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Автор xAJKARLx (4 года)
@rs4livepking HE means while hes skilling he wears these..

Автор SpongaliZaH (4 года)
whats is he weilding at 1:11

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@9ladies6man fail? how many people do you see that actually own a partyhat?

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@SpongaliZaH splitbark

Автор TheLegitCube (4 года)
whats the shirt called in the first outfit?

@MegaRshacks - He never said "Level 3 Skiller Outfits", he just said
Skiller Outfits.

Автор TehZeppir (3 года)
yellow phat was borrowed

Автор james clarke (4 года)
how much is a lit bug lantern

Автор Steven Hawking (3 года)
i need the shirt on 1:14 secs

Автор Stewie Griffin (4 года)
@homerkiller007 Yes you can , but not in F2P i think

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@420cheebacheeba with skill!

Автор Magicman481 (4 года)
@MsPokemonfan1001 Top Hat That is all.

Автор Andie Hewes (3 года)
@WhiteKnightGaming i forgot what they called but you obtain from doin
circus :)

Автор Jacob Jeffery (4 года)
what robes is he wearing at 0:32?

Автор DanteTheVampire (3 года)
@FleXZilyana aint it funny how you didnt say anything about the, santa, 2
scarfs, pumpkin head, fury, and h'ween masks... -.- total add = more then a
phat.... -.-

Автор Andrew Wiebe (3 года)
@WhiteKnightGaming ringmaster from the circus :)

Автор Jerrica Hape (4 года)
lol, the lent yellow phat :[]

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@cokedacola9 (-.-)

Автор Tanner Jones (4 года)
lended phat 54 secs lololol

Автор ugotbeasted123 (4 года)
@scalper42 Kidding? He has a "skiller" with a quest cape and attafck cape?
You're the dumb ass.

Автор DrueGasm (4 года)
@Owliganka you still search and watch video's for this game? Lol!

Автор vosn_ (4 года)
there's a lot of stuff in skillers can't even wield, get your facts straight

Автор PsychedelicTeddy (3 года)
Please could you name the clothing and prices for the outfit at 31 seconds
please :)?

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@TheLegitCube bob shirt?

Автор [M][G][Z]_D34T}{_H4X00R (4 года)
0:56 dis is sparta!! lol

Автор DopiumWu (3 года)
@wiselioncutlol a staff lol

Автор Trennard9456 (3 года)
lol@ him trying to block out the borrowed party hat...

Автор JamezTheEpic (2 года)
I like the way you need to cut your left titty off, suck on it, Think for a
second, And come back.

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@hsoamfb varrock armour, and white platelegs

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@Mryakooza01 skeletal

Автор XaufusProductions (3 года)
@WhiteKnightGaming you can get it in the circus game, it takes a while, but
eventually, you get it. You can only do it once a week, and the circus
always moves. Try to find it!

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@deyaq1 epic sparta kick

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@homerkiller007 sara robes with ivandis flail

Автор MonsterManStan (4 года)
0:16. Make me a sammich..

Автор Dan Smith (3 года)
haha you try to cover up the little symbol on the phat to say it was
borrowed hahah.

Автор daguyrounddacorner (4 года)
@bloodpur3s dude he just showing outfits for skillers and if it's a
skillcape that a skiller canty get then choose another cape like fishing
for example..

Автор cokedacola9 (4 года)
at 0:54 the party hat is lent :P

Автор Dale Best (3 года)
dude i didint say 2009 u dumb ass when in 2005

@redjerm200 - Lolwut?

Автор GangstaBroker (4 года)
@jumpenjoy lol he's a damn good quester =p

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@PVPguidesPVP enchanted

Автор Kris Belantes (3 года)
at 0:11 what is the shirt and legs called?

Автор MegaCoolguy9 (4 года)
What's he wearing on the roman outfit? 0:55, Please send me a message
saying what the whole outfit is! Please!

Автор jeremy turner (4 года)

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@joaojang omg, who cares

Автор gamin4lif3 (4 года)
like, 1/60 of these outfits look good, and dont mismatch or look like crap..

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@Mryakooza01 true

Автор jyhf hjg (3 года)
al the pictures are form google!! -_-

Автор EatsHerCat (4 года)
barrowed yellow phat lol

Автор TheRunescapeFanClub (3 года)
@BuBlee95 thumbs down?

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