GTA 4 language change

this video shows how to change the language in GTA 4
(russian to english) u can also do this process for the other languages
included in the 'text' folder...
i hope it works...:)

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Автор Kocham Diabolini ( назад)

Автор Dovydas Digrys ( назад)
thanks man!

Автор Atakan Kılıç ( назад)
thank you man

Автор daniel mccallum ( назад)
Wow sooo easy but it really works!!!

Автор TD Gaming ( назад)
+BboyImty's channel
i reporting you because you using pirate and this can give you a ticket 1
million money

Автор Head ( назад)
i recomand working

Автор DarkGamingJM ( назад)

Автор no more ( назад)

Автор rikardo s ( назад)
guys pls help me i have a prob when i press start it shows me the trailer
for 4-5 times and it doesnt start what to do?

Автор Yugoslavic Mapping ( назад)
Wow, on first sight you think: What a looser, must record computer with his
phone. BUT THEN! He does magic :D

Автор ifourtwo1613 ( назад)
Just change the lang in game you stupids

Автор Emmanuel Ravina ( назад)
I dont want to be a bad but please next time use Bandicam

Автор TheEnglishGamer111 ( назад)

Автор adhm2101 ( назад)
thanks bro its work

Автор Jason 0422 ( назад)
Thank you for helping me, It's work :)

Автор TheCoalCreeper ( назад)

Автор Mohammed S ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Felix Sandu ( назад)
you the best

Автор Felix Sandu ( назад)

Автор Reuben Kamau (1951 год назад)

Автор Rayyan Hussain ( назад)
+TheMoPsico download Spanish.gxt from Here :

Автор Karim Wahid ( назад)
u r bloody genius.. cheers buddy

Автор Ryad Arlan ( назад)

Автор KoolBreeze420 ( назад)
Strange how this works for some but not others, it didn't work for me

Автор HawkEye X ( назад)
not working how just renaming can help ??!!

Автор S2 gamerzzz ( назад)
I have only the Russian.gxt plz help how to download others

Автор Ramy R ( назад)
Yes .thank 's it work perfectly 

Автор Azer Tutoriel ( назад)
I Thank You a lot, but you can film your game with Bandicam or ZD Soft

Автор Rik Kepers ( назад)
thnx really works!

Автор NameSchema100 (560 лет назад)
nice thx

Автор kishore kumar radhakrishnan ( назад)
Thanks it worked for me :)

Автор iVaNoV mOrEnO ( назад)
kudos for the razor 1911 logo!

Автор santhoesh kumar San ( назад)
Super it work me thank u friend

Автор Rajiv Cardoz ( назад)
It works thanks

Автор Mody Kamal ( назад)
not works why ?!!

Автор Gamerdude364 ( назад)
"american"? why not english?

*sigh* Rockstar is being racist

Автор Crusher Gamer ( назад)
fuck noob not works

Автор Akram Diyani ( назад)
it work maaaaaaaan thank you 

Автор armenciu alin ( назад)
ty man

Автор EdnessPlaysGames ( назад)
I only have the russian.gtx file there

Автор Callum Doggrell ( назад)
cheers buddy this axctually works lol

Автор marcus james ( назад)
rock on srry XD

Автор marcus james ( назад)
rock bra thx alot two thumbs up

Автор akash hingene ( назад)
Cool man

Автор Александр Романов ( назад)
как будто в самолете летишь :D

Автор The Sixth Man (Black Hawk) ( назад)

Автор Ivan Dzo ( назад)
My game is in russian but I dont have russian text file, just other
languages :(

Автор Saif Islam (838 лет назад)
Thanks man it worked !!! Thumbs up for this video :D

Автор Kazimierz Oranżada ( назад)
Thanks very much :)

Автор Multiman gaming ( назад)
not works and my game stop working fuck!!

Автор Bull1the1Great ( назад)
can some russian mnake a video on how to change the language in game menu
as well for those unwilling to fiddle with files ? could be faster way ...

Автор Oh God I Really Need Something Better To Do. ( назад)
... Ever heard of bandicam?

Автор madican ( назад)
my game on fucking russian language:(tell me how to change to english?

Автор Евгений Марков ( назад)
а репаки наши...

Автор AS!OR ( назад)
Super! Thanks a lot, man. Even did not bother me that you have recorded cam

Автор Dainius BarBrother ( назад)
yea thanks man (:

Автор Amir Hamud ( назад)
The most simpale way but it works! Thanks!

Автор Aot Phitsanulok rider ( назад)

Автор Khea Cato ( назад)
can someone tell mi what to do cuz I cant see any words in the vid

Автор Shaleen Dass ( назад)
neat trick

Автор Tava Tevs ( назад)
thanks man :DD

Автор Artūrs Pūķis ( назад)
ur the best ty

Автор Alireza Khatami ( назад)
Thanks you're the best

Автор khadija yahyaoui ( назад)
in my gta eflc there is only russian there is not american plz help

Автор Stephen Smith ( назад)
thank you very much sir very helpful

Автор 123miscrits ( назад)
why are u not speaking....and u have a damn mic

Автор Arckam GAM ( назад)
thx man :DDD

Автор Vetri Chelvan ( назад)
nice awesome

Автор mohammed adel ( назад)
it is working

Автор punnoose cheeran ( назад)
Nys work dude

Автор naga walim ( назад)
by mistakely i downloaded (winwarRar) gta 4 in russian laguage how to
translate into english when installing ? plz help

Автор Tom Wilkinson ( назад)
dont work

Автор TheMinecrafter360 ( назад)
why dont you just TALK!

Автор BLACK NESS STUDIO ( назад)
thank you!!

Автор Shazu 笑 ( назад)
ok, here's what u have to do : 1. go to Control Panel>Change Keyboards or
other input methods>Format and Location change to Russia 2. Administrative
change Language for non-unicode programs to Russian. 3. Restart, then
Install the game. 4. Patch the game, Play it! *U can change the windows
language settings back to english after the installation **Please like this
comment, as it will help other people using GTA IV repack by xatab

Автор syafiq zaidi ( назад)
u need camtasia to record your video.

Автор Jay Patel ( назад)
If any one wanted to download the language pack then you can download from
4shared as i did.

Автор Jay Patel ( назад)
Thanks men it is useful.

Автор ali sikander ( назад)
plzz somebody help i am trap in installation the game, it is in other
language than english.

Автор computerinternetcom ( назад)
You can try this link systemspart. com /downloads /category/ 11-languages

Автор computerinternetcom ( назад)
You can try this link systemspart. com / downloads / file /

Автор rui leitao ( назад)
thank you soo much!

Автор TheJonresVideos ( назад)
this working crack but not work real i have real

Автор Anish Godbole ( назад)
crap does not work instaed the game crashes

Автор Brayan Barket ( назад)
Crap does not work!

Автор Ron Hea ( назад)
On a side note, If you are still getting russian words you will have to go
into the GTA4 EFLC folder and click on TBOGT folder, Common, Text and add
the American file and delete the russian file, then you can rename the
amreican file russian just like in this video... You will have to do the
same thing for the TLAD folder!!! This works for me!!

Автор Ron Hea ( назад)
Thanks dude!!!

Автор Illuvatar2k ( назад)
My problem is that I DON T HAVE RUSSIAN IN MY TEXT FOLDER!!! But the game
still in russian!

Автор green792haypers ( назад)
how about japanesse lang. ?¥

Автор tomer carmeli ( назад)
Tank you very Mach!!!!!?!

Автор Ginel Pirvu ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Benu kas ( назад)
Thank you , looks easy :)

Автор Robert Owusu-Forjour ( назад)
Dude ur a frigin life saver thanks.

Автор InternationGiveaways ( назад)
LOL It give me American Pie! xD

Автор Alejandro Kaleniuszka ( назад)
Hi, can you upload somewhere your ''Text'' folder? Because i only have
russian.gxt ;c

Автор Chamika Sankalpa ( назад)
great work...... it worked.

Автор InternetSavage ( назад)
Why isn't their an option to just select another language in the actual

Автор TheMoPsico ( назад)
could you PLEASE! upload spanish.gtx to any downloads page? My version of
the game only have russian.gtx and I can't find the spanish text on the
internet. I'd be really happy if you do so

Автор Rainmods ( назад)
Thanks this worked for me on ps3...i Had gta the complete edition (download
) and i dont this so i knew what i was doing <3

Автор Hassanahmedfathy Abdelmaged ( назад)
Does not work with translation tasks In Game Only Make " Menu " English :/

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