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Автор Discover Manila (6 дней)
Quick view of Manila, video courtesy of Travel Bug.!!!1

#Discover #Manila #travel #tourism #traveltips 

Автор panth preet (8 дней)

Автор Thom Harrison (11 месяцев)
Manila makes Bangkok feel like Vienna

Автор Charles Nicco Tabadero (7 месяцев)
I'm from Philippines not manila tanay :) 

Автор Agus Supriyanto (8 месяцев)
Im from indonesia. Philippines is our brotherhood. Indonesian love phi

Автор kullozer13 (1 месяц)
Without doubt the biggest shithole I've ever been to. Horrible place where
everyone is trying to rip you off. Get the hell out of there and get to the
nicer islands.

Автор tom woods (1 год)
You know what......I went to Europe for two weeks.
And in that Time I was Mugged ...My own fault...haha
And also Ripped off by a Bar Tender. Which I was able to recover most of
the money. Shit happen everywhere in the World!!
So tired of hearing about how bad it is in the Phils.
Don't like it. . Don't go!

Автор Praetorian GuardBC (11 месяцев)
This place reminds me of Cuba, I've grown up in rich & poor neighborhoods.
At the same time it all about how you carry yourself in the neighborhood.
Old American saying " Don't start no shit & there won't be any " respect
other people's country & their way of life. Filipino people are like family
to me & I do respect them a lot good or bad. 

Автор luke harris (3 месяца)
It's more 'GAY' in the Philippines. Hehehehehe :)

Автор Jose Damchez (4 месяца)
España les dejo su historia ,la religión ,y se vendieron a los estados
unidos ..perdieron el idioma y su identidad que pena saludos 

Автор Social Sketch (8 месяцев)
Yo people in Manila, a lot of you messaged me saying you wanted to make
prank videos with me, I'll be in Manila tomorrow so send me a message on
here if you want to make some vids!

Автор Randy Aglahan (6 месяцев)
I hope to go to Manila someday,most on my FB page from there.

Автор zander francisco (6 месяцев)
The Beautiful Manila :) i wanna go back home .. :( i am missing manila bay
.. The skyscrapers that makes me amazed everyday :( the friendly smiling
people everywhere ,:(

Автор Sandra Negrete (8 месяцев)
So whats your point showing this video? You think you will be popular? You

Автор leon patrick (6 месяцев)
every country has bad sides. I heard good things about it and im sure its
clean than thailand full of dirty whores aids

Автор Sydney Town (4 месяца)
very diverse country, hope to make it there one day

Автор Matthew Mondero (11 месяцев)
I really really love this country! <3 its more fun in the
philippines...manila only is the worst for us but 9 out of 10 of its
province is beautiful and many places to go! And have fun!

Автор carl carlitoz (5 месяцев)
which month is best 2visit?

Автор pajasa62 (7 месяцев)
I was really disappointed in my week in Manila. Street kids, low-level con
men, armed guards outside of even at Starbucks entrances and poverty (I
won't mention the cute hookers that were everywhere), I know I was not
EVERY PLACE in the city, but what I saw was a little disappointing. The
old-timers I spoke to clearly made it seem that things were better when
Ferdinand Marcos was around...I am sure many will disagree, but that was
what they said.

Автор Tracing The Paradise (3 месяца)
heh Manila from the bus, that was the most terrible city i ever been ....

Автор jethro fanoga (1 год)
If you have only been to Manila then you have not yet really experience the

Автор thiyagarajan gangadaran (7 месяцев)

Автор Matthew Mondero (11 месяцев)
I really really love this country! <3 its more fun in the
philippines...manila only is the worst for us but 9 out of 10 of its
province is beautiful and many places to go! And have fun!

Автор Philippines Travel Experts (5 месяцев)
Manila is not the easiest place to spend days sightseeing as many of key
attractions are spread across a city slow to navigate nor easy to explore
on foot.

Автор Dramus II (5 месяцев)

Автор ejdf870 (11 месяцев)
Manila looks like Bangkok. Hope it doesn't smell as bad.

Автор Derek Thomson (1 год)
Travel Manila, Philippines

Автор Ino Komodo (10 месяцев)
Gates of hell

Автор Roots Lifted (1 год)
I'm from east london and live in Se Asia, i have traveled all over the
world and i can say with out dought that Manilla is one of the shittiest
most dangerous citys i have been to and wont be going back to!

Автор Agus Supriyanto (8 месяцев)
I'm from

Автор Nação Nesta (5 месяцев)


Автор Jack Mcdig (11 месяцев)
So beautiful I think I saw a awesome nun ;))

Автор Ss Zama (1 год)

Автор Fairyssa Bianca Canama (1 год)
I hate Philippines because it's a democratic country. We all know democracy
doesn't work. Too many corrupts and that is why Philippines is very poor
and pathetic. And the worst is, the people won't cooperate with the
Government's decision, such as; RH Bill. It should have been approved if
only those Catholic priests didn't protest. No, not hating them. But on my
opinion, it will be one of the steps for Philippines to grow even a little.
In that way, Filipinos wouldn't suffer much anymore.
I hate how they(F voters) think. Filipinos did hate the former President
Erap because of his BAD administration back then but just this last 2013
election, they voted for him again to be the Mayor of Manila. What is going
on with their minds?! They trusted him again? Even my aunt's friends in
Canada asked the same question.
I'm Filipino but I don't think like them. Even dad and mom.
Oh, I always wonder when will Philippines rise?

Автор Discover Philippines (5 дней)
Quick view of Manila, video courtesy of Travel Bug.!!!1

#Discover #Manila #travel #tourism #traveltips 

Автор mckill2007 (1 год)
the best places in the philippines is far away from manila

Автор Tomasito Shina (1 год)
I ve been working in philippines over 5years by now. i will tell u who is
planning to come here that " Nothing impossibe in philippines, but also
possible....". Be patient here.... haha

Автор mingteedee (1 год)
This is old Manila, it started to be the first developed city in all of
Southeast Asia... unfortunately, it has now fallen behind its neighboring
cities all over Metro Manila.

Автор stephen jones (1 год)
why does this guy have a tour guide? he knows more than the guide and
likes to hear himself talk.

Автор moonrunrs (10 месяцев)
You know this guy banged all the prostitutes when he was over there.
That's the only reason anyone goes to the PI. All these TV shows go over
there because the crews want to have sex with little kids. It started in
the 1970s when they filmed Apocalypse Now

Автор Kim Yonchol (6 месяцев)
I love philippines...

Автор gobshiteMGC1 (1 год)
'Get dirty and have a taste of life like the average Philippino' hahaha,
what a condescending twat!

Автор Long-Stayer's Club in Asia (1 год)
マニラ観光。Sight seeing in Manila. 

Автор Cody Jerome (1 год)
How insightful and inspiring. :o)

Автор Krittiyaphon Incheelong (1 год)


Автор Bernadette Ortega (1 год)
Filipinos gave birth like rat thats the reason why lots of filipinos still
live in poverties. I didn't bother to have my own kid so that NSO very
happy for me. 

Автор Krittiyaphon Incheelong (1 год)


Автор hannah montana (1 год)
Apparently the sky is orange in Manila. 

Автор DailyOptions org (6 месяцев)
I love Manila its a Nation of the sweetest nicest people ever! 🍗

Автор Jeanette Frost (9 месяцев)
i miss back home so bad......

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