GTA 4 language change

this video shows how to change the language in GTA 4
(russian to english) u can also do this process for the other languages
included in the 'text' folder...
i hope it works...:)

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Автор marcus james (1 месяц)
rock on srry XD

Автор marcus james (1 месяц)
rock bra thx alot two thumbs up

Автор You dont KnoW (2 месяца)

Автор akash hingene (1 месяц)
Cool man

Автор Александр Романов (1 месяц)
как будто в самолете летишь :D

Автор Kazimierz Oranżada (4 месяца)
Thanks very much :)

Автор Ivan Djordjevic (2 месяца)
My game is in russian but I dont have russian text file, just other
languages :(

Автор Saif Islam (3 месяца)
Thanks man it worked !!! Thumbs up for this video :D

Автор Bull1the1Great (6 месяцев)
can some russian mnake a video on how to change the language in game menu
as well for those unwilling to fiddle with files ? could be faster way ...

Автор Tomas Kononovicius (5 месяцев)
not works and my game stop working fuck!!

Автор Patrick Inkpen (6 месяцев)
... Ever heard of bandicam?

Автор madican (6 месяцев)
my game on fucking russian language:(tell me how to change to english?

Автор Asior887 (7 месяцев)
Super! Thanks a lot, man. Even did not bother me that you have recorded cam

Автор TroLOOL LTtroll (7 месяцев)
yea thanks man (:

Автор Amir Hamud (8 месяцев)
The most simpale way but it works! Thanks!

Автор Khea Cato (8 месяцев)
can someone tell mi what to do cuz I cant see any words in the vid

Автор Aot Phitsanulok rider (8 месяцев)

Автор Uchiha Sov (8 месяцев)
thanks man :DD

Автор Alireza Khatami (8 месяцев)
Thanks you're the best

Автор Artūrs Pūķis (8 месяцев)
ur the best ty

Автор ismail almomen (9 месяцев)
thx man work for me

Автор khadija yahyaoui (9 месяцев)
in my gta eflc there is only russian there is not american plz help

Автор Stephen Smith (9 месяцев)
thank you very much sir very helpful

Автор Arckam GAM (10 месяцев)
thx man :DDD

Автор Евгений Марков (7 месяцев)
а репаки наши...

Автор Shaleen Dass (8 месяцев)
neat trick

Автор 123miscrits (10 месяцев)
why are u not speaking....and u have a damn mic

Автор Tom Wilkinson (1 год)
dont work

Автор MeAndris (3 года)
THANK YOU but the sound dosen't work.

Автор Jay Patel (1 год)
If any one wanted to download the language pack then you can download from
4shared as i did.

Автор TheThekeilon (3 года)
my own only has russian.gxt wat should i do please answer?

Автор That Shouty Guy (2 года)
google american.gxt file gta 4 EXACTLY and go to the first one which should
be a download site and not a forum, and download and enjoy (thumb this up
so that others can see)

Автор Pugnitopo (1 год)
thank you man

Автор syafiq zaidi (1 год)
u need camtasia to record your video.

Автор TheMoPsico (1 год)
could you PLEASE! upload spanish.gtx to any downloads page? My version of
the game only have russian.gtx and I can't find the spanish text on the
internet. I'd be really happy if you do so

Автор extremoknight44 (2 года)
thumbs up if you have been experiencing playback problems with youtube

Автор DarkShow332112 (1 год)
working !

Автор BboyImty (2 года)
if this video has helped you please suggest it to others who is having the
problem of changing language.

Автор Shmoxinel GMS (3 года)
God bless you! LOL Thanks alot man :)

Автор TheJonresVideos (1 год)
this working crack but not work real i have real

Автор tomer carmeli (1 год)
Tank you very Mach!!!!!?!

Автор lordfrogIII (3 года)
it goes from italian to hungarian in staed of english

Автор sander945 (3 года)
but i only have russian.gxt! can you upload your american.gxt somewhere

Автор punnoose cheeran (1 год)
Nys work dude

Автор computerinternetcom (1 год)
You can try this link systemspart. com /downloads /category/ 11-languages

Автор InternetSavage (1 год)
Why isn't their an option to just select another language in the actual

Автор عمر ابوعياش (2 года)
i dont have the ( american.gtx ) !!!!!!!

Автор Priyanshu Shukla (3 года)
Thanks Helped A Lot!

Автор ivansandevcs (2 года)
hmm... i have one problem. when i change the language to american and when
i go multiplayer on the mobile phone on the game it say that i must back
the original settings to play online. so i must play at russian because
only on that language i can play online. can u help me to fix that!

Автор srslimshady (3 года)
How would I know the version of game you're using is a russian one ?

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