Medieval Bosnia Ⓒ

This is my movie for Bosnia, Good Neighbor to my country Croatia :)

Modern knowledge of the political situation in the west Balkans during the Early Middle Ages is patchy and confusing. Upon their arrival, the Slavs brought with them a tribal social structure, which probably fell apart and gave way to Feudalism only with Frankish penetration into the region in the late ninth century. It was also around this time that the South Slavs were Christianized. The principalities of Serbia and Croatia split control of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the ninth and tenth century, but by the High Middle Ages political circumstance led to the area being contested between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Byzantine Empire. Following another shift of power between the two in the early twelfth century, Bosnia found itself outside the control of both and emerged as an independent state under the rule of local bans. Rulers of medieval Bosnia were generally of Serbian origin, although they did have some family ties with Croatian noble houses.

The first notable Bosnian monarch, Ban Kulin, presided over nearly three decades of peace and stability during which he strengthened the country's economy through treaties with Dubrovnik and Venice. His rule also marked the start of a controversy with the Bosnian Church, an indigenous Christian sect considered heretical by both the Roman Catholic and Serbian Orthodox churches. In response to Hungarian attempts to use church politics regarding the issue as a way to reclaim sovereignty over Bosnia, Kulin held a council of local church leaders to renounce the heresy and embraced Catholicism in 1203. Despite this, Hungarian ambitions remained unchanged long after Kulin's death in 1204, waning only after an unsuccessful invasion in 1254.
The Charter of Kulin Ban - treaty with Dubrovnik. Now in Ermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Bosnian history from then until the early fourteenth century was marked by the power struggle between the Šubić and Kotromanić families. This conflict came to an end in 1322, when Stjepan II Kotromanić became ban. By the time of his death in 1353, he was successful in annexing territories to the north and west, as well as Zahumlje and parts of Dalmatia. He was succeeded by his nephew Tvrtko who, following a prolonged struggle with nobility and inter-family strife, gained full control of the country in 1367. Tvrtko crowned himself on 26 October 1377 as Stefan Tvrtko I the King of Rascia, Bosnia, Dalmatia, Croatia, the Seaside.

Historians considered that he was crowned in the Serbian Orthodox Mileševa monastery. Another possibility, advanced by P. Anđelić and based on archeological evidence, is that he was crowned in Mile near Visoko in the church which was built in time of Stephen II Kotromanić's reign, where he was also buried alongside his uncle Stjepan II. Following his death in 1391 however, Bosnia fell into a long period of decline. The Ottoman Empire had already started its conquest of Europe and posed a major threat to the Balkans throughout the first half of the fifteenth century. Finally, after decades of political and social instability, Bosnia officially fell in 1463. Herzegovina would follow in 1482, with a Hungarian-backed reinstated "Bosnian Kingdom" being the last to succumb in 1527.

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Автор john deer (4 месяца)
Andrus ja bi se vratio jer osjecam da nisam musliman a ni katolik niti
pravoslavac nimalo me ne privlace te 3vjere otkad postojim.Ali kad vidim
nesto o kraljevini bosni sav se najezim adrenalin mi skoci budem sretan
ponosan i osjetim nesto svoje iskonsko.Ali gdje se to moze uraditi mislim
da se nezna puno o tome .Gdje mogu prihvatiti tu vjeru?Zar nisu unisteni
svi dokumenti.Zar nije nepoznanica sam ritual itd.Ono sto nije uspjela
unistiti katolicka inkvizicija dokrajcili su turci.!!????

Автор Andruševski ' (5 месяцев)
Bosanci, vratite se vjeri vaših predaka.

Автор kova silvio (1 год)
Bravo Cropetro... Dosta je vise jebavanja sa hrvatskim/srbskim/bosnjackim
krvnim zrncima u bih... SVE SU TO BOSANCI! Treba ih pustit da se brinu o
svojoj drzavi a to je bih i oduzet im pravo da glasaju u hrvatskoj 

Автор Kraljevina Bosna (11 месяцев)

Автор Mad_Gains (3 года)
They changed that because of ottoman agression. Nothing else. If you
wouldn't have attacked Bosnia, they wouldn't ever change. It's by force
they did. Go write on some turkish video instead. Bosnians aren't as
religious as you try to propagate here.

Автор MegaGoodoldtimes (2 года)
Bosna je lijepa zemlja, uvijek bila, posebno u vrijeme Tvrtka I. Imaš li
koji video o Crnoj Gori?

Автор Ramsay Snow (1 год)
ne bosnjaci se tek spominju u madjarskim dokumentima tamo nakon oslobađamja
bosne od turaka kad su hrvati htjeli vratit bih pod hrvatsku pa su ovi
forsirali bosnjake a turci u svojim zapisima spoiminju u bih samo hrvate i
nazivaju tu zemlju turska hrvatska

Автор Mad_Gains (3 года)
You also installed turcism by force. Damn barbarian.

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
perhaps because the first serbian dictionary was copied by from a bosnian
dictionary that was 2 centuries older. that is why the language is the
same. religion is religion, bosnian muslims realized that they are not
turks, so now bosnian orthodox must realize that they are not serbs they
were all bogumil, and before that pagan, if bosnians worked together they
would be the most powerful again like in middle ages.

Автор Armin Keco (3 года)
Ljudi treba da se zna istina, bez svojatanja srba ili hrvata...bosna je
drzava bila, imala svjoe granice povalja Kulina Bana to dokazuje.bosanci
nisu bili ni katolici i pravoslavci, imali su svoju vjeru
bogumilsku,tzv.crkva bosanska,cak su i optuzivani za herezu itd,pa je kulin
ban to izbjegavao vjsto da pokrene krstaski rat protiv bosanaca(LJUDI ZA TO
SVE POSTOJE DOKAZI)tek dolazkom Turaka, dolazi do tog da bosancki primaju
Islam.Razlozi:bogumilstvo je bilo slicno islamu(donekle),veliki porezi

Автор Bosnjak Bosnjakovic (1 год)
croatia is Bosnia

Автор Komicar Ludi (1 год)
kad nebude balkana nece bit ni bosne ;)

Автор Ilir Got (1 год)
Hrvati muslimani, vi ste neodvojivi dio hrvatske nacionalne zajednice.
Hrvatska nacionalna zajednica je sekularna i interkulturalna, ona
ravnopravno obuhvaća orijentalnu, rimsku i bizantsku kulturu. Vi znate tko
ste i što ste. Vi ste baštinici srednjovjekovnog hrvatskog i bosanskog
kraljevstva, potomci kralja Tomislava, Kulina bana, kraljice Katarine i
Husein bega Gradaščevića. Vi ste Hrvati, vaša vjera je Islam, a vaš
materinski jezik je hrvatski jezik.

Автор Mad_Gains (3 года)
Good vid CroPETROforever, by the way.

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
armenians are christian turks ;)

Автор Sasuke Uchiha (2 года)
al smo i vi vase teritorije imali,

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
jesam li reakao da je islamska zemlja? da malo procitaj prije nego sto
njekoga drugog zoves glupan, da nebi ti ispo

Автор Grunf (2 года)
Druže,kako ste se izjašnjavali prije 30 godina?Nemoj srat o bogumilima.Oni
su bili vjerska sekta,a ne narod.

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
pises u cirilicom zato sto bjezis od istine, hahah al znas li kako se ote
slove zvale kad su prvo ble napisanu u ovaj jezik? odgovor = Bosancica

Автор 1HUSEINKAPETAN1 (1 год)
All Bosniaks would rather have a united bosnian people, but that's the
problem, only Bosniaks want that, Serbs and Croats in Bosnia don't want it,
so Bosniaks must stay strong and unite. We have to stop dreaming about a
bosnian nation because it is not going to happen, Serbia and Croatia would
never, ever allow it and Serbs and Croats in Bosnia would never accept it.
We are Bosniaks.

Автор Komicar Ludi (1 год)
stani stani mi smo vjeru uzeli od turaka nas zovete poturicama a vise od
Rimljana vi ste Italijancad !

Автор Bosnjak Bosnjakovic (1 год)
Mi samo uzjeli vjeru a vi im punili hareme.zato ti danas imas tursku facu a
ne ja,

Автор dadozlo (3 года)
opet kokos ili jaje prica...ili neko nesto vidi cuje od djeda i odma
povjesnicar... nego ajmo ovako, da bi razumjeli slavene i sve o cemu
pricate morate otic na pocetak slavizma, koji nastaje pomalo kao neka jaca
skupina na podrucju danasnje rusije i ukrajine, nazalost kod nas se ne radi
to jer je to povijesno pitanje a ne politicko cime se nasi strucnjaci mahom
bave (Deretic itd,...) rusi vec godinama rade na tome i posjeduju jako
mnogo podataka iz 3-4-5st, predlazem tko moze da ih malo prouci

Автор Syfonen (2 года)
Lion King music? Nice one. Bosnia and Bosnjani! No Turks, Serbs and Croats,
only Bosnians/Bosniaks(All people of Bosnia regardless of religion)!

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
haj ti cetniku mars, dok nije turcin ponovo okrenu kurac prema balkanu.
vrati ce se bosansko kraljstvo

Автор Nord Gottland (1 год)
and turks and serbs are gypsies... we Nordic people love Bosnians and hate
fuckin' turks who comes from central asia and mongolia and serbs who are
half turks half euroepans...

Автор Komicar Ludi (1 год)
Slusaj ja volim bosnu vise nego ti al znam njenu historiju i kulturu
Bogumilsa vjera je katolicka sekta kada su dosli krizari Kulin ban je se
glasno izjavio da odustaje od te vjere ida prihvata kristcanstvo Bosanska
crkva je cudna na njenom celu bio je Dida moze se reci papa isto i vjera je
slicna katolickoj i Islamu zato su presli brzo na Islam

Автор Odysseas Socrates (1 год)

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
bosne ce biti i kad nebude nijedne osobe u njoj, ;)

Автор G Jurić (1 год)
piše svugdje gdje god se osvrneš. kako samo možeš bježati od toga.

Автор ConsolesR3worked (3 года)
Nice video

Автор BobiGPF (1 год)
hah in which History books exists one sentence about that dicitionary?..in
Bosnian-muslim I think? Look my frend in Catholic Encyclopedia 1895, it
says: According to the census of 22 April 1895, Bosnia has 1,361,868
inhabitants and Herzegovina 229,168, giving a total population of
1,591,036. The number of persons to the square mile is small (about 80),
less than that in any of the other Austrian crown provinces excepting
Salzburg (about 70). HAS MORE, NEXT COMET...

Автор Mario Stojkovic (1 год)
to bi ja tebi trebal reć,turci su vas jebali da više niti sam neznaš ko si
niti kaj si.

Автор 1HUSEINKAPETAN1 (1 год)
Are you from Bulgaria?

Автор Mario Stojkovic (1 год)
See? when you have nothing else to say you start swearing.How typical for a

Автор erhanvb (3 года)
@CroPETROforever sorry.. I dont want piss to video.. ı read some comments..
ı want write my ideas ..sorry.

Автор Striking Hammer (2 года)
mozda su hrvati bili bosnjaci koji su presli sa boguminu crkvu na
katolicku. oti bosnjaci su posle presli na islam al su drzali ine bosnjaci.
to znaci mozda su hrvati samo bosnjaci katolicke vjere, i dok je hrvatska
bila pod madjarskom, bosna je bila slobodna

Автор Mario Stojkovic (1 год)
haha zato pola stanovništva Bosne i nisu Srbi....ccc hahahahah ja sam gotov
sa tobom ovde

Автор listzg (3 года)
@Syfonen Čuj bratstvo..hahahahahah...pa ono nas je i dovelo do rata zato
sto u bratstvu jedinstvu uvijek srbin jednakopravniji od
ostalih-Šugoslavija-tamnica naroda i oličenje neravnopravnosti,a takva
slična tvorevina je i BiH.

Автор 1HUSEINKAPETAN1 (1 год)
Upravo tako, a sada hoce i nama preostalim Bošnjacima da isperu mozak da se
vise ne izjasnjavamo kao Bošnjaci. Ja sam Bošnjak, Bošnjak cu ostati do
svoje smrti bez obzira sta da se desi.

Автор daasvand (3 года)
My best friend is from Jugoslavija, then he said he is Bosnian to avoid
being discovered as Serbian. I hope there will be Peace always. I am
Alaskan native.

Автор Grunf (2 года)
Vidi balija,kradu bogumile.

Автор Mario Stojkovic (1 год)
ahhahahaha da da,samo se tješi,kada bi te čovik vidil u stavrnom životu
rekal bi da si ti turak a ne bosanac,ali na kraju krajeva bosnaci ne
postoje,samo turske kurve.A meni veliš da ste uzeli samo vjeru? ajde to je
priča za malu dicu.Kada je Turska vojska došla u Bosni sve ženske po redu
su skidale gaće i jebale se sa Turcima

Автор Bosnjak Bosnjakovic (1 год)
tvoja mama pripada meni

Автор 123Usch (3 года)
@Slavko961234 Have you any proof of what you are saying?

Автор zmajognjenivuk90 (3 года)
0:44 У првом реду текста пише "краљ Серба"! Поздрав за све који ово
гледају, које год да су вере, јер смо једне нације... Надам се да ћете се
једног дана вратити коренима, а мржња између браће заувек нестати!

Автор Bosnjak Bosnjakovic (1 год)
ti i neznas ko ti sve jeba mater

Автор snufkin (2 года)
Nismo mi wannabe turci,ja ne znam koju historiju vi ucite,ali ja kao neko
ko zeli da zna sto vise o historiji svoje zemlje sam citao i vasu Srpsku
propagandu i nasu Balijsku i ustasku cetnicku ma trazim sta god postoji o
historiji Bosne i kad bi i ti isto uradio za svoju Srbiju vidio bi kako smo
i mi a i vi jedan poseban narod,posebna historija,posebna nacija,ako ces
reci da smo isti onda i ja slobodno mogu da tvrdim da ne postoji srbija i
da su svi balkanci hrvati,nema osnove ali tako ti je to

Автор Striking Hammer (1 год)
bogumili su nastali u bugarskoj, ali je bosnanka crkva bila posebna,
nijedna secta nije bila kao bosanska, pogotovo katolicka naj stariji ovde
su illiri (bosanci i dalmatinci) bosna je illirska rjec, niko nema pravu na
bosnu osim oni koji je vole. i koji hoce da se siri Bosna

Автор Bosnjak Bosnjakovic (1 год)
You are Serb and croatia is Bosnia land

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