Colin Firth - Handsome

Montage sur Colin Firth!

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Автор MrFfs1954 ( назад)
I love the song. thank you. :)

Автор MrFfs1954 ( назад)
I love the song. thank you. :)

Автор Lalka Lalka ( назад)
Piękne role,super "ciacho".Oczy patrzą,serce płacze,że w realu nie

Автор Ulma ArdirMedia ( назад)
who sing's it? what's the title?

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
Lol jeanette Armstrong some jealous propre

Автор Neina Esro ( назад)
te amo mark darcy

Автор Jeanette Armstrong ( назад)
Ok, I want to know who the ten people are who didn't like this video???

Автор Karen Cortes ( назад)
the perfect man....

Автор Sara Covic ( назад)
Ich liebe in..

Автор silverstartrucker ( назад)
Mr Darcy

Автор Maria Jesus Ruiz ( назад)
Encantador, guapísimo, elegante ,me encanta.

Автор blair knight ( назад)
love this.

Автор lucesita vc ( назад)
yes a men beutifulll

Автор ColinandMe ( назад)
To CMVIA: I think that is a shot from his movie Trauma. I've git around 20
of his movies and my collection is still growing. Thanks to ebay :-). Colin
made me love again. I feel like a teenager with my first crush!!!

Автор Vonci Guevara ( назад)
nice video xD que hombre tan hermoso es èl!! xD <3 es uno de los hombres
mas bellos que he podido ver en mi vida ;) my God!!!!

Автор Sorina Petre ( назад)
everthig is amaizing....to him!!! 'e come una meraviglia che si succede una
volta nella vita !!!!

Автор Gaviota Pérez ( назад)
versátil y entancador!

Автор Rima H ( назад)
oh my god my last lover was copy of him, i still cant move on ...

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
on web

Автор Halina Jordan ( назад)
Kocham brytyjskich artystów i kocham brytyjską kinematografię.Ty też jesteś
wspaniałym artystą Colinie i tak bardzo przystojnym i bardzo sex.Pozdrawiam

Автор monica nuñez ( назад)
Un actor que sigo en todo trabajo que realice , me enamoré en orgullo y
prejuicio . Varonil

Автор maria isabel ribeiro teles ( назад)
Very sexy men . Fantastic perfomer!!

Автор GoingOrganic1 (1882 года назад)
I can never get enough of Colin Firth playing uptight aristocratic
englishmen. (Mr. Darcy and the King's Speech) I hope that he has many more
great roles ahead of him!

Автор xoxSnUgGLeBuNNiExox ( назад)

Автор Na tye ( назад)
Beautiful man.

Автор MrsVintage ( назад)
LOVE THIS! Love Mr. Darcy... and Colin Firth ♥

Автор evaggelia1978 ( назад)
those eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор yellowrose011 ( назад)
holy maryyyyyyyyyyyy lollll

Автор teeger66 ( назад)
@gkvaderwolf06 It wasn't a "scene" from the movie...but a promo pic.
poster... .I wish it would have come from the movie...what a sexy scene
that could have been....with his head cradled in her bosom like
that....lucky Bridget!

Автор gkvaderwolf06 ( назад)
Is the pic at 2:18 from one of the Bridget Jones movies? I don't remember a
scene outdoors like that...?

Автор froggirl80 ( назад)
I saw recently purchased a whole bunch of Colin Firth movies and fell in
love with this man! He is soooo handsome and strong; the quintessioinal
English gentleman if you ask me. Tall, dark, handsome, strong, a killer
smile, beautiful eyes, sweet dimples, and a deliciously sweet, sexy accent.
If he ever got divorced.........

Автор SylvieeT ( назад)
Simply wonderful - the guy :) the song, your video and the pictures. Where
did you found all these beautiful pics??

Автор beingshar ( назад)
I've never seen Colin look as great as he does at 1:32 in this flow....he's
very photogenic.....very nicely done!....thanks.

Автор newyork2804 ( назад)
he's adorable

Автор Małgorzata Wilińska ( назад)
Colin Firth , to najcudowniejszy ideał mężczyzny , po nieżyjącym - od wielu
lat Gable ... "Przeminęło z wiatrem " i "Duma i uprzedzenie " , to filmy
ponadczasowe !

Автор CMVIA ( назад)
What film is 2:31 from?

Автор teeger66 ( назад)
@Suessserat Agree agree....totally agree! and talent too!

Автор sahana747 ( назад)

Автор Efrat Habusha ( назад)
My MR Darcy

Автор christy340 ( назад)
This is what a man should look like. He looks like perfection.

Автор Nelikaful ( назад)
Great man, great actor! And now, even the oscar goes to... Colin Firth!

Автор liu yue ( назад)
Colin Firth's smile is sooooooooooooooooooooo charming............

Автор aspenkate ( назад)
The best dimples are at 1:03 with sparkles in his eyes. :)

Автор sashhi25 ( назад)
@ 2:13 he lookkkss sooo different..fresh and young :o kind of like james

Автор Ayla Kahraman ( назад)
i love him .. he is the one in my dreams!

Автор TheNevedestate ( назад)
God save Colin Firth!

Автор mysticoversoul ( назад)
What a beautiful man he is!

Автор Mil Bur ( назад)
Wybitnie, Wybitny człowiek .. w całości

Автор FRANCE83470 ( назад)
Exc ellent Acteur séduisant et très charismatique. Superbe montage merci à

Автор sakurasoh ( назад)
Well said Suessserat . It is so rare for someone to command such a great
attention on screen just like Colin

Автор sahana747 ( назад)
happy birthday colin. i think this year too you are going to win awards for
The King"s speech. The film looks promising

Автор Elin48 ( назад)
Definitely he is handsome, and a good actor, but the first time I ever saw
him was in the film Shakespeare in Love, and I did not like him at
all...the character, not the actor.

Автор Jiggly Puff ( назад)
0:49, 2:52, 3:29, 3:46 and 4:21 just tops that!! LOL! - yumness!

Автор jean prouvaire ( назад)
He's perfect

Автор Marcy GH ( назад)
@Krolyne : completely agree!! Perfect like few others...seems also to be a
nice person, very sensible, realistic,sympathetic...

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
@motheana merci à toi!

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
@Suessserat he is perfect! ^^

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
@1971mojca merci!!

Автор 1971mojca ( назад)
Beautifully done :-) Thanks :-)

Автор bediverestonewortr ( назад)
Firth first gained wide public attention, especially in the United Kingdom,
for his portrayal of Mr. Darcy in the 1995 television adaption of Pride and

Автор NoeFromHell ( назад)
Colin is one of my favorite British actors!... what is the name of this

Автор zonniger ( назад)
@kijknaarZCT Eva Cassidy!

Автор Egag2000 ( назад)

Автор Tash616 ( назад)
omg i luv his smile :D

Автор marieantoinette2008 ( назад)
lo adoro infinitamente

Автор Nino Kakulia ( назад)

Автор Ana Paula ( назад)
Ótimo ator, expressivo ao extremo, lindo de morrer... é um dos meus
favoritos. Como Mr. Darcy ele é inesquecível... Obrigada, Krolyne, por esta

Автор Marcy GH ( назад)
His whole face, his mouth, his eyes, his hair, the way he looks, his smile,
the way he kisses...a very complete man!!

Автор claupeverell ( назад)
tienes razón, ¡¡¡¡es hermoso!!!!

Автор Marleen Daeleman ( назад)
What a beautifull man!!!!!!

Автор tinkerbellminx ( назад)
OMG how come i havent seen this before he is gorgeous i LOVE him yum yum
yum yum

Автор LS7 ( назад)
I was really sad that he did not win the Oscar. I think he really deserved

Автор glaucinhareda ( назад)
simplesmente maravilhoso, parabéns pela montagem

Автор dropsofmusic ( назад)
what other movies has he been in beside pandp and briget j's diary?

Автор beanfromex ( назад)
wonderful song, her voice rings true like a bell.

Автор henrycrumm ( назад)
oh my GOD to my favourite song too! :') bravo bravo

Автор budji bird ( назад)
his eyes tell a story!

Автор missSoph62 ( назад)
where? i love hiimm xx

Автор missSoph62 ( назад)
i liked especially pics at 3:30 2 15 2 33 2 43 2 48 2 56 and i liked all
the others i love you colin forever!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Автор missSoph62 ( назад)
iloveecolliiinn soooo muchh!! xxxxxxx

Автор Ce Mor ( назад)
papacito, contigo pan y cebolla.

Автор SuperStarinthesky ( назад)
@ferper66: Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold

Автор ferper66 ( назад)
who`s playing this great song?

Автор Readalwaysthelabel ( назад)

Автор CASPER10666 ( назад)
The guy has star quality all over him. But he will always be MR DARCY

Автор SuperStarinthesky ( назад)
great song and a great actor,...=)

Автор allurhatrbelongtome ( назад)
He is someone I feel I've known all my life and in all my lives before.
There's something about him that I love even when I watch one of his "bad"
movies. Steve McQueen was one of the coolest men that ever lived, and Colin
in some ways reminds me of him, he makes my toes curl even at the age of
68. I think he's very capable of making a really "great" movie worthy of an
"oscar", Why can't producers see his potential,

Автор PeterFirthFan ( назад)
I see dozens of blokes who look like Colin Firth every day.

Автор Maouchsakura ( назад)
sooo charming! so perfect! this man is awesome, he's beautiful, and he is a
great actor. Perfeeect! <3

Автор musicfancier ( назад)
Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was beautiful!!!!!! I love that song and
Colin is definitely soooooooooooooo handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the most
handsome man I have ever seen in all of my 39 years!

Автор nallie3 ( назад)
ah.... Colin.....

Автор Jogsteriishot ( назад)
prince charming :'-)

Автор MoseStarful ( назад)
Colin i so sexy. I love him. And his accent is supercool. Cute, cute boy.
So talented.

Автор dorota130269 ( назад)
SUPER Facet,beautiful,,,uwielbiam Go ,a jego uśmiech hmmm...

Автор kelly30sp ( назад)
homem lindo e sexy, pra mim, já passou dos 40...rs. e, Colin é um ótimo
exemplo! so handsome!!!

Автор tudeliri0 ( назад)
i love his accent!!!!!!!!!

Автор Krolyne ( назад)
tu m'étonnes!! ^^ merci pour ton message!!!

Автор yahraever ( назад)
i am french. it is a pleasure to see is face. i loke him, i find this kind
of men really handsome. smart,.

Автор luminainen00 ( назад)
Fields of gold (originally by Sting - at least I think so:))

Автор gondorianazgz ( назад)
eso si k es un hombre y no lo k ai por ai!!!

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