Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi

Blake has never tried sushi before, so Jimmy takes him to Nobu to broaden his horizons.

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Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi

Просмотров: 6966575
Длительность: 5:47
Комментарии: 4237

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Автор b South ( назад)
Legend has it Blake is still waiting for the rawice wahhine to his day

Автор Akshay 28392 ( назад)
My pee pee is stretched out

Автор Tiffani Joydem ( назад)
I wish Blake and Jimmy had a show!

Автор N3rdy Life ( назад)
Can we get some more Raas Waan?

Автор Sales Merlion Telecom ( назад)
are they drunk ? hahhaa

Автор Mersedes Rickwalt-Mahoney ( назад)
my favorite thing out of this entire video is the way jimmy points to the waiter and says "thank you" at 0:46

Автор IAmGlash ( назад)
can we get some more ras wine?

Автор IAmGlash ( назад)
this video makes me want to throw up, too much sushi

Автор Angelina vlogz ( назад)
Watch me scare my ten month old son on my channel!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор Thomas Forsgren ( назад)
i loved this so much!!
did you notice that jimmy did not make fun of the fact that Blake could not handle chopsticks

Автор Melissa Barnes ( назад)
Amd goodnight Moron u betta have my money Bitch Im filimg a lawsuit against ur show.

Автор vanessa rivers ( назад)
Blake looked so cute when he had his hand up waiting for his high 5! lol how about a high five😍

Автор Skater Girl ( назад)
I think jimmys drunk

Автор Bella Pink ( назад)
why jimmy never inviteds JASON MOMOA TO THE SHOW?+++++++++++++++++++

I love Blake...did Adam watch this video

Автор RAGNAR LODBROK ( назад)

Автор iibooksii ( назад)
his face when he saw the hamburger and yelled had me dead😂😂

Автор Mary Parker ( назад)

Автор Yasmine BEN BRAHIM ( назад)
How can a man be this handsome? I am dying lol

Автор Riley Jarvis ( назад)
I love Blake so much

Автор Mimi Sands ( назад)
Jimmy looks drunk lol

Автор Tom Butler ( назад)
Blake is pretty Cool, I like Gwen much better but #Love the feeling I get when I take a 2 oz. shot of SOUL by Rain Intl. in #Utah! Order yours now at www.myrainlife.com/tombhealthyseeds

Автор Lau Sam ( назад)
RAAAAAS Waaaaaaaaaan plz

Автор kim stock ( назад)
love love love watching this video they are so funny

Автор Mc Kenna ( назад)
wow... alcohol can't even help Fallon be funny. how IS this guy popular?

Автор Mike Oxlong ( назад)
My favorite thing: Blake uses the kiddie chopstick guider things.

Ehhh, i use them too.

Автор The Lifehacker ( назад)
ignorant fuck. Japanese food is one of the most delicate and best cuisines in the world so shut your cake hole and give some respect.

Автор Jun Hayashi ( назад)
#RiceWine #RassWine

Автор niharikajaisudan ( назад)
yay burgers....happy ending.....

Автор Valerie Janice Leonardo ( назад)
Raas Waan :P

Автор Valerie Janice Leonardo ( назад)
"Don't eat this, its a hot towel, not sushi roll" WHAT....?!?!?!?

Автор GL G ( назад)
Those big macs look so tiny in their hands...

Автор kim stock ( назад)
that was hilarious crazy guys

Автор Hendrika Dutch ( назад)
Can you give the man some more rice wine already?

Автор Kat TheFanEnthusiast ( назад)
I love some sushi, but I HATE that "human tongue" type XD! I live in Hong Kong and I have been to a million of those Japanese restaurants around Asia (especially in Japan XD); what I normally like is regular rolled sushi.

Автор benisisballin ( назад)
My buddy likes sake but I think it tastes like vodka and piss mixed together. Just gimme a damn beer

Автор Pancake Lazaro ( назад)
"Come on, you don't want to be that guy."
*Already was complaining about all of the other food*

Автор marniewings81 ( назад)
Ginger is actually very good for you. I love SUSHI!

Автор Sarawkweird ( назад)
I love vacation Jimmy

Автор Man Lee ( назад)
JIMMY SWEARS AT 3:45!!!!!!!

Автор Galaxy is Bae ( назад)
Give him some RAIS WHAN

Автор Amazing Gracie ( назад)
My moms friends daughter is the hair dresser of Blake!

Автор bugsman 03 ( назад)
you can't get more American than Blake Shelton

Автор J Andy ( назад)
I feel like they soft-balled the type of sushi Blake would try, because it's his first time, but the selections were REALLY not that bad, considering a lot of what you see in Japan. Or hell, even on the west coast. Blake, you got off easy man. At least you had delicious wine to help? Lolz.

Автор Brett Semelsberger ( назад)
I love how Blake has the kiddie chopsticks, he is like an adore child

Автор Pie HooversRus ( назад)
Cou'd we git sum'ore raw swan?

Автор Ella Kiedrowski ( назад)
They seem like such good pals 😂

Автор Dave Matias ( назад)
Oh, this is fantastic. LOL

Автор BOOitsHania ( назад)
haa baat a haa faav

Автор Chris Sherwood ( назад)
If you have ever been to Nobu you know that meal was at least $400 and I'm not even counting the rice wine

Автор wizard6133 ( назад)
I hate sober Blake, now drunk Blake I can take way less anoying!

Автор Hunter345 0 ( назад)
The end
I thought it was like a Rolly Polly
I was like
*Getting out*

Автор Tamera Galdamez ( назад)
I love the end!!!

Автор Alexaintcool ( назад)
Alt title: souther man tastes Raw fish

Автор Javier Escoto ( назад)
Ras waan

Автор Larry Bird ( назад)

Автор JENNA ( назад)
Hilarious! Jimmy you're a fucking genius

Автор Sue Kelly ( назад)
I laugh till I cry everytime I watch this video. This is priceless!

Автор chocomilk ( назад)
nobu sucks.. if youre in la go to sushi zo or sushi mori

Автор Lynda Swanson ( назад)
YUK YOU ARE AN OLD GEEZER BLAKE!!! Nice of ya giving Gwen some of Miranda's leftovers

Автор BB BB ( назад)
lol, both are funny

Автор Ben Hinman ( назад)
Why would you give him all the weirdest stuff? At least give the man some spicy tuna rolls and unagi. If you really want to get weird with it give him some takoyaki, that way it can at least be something that sounds disgusting but tastes delicious

Автор AJ Martinez ( назад)
Blake has now gained a fan

Автор stephanie jenkins ( назад)
gwen, you are a lucky woman.

Автор GenericAsian ( назад)
This reminds me of worth it on BuzzFeed

Автор Gloria Dunlop ( назад)
So 😂 I'm enjoying watching them

Автор Will Fitton ( назад)
Nobu nobu nobu nobu nobu nobu

Автор guybrush8 ( назад)
Hahahahaha Blakes reaction to the big Mac.. Epic!

Автор RAGNAR LODBROK ( назад)
Lol, Blake be like " I Donnn laiiik daaaaa"

Автор Banana Swiss roll videos ( назад)
Merry Christmas bitch

Автор Nispal Thapa ( назад)
i have watched this for 100 times but i still enjoy this moment. Blake soo funny

Автор MadelynMayMusic ( назад)
Raas Waan ahaha i'm dead

Автор Marjorie Neumeister ( назад)
That was funny!

Автор Jackie ( назад)
5:03 "how bout a high fi-ve" xD

Автор chantapanya ( назад)
easter egg coloring lmao

Автор Kayla Thompson ( назад)
raaw stufff.

Автор WeWere90Heroes ( назад)
Jimmy was fucked up for this.

Автор shanna daniels ( назад)
I think Jimmy got a little drunk!! lol

Автор Jake Holt ( назад)
Hey can we get some riace wien

Автор Andrew Todd ( назад)
sushi is not raw sashimi is raw

Автор Jules Huegel ( назад)
He's such a man! They don't make em like that anymore

Автор Charlotte Shanagher ( назад)
As a former server, thank you Jimmy for reminding everyone to thank their server!

Автор Oliver Schmid ( назад)
why didnt they give him sushi rolls the best

Автор felipeasth ( назад)
so the question is

how much did mcdonalds pay for this advertising?

Автор Heather Holidays ( назад)
Jimmy Fallon IS THE BEST EVER!!!! Blake we are so proud of you!!!!!!!

Автор Keith Ocean ( назад)
Gross!!! ...Can't believe they actually ate teh McDonalds!!!

Автор Larraine Morland ( назад)

Автор Elf Pyxes Grimness ( назад)
Did anyone else notice that Blake was using kiddie chopsticks? lol

Автор Mirtha Epstein ( назад)
awesome stuff

Автор Brouhaha ( назад)
The Big Mac looks so tiny in his hands!!!!!!!! I can't stop laughing!!!

Автор Tanya Sparrow ( назад)
still waiting jimmy ask blake to ride a roller coaster

Автор ali ( назад)

Автор Luv Jilla ( назад)
When Blake Shelton sounds like forest gump...

Автор Julian Behrends ( назад)
Huw bou a hih fav?

Автор BiNannery ( назад)
rwaiss waine

Автор liliana rojas-zavala ( назад)

Автор Sophia Fomichenko ( назад)
I SWEAR, Half these views are from me. And I'm always laughing my ass off, every time.

Автор Jordan Caddle ( назад)

Автор Duebrick ( назад)
Blake Shelton is probably the whitest guy ever

Автор not_boring_orange ( назад)
Blake Shelton talks like forest gump or some who got their ear drums blown out.

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