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Автор Fone Star (1 год)
Ah, my gun porn fix for the day! Thank-you!

I have a 1950 Belgian FN Mauser in .30-06. Common caliber + greatest bolt
rifle design ever + and best European manufacturer = best of all worlds.

Автор mercado391 (1 год)
What color stain and brand did you use. Im in the process of refinishing a
M48 Mauser :)

Автор armenjs (3 года)
@odin5150 . I don't see why you can't,bring the weapon up to par with what
you like to see.Being RC the value is already dropped whether you clean the
Russian varnish schlack off or not, and doesn't hurt the value of it. RC
value 18 years ago was about $50- 70. now they go about $300-400 .

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
dont remember if I replied to this or not. I actually havent even taken my
sight off before, ill have to look at it next time I have the rifle out and
let you know. I had thought it was similar to the mosin and was held in
with some pins...could be wrong.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@xxuncexx not sure. I paid $400 for it which is a reasonable price for a
russian capture german mauser. I got lucky and mine still has the swastikas
in tact. I didn't really sand the wood. Just removed the old cosmolean
stained varnish and restained/ sealed the wood. Cosmolean makes these guns
real sticky and no fun to shoot. I'm not too worried about the value of
this gun since #1, its a russian capture, and #2, I plan on keeping it in
my family forever. I love this rifle, its awesome.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@odin5150 like i already said below..."this is a Russian capture. it was
basterdized by the Russians years ago when they stripped them down and
mismatched all the parts, removed the capture screws, sight hood, and
sling, and then put them back together. im lucky enough that mine has a
clean bore and the swastikas intact but it was far from "original" the day
the Russians got their hands on it. all i did to this rifle was clean the
cosmolean off the gun, including the stock, continued..."

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
thank you, I really didnt have to do too much to it as I believe it was
already refinished quite a bit by either its russian captures or the people
who imported it. Mine wasnt too bad as far as the bore goes. its actually
pretty clean compared to my Mosin. I can see some very very minor pitting
but its really nothing bad at all. This rifle was actually in pretty good
shape and I was lucky it still had the swastikas for being an RC.

Автор Eric Z (4 года)
@TheSkarsbo look at my "before" clean up video and youll see just how
little work i did to this thing.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
right now thats all they usualy have but every once and awhile youll find a
russian capture german mauser like mine. even harder to find with swastikas
like mine.

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
thank you, I really didnt do too much to it. It was a russian capture or
else I would have just left it alone. it shoots great, I just havent put up
any videos yet. been more focused on my Mosin videos. I have a 700 yard
video of that up now. thanks again for watching!

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
@Rebellion1776 thankyou, glad you like it. i didnt do too much besides
touch up a little bluing and remove tje cosmolean. also added some new
polyurathane to the stock. i love my mosin too! its my primary weapon. just
added a new video shooting it at 700 yards.

Автор armenjs (3 года)
@odin5150 Most collectors keep theirs in safe and don't even shoot after
the first day it was purchased. Myself I do use RC for target shooting and
overall enjoyment of the history and brand and the country that
manufactured. continue...

Автор Lilbailnick (2 года)
If it the value of your Mauser matters to you don't sand the stock. Just
remove the shellac with denatured alcohol and then add some BLO for
protection. Buy snap ring pliers and it takes you lees than 20sec for sight

Автор Eric Z (4 года)
@pccchurch the barrel and receiver have matching #s but nothing else does.
it does have all the german markings in place, including the swastikas, and
does not have any capture markings but im pretty sure it still is a russian
capture. its in great shape but was the pick of the litter out of the other
ones i saw at big 5. th eother ones i saw were way torn up on the stocks
and didnt have swastikas intact. this thing shoots awesome, even at 450 yds
with iron sites. get one ASAP!!!

Автор levi Piper (3 года)
you probably ruined the price of this, i have mine all original and i might
buy a bayonet

Автор pajax6 (3 года)
If you can't find a German Kar 98 k, try a Yugoslavian 24/47. They are a
lot cheaper (J & G Guns $199.00) but will give you a lot of pleasure.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
that sucks...$100 is about what I pay though for 400 - 500 rds.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@GlockPunisher1 thanks, hopefully you can find a German one. The Yugos are
nice too but I really wanted the German one.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
its pretty long and hard (what she said). very similar to the mosin trigger
but worse in my opinion. my favorite trigger still is the trigger on my
k98. maybe it just needs some polishing, well see. I probably wouldnt have
bought an Enfield but he decided he wanted to give me 2 of them...cant turn
down a free rifle! ya, ammo was $25 for 20 rds...not my daily driver for
sure. the jungle carbine is sick. its pretty old and has a lot of brass

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@reddevilparatrooper thank you, it shoots great too.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
I used all minwax products. forget what the exact stain was but it was
something real dark and black. I did end of coating mine in a polyurathane
made by minwax. same stuff I coated my Mosin with. wheck out the videos for
that, it looks even better than my mauser.

Автор 1joshjosh1 (3 года)
Some people would say not to restore a old rifle like yours. I say thats
horse krap,would you let a old classic car get rusty and not fix it up..no!
Your rifle looks great!!

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@Sauerbutsweet1 thank you, it shoots as good as it looks.

Автор Salar73 (3 года)
thank you too, I own two of them of this time of production and just wanted
to give you this hint. Otherwise you did a good job of course. Best actions
seems to be the S42 from around 1938, except of those from before 1WW. Very
popular here are the 1908 actions by DWM for building up a complete new

Автор John McNamara (3 года)
@jfkdjfd Some of there k98s arent even k98s there m48s that they put fake
numbers on to look like a k98. DONT BUY FROM THEM!

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@Whysomeonegotmynick what youre saying sounds correct from the research I
did awhile back but im really not 100% sure on that. im sure someone else
will chime in and correct us both.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@TheBierJunkie I honestly can say I have never met a person from Germany
who can speak perfect English without an accent (young or old). I'm not
saying their English isn't good, and I'm not saying I could learn German
any better, but they definitely have an accent and usually incorrect
grammer...but then again, lots of people in the US do too.

Автор Salar73 (3 года)
you have a plywood stock version, which was made during the last years of
production after walnut run short. They didn't do much fuss with these and
its not to original standard to have it built up with that high
effort...greetings from Germany

Автор rommel1369 (2 года)
Sweet gun man... I want :P

Автор Der Bose Wolf (3 года)
The difference between Mauser K98, and "K98 A" ?? I think A is a special,
shorter version, and the standard k98 is the WH/ SS rifle mostly used.
Correct me if wrong. Need the info fast. Regards!

Автор Aaron Leo (3 года)
i got a dou 44 the bore is extremely dirty and rusty otherwise its in great
condition and suggestions for heavy rust barell??

Автор raptor5908 (2 года)
Congartulation! Really well done - absolutely (!) nice rifle. At the moment
I`m refurbishing my K98k, S/42, 1937. I`ve especially to work on the stock
- I want a new painting. The painting you used is absolutely awseome. Such
a color was used to quite a lot of K98ks during and befor WWII in germany.
Absolutely well done - deep respect an big support from my side. Greetings
from Austria / Europe.

The buttplate is supposed to be in the white (unblued) if you want to make
the rifle look as it was originally issued. It should have a satin finish,
not shiny or reflective. Nice cleanup work!

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
oh, thank you. I didnt know that. the stock wasnt in great shae but it
wasnt horrible either. I just wanted to get the nasty cosmolean off of my
face! greetings to you too, cool to hear from someone in Germany. thanks!

Автор Kosta Poulopoulos (4 года)
they have em on sale at big 5 for 350 i think should i get one..do they
have nazi markings...good to add to collect.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@jfkdjfd no problem. personally, i dont know much about Mitchell's Mausers
but like you i havent heard great things. ive heard that their Mausers are
usually in pretty good shape if you want a good shooting, purpose built,
Mauser, but they have forced matched serial numbers. my Mauser is a Russian
capture (good history right there) with swastikas in tact (very lucky).
most of the serial numbers arent matching and if you look at my pre cleanup
vid it was very dirty. but, i like my RC.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@DARIVSARCHITECTVS thanks. it was actually black when I got it from the
store so I just touched it up. Ive seen photos of it both ways.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@TheBierJunkie thats understandable since I have no German language
experience...I am part German though. its ok though, I LOL at pretty much
everything Germans try to say in English.

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
@John Mac it was made under code bcd, weimer germany at the time. was made
at a jewish camp. sad, but tons of history.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@1joshjosh1 thanks, my thoughts exactly.

Автор pajax6 (3 года)
First I would do a very good job of cleaning to take care of the dirt and
see how bad the rust is. A lot of gun shops have gotten "heavy rust
barrels" clean by using oil, steel wool and very patient work. I would bet
it isn't as bad as it looks. Take your time and use Kroil. Use the steel
wool lightly. Take your time.

Автор peachees (4 года)
Does it have matching serials? Do u think I should get one at Big 5s? Any
German markings?

Автор Noobkiller259 (3 года)
I have a real from ww2 nazi issued mozer check my vids to see

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@MrTheree not my guns, I clean them after every use...new or old, corrosive
or not. if you dont clean them they will get dirty. my K98 wasnt dirty, it
was covered with cosmolean and gross. shooting these rifles with the
cosmolean in them will cause the cosmolean to harden up over time and get
real nasty. all I did was get rid of all the old nasty cosmolean. the
staining matches the original stain. if i had a nice matching # wwII mauser
i wouldnt refinish the wood.

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
@PotatoGunsRule not worried about the value, its a russian capture with
mismatched #s so its not a real collectors piece anyway. Im lucky enough to
still have the swastikas. the stock isnt even original to the gun and was
previously defaced by the russians. I didnt really sand the wood, just
removed the coatings with a scotch brite.

Автор dfxjedi (3 года)
Where did you find the sight hood @?

Автор Sauerbutsweet1 (3 года)
wow this thing is beautiful!

Автор Eric Z (3 года)
I found mine at a store we have over here called big 5. we dont have
cabelas, only bass pro. not sure if they have them or not.

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
@PitPat23 $400 at big 5 sporting goods...with the swastikas intact.

Автор Eric Z (2 года)
I used all minwax products...prestain, stain, and polyurathane. thanks for
the comments!

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