pilipinas at sa Maynila. Samantala, mahalaga din
magbigay halaga sa kasaysayan at ialaga ang mga lupang gusali at bahay para
sa mga anak at apo natin.

Автор Gao Li ( назад)
Don't discriminate against homosexuals.

Автор rahul gaikwad ( назад)
haha its like india :P :P 

Автор ShY1CAS ( назад)
pi will slash ur poketS

Автор ShY1CAS ( назад)
japan got more de afrika

Автор kyel russel reyes ( назад)
kung hindi nagbabago baguhin mo!

Автор Aston Miller ( назад)
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Автор Michelle Backman ( назад)
Ikaw ang hindi nagbabago ulol! Ganun ka pa rin Baklang tamad!

Автор dipen rai ( назад)
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Автор Yanna L ( назад)
China likes to think she is a dragon but acts like a monkey. She thinks she
is modern but her ways are ancient. She likes to be respected while she
tramps on her neighbors. She wants to be treated fairly yet she cheats at
every opportunity. She cries robbery of a possession she stole from her
neighbor. She accuses of being bullied after picking a fight. She thinks
she is righteous after killing her own.

Автор Yanna L ( назад)
This is China - a wolf behind a sheep's skin, a traitor pretending to be a
friend, a thief masquerading as a helper, a murderer pretending to be a
preacher. Never ever trust China.

Автор harry styme ( назад)
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Автор CENT CHONG ( назад)
Let's get it out there. I am so jealous of my brother's best friend right
now. He's actually been single constantly. Having said that he got a
swimwear model to inform him she has fallen deeply in love with him in less
than a month. How can that be possible? He laughed and said he used the
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Автор Liz J ( назад)

Автор Johnmark Ticala ( назад)
The way you talk, your the one who looks barbarian and uncivilized!

Автор jOHNIE TOR ( назад)
im sorry to hear that, but u should used to hear that cuz many pilipinos
are black also and some of us called their fellows black. its normal in the
Philipines and its not a racist. 

Автор jack hackett ( назад)
Avoid the horse and cart tours around Manila. They are a complete rip off. 

Автор paul pruna ( назад)
sir,its the same w/ spanish people.in fact we got it from them the N
word.but they dont mean anything by it.bec. our ancestors r blacks too.The
"Ifugaos,Ita's n the Negritoes" so please next time read Philippine history
FIRST....or u can ask ur wife about it..thank u God Bless.

Автор EmmyZz80 ( назад)
nice video

Автор kappa citra ( назад)
should definitely check out this clip before you start on a holiday

Автор FaithfulGod ( назад)
god choose the poor in this world to be rich in faith .... Filipino s are
blessed in other ways , their a lot of filipino working abroad , that are
religous , and God using them as vessel to share their faith .ab God has a
purpose why makes a country poor ,

Автор Sarawana Priya ( назад)
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Автор siamgodmother ( назад)
Manila is very beautiful .

Автор shiva shetty ( назад)
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journey bit.ly/1dFcBwE?=pfpfd

Автор Ruby Islam ( назад)
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Автор Might Guy ( назад)
Stfu u australian bastard

Автор mstcrps9 ( назад)
I didn't get that impression at all.

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