Be prepared, egg and meat production, hens and roosters. Prepping in the backyard.

Wolverine Prepper Girl Chicken coop, ducks, and egg production

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Автор AnnyaMoon ( назад)

Автор Mark Hunts ( назад)
Can I buy a roster from you

Автор justusthreeroses ( назад)
great video, thanks!

Автор Md Robul ( назад)

Автор 明月奴 ( назад)
Very cute chicken

Автор Dominic ( назад)
Does they fight each other ?

Автор A2Kaid ( назад)
How do you keep your ducks from flying away?

Автор A2Kaid ( назад)
Do you get the chickens and birds immunized?

Автор Jesse D ( назад)
They all seem so happy. Good job!
That 'old' rooster's living the good life in particular.

Автор Eric Ansellius ( назад)
I bought a new silkie bantam rooster, my two young broilers were not happy
with this new guy! they often chase him and peck on him until this silkie
small rooster get freak out! and seems so scared! please help me to solve
this problem, thank you.

Автор Rafael A Garcia ( назад)
Wow! That's a lot of eggs.

Автор Marie Many ( назад)
What's the name of the feed??

Автор mark such ( назад)
That's a great setup you have there thank you for sharing, Blessings to you
& yours

Автор WBLMB WBLMB ( назад)
how many hens you have there ?

Автор Sarah Norment ( назад)
Why not collect the eggs daily when they're the freshest?

Автор Bladimir Tarango ( назад)
Those look like game birds exept the fluffy rooster and the hens

Автор Jan Coldwater ( назад)
I love how large your coop is! Beautiful birds!

Автор Tucker Clark ( назад)
Loved it when he jumped up there and started to crow as soon as he got out

Автор Elena Jarsson ( назад)
Where you get many roosters?

Автор Timothy Emerson ( назад)
Hey, what sort of breed are your black hens? Thanks

Автор s buchanan ( назад)
y do u keep them separate?

Автор Devin Elliott ( назад)
can you raise laying hens and meat chickens together full grown 

Автор piglett2195 ( назад)
i like buff orpington roosters over RiR
the orpingtons have a lot more meat on them when it comes time to thin them
good looking bunch of hens

Автор Bombus Piki ( назад)
Why U don't collect your eggs daily?? You'll lose all quality!! It's like
you bought them in the store, if you don't collect them fresh!! Four days
is way to long, I would never eat that eggs, unless during the war time
maybe.. Put one in water, it won't be completely on the bottom, cause, that
are old eggs! In Europe we like them fresh, as when fresh, they have it all
instead of meat, and even better...

Автор Dennis M ( назад)
Why feed all those chickens if you can't use the eggs? 

Автор tik tok tv ( назад)
Nice video i love it

Автор Hindustani ( назад)
Very Nice.
I hope in India too awareness about free range chicken will spread soon.

Автор Alie's Homestead ( назад)
Love this kind of chickens cause I understand the value of these chickens
since we have in huge number here at our farmhouse.

Автор Matthew Sherman ( назад)
I like the larger chicken coop, most chicken coops made in todays market
are to small and don't allow enough height for the chickens to safely
roost...then they get eaten by ground predators. I made mine 13 feet tall,
haven't had one eaten yet

Автор marine4Legion ( назад)
very nice and healtly chickens congratulations

Автор Dave Meeks ( назад)
What was your video supposed to be about. Was there some purpose for make
it if so it escapes me

Автор Dave Meeks ( назад)
What was your video supposed to be about. Was there some purpose for make
it if so it escapes me

Автор Luis Hernandez ( назад)
I like your roster I have the same one and if you will like im going to
make a video about my new chicken that im going to get this weekend so I
hope you enjoy seeing it if you want

Автор Bình Bùi ( назад)
I love your farm :")

Автор K RR ( назад)

Автор kdunlap147 ( назад)
Why don't you collect the eggs more often?

Автор gerald b ( назад)
im planning to turn a bunch of our roosters into meat birds within the next
few weeks we picked up a batch of straight run easter eggers last spring
and we ended up with 7 roosters out of a dozen so we want to bring down the
rooster count cant see feeding that many roosters when they can feed us
besides this spring we plan to fill up the incubator and hatch out a bunch
for us and for some friends the more friends we can get to have chickens
the more they have for preps 

Автор Mohammad Mahmoud ( назад)
You do not nead to have a rooster for hens to lay eggs. You just need it to
fertilize the eggs to hatch chicks.hens egg laying is not affected even if
they never seen a rooster

Автор LACHY EL MULATIKO ( назад)
how can my hen lay eggs if I don't have a rooster, since I cant have it
here in my house

Автор CaptainOfGames ( назад)
You sound like Rachel from Friends. Which one of those roosters is
Chandler's and Joey's?

Автор ABO ARAB ( назад)
Beautiful birds, ducks, goose, chicken and roosters But why cocks in large
numbers to have? Why roosters were isolated from chicken?

Автор mrsocool141 ( назад)
how do you know if the rooster fertilized the egg or not

Автор proverbs27v1 ( назад)
Do you sell the extra eggs?

Автор proverbs27v1 ( назад)

Автор Reddylion ( назад)

Автор Nick Cannen ( назад)
how do you separate them every day

Автор Samir Mansoor ( назад)
So nice! i will ask your advice, as I like to get a chicken farm

Автор Mary Goodwin ( назад)
what do you do with all the eggs?

Автор Flowerhen ( назад)
Totally awesome. I just added 19 new birds to my flock and plan on adding
more. Two nubian female milking goats will be here this weekend. So looking
forward to it!!

Автор Deer Slayer ( назад)
is it as expensive to raise this many chickens and ducks 

Автор Poseidon99Jeus ( назад)
lol, Canadian goose 

Автор CadEngineer1 ( назад)
Love your video !! :-)

Автор myfz6 ( назад)
the ones you let out those are very beautiful

Автор zaedoomar ( назад)
you like look my self 

Автор zaedoomar ( назад)
i won wed you mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 

Автор TheAmazingArmenian ( назад)
Do you eat them? or they're just for eggs and are pets?

Автор KyiRui ( назад)
I wish I had a coop.

Автор Rick Rader ( назад)
damm good egg production wow 

Автор MidCali831 ( назад)
What state do you live in? Also what do you feed the chickens? This is
something I want to do in the future.

Автор buttercreammama ( назад)
When you say your chickens are "free range" in the warm months, what
exactly do you mean? Do you give them any kind of feed? How long do you let
them out? All day and night or just all day? How much land do they have to
free range on? Do they eat any calcium supplements in the warm months? I
need more info!!!!! Please!!! (Thanks for sharing your knowledge and

Автор Kurt Cobain ( назад)

Автор hokankai1 ( назад)
That is an Easter Egger, or an Ameracauna mix.

Автор Samantha Bennett ( назад)
Right after you showed the greenish blueish egg, what kind of chicken is
the small, white one that I saw right after you showed the egg? I had one
who looked exactly like her but a hawk got her two weeks ago. I had to stop
and replay just to see that one because I miss mine! :( your chickens are
adorable!! Oh and my little white one laid blue eggs! :)

Автор Cindy Finley ( назад)
You really need to keep up with your egg collecting. You'll cause these
crowded bored birds to start eating their own eggs. 

Автор daniel ferstendig ( назад)
Roosters r chickens

Автор RealRickyRoss ( назад)
I was thinking the same question...

Автор M Anderson ( назад)
if your bungee is long enough, although it looks pretty taught, i thought
it would be a good idea if you ran it under the latch on the inside to hook
it back on itself. if its possible. 

Автор miguel hernandez ( назад)

Автор Ngon Le ( назад)
because their love hen

Автор gerald b ( назад)
3 weeks ago we lost 8 of our hens leaving us with just 6 and 3 roosters we
have been trying to decide if we should start collecting the eggs for a
week and setting them in the incubator and hatching a bunch out or just
making a order for a bunch of strait run chicks in the spring just with
winter coming in just a few more weeks we dont know what we want to do yet 

Автор Svetlana Lupesku ( назад)
What a beautifuls roosters!

Автор The Real Hawkeye II ( назад)
Probably, the roosters will be meat when they get big enough. 

Автор The Real Hawkeye II ( назад)
Do you not feed them in the spring, summer, and fall, i.e., when they're
free ranging? 

Автор angryagain68 ( назад)
lol: your BR rooster couldnt wait to get out and show off for the gals!
Good looking bird too.

Автор Eddy Nicolai ( назад)
You actually can tell a hen from a rooster :) hens have longer tails from
the moment they hatch, while roosters will have their feathers way shorter.

Автор vimed1976 ( назад)
This is why I call organic! And this is the only way production should be!

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
They came from a straight run, both kinds of chicks. These are cheaper but
you won't know what you have till they grow. 

Автор Aonexia ( назад)
Can I marry you?

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Neat, good luck with all.

Автор BayouMan58 ( назад)
y do you leave your eggs out so long? 

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Sounds like you have a good start. You will enjoy your incubator, it is a
lot of fun watching the chicks hatch. Have you candled your eggs to see if
they have little ones in them? Good luck with your chickens.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
You are very welcome.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
It can get very cold, however i have never lost a chicken or duck to cold
temps. I have found that as long as they a have dry sheltor free from the
wind they do just fine. I also supply straw bedding on the coop floor and
you have to make sure there is a constant supply of water. I do not allow
my birds out if there is freezing rain. The rain will freeze on their combs
anf feet, this can result in death.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Yes, both chicken and duck eggs. This spring I hatched out over 60 chicks
from eggs produced by my hens.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
The older roo is a little white bantum.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)

Автор awesomeismy middlename ( назад)
I have some Sebright chickens and we keep them outside in our backyard in a
fenced area by a tree line. One chicken got through a small hole in the
fence and started laying eggs in the tree line. Now she has hatched some
little chicks. We don't really live on a farm, and we don't want the hen
and it's chicks to go on our neighbours property but we don't know how we
are going to move them back with the other chickens.We are trying to put
food and water through the fence for them, but it's hard!!!

Автор Johnny Fartpants ( назад)
Great set up you have there and great healthy chickens,awsome rooster! 

Автор koskamr (Spirit of Love) ( назад)
that beautiful rooster is adorable.The grey one!! He seems so healthy!

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Thank you so much, glad you liked the critters.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Right now I only have 2 adult roos, but when the young ones grow I'll pick
them out and put them in a diff. pen. Any that i can not easly seperate
during the day, can be easly caught in the morning while roosting. The
roosters then have their own night pen and free range area. I have about 7
acres that is fenced but they tend to stay around the barn yards and house.
I offer feed daily but mostly cracked corn as they seem to fill up on bugs
and grass.

Автор koskamr (Spirit of Love) ( назад)
OMG i just loved your chicken and their home.I am from Greece and this was
awesome.Wish i was living there! :(

Автор Kaulanahina kaulana ( назад)
Hi! I just started raising my own Leg Horn Hens... I have them in my
backyard in a dog kennel I want them to free range, How do I get them to go
back into the cage at dawn. My fear is if I let them out they will wither
run out of the yard or fly away? thank you for your video! Thank you for
your reply. god bless! 

Автор Celso Maglasang ( назад)
Would be it not bad from their health to a snow?? Im just asking, im from
Phils. Usually..

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
At the time I was letting the hens out the backside of the barn so that I
could keep all the roos from bothering the hens. Now I only have the hens
and two roosters so every one gets let out into the front pasture and I
have chicks in where the roosters were. Everyone always gets to free range
unless its winter and the temps are to cold.

Автор Josh Larrivee ( назад)
ooh! nicee. i would try that someday.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Chickens love being outside and should do well, but even the best
situations have risks and you will may lose a few.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
Depends on; where you live, if your chickens run the risk of being attacked
by stray dogs, or other animals, and their overall safety when you are not
there to look out for them. If your chickens have been kept in a pen or
coop for over three weeks they should have no problem returning on their
own, but you need to close them in before dark or they run the risk of
being eaten by coons or other critters.

Автор WolverinePrepperGirl ( назад)
I have used both mommy chickens and an incubator. Chickens are nice because
they do all the work, the other is nice because I can control loss due to
eggs getting broke and new eggs being added to the clutch by other
chickens. Over all I am very happy with my flock.

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