Is Alien Covenant NOT Prometheus 2?

With the release of the 'Alien Covenant' trailer, we take a look at the development behind this 'Prometheus' follow up. The various stages the script was in, characters, and potential story ideas.

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Автор Black Walder ( назад)
Looks well crap, no real thespians in it.

Автор Kevin Dondrea ( назад)
I know trailers are misleading but I believe this statement is incorrect.
They showed the ship crashed on another planet and dog tags within the
ship. I believe that is showing the ship crashed and they died. So that
makes this commentary incorrect.

Автор PC Master Race Network ( назад)
i wanted a true prometheus sequel ... :(

Автор 6om6a ( назад)
I think prometheus was a great movie.
The problem with the whole mixed feeling story is that 80% of the fans are
conservative, they don't have open mind for something new. I would like to
see sequel to prometheus story more than alien covenant, even so covenant
is connected to the prometheus but not continuing directly after the first
prometheus movie.

Автор Von Clemen ( назад)
wtf! oh well. another shit alien movie. 1, 2, an 3 were the only good ones.
4 sucked, and I was excited to learn about the creators. go figure. no more
imagination left. ridiculous. thought we were done with the full on
retarded horror everybody dies but one movies..... ugghhh

Автор not yourbusiness ( назад)
This trailer does not make me optimistic about the movie. It doesn't seem
like they are even going pick up where Prometheus left off which was

Автор David Tullock ( назад)
from the official trailer and voiceover on here covenant would appear to
simply be a remake of the first alien movie, not a follow up of Prometheus
which is very disappointing Prometheus raised questions about the engineers
and their reasons for creating the xenomorphswhich dont look as though they
are to be answered,I will wait for the dvd, I wont be paying to go and see
a remake of aliens

Автор Bad Bone ( назад)
when will they just have xenomorph the engineers and the Predators all duke
it out and put it in 3D I'll go watch that this b*******

Автор DARTHMOBIUS ( назад)
I fucking despise 'Fans', they ruin everything.

Автор Jaiden Rockstarr ( назад)
First part was good .... let's hope they follow up on the last movie 🎥

Автор Judson Joist ( назад)
I hope Ridley Scott doesn't go the way of George Romero, resorting to
telling the same story over and over again.

Автор marragonn ( назад)
Thanks Scott.
I loved Prometheus. I could think about it. I could dive in. I could dig
myself in.
Now Im getting Alien again.
Thanks Scott.

Автор Spook ( назад)
Everyone needs to calm down, the movie probably isn't focusing on the
aliens that much. Rather the Neomorphs. Which will hopefully play back into
the Engineers in the next film. The only reason they show the Xeno's so
much is because of how iconic they are. But I wouldn't worry about it.

Автор cumberbatch Harris ( назад)
FUCK YOU RIDLEY SCOTT YOU STUPID OLD MAN i dont give a single fuck about
alien thats some 20 year old bullshit FUCK YOU!

Автор shane smith ( назад)
Money talks... Studios obviously thought Prometheus didn't make enough
money. Follow the star wars model - make a carbon copy of the first film
and you've got an oven baked method for earning a whole lot of cash. It's
sad - I think Scott has lost his mojo

Автор KMarta92 ( назад)
Is it possible that Shaw crash landed on that planet with the ship and
David survived and that's how he's in the movie?

Автор Waldemar Haszlakiewicz ( назад)
I still don't understand why people complained as Prometheus was a great
movie, it opened the path to the full new race i.e. plots i.e. a lot of new

Maybe those that complained would try to make something on their own and
then shut the f...-up once in their lives.

Автор Jord Hay ( назад)
I think they're going to explore more of the Engineer backstory, while
starting to tie in the traditional Alien storyline. The presence of the
Xenomorphs in itself will likely shed some light on the Engineers, and add
some additional excitement to the film.

Автор Michael David ( назад)
I was looking so forward to continuing the story from Prometheus and see
Shaw go to the Engineers planet this trailer looks like a complete copy of
the old franchaise.

Автор Ewie M ( назад)
The way I understand it, the Engineers want to destroy humanity because
Jesus was an Engineer who came to give humanity all kinds of secrets. When
people crucified Jesus, it made the other Engineers mad as hell.

Which make no sense at all, because if the Engineers were charitable beings
that they'd sacrifice one of their own to create us, how could they destroy
us because some of us killed one of them?

Sci Fi plots are so full of holes.

Автор Peter Healy ( назад)
The trailer looks like a rehash of a rehash - pointless shit for idiots too
dumb to check RottenTomatoes before wasting their money. What a sad cop-out
for Mr Scott on his idea of going to the Engineers world.

Автор Sword of damocles ( назад)
I still want a Prometheus. I whole heartly disagree with any "fan" calling
them self a fan and cussing out Prometheus..

Автор Carl Manson ( назад)
well maybe ridley Scott is needing more time to work on the prometheus 2.
and this will just help pass the time for the fans...all I know is there
going to be more aliens on the screen.. and that's freaking just

Автор Karma Kecleon ( назад)
Yea, definitely wanted a movie that explored more of the Xenomorph and
Engineer universe rather than just a movie about Xenomorphs. I liked
Prometheus, and given how movies are often just reboots anymore, I really
didn't feel the need to attack the movie like some did because I felt it
was something new and not a reboot of Alien/s.

Автор Meas D. ( назад)
This is really pitty

Автор K1NG~KELDEO ( назад)
No one wants more aliens, engineers and the secrets the hold are far more

Автор Hanno the Phoenician ( назад)
The original Alien Movie was an all time Sci Fi Horror classic (although
partly plagiarized from a Novel by A.E. Van Vogt, who collected an out of
court lawsuit award).

The sequels and prequels were worthless and should never have been made.

Автор TheTopshelfNetwork ( назад)
Been wanting for Prometheus 2 all this time and all we get is another alien
movie wow that's some bs.. its like Hollywood over think shit it's really
not that hard

Автор Lycan AK ( назад)
Yeah I'll wait for some bootleg link or something. basic summary of this
movie it looks like
1. Fuckers decide to land on an unmarked planet looking for shit.
2. They don't find shit.
3. David fucks with something he shouldn't have.
4. Fuckers get infected.
5. Big ass xenomorphs running around
6. *insert extremely bloody killing scenes in between #4 and #5.*
7. Everyone dies except one person and david *again*
8. Flys off to either go home or find more points of origin.
9. Rinse and repeat for 2019 movie.

Автор Vorlos ( назад)
The original concept of the movie sounded like it would be primarily a
psychological horror/drama film, focused on expanding the lore (something
Prometheus only did half-heartedly).

Now, they turned into a generic monster-slasher flick.

And they are probably going to turn it into a yearly cash-grab like Star
Wars. Great.

Автор misskpot ( назад)
Personally I loved Prometheus and was really excited at the prospect of
visiting the engineers planet. Instead we get yet another Alien rehash...
getting boring now....

Автор PJ McIntyre ( назад)
More 'engineers' less 'aliens' please. Loved Prometheus and was hoping for
a 2nd to start where 1st left off. Now, I do like the Alien movies (and
Predator also), but was hoping to keep them separate from the story of the
'engineers' and hoping to continue further into the issue of where the
'engineers' came from and thus we came from etc.

Автор NapoleonDynamiteer ( назад)
mmm... its weird that in the "Alien:Covenant" official trailer, you can see
David in the background acting calm while "The Covenant" captain is being
"hug" by a facehugger...

Автор Skip Squad ( назад)
I think you forgot these important set pictures.I think they filmed/created
a portion of the film where we will see the engineers world.


Автор James Brady ( назад)
If possible To screw up a good thing, They will.

Автор Rheanon Jasmyne ( назад)
Well I thoroughly enjoyed Prometheus, but then I'm UNIQUE !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Kelly KitKat ( назад)
The sequel looks awful. No engineers to talk to, to get answers from, like
what was that engineer's problem? You guys all like that when you don't get
enough sleep? Will have to pass.

Автор cook j ( назад)
part 2 might be about how they made the predators to kill there problem

Автор deadmike naf ( назад)
well i was also wondering when they would make a movie with the engineers
and the predators.we have what?3 movies with aliens vs predators? i wanna
see engineers and predators in the same movie.

Автор STLWBK ( назад)
Prometheus is hands down 100 times better than any of the other Alien

Автор STLWBK ( назад)
Engineers > Shitty Xenomorphs

Автор Clowie Hass ( назад)
1:29 *ALIEN: Covenant* ᴴ ᴰ « f u l l m o v i e » watch or download here:

Автор SJW ( назад)
I think its post Prometheus, pre Alien and Aliens, but post Aliens vs
predator, Aliens vs. Predator vs. Freddy kruger, and then pre Justine
Bieber "This is it!" world tour....

Автор KrustyKrab ( назад)
if all this is right, i wonder where the predators fall under :/ did the
engineers also make the predators ?

Автор Son Goku ( назад)
what bullshit. i loved prometheus

Автор Nahledge Allah ( назад)
Tired of Xenomorphs honestly

Автор 420drwilldo ( назад)
as a hole in enjoyed Prometheus as it expands on the universe the aliens
franchise they could have done some things differently but I would have
loved to see them expand on it like going to the Predator Homeworld and the
Engineers Homeworld but we can all agree it's a action/sifi and there is a
formula that they have to follow that everyone expect and you catch Flack
if you deter from that formula and that's why we don't get movie sequels
that we would like to see because if it doesn't fit in that box people
expect as in being different or they can't understand it,quite a shame and
jar jar was Darth jar jar get was the bad guy and ppl can't process that
because he doesn't fit that mold and he's unassuming

Автор Kleber Fainer ( назад)
If he doesn't explore the story of the engineers I will be very

Автор Ken Warren ( назад)
The Xenomorphs should have showed up in The Martian.

Автор Rodgerinho ( назад)
Fucking Prometheus fanboys. Get the fuck out, you don't matter, you're
bandwagon bitches trying to hang off our franchise, it's ALIENS, that's
what's popular, that's why we're at this place, piss off and watch Damien
Lindelof's asswipings on your own time, you have no business trying to step
on our movies. "The Alien movies are all played out", pfffffftttt!!! Ya
fucks. No they are not, YOU, are just a shit fan. The Alien franchise
matters to its fans, just have some respect and stop trying to claim it.
Covenant is the right move forward, and nobody should feel any guilt for
enjoying the films they love just because a bunch of new fans want the
attention on their shit. Get in line, you're not the priority here, you
didn't make the franchise, you didn't build it with your support and love
of it, you have no right to try and dictate.

Автор dobber ( назад)
I have had done with this stupid creator crap

Автор rj vanblarcom ( назад)
I hope it gives some information on what's happens after Prometheus I'm so
curious where she went !!!

Автор Dylan Dotson ( назад)
true, people need to be happy that we get to see what happened before the
aliens movies. its no all about aliens

Автор Ezbz Pop ( назад)
Blade runner Ridley was an artist, today's Ridley is pure business.
life's a bitch.

Автор Kenneth D. Aston Jr. ( назад)
Who created the engineers, will we find out?

Автор Renee Czoch ( назад)
also ich freu mich darauf

Автор lesROKnoobz ( назад)
someone else pointed out that this movie will probably be like what the
force awakens was to Star Wars. If that's the case it'll be disappointing
as fuck. looks like they're going that way, too.

Автор Berges Jean Pierre ( назад)
The most uggly aliens around are humans, Why dont movies dont show aliens
better than humans ? it would not bring as much money I think !

Автор Berges Jean Pierre ( назад)
The most scarying aliens around are humans !

Автор Seth B. Morgan ( назад)
Seems like Scott has gone away from the mythology of the Engineers because
of too many complaints from those that knew too little of the backstory to
Prometheus or wanted answers when Prometheus was to introduce new ideas
leading to questions that we'd get answered in the next films. It's a
shame. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad there is another Alien-related movie
but I'd love to a see a sequel that really dives into the Engineer's
religion, fratricidal wars, and their bio-engineered weapons. This just
looks like people running from xenomorphs and that's it.

Автор Richard R ( назад)
Wow. I was looking forward to the continuation of the Prometheus storyline
and having questions answered. I'm not sure I like this new direction. The
story looks like it's been done already. Hope I'm wrong.

Автор Leroy Rogers ( назад)
Could it be that they are not releasing the films in chronological order
and that covenant is in fact the third instalment ? The events directly
after Prometheus being made clear in the third release?

Автор JsT Music ( назад)
So no more engineers? I had enough of aliens bruh. I wanted this movie to
continue from Prometheus.

Автор codaddict34 ( назад)
I actually wanted Paradise Lost more, I really thought Prometheus was a
kick ass movie

Автор Oberie Wilson ( назад)
Let's hope this new movie answers most of our questions...I don't want to
add sand to the beach. Let's just wait for the movie and then get even more
confused...or not

Автор Art Lupinacci ( назад)
Fan outcry? Were they really FANS? I liked Prometheus. I am hoping they
advance the story. Even IF it is a prequel again, I will look forward to a
proper continuation. Really, they need to make these movies in any place
but Hollywood! If anyone knows how to properly destroy a franchise, its

Автор DavidEmD W ( назад)
Shit! I really was hoping for a PROMETHEUS SEQUEL, that engineers story was
going through a very interesting place.
If this is more of an Alien prequel than Prometheus sequel I won't be that

Автор WizardOfWhoopee ( назад)
The Engineers were coming back to Earth to wipe us out because we had too
much of the aggressive black goo in us.

Автор MetalHeadZ ( назад)
Wish they would of done a Pro 2. I for one loved that movie. Owell im still
stoked foe this movie. BIG UP YAH CHESTS RUDEBWOIS!!!

Автор Mark G. ( назад)
Ok, I'm really confused!

Автор 35906googlesucks ( назад)
Thoughts? I am tired of the same story told again and again, aliens chasing
people, one survivor movies. The past ones were great, but there are enough
of them already. I really only wanted to see Promethus 2.

Автор Yaldabaoth ( назад)
Let's just face it: Ridley Scott has NO idea how to build a congruent
universe and is just doing whatever comes to mind or seems popular with
fans. This wishy-washy attitude is terrible and I guess he is just in it
for the money.

Автор Brad Childress ( назад)
Really doesn't look all that good

Автор factotum ( назад)
I think if it were completely up to Ridley Scott the movie would have been
called Paradise and focused on delivering answers to the questions that
were set up by Prometheus. However the studio executives probably stepped
in and said they wanted something that was easier to market and so we have
a new 'Alien' movie that will be more action driven. We just can't have
nice things.

Автор S. Nifrum ( назад)
I feel like we need both a Prometheus trilogy and a trilogy based on alien
covenant you know flesh out the universe a little more

Автор Calamity ( назад)
Wtf same ol' same ol'.

Автор Hugo Malice ( назад)
who designed the engineers spaceship..... it looks like a big banana shaped
hammer !

Автор T o m m y ( назад)
Get the story straight. I love Alien movies but story has to go somewhere
at least 2 to 3 movies. Look at Predators, no sequel in sight.

Автор Cleft_Asunder ( назад)
Bleh, already been done before. The Engineers were WAY cooler and more
fascinating than the xenomorphs, and so was the black goo that contaminates
everything. The xenomorphs are just... monsters.

Автор ephewe ( назад)
If Covenant does not follow-up from where Prometheus left off and doesn't
answer the many unanswered questions that Prometheus left us, I am going to
be absolutely fucking furious with the entire Alien franchise.

Prometheus is a great movie. The thing that made people angry about it
(myself included) is that it asked more questions than it answered. It felt
like the first half of a movie that abruptly ended before it got to the
finish line (even though obviously it was very long in terms of minutes).
People went to see Prometheus to learn about the space jockey & the
xenomorph's origins. We did not get to learn those things, hence the anger.
To just throw up their hands and say, "well, ok they hated it. let's
reboot!"... That would be complete bullshit.

Oh and btw:

You can blame any backlash on Damon Lindelof's typical bullshit. Nebulous
half-answers are literally his one and only trick. I hope he's not involved
in Covenant. Shit. Now I gotta find out...

Автор Gabriel Cohen-Henriquez ( назад)
Why people assume Fassbender acts as David again? Perhaps he acts as the
human that David was based on, and Covenant is about events before

Автор vivek r ( назад)
Prometheus was sh*t. stop glorifying it

Автор Vincent Famulag ( назад)
xenomorphs fanboys won... it sucks... same old movie... prometheus had a
new storyline and i want to see the planets of the engineers... its sad

Автор Neil Papier ( назад)
I just wanna see what happens to Shaw, David and the engineers dammit. Why
mess with your audience like this? Clearly they must've devised a story arc
which is better suited to milking more films out of the franchise or

Автор Steve Booth ( назад)
What happened to Scott's notorious "stick with your vision" ethos? Is this
really a cave to public pressure, a way to totally cash in by repetitive
expansion, or both?

Автор staunch c ( назад)
it's not a good sign when the trailer doesn't clearly point out if this is
a sequel to Prometheus or otherwise.

Автор noneofyo bizness ( назад)
Prometheus had some interesting ideas but honestly it looked like shit and
was kinda stupid. The space jockey was just some bald dude, the computers
and such were more modern looking then the fucking ms dos box screens in
alien and don't get me started on the biologist who just start petting
alien dick worms no one has ever seen before.

Автор PR0J3CT ( назад)
Pretty spooky trailer

Автор Franz Felicio ( назад)
yes correct bro. ur right

Автор GHDAD1 ( назад)
If the movie is called alien then it can't be Prometheus

Автор tesh0boy ( назад)
Personally I'm glad they are exploring a alternate timeline in a sense as
not to foul the original films before the reboot by making them run on to
much. Unfortunately this looks like it has remnants of the original as far
as the story goes which is kind of a bummer as the Prometheus story was
getting good and was refreshing to see something connected yet different
within the same universe. Either way, being a sci-fi nerd and the rare
occasion that we actually get a good sci-fi movie anymore I'm sure I'm
going to enjoy it and end up seeing it multiple times regardless of the
story/timeline/outcome. We've got 3 movies to look foreword to and
something tells me they're going to be good and tie into each other someway
or another. But not without a lot to be desired in terms of getting
answers, hopefully! I personally like how they are just focusing on the
current story without getting to side tracked on the alien universe and
trying to explain it all down to the T, leaving it up to the speculation of
the viewer. This is sci-fi after all lol. It'd be great if they released 2
more Prometheus movies along side the 3 alien prequels back to back on a

Автор Jeremiah 33:3 ( назад)
Well they trying to show a new generation the awesomeness but still they
trying to keep their fan base it's all screwed up but well it is what is we
r older and grew up watching aliens longing for more but they want to
launch it off again so I love the fact we getting a new movie but yes as
the kids of the 80s I would rather the attention to story

Автор Trajanka Arsovski ( назад)
without sigurnyi weaver init?!?

Автор Goody Weaver ( назад)
My initial understanding was that they were going to make this Alien movie
and THEN make the Prometheus sequel. Now I'm confused. It certainly will be
lame if this is just a monster movie, because it will just be the crew
being killed for 2 hours until the main character escapes. I also read that
Sigourney Weaver said Ripley was going to get closure in the Alien
franchise, so wondering if she's going to appear here or not.

Автор Shady ( назад)
Did the Prometheans cause their own extinction? or are they still out

Автор dbright ( назад)
no shaw, no interest

Автор Skruffbagg ( назад)
Obviously it isn't, as Prometheus was the name of the spacecraft... which
was destroyed.

add: I didn't watch this video as the title was fundamentally stupid.

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