Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi

Blake has never tried sushi before, so Jimmy takes him to Nobu to broaden his horizons.

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Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi

Просмотров: 5924515
Длительность: 5:47
Комментарии: 3899

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Автор Emma Lavigne ( назад)
i love how jimmy is trying to be annoyingly fun and nice and blake is just
being a party pooper its great 😂😂😂

Автор faith sa ( назад)
I love the chemistry 😂😂
Blake is one of a kind

Автор reedux ( назад)
Gwen is a Cali girl, you know she eats sushi on the regular and drags his
ass along.

Автор MrJoker31 ( назад)
Hey can we get some RAZ WAN

Автор Ssomebody that you use to know ( назад)
blake was so happy to see the burger xD

Автор Carleigh Nielsen ( назад)
That sushi looks so delicious

Автор J C ( назад)
rass waan😂😂😂

Автор David Lancer ( назад)
Blake Shelton you fucking sellout!

Автор J C ( назад)
Raace Waan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор KVB * ( назад)
Blake was so cute waiting for that high five 😂

Автор Sara Siu ( назад)
Blake has the chopstick helper 😂

Автор Rizky Agung ( назад)
rice wine

Автор thebigd84 ( назад)
Can we get some rice wine?

Автор Shirley Man ( назад)
blake has can't use chopsticks, and he has that little thing on to hold it
together, that's kinda cute ☺️

Автор ISEEYOU ( назад)
its understandable that blake doesn't like the food, as his customs always
cook the meat

Автор Mountain Dew ( назад)
Blake needs sushi helpers 😂

Автор Mountain Dew ( назад)
Blake was like wtf is rice wine

Автор stefanie böke ( назад)
I love it when he says razz wine 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор RachelPlays Beyblade (unboxingandcookin) ( назад)

Автор Elena R ( назад)
She said "Gonads of the sea urchin." It I'm not mistaken, gonads are the
reproductive organs.

Автор regis091 ( назад)
No Wasabi?????

Автор Devin Pierce ( назад)
"Have you tried the fresh ginger? It's pickled ginger.."


Автор Cj McKnight ( назад)
Jimmy had some balls in his mouth

Автор Scott Tindall ( назад)
I wanted them to show him eating that Eel nigiri. Eel sushi is straight up

Автор Nicole Humphries ( назад)
"UGH..." Waitress approaches....."My God, this is delicious".... LOL!

Автор Jadan Vang ( назад)
Man he was so happy with that Big Mac I bet if it was Steak, Ribs or Pulled
Pork Sandwich he would cry or kiss Jimmy

Автор Wyatt Smith ( назад)
So this whole thing is to make fun of a southern person?

Автор Brianna Gordy ( назад)
I love how people say Jimmy was rude to the waitress. He was saying it as
in " no don't listen to him, come on". Not no get out of the shot, take or
give something etc.

Автор Brianna Gordy ( назад)
I hate when people respond to "have to tried sushi?" with "not the raw
kind". That's not sushi then...

Автор george kakitsis ( назад)
Tears tears tears of the most enjoyable laughter! Shelton you make me keel
over with humor that is so crazy dry but so high on
quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Fallon great host!!)

Автор Ahana Anand ( назад)
Blake looks so done w Jimmy

Автор alpha male ( назад)
did jimmy seem drunk halfway through this, his deamenaor changed in a good
drunk way 😅😅

Автор albeh M ( назад)
love you both¡

Автор Ege Coskunsoy ( назад)
Sushi is fuckin' delicious

Автор carla martinez ( назад)
He is so cute I imagine Gwen doing new things like that for him

Автор pooplicker420HD ( назад)
ugh what an arrogant prick... I hate Blake. he can't write shit or sing

Автор TurboPlasma ( назад)
"Can we get some raas wahn?" This cracks me up every time :D

Автор Ovoxo Kids ( назад)
Whatever that Big Mac is made of is 100x worse than the sushi lol

Автор Mahmoud Hamra ( назад)
can we get raaaaas waaaaaaahn !! lol

Автор Mai ٰ ( назад)
blake looks so done with jimmy i love it

Автор Marci Sorrell ( назад)
I'm from Georgia and I say 'rice' like Jimmy, but I say 'wine' like Blake.

Автор tkegal ( назад)
It's like every average American guy trying Sushi. (:

Автор Luis Holguin ( назад)
Some "Razz Wan"

Автор Vor Invictus ( назад)
I'm watching this while eating sushi for the first time and the video isn't
helping xD

Автор Shervin Safarzadeh ( назад)
Never tried sushi but I tried the sauce but I didn't like it so baaaaaaad

Автор Kelpo Gaming ( назад)
Blake was happy for the last course

Автор Daymon ( назад)
Some say Blake's still waiting for his RASS WAN

Автор Actorsstudio2777 ( назад)
Does Blake have a chopstick helper utensil?

Автор viktor nikolovski ( назад)

Автор Forever Sunrise ( назад)
Thank you for making me laugh until I peed myself! I hope I get to pick you
as my coach next season as well. Aside from the fact that we're going to
win, we're also going to have loads of fun!

Автор Vyselink ( назад)
That was pretty funny, but not as funny as when Craig Ferguson took Steve
Carrell to eat raw oysters lol

Автор Friend ( назад)
I got to try me some rice wine

Автор Jim S ( назад)
I've seen Blake in several other interviews and he seems like an arrogant
prick. He's not humble and genuine as others like Luke Bryan.

Автор Phiraphong Phuengchai ( назад)
Blacke Shelton voice lol 5:01

Автор Monica Guerra ( назад)
I looooove this video!
Can we have more RICE WINE! jajajajaja so funny
I also love how Blake was al hating and at the end he has LOOOOOVING IT!!

Автор annajeehee ( назад)
Blake needs to eat Asian food - he will live longer - but don't eat raw
tuna or king mackeral too much - Okinawans are the living longest people -
look it up

Автор Evie Phan ( назад)
I like sushi too but i only like the raw fish

Автор Nicki Goddess ( назад)
I wish Gwen was there too... the way these two interact and plus Gwen too
I am going to roll on the floor laughing 😂

Автор manusia kelelawar ( назад)
u said gonats, gosh im dying AHAHAHAA

Автор Kei Kawamura ( назад)
I can't deny people have different preference, but they put too much soy
sauce on sushi! You can only enjoy taste of soy sauce guys!

Автор yace jocson ( назад)
@ 5:02 That's how you handle a hanging high five

Автор Baghuul ( назад)
Hillbilly, what do you expect.

Автор Rolf Hunt (City Dirt) ( назад)
he's so American I love both of ya!

Автор sherry gay ( назад)
eating it wrong you are supposed to use your fingers and each roll is one

Автор katelynfe ( назад)
did anybody else notice that Blake was using kid's chopsticks 😂

Автор Ham Harlan ( назад)
Can we get some more Rice Wine?😂😂😂

Автор good Job ( назад)
love Blake !!!

Автор SinisterBlackheart ( назад)
5:19 there is beer in the glass and than the next part its gone :P

Автор Karen Sengmanee ( назад)

Автор Junko Enoshima ( назад)
I love Sushi, and this vide makes me want to eat some

Автор Andrew Arimoto ( назад)

Автор Zahed Athfy ( назад)
Their like Rhett and Link

Автор GENOCIDE2099 ( назад)
ross wine

Автор Shoruba S. ( назад)
Blake's voice cracking when he says "How about a high five" at 5:02 gives
my soul purpose.

Автор Hplekk18 ( назад)

Автор Akshay Kulkarni ( назад)
Can we get some *raas* wine? 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Thronie3 ( назад)
"Why are you doing this?" xD I am so dead

Автор Stephanie Rocha ( назад)
literally was eating sushi while watching this

Автор Francesca Moore ( назад)
Ohhhhh @JimmyFallon this is the funniest thing EVER! I am in tears! This
is the BEST! OMG a million thumbs up! I just love @BlakeShelton
here. Fellow Okie :)

Автор Magdalena Ozbolt (Magy88) ( назад)
Can i get that rice wine? Hilarious. Love both of you :)

Автор jackieling magana ( назад)
Blake is so cute

Автор Queen DMC ( назад)
Blake looked more afraid of the Big Mac than any of the sushi..

Автор Whatupnina ( назад)
I love how they're sitting in a Japanese place but inbetween scenes they're
playing German Oktoberfest music

Автор chchoonie persian ( назад)
Very funny. And sushi is good. And I am country.

Автор Adrian Asuncion ( назад)
My names Blake Shelton and all I do is eat BBQ and fuck my sister

Автор Bella E ( назад)
Everytime Blake is with jimmy its always hilarious😂😂

Автор MzFoRi3 ( назад)
😂😂😂😂 more rice wine

Автор Melissa Glover ( назад)
I need more drunk Blake Shelton in my life

Автор Michelle Fernandez ( назад)
I think by the end of it, jimmy had too much sake lmaooo

Автор zombie slayer 115 blundell jason ( назад)
hey can we get some more rice wine jimmy laughing

Автор wildevil ( назад)
Raw-Swine.....wait now I feel like Sushi and Burgers.

Автор Txmilx ssi ( назад)
I just love Blake xD He's hilarious x)

Автор Miss Amazon ( назад)
Blake is very manly to me!!!

Автор Miss Amazon ( назад)
Blake is very manly to me!!!

Автор I'm Gaming ( назад)
Need more Raass Vann

Автор Adriyana Hernandez ( назад)

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