Frequency 741 Hz- Consciousness & Intuition Expansion

The Solfeggio Frequencies resonate the harmonic tune of the universe. These frequencies have been used since antiquity for the purpose of inner balancing, inner healing, and for the development of parapsychological abilities. All sounds vibrate at a specific frequency and are responsible for altering our moods. Sound is energy and it's for this reason we feel energized upon hearing an uplifting song.

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Автор bob hobby ( назад)
I personally heard 741 is the opposite of 528 which is the love frequency.
idk what kinda sham your pulling but people shouldn't fall for it

Автор Lisa Freeman ( назад)
I enjoyed this one.. a lot of smooth vibration from the tones and the
visuals were very nicely incorporated.. thank you for the positive

Автор M Sanchez ( назад)
In order to grow and adapt we must face our fears. This frequency would
probably help you release adrenaline which would be very healthy under deep

Автор dmxfan454 ( назад)
Yea im with ya there Kambe I just watched a video - The Secrets of
Vibrations - and it pretty much said the same thing. I think I'm just gonna
stick with the 528 hz frequency since I KNOW for a fact that that frequency
is more than safe to listen to.

Автор Kambe Lattimore ( назад)
I have done some research and found that the 741 hz frequency actually
induces fear - what is your intention in using it here expanding
consciousness and intuition? Thanks

Автор Timothy Paul ( назад)
lol wut

Автор Julie Cole-Silva ( назад)
I think I would like to live here too!

Автор TsarKaz'm The 99th ( назад)
Frequencies! Of course! It all makes sense!! That's why I like to listen to
RTR 92.1 instead of MIX 94.5!!!

Автор thetheraine ( назад)
nnnnooooo.............. I will have to listen to these videos in-between
fridge noises now...lol...terrible... thanks for the reply...

Автор Grateful aya ( назад)

Автор thetheraine ( назад)
does having a fridge buzzing in the background, loudly...change the
frequency and therefore ruin the exercise...

Автор I'll Be Myself ( назад)
yes, it's the sound that affects you

Автор steffen Bobblehead ( назад)
It feels like my environments aura is better, probably just an illusion but
that's ok too.

Автор MrCedker1 ( назад)
ces sanser fair quoi explique moi ? je le testerai demain mais quel est son
bute merci :)

Автор Stephen hewlett ( назад)

Автор Fedor Amerikano ( назад)
Do i have to watch the video when listening to this? Or it doesn't matter?
Can i listen to this on my iPod while working?

Автор Jeannie Madosky ( назад)

Автор igotapk ( назад)
That's what I heard too.

Автор Phillip H George ( назад)
Well Done Bravo!!

Автор Linda Shell ( назад)
Wow! Words are hard to find. . .

Автор WizardAzanon ( назад)
Wow! Amazingly powerful and beautiful! Brilliantly done! Thank you so much!
Blessings of love and light!

Автор Danny P ( назад)
TYPE: "pwn" into the URL and the posibilities await. type pwn in front of
youtube, & u can do that for any video

Автор Marcel Barros ( назад)
Hi risedeep1. Do you have problems in downloading this? I can give you some
instructions how to do it. Bye

Автор TheCeroak ( назад)
evil is of nature so let it be heard

Автор VTEC ( назад)
Haha, this is supposed to be the frequency for "evil" that you're listening

Автор pruitta624 ( назад)
I like how these Solfeggio videos make me feel. I am rejuvenated and I
concentrate better after listen to these frequencies.

Автор 1400deadwood ( назад)
Video makes you feel good - I hope the good feeling snowballs into
something really grand.

Автор Hope4uall ( назад)
knock knowk, h t t your a phy too the hope4uall is a statusbar.hope4uall
communication is easy to keep up , your invited to the rapture.

Автор tampon stadt ( назад)
thank you

Автор niklakis lakis ( назад)
I have been listening for years to ambience music and I realise that many
pieces are composed similarly to the many varities of meditation
frequencies...I am amazed,surprised and keep listening.....I am lucky:)

Автор Maria Gonzales ( назад)
gahhhhh i need this to load :[

Автор belumeahuah33 ( назад)
I can always propagandize you about the merits of my favorite alien
species. So what if the uploader of a video is a fan of a particular alien
species? It constitutes a legitimate political view, does it not? You may
not like the "x alien species would make a better Y thing for earth than X
human is doing" but it is a legitimate view, no?

Автор pamela khalifa ( назад)
i worried about the negative comments possibly being true, but think i
figured out that they werent ready for this step yet. i have been off and
on in bliss state for about 7 mos and have worked on clearing auras, dna
activation, reiki angelic attunements and felt that i was ready and found
nothing but peace..if there was something harmful in it, i am sure that i
can have it erased..namaste

Автор pamela khalifa ( назад)
not sure but it may be because you do not love unconditionally, and so it
would make you feel uncomfortable to know too much truth..let me know if
you figure it out..this is my guess, it wasnt time for you

Автор scintiorimmortal1 ( назад)

Автор Brandon Covington ( назад)
This frequency is very magical ;)

Автор Jesuisquejesuis ( назад)
I liked the audio track and most of the visuals were exceptionally well
done....but somewhere along the line it became less about expanding
intuition and more about UFOs and my mind felt manipulated. Now this is
coming from someone who has no doubt that UFOs and visitors from other
dimensions, galaxies and universes are with us. But I felt I was being
propagandized and it was not comfortable. Just some honest feedback.

Автор Orlando Urbiztondo ( назад)
thank you

Автор Daleyane (1460 лет назад)
Sweet! This sounds like somewhere I've been. You must have been there too

Автор MsPot007 ( назад)
i noticed i was having little pains all over my body last six months...i
have not gone to any doctors to tell me somethings wrong because i dont
want to accept that so....i have tried listening and meditating to these
healing frequencies the pain where ever or what ever is causing it has been
slowly receding . i think it also helps that i believe in the higher power
of consciousness!!!

Автор SuperStuey2 ( назад)
who performs this piece? I like it.

Автор Oingo Boingo ( назад)
Great presentation! I accidentally landed here but now I'm fascinated by
this! Would like to fill my empty cup with more knowledge in beginners
terms. Any suggestions? Many Thanks!

Автор Anca Denise ( назад)
after listening to this i become sleppy, is it normal?

Автор EarlGreyBeatz ( назад)
i think some art projects do something like that. I live in the netherlands
in eindhoven and that city is called : the city of light and every year we
have a project called : glow and they do put on this kind of stuff end
projecting patterns on the walls.

Автор F Olivarez ( назад)
Perhaps I missed it somewhere but head phones? or not?

Автор Loreen Jenn ( назад)
I Love this so much.It is food for my soul .;)

Автор Michelle Meincke ( назад)
love it!!!!

Автор John Eustor ( назад)
the melody is haunting...thank you..

Автор John Eustor ( назад)
↓ ↑ I envision huge rooms with various frequency healing techniques using
sound, vibrations, binaural beats, wave technology, sacred geometry and
holotropic visual imagery to be used as a healing medium in the very near
future. Free of course to every human being..... - John "Sound will be the
future of medicine" -Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), Father of Holistic Medicine

Автор celesteeternal ( назад)
This is amazing...it made me feel so good. Thank you.

Автор John Eustor ( назад)
I saw this in a dream early this morning. One large place with rooms
designated for each healing frequency, using specific wave forms, binaural
beats and technology that projects sacred geometry in 3D holograms which
provide holotropic healing that surrounds each person and heals from a
cellular level, and that stimulates the Accession process. I was actually
walking around the hall and then in one room looking out and around seeing
all these images projected everywhere..maybe someday eh...

Автор davidholmes282 ( назад)
Beautiful. Thank you

Автор archangel1092 ( назад)
My finger is all tingly now :/

Автор Dennis Shahra ( назад)
Where Can i download this in HQ?

Автор markus goncalves ( назад)
@Dutch3DMaster yea i dont got that manual my speakers are a decade old i
guess ill have to pickup a new pair and see for myself

Автор markus goncalves ( назад)
how can i tell wat frequency my speakers are outputting music? is there a
program for this?

Автор Szücs Gyuri ( назад)

Автор dgreatcentralsunkid ( назад)
:) Thank U Beautiful HeartMind Soul ~ Love It! Oneness Love Light Supreme

Автор DopeDivinity ( назад)
I appreciate your work with this. Love some RightBrain stimulation for
reading and drawing!

Автор gookdick ( назад)
this video is the pure essence of beauty and soul. i've been meditating to
this one for a very long time. cheers

Автор Frederic Lebel ( назад)
@MysticalShaman11 Are you making the songs also? I would have a question,
if you do!

Автор MrJerkkeri ( назад)
This music makes me very tired and relaxed, think im gonna go to
sleeeeeeeep. -.-

Автор suename711 ( назад)
Where do u get this gum ? I want sum; not that I need it,with videos like
this that get me higher than a kite(~; alright it would be fun just to try
some for research purposes only LOL> *O*
Автор suename711 ( назад)
OMG! I think I am in LOVE with U or at least your videos(~; you R
definitely a messenger from beyond & My Heart & Soul is Gratefully
receiving all that is being delivered *-* Thank You sooooooo much! Light &
Love 2U from BooHoo I'm Crazy2 SYKE U know I am way out

Автор monkey911t ( назад)
the music, is what your paying attention to the pictures just help you tune
things out. everything works on waves, your brain is the same way. the
tones tune into a specific tone ment to heal/relax/meditate ect. then you
just listen. i bought a very powerful computer sterio sistem so i can turn
it on an hear it through my hole house. well music in general through my
hole house not just theta beats :) thx for the waves uploader :)

Автор cdbfort ( назад)
lovely work :)

Автор Eduardo Gonzalez ( назад)
@jacenvironut ABSOLUTELY. =) Seriously, though, I really did make a
concerted effort of making it intelligible. Most bipolar people are really
intelligent if disciplined and rigorous in their discipline.

Автор jacenvironut ( назад)
@egoterminators2012 Haha nice. We're all a bit crazy eh?? :P

Автор Eduardo Gonzalez ( назад)
@jacenvironut Yes, I've spent probably 300 hours researching it. All the
good stuff is in my 100+ page PDF at salviation dot bizzzzz (and duplicated
in my 280+ parouzia PDF). Yes, I know all about it's spiritual potential!
In fact the patent I submitted in August of 2009 was titled "Chewing Gum
Formula for Enhancing Psycho-Spirituality". Have I gone crazy? You decide
for yourself...

Автор jacenvironut ( назад)
@egoterminators2012 def low dose of salvia... you research that stuff or
what??? Salvia is crazy stuff man. Never eaten or smoked it. Never will.
Heard smoking too much can make a person crazy in the head. It's supposed
to be eaten for spiritual reasons ya?

Автор wilfriede thin ( назад)
Loved the video and music. thanks for sharing.

Автор MysticalShaman11 ( назад)
@Ryanventura Thanks for the feedback! :-) I made this by compiling still
pictures and video loops using Sony Vegas.

Автор Ryan Miller ( назад)
These are prretty damn good quality, and I like that they are 10+ minutes,
good amount of time to meditate. Thanks mate! How'd you make these by the

Автор Eduardo Gonzalez ( назад)
Thanks so much for this video! I am doing everything in my power to evolve
our species from homo sapiens to homo spiritus. Come check out my 279 page
PDF viewable at parouzia dot commm! I purposefully misspelled parousia
because I don't want anyone mad at me if my plan for salvation in the end
times fails. =) Step 1: Chewing gum with low doses of salvia divinorum.
Step 2: Nerveana: Space for Conscious Collaboration of all Alternative
forms of Psychosomatic healing. Step 3: You.

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