Is Alien Covenant NOT Prometheus 2?

With the release of the 'Alien Covenant' trailer, we take a look at the development behind this 'Prometheus' follow up. The various stages the script was in, characters, and potential story ideas.

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Автор AdversaryOmega ( назад)
to many people complaining that haven't even seen the movie yet.

Автор B Lively ( назад)
So we don't know why the engineers hated us so much?

Автор Aymen Bouali ( назад)

Автор Sina Tabatabai ( назад)
we should boycott the movie and hope it fails so Hollywood gets a message that they should not do this to fans,

The Matrix is getting a proper sequel.

Автор Lloydel Beckford ( назад)
Real domb!

Автор Uniqlips ( назад)
would you plzzzz come to the point man

Автор Password Plz ( назад)

Автор Yep Its Anthony ( назад)
Maybe it's just me but I am FAR more interested in seeing what happened to Elizabeth and David than I am in seeing another movie with Aliens eating humans. Did they get to the creators planet, and if so what happened? Why did they want to destroy Earth? These questions to me are more interesting than seeing another movie about Aliens killing people. That's been done.

Автор t y l e r // p. ( назад)
The Prometheus/Alien debate really boils down to what you are: a horror fan or a sci-fi fan. sci-fi fans generally enjoyed or were at least intrigued by Prometheus, enough to want a sequel that follows the David/Shaw/Engineers storyline... People who really want to stick with the original Alien formula are probably by and large more of horror fans, thus not as intrigued by the nerdy "ancient aliens" stuff. Just so happens to involve space/aliens. My only argument here is like, hey it's a sci-fi movie, let's explore the sci-fi elements of the universe for a change (sci-fi fan, can you tell?)

Автор Craig Reeve ( назад)
hollywood reads your comments and makes movies accordingly which ends up in enjoyable films/games etc, but nothing ever original, just enough to tick off the commentators check boxes. these are the times we live in and wont change. people are willing give feedback on products and it only makes sense to capitalize on them.

Автор NorwayPortal ( назад)
just watch it, or dont watch it.

Автор Montxzumv ( назад)
man I hope an actual sequel comes out. I was such a fan of Prometheus.

Автор Om Cam ( назад)
No. Prometheus is Alien: Begins

Автор David Arbogast ( назад)
Why are there so many people crying about Neo/Xenomorphs in the new film, and also regarding the want for Engineer lore, how do you know that there isn't some revealed throughout the movie? The trailer only shows two aspects of the film with much more clouded in secrecy. For fuck's sake, quit crying and save the critical comments until the film is actually released.

Автор lk kl ( назад)
i believe, the problem with Prometheus is that, they fucked up the ''science'' behind it, and nowadays more and more people realize that this so called ''science-fiction'' is for the most part only and simply science we haven't mastered yet.

They should've science the shit out of it. Alien is not in the ''fantasy'' Movie genre.

Автор Adriana Borjas B ( назад)
no se si esta nueva peli sera la continuación de prometeus; que es lo que esperábamos una segunda parte cuando elizabet va en busca de los creadores u ingenieros como los llamaba???

Автор Lawrance Ovarabia ( назад)
Pfft! I did it again! I thought it was a movie trailer and instead stumbled onto another guy with a Youtube account who thinks he's a journalist. Of course it's not an accident. If they posted the truth it would read something like this: "GUY WITH NO LIFE AND A MICROPHONE HOPES TO INJECT HIMSELF INTO YOUR LIFE BY TALKING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK"!

Автор Sean Budby ( назад)
Ridley Scott quoted, that Prometheus was a shamble of a movie, an wanted to move forward an the only way to move forward is to makes these prequels tie into the first Alien Movie. Or has everyone forgotten that the original movie had the plot with the android Ash played as Ian Holm that's working for weyland-yutani company who is acting upon secret orders to bring back the alien lifeform and to consider the crew "expendable", In the plot of the movie. Why cause the company has found out about this species previously of course. 2+2= 4 If you want engineers, go an cry to Scientology for answers for fuck sake.

Автор Dick Van Meter ( назад)
I have watched Prometheus several times and still enjoy it. I would have liked to see a follow up where Elizabeth Shaw and David visit the Engineers home world. They could have made it exciting. I think real fans of Prometheus would have liked a follow-up. Why did the engineer's design capsules to kill or enslave humans?

Автор Cooking Wif Crayons ( назад)
WOW...What a dumb ass producer...So after Promethius I will have to watch the same shit again...???...This is absolute proof that rich people with money are not smarter or can make better business decisions...Will definitely not watch...Chuck it in the FuX! It Bucket.

Автор Treborus .x ( назад)
just read some of the other comments.......(Aliens) Did IQ's just fall in here....grown up discussions in a child's playground ...poinless .

Автор Bishal Chetri ( назад)
It hasn't been much time since engineers were introduced visually to the audience.. I mean we saw them physically at the prometheus movie..so i expect them to be more in the upcoming year movies..but somewhere i get to read that engineers have been wiped out of their planet..i dont like this concept..atleast some species has to be the dominant one against the creepy xenomorph..its very disappointing to see xenomorph win all the time..everyone has to get a daddy..i mean come on they r like gods..why to give them a shit ending so quick....

Автор Rick Frazier ( назад)
Well if it doesn't say Prometheus 2, then it's simply not Prometheus 2

Автор Caleb Coles ( назад)
RETARDs jus because you don't see any engineers in the trailer doesn't mean we won't see any stop fucking complaining it was said that this movie is gonna answer the questions from Prometheus... Wow Iv never seen so many whining bastard act this retarded like I bet there is a 99 percent chance this movie will explain the engineers as well show the aliens

Автор chrono050 ( назад)
Since Shaw an David are in this I'd say it def is a Sequel

Автор Simon zelič ( назад)
Im disappointed.. It sucks!It looks like another movie with no story =(

Автор Mario Spivey ( назад)
I was really hoping to see something close to Prometheus totally sick of aliens !!!

Автор Kane Mason ( назад)
Don't think this will be a good film regardless of its it's a sequel to Prometheus or not. Whilst Ridley Scott has maintained in his old age the ability to design beautiful and compelling imagery, he really appears to have lost a lot of his ability to select and construct good screenplays/stories. I know Scott is not a writer himself, but he of course supervises the writers and has final say on screenplay developments choices.

Автор Jay Smithy ( назад)
I think Linda Carter is a Goddess of proportionally greater stature then the Engineer who was sort of a worn out bag of ancient air that got devoured by the Big White F@#king WORM..gobbled him up like Fritos and started pumping out Aliens to continue the franchise straight away. Personally, whatever rears it's slimy head out alien sewage I don't assume to be cute and cuddly.

Автор Jogibaer ( назад)
What a crap, I wanted to see Prometheus 2, not another cheap Alien story. I will not watch Alien Covenant. Sorry Hollywood, but you messed it up.

Автор dpd604 ( назад)
no it isnt Prometheus 2...following the storylines from Alien i would say Prometheus was a stand alone shitshow and im glad we are going back to basics in Covenant

Автор Hoffnung ( назад)
Very disappointed with this, I thought the primordial question of Prometheus 1 is going to be answer: Why engineers want to destroy humanity? Very disappointed!! >(

Автор Adrian Ryzard ( назад)
The Engineers could not contain the face huggers on there own planet. The face huggers were the creation of the engineers they got loose on the engineers home planet and destroyed them.

Автор ANTdebomarche ( назад)
isnt it possible to have more than one David?

Автор riseagainstfb ( назад)
we can thank Neil blokump for Ridley going back on his word in 2015 contradiction... blokump was going to do alien and all you "goons" that are bitching , Ridley seen the P O S I T I V E response from TRUE ALIEN FANS .... and fox jumped on board IMMEDIATELY.... saying let's do it... sigourney jumped on board IMMEDIATELY... Ridley was like oh snap.. and we get WHAT WE GET just enjoy it... gosh

Автор Foodie Facials ( назад)
Crap! I was hoping it would be a Prometheus 2 and answers about the engineers! Another alien 564th movie isn`t something I will be going to see. Disappointing to say the least. People shouldn´t promise things and get people excited to then change it all...they should go to jail for that. Don´t drop the soap in the shower Ridley Scott!

Автор gohan ( назад)
big things have small beginnings
prometheus sequels have a fuck ton of alien movies first.

Автор Lightup Darkness ( назад)
Whats with the Alien franchise hate streak? from 2 months ago very suspicious *Comments below

Автор Lightup Darkness ( назад)
Comments tho... they want Engineer 2 lol

Автор callaway1936 ( назад)
this one's like all the rest. I was more interested in "the engineers" plot line.

Автор Yusof Ally ( назад)
Being disappointed is not good enough. When its time to call it, its time to call it CRAP!

Best not to support this Director commercially, he seems to have a serious thing with almost everybody else, other than his own father, get a life.

It's not good enough to have the BEST special effects, isn't it obvious :- YOU NEED A GOOD STORY!

oh let's go chasing aliens and then aliens go chasing back, GET REAL MAN.

(Sometimes to achieve pure sarcasm is not a skill)

Автор rollcageuk ( назад)
Ultimately, They fucked up by classifying Prometheus as an Alien Prequel, so everyone wanted to see Aliens. If instead the focus of the first had been the Engineers, but maybe say it was set in the Alien Universe, then the reception may have been better as the expectation would be different.
The Alien Fanboys were sold a premise, so they expect it to deliver.
Prometheus did not know where it belonged in the franchise.

Add to that the fact the characters in the movie sucked balls, and were the most unprofessional bunch of misfits. If Wayland had all this money and power on earth, he would have hired better people.
I hope Prometheus 2 is better, but Scott messed up the first one.

Автор Rafael Ramirez ( назад)
so pretty much this guy is saying he don't know shit and is just speculating...dumb ass!

Автор illumi NOTme ( назад)
Perhaps it will be the best of both worlds. (51/50) They can still do the Prometheus 2 after this ....or equal to a sequel...ha ! Now is there gonna be 2 David's ( like Bishop) in Covenant? hmmm
I don't think this will be a disappointment.

Автор tracy lawson ( назад)
I like to think the race of engineers was in a war with the predator race and made aliens to unleash on them

Автор washington luis de figueiredo alves ( назад)
It seems to me that xenowathevermorphs $$$ mathers !

Автор MARIA ROGERS ( назад)
Very disappointed that Ridley Scott chose not to continue with the Shaw story line. I was really excited to see the sequel to Prometheus. Not interested in seeing Alien Covenant.

Автор Spectra BEI ( назад)
Pretty cryptic, huh? where does 'Prometheus 2"end<. I just gave Ridley and Jake the story line. Lets see what they can do with it.I am sorry, Ridley,I won't be seeing your new Alien movie because it is not as good as "Aliens" hard to beat that one. Give Me Prometheus 2 or live in obscurity. You're Choice, Ridley.

Автор Spectra BEI ( назад)
Get on the "stick', Ridley. Get off your pity party, for Tony, have Jake help you on Prometheus 2. Jake is brilliant. I knew him in the 90's. He is a force. Show him the ropes. Tony is so proud of you and his nephew. He is beaming, even now. Tony is watching. I miss him too.

Автор histatimaniples ( назад)
the Prometheus blew up....

Автор Spectra BEI ( назад)
I really think that Tony Scott's suicide had a detrimental effect on Ridley Scott's work. I was looking forward to "Prometheus 2". He just doesn't have that creative spark anymore. He is just going through the motions, rehashing the same old "plot" idea's with different actors.

Автор Curtis Clark ( назад)
Stay with the original  Prometheus story line.  Looks like theyre going with the Aliens Horror flick theme..... Could have done an Amazing amazing amazing storyline if they didn't want to turn this into Aliens part 25..... wtfffffffff

Автор Stillwater62 ## ( назад)
I would have preferred a continuation of Prometheus, that is what I was hoping for at the end of the movie. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. I predict Alien Covenant will do poorly at the box office, being as it is a load of crap riding on the coat tails of a very good movie, Prometheus. When you get it right, and make a real Prometheus 2, then I will watch.

Автор DaddyDubs ( назад)
Alien franchise was great.. YET! It was time to go back and answer some questions!!! Prometheus was a great movie.. Sadly.. It looks like we will never get to see the outcome. Due to Ridley Scott's age and the low IQ demand for slash and gash repetitive story of the alien aspect. Looking back, I think Ridley should have just pushed the engineer story through in one movie. Rather than try to make it a two or three part series. While his intentions were very good. Sadly, the demand was not there and Fox, understandably wanted money, not a great story. I truly hope Ridley Scott sees this problem and tries to push out the whole story and bring it full circle before it becomes too late.. One more shot is all we have.. H.R. Giger and Dan O'Bannon deserve it!

Автор MrTheTonypp ( назад)
I want to see Engineers Vs Predators!

Автор Khaos969 ( назад)
"We want the engineers nothing else will do Ridley Scott."

Автор Tolyngee ( назад)
I like how the final trailers make it so you don't have to bother to see the movie...

Автор bro-man jensen ( назад)
Just watch Aliens and be happy.

Автор Thatdeal79 ( назад)
I liked Prometheus.

Автор Andrew White ( назад)
Well this fuckin blows.

Автор Russell Lewis ( назад)
the audience couldn't handle a thoughtful film

Автор hustler539 ( назад)
I want some goddamn answers!

Автор Beijing Irene ( назад)
I'd prefer an engineer hitting his head on the glass at the end of the movie tho...

Автор Valen Sinclair ( назад)
Scott succumbs to the mewling shitbag "fans" after Prometheus, which I thought introduce an intriguing mythos and take on the franchise. So Covenant is what we get. Same old shit. You fucking fans who are never happy with anything deserve getting this rehashed shit.

Автор Jonathan Hernandez ( назад)
sounds like a mess already

Автор illmade2 ( назад)
Thank god they didn't do a Prometheus 2, that would have not only been a huge snore but the death of the franchise

Автор m e ( назад)
Where did all those pictures of the engineers from Prometheus come from? I haven't seen any of them before. The engineers fascinate me and I'd love to know where I can see more of them.

Автор Travis Gifford ( назад)
I want Elizabeth Shaw give me her story

Автор Kay Dee ( назад)
I'm excited and disappointed. I loved Prometheus and the Engineers storyline. I really wish they would expand on that. I'll still go see this and I'm sure it'll be fun but it's nothing new.

Автор N Baldo ( назад)
Ridley scott has the worst case of scatterbrain LOL cant even finish 1 fucking story

Автор Blake Forehand ( назад)
I honestly think the main reason anyone wouldn't like Prometheus is because they didn't get or understand all of it. Granted, it took multiple viewings for me to get it all, but still; that's what makes it great in my eyes. I saw so many critiques of the movie based solely on misunderstandings. It's a great movie.

Автор Tj Landry ( назад)
looks like another Alien chase until everyone dies except the main character (whoever that is). Very disappointing since Prometheus , to me, was much more intriguing.

Автор Paul Bickley ( назад)
good informative video...

Автор missmommy185 ( назад)
I absolutely loved Prometheus and I am ultra excited for this film! My thought is this: David flies to this planet that the "Engineers" are from with Dr. Shaw and that was the end of Prometheus. This new crew is headed to the same planet and David appears to be with the new crew. Perhaps David, since he is a robot, is just a clone of the original David. I cant see how the same David could be two places at once. It makes sense to me.

Автор J Nails ( назад)
very disappointed i wanted prometheus 2

Автор mike greek ( назад)
jeeez !!! is it or not ??!!!

Автор Pedrossino Makata ( назад)
I want to see more of the engeneers man.

Автор DJ fudan 79 ( назад)
you dead set moron

Автор gregory jones ( назад)
I have mixed feelings. I just don't want to be let down. Hoping they would follow up with Noomi Rapace, that would have been an interesting line.

Автор JOSHUA Montoya ( назад)
Same crap as the other movies. However in the trailer to this I thought I saw the Prometheus ship

Автор Jojo ( назад)
Its probably good that we are left with questions of Gods vs. Alien Creators?. Hollywood should imitate life. We might never know. In fact Prometheus was borderline Spiritual which is not what the franchise is about. Interesting new direction, but to create a "StarWars" out of the story could lead to dead ends.

Автор JackBulletz ( назад)
good video, I'll be happy just watching another "Alien" movie 😆

Автор RoyalRoyale ( назад)
Prometheus 2 was really the movie we were all hoping for – I want to see the engineers' world.

Автор John Ohler ( назад)
eeeeeh, typical. I JUST WANT A PROMETHEUS 2 DAMN IT! could have been amazing with so much information and plots and even lead to a 3rd or 4th. They should have and COULD HAVE trilogized PROMETHEUS. RIGHT?

Stay thirsty my friends.

Автор Jo Dirt ( назад)
They need to tie the story in. The engineers are everything in this saga because they will provide the answer. Why were created and why were they going to infect us with this mutagen?

Автор Living Death ( назад)
People are simple. Too fuckin simple. waaaahh we didn't see enough aliens or any alien. God forbid we should expand the lore. Oh well, back to the aliens. Fan boy faggots.

Автор coldflame ( назад)
Prometheus 1 is an all-time favorite movie in it's brilliant everything....But DUH, travel to the origins of humanity not just more of the same. They could easily incorporate the Aliens w/the engineers & elaborate on it all. Very, very disappointing!

Автор Seville Lilly ( назад)
looking at the prequel i doubt 'David' is in Covenant. Fassbender sounds like he's deliberately voicing him differently. It could just as easily be a different model off the same assembly line David came from. Then again it could be David trying a new accent because he found a new "film I like" to replace Lawrence of Arabia.

Автор gonzalezadan19 ( назад)
More about the engineers please?

Автор David Farrell ( назад)
I'm more amazed at the spelling in this comments section than anything else. Scary! 😊

Автор Scott Smith ( назад)
Read Alien: Book One, it tells all about where the xeno came from and about the collector's pet killing him. I like what I see about covenant, although its not the comic version with same name, but I cant belive Dark Horse is letting this happen. Fox WHY! H.R. Giger will roll his eyes, and If the coming movies led to original Alien by Riddle Scott, then he better do them all. Only way I, a collector of toys and comics and all things alien/predator, will except them into my collection. GOOD LUCK.

Автор Robert Riley ( назад)
It's looks like Pardise lost literally was lost.

Автор fofal ( назад)
i wont pay to watch it. i'll torent it

Автор Baby Irene ( назад)
Will really miss Noomi. It should be about her and David.

Автор Yacir Mendez Mercado ( назад)
que desepcion esto iva a otra imaginacion y conocimiento de otros mundos y se fue al clasico alien

Автор arsinek ( назад)
Good job to all the dumbfucks that got confused by Prometheus. Now we have some dumbed down clone movie.

Автор david goddard ( назад)
At first glance one would assume that continuity would make for easier script writing.And would inspire the audience to use their head to make use of the references an connections between the films I for one would like to see a connection made between the two films or three films or four films. just to keep us thinking I have far to many questions as it is without going of in a new tangent

Автор TheTruthIsGonnaHurt ( назад)
Ridley Scott is a mess. Always talking shit then being forced to eat his words.
His arrogance is laughable at this point.

Автор Aziz Moya ( назад)
We're those engineers in past movies? But I liked the bit it did leave question I rlly wanna see a part 2

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