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Автор KoolBreeze420 (21 день)
Strange how this works for some but not others, it didn't work for me

Автор TheGaming Pie (1 месяц)
not working how just renaming can help ??!!

Автор Rik Kepers (2 месяца)
thnx really works!

Автор Ryad Arlan (17 дней)

Автор kishore kumar radhakrishnan (3 месяца)
Thanks it worked for me :)

Автор santhoesh kumar San (3 месяца)
Super it work me thank u friend

Автор Azer Tutoriel (2 месяца)
I Thank You a lot, but you can film your game with Bandicam or ZD Soft

Автор NameSchema100 (3 месяца)
nice thx

Автор john cena (2 месяца)
I have only the Russian.gxt plz help how to download others

Автор Ramy R (2 месяца)
Yes .thank 's it work perfectly 

Автор Gamerdude364 (4 месяца)
"american"? why not english?

*sigh* Rockstar is being racist

Автор Mody Kamal (4 месяца)
not works why ?!!

Автор Crusher Gamer (4 месяца)
fuck noob not works

Автор iVaNoV mOrEnO (3 месяца)
kudos for the razor 1911 logo!

Автор Rajiv Cardoz (3 месяца)
It works thanks

Автор EdnessPlaysGames (6 месяцев)
I only have the russian.gtx file there

Автор Akram Diyani (5 месяцев)
it work maaaaaaaan thank you 

Автор armenciu alin (5 месяцев)
ty man

Автор marcus james (9 месяцев)
rock on srry XD

Автор Callum Doggrell (7 месяцев)
cheers buddy this axctually works lol

Автор marcus james (9 месяцев)
rock bra thx alot two thumbs up

Автор Stuff1646 (4 месяца)
Use your voice and explain !

Автор Black HawK (11 месяцев)

Автор akash hingene (9 месяцев)
Cool man

Автор Ivan Djordjevic (11 месяцев)
My game is in russian but I dont have russian text file, just other
languages :(

Автор Александр Романов (9 месяцев)
как будто в самолете летишь :D

Автор Kazimierz Oranżada (1 год)
Thanks very much :)

Автор Saif Islam (11 месяцев)
Thanks man it worked !!! Thumbs up for this video :D

Автор Tomas Kononovicius (1 год)
not works and my game stop working fuck!!

Автор Onahara Kenome (1 год)
... Ever heard of bandicam?

Автор Aot Phitsanulok rider (1 год)

Автор AS!OR (1 год)
Super! Thanks a lot, man. Even did not bother me that you have recorded cam

Автор Amir Hamud (1 год)
The most simpale way but it works! Thanks!

Автор Bull1the1Great (1 год)
can some russian mnake a video on how to change the language in game menu
as well for those unwilling to fiddle with files ? could be faster way ...

Автор LeagueHD FromLTU (1 год)
yea thanks man (:

Автор Khea Cato (1 год)
can someone tell mi what to do cuz I cant see any words in the vid

Автор madican (1 год)
my game on fucking russian language:(tell me how to change to english?

Автор Artūrs Pūķis (1 год)
ur the best ty

Автор Uchiha Sov (1 год)
thanks man :DD

Автор Alireza Khatami (1 год)
Thanks you're the best

Автор khadija yahyaoui (1 год)
in my gta eflc there is only russian there is not american plz help

Автор Stephen Smith (1 год)
thank you very much sir very helpful

Автор Arckam GAM (1 год)
thx man :DDD

Автор Евгений Марков (1 год)
а репаки наши...

Автор Shaleen Dass (1 год)
neat trick

Автор 123miscrits (1 год)
why are u not speaking....and u have a damn mic

Автор Tom Wilkinson (1 год)
dont work

Автор MeAndris (4 года)
THANK YOU but the sound dosen't work.

Автор Jay Patel (1 год)
If any one wanted to download the language pack then you can download from
4shared as i did.

Автор That Shouty Guy (2 года)
google american.gxt file gta 4 EXACTLY and go to the first one which should
be a download site and not a forum, and download and enjoy (thumb this up
so that others can see)

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