Hack any WiFi hotspot with your Android phone. 002

Great app by QuantumFoam look him up in Google Play .

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Автор Vector (NetSpace) (5 месяцев)
"010101010011110001" :D We aren't stupid as you think :D

Автор Max Schulz (4 месяца)
This is a stupid fake

Автор deravio kiel (4 месяца)
Wtf we are not alien man!!

Автор Ricardo Salgado (8 месяцев)
It's a prank

Автор 420lover42 (6 месяцев)

Автор Vishnu Sarraf/Technology And More. (22 дня)
mad liar god punishes u i want havin 3G network and telling a wifi hotspot

Автор Dillion Sowell (24 дня)
Quit it with muthafucking apps shit learn man u have a fucking brain right
got damn it

Автор Kashif Kadri (4 месяца)
Google play doesn't support real hacking apps idiot

Автор ari xhepa (2 месяца)
Download the wpa greek finder is the best

Автор sleman yasin (7 месяцев)
graet and very esey and warck

Автор jose campos (3 месяца)
dude yall dint do it right i did it works thx 

Автор eric jackson (1 месяц)
Does it show password

Автор hassan haider (1 месяц)

Автор Declan Live (5 месяцев)
Go suck a truck

Автор Sam Kazazian (3 месяца)
If you people actually watched the video. He basically says thank you to
the app developer for making this app to fool your friends that your a
hacker. Hint Hint "Fool your friends into thinking your a hacker" Its
obviously a prank app.Also GOOGLE DOESN'T ALLOW REAL HACKING APPS. So you
people should get your shit together and stop being ass holes to him.

Автор Rayan Mohammed (2 месяца)
so lame

Автор Isaiah Almond (1 месяц)
Hahahahaha he had 3G fucking lier

Автор Vinod Kumar (5 месяцев)
This app were to download

Автор Foodparks Raintree (5 месяцев)
stupid app we are not newbie for your fucking tutorial wireless security
are not using
100001101001. instead hex code and encrypted.

Автор anuj saikia (6 месяцев)
What the fake?

Автор Zeb Whirled (8 месяцев)
is viedo is so fake if anyone noticed that he pressed linksys that wi-fi is
never locked so this video is very fucking fake

Автор vikas ogania (3 месяца)
its fack faakkkk making fool to fools

Автор florin covaci (4 месяца)
Fack off u idiot

Автор Howard hale (7 месяцев)
Retard here in the first part he says its a prank app so it is fake lmfao
lisen more

Автор Ben Akande (4 месяца)
You a dick head that WiFi signal means theres open WiFi hotspots

Автор thaithotnot2 (5 месяцев)
dc km j dau

Автор Monteand VoneTV (8 месяцев)
shove a cock up ur ass

Автор Turf War (4 месяца)

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http://www.4shared.com/mobile/mEp4so7Bba/Dsploit.html? use this legit app
learn how to use it and you can hack anything

Автор KengkongHack RuacherWX (1 месяц)
I no do it

Автор george mircea (5 месяцев)

Автор KengkongHack RuacherWX (1 месяц)
I don't hack WiFi in Play store :-(

Автор george mircea (5 месяцев)

Автор MUJTABA SHAHID (7 месяцев)
From where the heck did you got that application

Автор Inglebert Humperdink (1 год)

Автор porlup (1 год)
Nono ... Best answer !!! He is poor

Автор Terry Tran (1 год)
=>Wifi-Password_Hacker=> bit.ly\SQ8XJk?=0ZY6s

Автор Luciano Vicious (1 год)
Faka E

Автор Michael B (1 год)
Read the top comments and stopped the video at 0:06

Автор kirk smith (1 год)
please stop waisting peoples time posting this fake bs... there are
MILLIONS of fake wifi apps in the store, OBVIOUSLY! your just pissing
people off :/

Автор Genesis Font (10 месяцев)
you should modify your video title to reflect that this is a prank only

Автор samikio sami (9 месяцев)
Go fuck ur self bitch

Автор Seth Leach (1 год)
=>Facebook*Password-Hack_online_Tool. bit.ly\TaCY80?=YcMb8

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Автор properbo (1 год)
download dsploit for android

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Hahaha....... fake app

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